(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ FREAKIN’ HANGENG ON FREAKIN’ TWITTER!!!! , Tohoshinki in ViVi Magazine (pics & interview trans) & Channel A being rude about JYJ’s performance?! WTF… ==”’

아녕 다들! v^^.



HNNNGHH!!!!! GENNY!!!!! *faints*

yeah… and since I’m still unable to talk about this properly I will just stop now xD LOL (well, you can see above that I cannot talk about it properly so: wae do I even try? ^^° )

[Breaking News of the week!]
…maybe even of the month or… OUR WHOLE LIVES! *faints*
Genny got himself a twitter account! HNNNNGH! MY FEELS!!!! My poor GengFan feels!!! щ(゚Д゚щ)
O . M . G !
You hear me?! *dies*
f*ck! I love you Geng! (っ’ ▽ ’ς)
follow him: @realhangeng on twitter! ^^
I had so many different feels when I read about it! first I was like “what?! oO WHAAAAAAT DID THEY SAY?????”. Then I giggled and laughed like an idiot. then I was like “omo… is this true? I mean like in REAL. Isn’t that just a joke?!”. After reading confirmations & fellow GengFans going crazy I was like “HNNNNGHHH!!!! I DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! *faints*”.
Then the realization of “omo T.T this is really REAL!” started to sink and I just cried. ^^° #HappyIdiotButAlsoEmotionalIdiot
[Twitter Updates]
– T~T …f*ck! Genny… I love you for this! Official grand opening of this tweeter_official (double official?? xD ) → 1 (*cough* as you can see on my ORIGINAL reaction on tumblr: I was a little bit hyper ^^°°°°° and I basically still am!)
– awwww! OMG! awwww!!!! *starts rolling around AGAIN…* (-> for the 3rd time… rolled around each time I saw this!) DAMMIT! GENNY! YOU ARE SO CUTE! *rolls over bed dying* DAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNNN!!!!!! → 2
– Genny chilling on the beach of Hawaii, watching the sunset! → 3 .
[Weibo Updates!]
(130216) Han Geng’s Weibo Update [1 Entry]
– The picture he uploaded with this post was when they were still in San Francisco OTL (130221) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – KCA and WMA [1 Entry] OMG! ONE OF THESE RARE SELCA’S OF HIM! *re-faints after seeing it again just because OTL*
– genny close-up! Team takes care of Weibo
– Geng chilling on the beach of hawaii (different pic as in the tweeter update) Sunset he likes to share with everyone ^^
[Latest Pics]
HanGeng in USA~ at the Universal Studios! → 1 ,
Weibo update: Our cute little rice ball! xD → 2 ,
ok… this is maybe not that right here in latest pics section but… just because it came around: Men’s Health photoshoot from 2011 3 … HNNNNGH!!!! *faints* OTL P*RN! sorry but it’s true! This is what we (GengFan) call P*orn! THE FIRST PIC! *diiiieeees* … and the last one… ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ). Omo… so many changing emotions when you look at these pics. I CANNOT! ,
aww, Genny! You ball of cute! ^ㅅ^ → 4 ,
“So Young” movie posters! → 5 .

