YeongSaeng is back , Genny reached 30 Million followers on Weibo + 100.000 followers on Twitter! & a new k-dream!

안녕 다들! v^^.

It’s the time AFTER Patti’s visit!

:/ meh. I feel randomly lonely.
It’s kinda funny how I can  live perfectly fine without a boyfriend but feel lonely after my close friends left.  photo 10_hoil.gif
(maybe because I haven’t really had friends in the past… maybe that’s wae they are more important to me now)

I… well…
 photo Cries__t_t.gif
… *sobs* gimme a moment everyone…
*several minutes later*

ok, now I’m back!

Nothing special happened besides me felling randomly and ridicoulously lonely :/
oh wait… that’s not really correct.
I had a killer night shift (before easter) & I had a k-dream ^^

How about going right to the k-dream!
It was so much fun and also made me feel less lonely *haha* This is maybe stupid because it was only a dream… ^^ but yeah. SiHan lovelies in my dreams always have a very positive influence on my mood and somehow they always appear to the right time.

However they managed to do that these days (k-dream makes it possible~) but SiHan lovelies had a free afternoon and we quickly decided to meet up! (ˆ ω ˆ)d
Since they could really use some (peaceful) rest we went to the countryside with Siwon’s Jeep. Ah yeah, sorry Siwon, it’s name is “Michael” right? xD Well, so we went to a random location with “Michael”.
Pretty nice random location, no one there, weather a bit more spring-ish than before these days: Very good! It was still a bit cold but not too much.
I`ve even brought the new video camera I`ve bought some days before, while SiHan lovelies were already running around the area, checking everything out. So I was the last to leave the car because I had to get my cam ready ^^ I wanted to do a little documentary of our trip as the first thing the cam would film.
I quickly followed them the direction they walked off before so I won’t lose them. While walking I was already filming and commented what we were doing here. I also commented that SiHan just ran off and were maybe a bit too hyper right now xD LOL
I was ca. 50 meters from the car then I heard Siwon calling me over to come looking at what he foud. Well… he was between some bushes and trees so I really wondered what he could have possibly found there. oO
When I arrived where he was standing and saw what he had found: A little fawn! OMG! BAMBI!
I only commented “Aww!! =D *gets excited* Bambiii~~”. The little baby didn’t even run away! (to be honest: some really don’t run away. Some are not afraid of humans a bit)
Geng appeared now too, telling Siwon not to touch it. I quickly agreed. Never touch a bambi or it’s mom will reject it when she comes back. (note for those who don’t know: Deers let their babies just lie down somewhere hidden when they leave for a while so you can -in the right area- sometimes randomly stumble over them-. I already found one in real life! =) )
Okies, so Siwon didn’t touch it. But in the end he started to feed it with things he got from his car. Like… with bread or something xD *haha* It was so cute because it was eating happily, not to say greedy! BAMBI we found! ^___^d
So we had fun with little bambi and when Siwon had nothing more to feed it with we wanted to leave it alone again but it started to follow Siwon around because it wanted more to eat xD LOL . OMG! Can you imagine the cute?!??? Little Bambi following Siwon around xDD Baby following the horsey!  photo 38_laugh.gif This was fun!
Le me filmed all this of course! Genny and I were really amused. We watched/filmed from the side and Siwon walked around for a while to see if it would still follow him or get bored after a bit. But no, it kept following him like… 4ever. (note: this also already happened to my dad in real life! There was a bambi that following him in the fields… 2 days in a row. WITHOUT him giving it something to eat!)
Bambi really wasn’t shy a bit and it didn’t even run away when Siwon cracked up in the end because of the constantly, enthusiatically following fawn (●ˆ ω ˆ●) I randomly commented for the recording I was still doing “Congrats, Siwon. You just got yourself a baby. Be a good father now. xD “. Then we all laughed.
My dream skipped ahead a little after that and I found us three back home. It was Genny’s home to be exact. Wow! First time for me being here!
It was already evening and we hit on the idea to cook something together. Geng had already something in mind what we could make for dinner but said he has to go buy some things for that. So he left, Siwon and me stayed behind waiting.
While Siwon sat down on the couch I went to film Geng’s Chinchillas ^^ little cuties! And I also filmed his Gundams thinking uwah, they are interesting! But I shall not touch them ^^° *resists the urge to touch the holy Gundams of Geng because he might not like it*. When I was done with my round of filming I came back to the living room where Siwon was still on the couch. He hasn’t moved an inch. Just sat there with eyes closed. I walked over to him with my cam, asking “Are you sleeping? ^^”. Siwon answered tiredly “mh-hm… maybe.” ^^ Poor tired him! But cute ^///^
Then I heard the front door being opened and Geng came back. He had his hands full with things so he went to put the stuff into the kitchen first, then came back and took off his jacket. Siwon was wide awake again now, coming around the corner fast and joining us in the hallway, calling out “Hyung is back!” while hugging him! xDD ah haha! Lordi, Siwon, wae are you like that? It’s not that he was away for thaaat long. Of course: I was still filming ^^d
Somehow this was the first time today I saw Geng without a jacket on, I looked at him and wondered if he MAYBE gained a bit weight again. (what I would approve of course! He’s too thin)
I asked “Hey, could it be possible that you slowly return to your old form ;P ” which made him laugh and he said “yah, what do you mean? ^^”. ;D haha, yeeeeah Geng, you know damn right what I mean! ㅋㅋㅋ I giggled and Siwon smirked, saying “well well, there” and was patting Geng’s stomach xD LOOOL OMG! We were ridiculously laughing about that although it wasn’t that of a great joke but it was just that we were in ridiclous good mood (and you know, when you are in ridiculous good mood everything is just too amusing ㅎㅎ). Siwon was hugging Geng again now and I was like “Wae you keep hugging without me? ^^ *joins them*”, then Siwon was hugging both of us (I’m pretty sure that part turned out pretty weird while I was filming with my little cam because we were actually hugging the cam too xD).
Once we were done with our nonsense in the hallway we finally went to cook dinner but sadly my dream ended at that moment.

