HAPPY B-DAY GENNY!!!! + Happy Birthday Prince Shim!!!! , TVXQ is #1 on highest worldwide sales in k-pop list & JYJ’s lawsuit news in US newspaper!

안녕! v^^.

February is the month of b-days!
Aigoo. so many, so many…
I feel like posting about b-days only lately xD
I can barely keep track of them all! I would be lost without my phone ^^° (who always tells me what b-day is next. Kamsahamnida, phone! *bows to phone*)

then: This week was carnival week! *dies*
We already thought on monday: wae can’t this week be over NOW?
in Tuesday we were like: I’m done T~T I need weekend!
The whole rest of the week was torture! *faints*
aaah so hard to survive! Stupid carnival! Stupid valentine’s day that has to be directly after carnival >o< so much work!
And not long then it’s time for the easter stuff again ;~; Oh my life! I cannot…

The only good thing was that I hit on a nice scenario for Patti ( ¬‿¬) ㅎㅎㅎ…. *looks at her* né?
While I was at work I finally hit on that while looking out of the window for a moment and seeing our tree in the inner courtyard. I fantsised a little, making it spring instead of winter and BAM! perfect scenario xD LOL

besides that really nothing special happened.
The usual.
I feel stressed by work & when I come home I roll around in weakness because of…. someone… *cough* … *looks at a certain horse* NO COMMENT! (≥///≤)
aish… dammit. And tumblr isn’t making things better… or Siwon’s tweeter posts. I mean, WTH! posting pics of pools here today?! I cannot believe it… *eyes Patricia because of her damn pool scenario we had in our mails* … this fits together perfectly and I really cannot even!
I’m pretty sure the evil made tumblr her partner long ago and Siwon… yeah, Siwon just dosen’t know about anything but plays right into her hands *facepalm*
Wae oh wae?! (۳˚Д˚)۳ this is too much for my poor life! #RandomFangirlCrisis

[BRITHDAY!] HappyHanGengDay!
On February the 9th it was Happy Genny day! YES! ^_______^
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:❤・゚✧❤ *throws pixie dust and hearts*
Our Mr. Worldwide act, our “princess” (LOL #SpecialJoke), our kind, polite, brave, hardworking and adorable little boy!
China’s one and only dancing King turned 29! OMG! can you believe it! 29 and still forever 3 years old ( ˆ ω ˆ )
OUR GENNY! We are so proud of you that there are really no words on earth to express this! I wish that all your dreams will come true, that you can achieve all you want and more! Always stay healthy and happy, never stop smiling your beautiful smile! We will continue to walk your way with you and create great memories together for all of us during the next year too! You just keep doing your thing and stay who you are!
[Performance] CCTV 2013 Spring Festival Web Gala
UWAAAAH! His “Descents of the Dragon” cover! *___*
and KYAAAH!!!! MY LOGO!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) It’s so cool how this song became reality ㅋㅋㅋ and since EMA everyone knows! FACK YEAH! Mr. Worldwide Act and his international logo! ;D I LIKE!
[Latest Pics]
CCTV 2013 Spring Festival Web Gala → 1 ,
HanGeng’s b-day party on February the 9th → 2 , LOL 3 , who called? 3 ,
Geng is vacationing in Japan these days and… yeah, Siwon also was “randomly” in Japan… *cough* uh-huh, uh-huh. I see SiHan. Here are the pics from Japan ^^ → 4 .
[Kids Choice Awards]
O . M . G !
Geng and PSY are nominated at the KCA of Nickelodeon!
I’m still having a little crisis with this. Genny at KCA… ^^°°
Geng going international now even like THAT? I’m kinda speechless *lol*
Here’s the vid of Geng on Nickelodeon:
HNGH! He’s soooooo cute! *dies*
and he was styled so young *haha* for the kiddies ^___^ (I bet Geng likes that he’s nominated for this ㅎ OMG… just imagine he wins this… and, pocketostars is right when she said that if mainland JieJie’s take this serious enough then… #AutomaticWin – because voting seems to be unlimited)
So please maybe) remember to to to VOTE FOR GENNY~~ *click* ^ .^
[World Music Awards]
Just because while we are at it right now I want to repeat: what is KCA?? we still have another voting these days and I guess this is more important!
Everyone, please remember to vote for Genny at WORLD MUSIC AWARDS! *click*
You can vote once a day. THANKS! ^^
SuJu new!
➤ WOW COOL! but also… OMO! WHAT A PAIN! (۳˚Д˚)۳ Another Super Show I will never attend! *facepalm* that hurts my poor fangirl heart *sigh*
Super Junior to kick off their 5th world tour ‘Super Show 5′ in March
*4ever waiting to see them just like… with HoMin* I’m waiting. To see them… one day…. maybe…. err…. not.