JYJ news!
➤ Yeah because you know our boys are so loved!
JYJ to promote the ’2014 Incheon Asian Games’
but woahw! now they came around the corner with an really old pic of them again… oO
➤ thinking about it again now: OMO! this is true! *proudness explodes once again*
[Trans] JYJ Are The Korean Government’s Go-To Singers? Dominated All State Events In The Past 2-3 Years
– additional article: [Trans] JYJ says: “Participating in state events is a chance for us to grow” .. Ambassadors of the Incheon AG OMG! just look at the girl in front of Junsu! O: *jaw drops* dosen’t she look like his daughter for realzs?? I cannot… woah… crazy.
➤ Nice photos!
JYJ’s Yoochun is on a 007 operation to China
➤ Will this really be called “the return of the JYJ”?
[K-pop] JYJ to Hold Tokyo Dome Concerts
– additional article: JYJ reveals more details on their Tokyo Dome concert series
➤ Chunnie has future plans for China~~
[Trans] ‘Chartered flights to China’ JYJ’s Park Yoochun, “I’d like to work with Tang Wei”
➤ … ==”” yeeeeeah, now you try to struggle out of this, HUH?!
Channel A explain their statement which upset JYJ fans at Presidential Inauguration Ceremony
GAAAAAH! (ノ °益° )ノ彡┻━┻ *flips table angrily* F*CK YOU, Channel A! seriously! GOSH! this was freakin’ rude! Photobucket
AND THE ONLY STARTED TO EXPLAIN THEMSELVES AFTER THEY GOT CRITIZIED! OH YES, I SEE. *highkicks all broadcasting stations to the end of universe* WE SHALL NEVER TALK!
– additional article: [Issue] Channel A Announcer Apologizes for JYJ Remarks
ah yeah… uh-huh. I see. tsss, forget it! We still SHALL NEVER TALK! =__=””’
When ppl are like that it just pisses me off ==””
➤ *eyes news above* … and that when they are freakin’ beautiful ppl….
[Trans] JYJ donate the money they received as Honorary Ambassadors Of ‘KBEE 2012′ To UNICEF
[Pic] 130226 JYJ – NII Gallery
➤ boys… T^T I CRY!
JYJ Spills Tears While Talking about Its Last Year as TVXQ
➤ hehehe…. the power of Jaejoong!
JYJ Kim Jae Joong’s Repackage Album Sells Out Upon Release
➤ Nii Making Film 2013 FINAL 130217
KYAAAH! Boys, you are so cuuuuute! awww! love them! (●ˆ ω ˆ●)
➤ reading these statements from “The JYJ” the “unnames Song Part 1” HEAVILY comes back to my mind…
JYJ explain why they decided to leave their former label
– additional article: [Trans] 130227 JYJ Talk About What Happened 4 Years Ago For The First Time, “We Couldn’t Do Anything” … T^T oh boys. I KNOW! It must have been so hard… I was with you when you were feeling down for so many times, but this breaks my heart again :/ Hope there are only good times ahead of JYJ now!
OMG! This will be so cool! JYJ finally back in Tokyo Dome! *already envies japanese fans* They will finally see their japanese fans_official again! aaah, and they have so cool japanese songs! really too bad they never sing then during iConcerts :/ meh. dammit.
This will be a big event for our boys! They will probably cry, fans too. So it will be a “normal” JYJ concert in Toyko Dome. *nods to self* with everyone crying. Just like Thaksgiving live in Dome T~T
HoMin news!
➤ Listen up, the Lord has spoken ^^
[Trans] Changmin’s Birthday Message
➤ This is soooo wonderfully made! Do You Know 東方神起? (in HD!)
OMG, I was crying at the end of this. because I’m so proud of them and I love them so much! ^^° #silly
Wae is this happening? I don’t even have a reason to cry! omg.. I’m going crazy. I’m crying because I’m so happy when I see them happy… omo. HoMin, my poor feels! Please think of my poor feels!
I feel honored to be their fan, seriously! My love and gratitude towards them is too big to be captured in words. Only fellow Cassies/Bigest will understand! T.T *cries again for no reason* #IsAnEmotionalBaboLikeHellAgain
– You may go there—> for for the subbed version … … T^T *cries again after seeing it with subs* Yunho… Changmin… MY FEEEEEEEEEELS! *rips heart out* + I also can never express my gratitude enough with words *runs away crying because cannot handle all the feels* Photobucket
➤ Yunhon in ViVi Magazine!
[Scans] Yunho – ViVi magazine
Leader씨… ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) … *no further comment*
[Scan] Changmin – ViVi magazine
Changmiiiin~… ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) … *no further comment*
➤ [Trans] TVXQ ViVi Magazine interview
Tohoshinki Interview in ViVi April 2013 Edition
Photobucket *cries again* Yunho…. Changmin… the wonderful you! This is wae am I your fan *sobs* There is no better place for me as Cassiopeian fandom… really. No better! It was and still is worth all the stress and trouble with standom and all this crazy sh*t. T^T I’m right here for you. Always. (same goes for JYJ)
I cannot even put my gratitude into words or cannot even tell how much I love them. The best conclusions, some of the best ppl in my life and the best feelings in my life… they all crossed my way because of HoMin (and JYJ).
and now excuse me while I go cry! *runs away crying… AGAIN because of too much feels*
(… *comes back after a while*)
➤ OH! VERY NICE! LOOKIES! It’s HoMin! *.*
[Pic] 130228 TVXQ – Cool Trans Magazine No.211 May 2013 Issue

SuJu news!
➤ LOL Henners!
Super Junior-M’s Henry and Zhou Mi taught Chinese to SM artists
Not the first time I hear this story about Henry but it’s always funny again xD haha! no, henry, you cannot go to korea and go all “Yo man, wassup?” on DBSK LOOL Henry so unaware of things~ *pats him*

➤ wait. WHAT?! O-O
Jackie Chan to produce own K-pop group, ‘Double JC’

➤ yup, he’s done. That guy is so done. ts…. this little *insert curse word here*! HE HAD A RESPOSIBILITE REGARDING HIS TRAINEES GOD DAMMIT! AND HE FAILED! (failed so much OTL OTL)
Open World Entertainment CEO’s appeal against his 6-year prison sentence rejected

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