Aaaaah~! It was such a fun episode of my k-dreams! I really still cannot even! *rolls around happy*  photo Mouse_rofl.gif
It was much fun and really cute! My adventures with SiHan lovelies… I’m speechless! HAHA! Great!
What a fantastic first filming for my cam! =D So much happened!
It’s just like… that I don’t have a video camerea in real life. I just always think of buying one… maybe xD

random news: as you can see I also uploaded a new header! omg… always such a pain to find a suitable image for the header… on top of all: my poor editing skills ^^°°
well, but I think it turned out well enough for a header made without a pic editing program ^^d EVERYONE, PRAISE ME! LOL xD

[CONGRATS!] to 30 Million followers!
Congratulations Han Geng for reaching 30 million (30,000,000) followers on Sina Weibo!
aaaand another million full of Genny’s followers… on his weibo which makes it obvious that they are his followers… and… oO what am I talking about now?
well, he gained another million of followers and therefore let me throw stars and pixie dust! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧ *throws stars and pixie dust*
ALSO: another round number for Genny! But this time from Tweeter!
Congratulations Han Geng for reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter!
yesh ppl! go follow HanGeng! he has to “catch up”, if you know what I mean! ^^d ㅋㅋ
[Latest Pics]
“Stars in Danger” → 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,
BQ Weekly Magazie → 5 ,
“Stars in Danger” → 6 .
[Twitter Update]
(130314) Han Geng’s Twitter Update – KCA [1 Entry]

SuJu news!
➤ …. O_O Holy….
130313 Giorgio Armani Event in HK :
O: …. *jaw drops*

holy… that’s… wow. that’s really…. *is speechless*
His english even improved once again since the last time I heard him speak so much english. OoO … I realy cannot!
(and dammit! >< it’s… it’s hot! *rolls around* my damn weakness for his damn english… I really CANNOTTTTT!!!!)
➤ Ah haha! xD that spot is so… LOOOL. Hyukkie, Siwonnie… no. just no xD
Super Junior and f(x) let loose for ‘SPAO’s latest CF
LOLOLOL AH THAT! xDDD Patti already told me about it while she was here xD yeah, Henry set the kitchen on fire! … … in a literal kind of sense ^^°
Henry is cool under fire on ‘Master Chef Korea Celebrity’

JYJ news!
➤ xD aigoo, that Fuku Fuku!
[Pic] Fukutaro’s Twitter update – Jaejoong
➤ aah! Our boys are pretty much wanted by japanese companier.
[Trans] 130311 Japanese Agencies Say, “How Much Do You Need, JYJ?”: Offer Tens Of Billions Of Won For Down Payments
…what irony that now some ppl’s theory comes back to my mind. They said nobody wants to work with JYJ because Cjes often sue ppl. (sure, they need a chill pill sometimes but please… I kinda understand them. It was all a little bit much at once.)
oh and btw, I found it a little bit too much that the same ppl also blamed JYJ for leaving SM… I mean: You freaking serious? o_O so you say they should have stayed in SM or what??? weird ppl.
howsoever, I’m happy to hear that JYJ have no problems in japan! =)
[Eng sub] 130311 LINE Chat with Jaejoong (Full)