JYJ news!
➤ The name is “Y” ….
[TRANS] 130207 Kim Jaejoong Will Release A Repackage Album On The 26th, “It Will Be A Great Gift”
no ppl. this neither stands for “Yunho” nor for “Yoochun” or something. This is “Y” as in “WHY do u release a repackage album when I am broke?!” *goes crying*
I just bought normal version, dammit! (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻ *randomly flips table again*
I’m sorry but I cannot buy this, I’m too broke.
➤ OMG! SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? JJ THINKS HE’S NOT GOOD LOOKING OR PRETTY OR WHAT??? …. …. щ(゚Д゚щ) da faq….. …. *speechless for a moment*
JYJ’s Jaejoong shares photos of his father via Twitter
Handsome man his father is! That much is for sure.
and he got married at age 20? uwah, early!
But best comment to what JJ said: “If JJ is feeling insecure about his looks, then most of us should just jump of a bridge already.”
TOOOOOTALLLY THISSSS!!! 4EVER AND ALWAYS THIS!!! *jumps off a bridge like mad* (I’m 4ever insecure too but JJ… aigoo… JJ????? wae? I wonder… and: I wonder as what he looks at himself in the mirror now. °.° hmmm….)
➤ [ENGSUB] 130213 Happy Valentine’s day from JYJ
LOLOLOL THE BEST! THE BEST! xD LOOOOOL xD WEIRDEST MUSICAL EVER BUT STILL THE BEST XDDD They are hilarious! hahaha! Our boys : THE BEST! xD *rolls around laughing*
➤ Hoooo~! Listen to this now!
JYJ rumored to have been approached by various Japanese record labels
well, about AVEX I really have no comment anymore. ㄱ-ㄱ tsss~ so embarrassing AVEX, really… how about going with the truth? tsk. It was specially rude to say such bad things about Cjes CEO. So I totally like that they had to PAY A LOT to Cjes and Mr. Baek. OTL that’s really all what I have to say now.
➤ Really?! cool! -> Really cool! ^^
JYJ and Psy to perform at Park Geun Hye’s Presidential Inauguration Ceremony
➤ oh! more cool news! *faints* what a week!
Yoochun: Truly the King of Dramas in Asia with even Chinese celebrities enthusiastically supporting him
*makes dramatic scene* over are the times where we always have to cry everyday about more sad news, more obstacles who are in the way for our boys… *raises fist at the sky dramatically with a serious look an the face* ლ( ̄_ ̄)
now the glorious era begins! CHUNNIE, GO GO!
➤ oO what da….?! O: *jaw drops* what does US newpaper care about JYJ all of a sudden??? but on the other hand: OMG! they are in US newpaper! o:
“Kpop group JYJ wins lawsuit” featured in California Crusader newspaper in Los Angeles, CA
oh well… they are LATE with the report but still. OTL
but I REALLY wonder why they care all of a sudden? Is this the first sign of a nother milestone for our boys? that USA actually cares about their matters?? I wonder. o.o ….

HoMin news!
Awards acceptance speeches:
– Yunho: [FULL TRANS] Yunho’s award acceptance speech
– Changmin: Changmin’s awarding speech
aish, sucks so much they had to give separated speeches >< but still, thaaaanks you minnie! Love~~ chu chu~
➤ WOAHW! seriously?! =D cool!
[Info] 130213 TVXQ’s Japanese single “Catch Me -If You Wanna-” certified gold in Japan
➤ §/)4OASDZ)§!!!!!! UWAH!
TVXQ have the highest worldwide sales in k-pop! *massive exploding cassie proudness right now* OMG! YUNHO! CHANGMIN! I’M SO PROUD OF U!
[TRANS] 130213 The Japanese Media Reports, “TVXQ Have The Highest Worldwide Sales Amongst K-Pop Groups”
T^T so proud! so proud fo them! ESPECIALLY AFTER ALL THAT HAPPENED! *cries* and even JYJ are int he top 10 of worldwide best sales in k-pop although it was so hard for them!
Aaaah and Big Bang SuJu as well in the top 10! AAAAH ALL MY FANDOM FEELS HERE! *faints* (especially because of cassie feels OTL)
[BRITHDAY!] Happy Brithday Changmin!
OMONA! Can you believe it?!
Our baby changmin turns 26 already! O: How time flies!
Our little evil, the one Junsu often accidentally called “changmin-hyung” xD , Cassiopeia’s secret weapon, the secret boss of the Kyu-line, the one who’s the Min in MinFood couple and the one with the most epic screams in business!
May god blessed you changminnie! We love you! *throws heart confetti*

➤ LOL oh! AllKPop picked a picture from this silly commercial…
Psy becomes the most followed Korean celebrity on Weibo
WAIT! there was a GIF around recently! *goes searching* ……. aaah! there it is: Commercial with PSY xD *click*
yeah, and if you found that already silly then LOL look at the CF vid on YouTube! xD OMFG! the ending part LOOOL what is this?! Just what?! xDDD


“EunHae of the day”:
oh well maybe nothing too special at EunHae’s end today but it was from… err… errr… 2011? (shoot me! I forgot! *faints*)

“SiHan of the day”:
Always the same with them ^^ always whispering~~

☆✭☆[Couple special] SiHan, today: In the dark…☆✭☆
It may be dark but not THAT dark ^^
aww! CUTIES!
ㅎㅎ SiHan doing sworn brotherly things. In the dark… ( ¬‿¬) *eyebrows wiggle* …. ㅋ

OMG! I’m so inappropriate lately! LOL Please just ignore me! *haha*
uhm… and I really cannot explain this. xD This is just…
…Don’t ask. No. Really no. xD

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