➤ basically I can say these pics are nice but… holy lord! Chunnie you are too thin! D:
JYJ’s Yoochun goes dark and tough for fashion magazine ‘Singles’
➤ He keeps saying this ^^ *haha* Jaejoong will be a great hubby to his future wife!
JYJ Kim Jae Joong Will Do Everything For His Future Wife
➤ OTL ppl be careful with reminding Jaejoong about the time since his debute or he will have “getting older” crisis again ^^°°°
[NEWS] 130318 JYJ’s Jaejoong gives thoughts on 10 year anniversary since debut
➤ How I wish I would have been there ;~;
[News] 130318 JYJ Jaejoong Successfully Completes Shanghai Tour with 5,000 Fans
I’m still irritated by “green (wannabe) ocean” but oh well… *shrugs*
Jaejoongs acceptance/love for his fanboys is just loooooove in itself! ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ)
➤ haha, awww! ^^ Junsu is just cute. Go Go Junsu!
JYJ’s Junsu narrates for MBC documentary ‘The Zoo Is Alive’
I quote: “(…) I hope that you gain more interest in animals.”  photo 2_heart.png
…yeah, gain interest in animals and go buy a million cats ;P #TROLOLOLOL hahhaha! sorry Junsu~ xD
but seriously, Junsu REALLY IS a great animals lover. No doubt about that.

Homin news!
➤ yaayyy!! Toho & TIME hwaiting!!! O(∩_∩)O
Tohoshinki TIME Album Rank #1 on Oricon Weekly Album Chart
➤ I LIKE what I see! =D Toho hwaiting!
TVXQ’s ‘TIME’ is #1 on United World Chart
➤ aaah yes! that’s right. ticket sale toock place! and my friend got tickets! =D
[Info] 130316 TVXQ “Catch Me” Live World Tour in Malaysia, Ticketing Process Shows Fan’s Passion
hehe… I love the ppl with their DB5K stuff ^^d M’sia cassies are so good at this ^^d
[Eng Subs] 130317 TVXQ – ‘In Style’ Offshot Movie

SS501 news~
➤ 허영생_HEO YOUNG SAENG_작업의정석_The art of seduction_M/V
eh hehe ^^°°°° scary fangirl much? aigoo… ^^°°°
And YeongSaeng really looks sooo different with that hair! O.O I’m still amazed.

➤ to be honest, I was waiting till something like that happens. I mean, with Gangnam Style being THAT popular…
YG Entertainment responds to plagiarism suit on “Gangnam Style”

➤ ah well ^^° other ppl have the problem that they gai weight too easily. so… YoonJi… eh hehe ^^°°° I wish I would have your problems! OTL
NS Yoon-G stresses because she’s unable to gain weight?
…but let me ask now: Is ramyeon supposed to get you fat fast or wae is it relevant that she eats ramyeon 4 times a week? o.o well, maybe depends on what you throw in/eat alongside it.
However, I kinda understand her proble. I have a workmate who’s also stressed about not gaining weight. He is slim for a male person and eats a looooooot the whole week but he just dosen’t gain weight.

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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  1. *PRAISE* for your awesome new header (I know exactly what you mean when you say that not a lot of pictures fit the WP headers. Even though Twenty Ten is one of the themes I didn’t use a lot, I can imagine it was difficult…it was always hard for me too >__<) Thanks also for telling me of SuJu's Opera concept! It really does resemble JYJ's Dome Poster! So handsome…both groups I mean ^///^ Aw, you are always our Ball of Sunshine but even you can feel alone at times (saw your tweets right now and felt bad. But I'll be there for u! <333) so I want to say THANK YOU for all these wonderful posts that entertain us so that we don't ever need to feel alone! CUTE DREAM! Dr YF will soon analyze it! Kkk…thanks dear…keep up the good work… ^___^

    • Sangmi says:

      Oh wow unni! You commented?!
      I have to thank YOU! nyaah~ ^///^ praised me so much againg! Kamsa kamsa!
      *hehe* you’re welcome about the Opera thing. I love the JYJ Dome poster too! ^^ aaah, hope there will be a DVD of this concert!

      Yes… *sigh* wordpress header is really such a pain. too long, too slim… hard to find something that actually fits into this header size… troublesome~ OTL

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