#HappySiwonDay , JYJ’s Dome concert is still making waves~ & Genny on daebak-roll ^ .^

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Is everyone doing well?
I am.
Although ajeossi is randomly being b*tchy and still annoying like hell we just try to bear with him at work.
I always have the hope to come home and quickly forget about him OTL

Besides our evil *eyes Patti* being a pain nothing tragic happened.
But hrr… *annoyed sigh* … =///= *flutrated* that’s already enough!


ok. wait.
y-yeah. °////° there were CERTAIN k-dreams. *fake-coughs embarrassed* errrr… everyone please read about the “cause of evil” (wow, what a word play… *proud*) on the k-dreams site of the blog *here* .. … it’s really a bit too embarrassing to post everything again >///<
(thank to all my teasing friends it became super-even-more-embarrassing … =//= oh yeah… thanks ppl. this is really helpful. … .. …NOT.)

And sorry, this entry reeeally took so long once again. but I don’t want to post entried when they are too small. I feel awkward with small entries ^^°°° #MakesNoSense #IsBeingAWeirdoAsAlways

(I mean… omg… this entry was started the day Siwon had b-day so… yeah. you see it’s almost a month now.. *sigh* NOW I finally post it)

[Latest Pics]
Men’s Health Magazine 10th Anniversary, April 2013 issue: uwaaaah *O* …❤ great photos! → 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,
GAINER Magazine → 5 ,
TOP CHINESE MUSIC AWARDS (he won lots but >< looked tired!) → 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 ,
HanGeng for Harper’s BAZAAR Magazine → 11 HOLY MOTHERFATHER! (⊙_⊙) …… (」゜ロ゜)」OMG! THAT ONE IS EEEEVIL! HNNNNGH! PORN! *faints* , 12 , 13 o: AGAIN?! , 14 AND AGAIN!?!??? HNNNGH! KILLER PHOTOSHOOT OF DOOM!!! *faints* ,
Top Chinese Music Awards again~ → 15 , 16 ,
Genny won Mainland’s Best MV (Clown Mask) and Asia’s Influential Pioneer Singer at the 17th Chinese Music Awards → 17 , 19 , 20 ,
Yishion endorsment → 21 ,
(130422) Recording for Tudou Groovin’s special feature about the Ya’an earthquake → 22 , 23 ,
SINA interview with So Young Cast → 24 , 25 , 27 , 28 , 29 , 30 .
[Twitter & WEIBO update]
The person across looks so familiar!
➤ [WeiBo update] Top Chinese Music Awards
oh heck yes! Genny was on a daebak-roll at Top Chinese Music Awards!

The biggest winner with five awards!

1. Best Album Production – Hope in the Darkness

2. Best Dance Music Singer

3. Best Dance Music – Clown Mask

4. Best Music Video – Clown Mask

5. Mainland’s Most Popular Male Artist (He received 66,375,063 votes)

LOOOKIES! Genny was the biggest winner with 5 awards! HNGH!! so proud of him since he always works too hard! OTL
…I wonder if he still has enough space at home for all the awards. Guess he needs to buy a house soon xD (to put all the awards he’s winning lately~ I’m seriously so proud of him ;~; )
[Video] ok guys, let’s get serious now :/ this is sad.
(130421) Han Geng sends his thoughts to the people affected by the earthquake in Ya’an, Sichuan province – “Our hearts are with you.”

SuJu News!
☆*:.。.Siwonnie’s b-day! (。◠‿‿◠。).。.:*☆
#HappySiwonDay #사랑하는최시원생일
aaah~ SuJu’s horsey had b-day! (the 28th – korean age, according to his real b-day, counting from april the 7th ’86)
All the best Siwonnie! Hope you’re always healthy and happy, that you have many great years ahead and that you feels less lonely in future! May all your wishes come true~
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧ GOD BLESS YOU, SHISUS!
(side note: It’s sad that his idol life is so busy that it makes him feel lonely so much. 😦 so sad! )
➤ For his b-day Thai Siwonest made a vid and… it’s nice!
OMONA MY FEEEEEEELS! ;~; … I loved this song since a long time and they made a Siwon vid to it now…
You guys must be kidding me!? HNNNGH! I DIE!
➤ Siwon received interesting b-day greetings!
Hon. Kevin Rudd sends birthday greeting to Super Junior’s Siwon from Australia
haha, that guy is cool! someone says “hey with him a nice b-day” and he’s like “okies! I will!”
➤ aaaaah~~ OH MAN! The CF is so cuuuute!
Siwon chosen as the Asia model representative for messenger app ‘LINE’
aaah ^^°°° yeeeah, this was… LOL
Super Junior’s Donghae introduces his pet monkey and Eunhyuk introduces his robot
thinking about it: this is a bit creepy o.o …
➤ Aww how cute of them ^^
Super Junior donate 2,000 T-shirts in Brazil
too bad that I don’t live in Brasil. That’s the only negative thing to it. *nods to self*

JYJ news!
➤ *sigh* yeah, here are still problems. but I’m happy that it’s not that hard and upsetting for the boys anymore.
[Trans] 130405 JYJ Performs In Tokyo Dome After 3 Years, “Stage of Dreams”
[Trans] 130405 JYJ Earn 20 Billion Won In One Go… Invite Seol Gyung Goo’s Daughter To Their Concertoh! Kim Jaejoong! everyone, listen to that! =)
[Trans] 130407 JYJ’s Jaejoong Reveals In Nanjing Solo Concert “I’ll Get Married At About 38″
well, whenever you get married. I just hope you will GET married someday to a normal, understanding woman!
➤ uwaah, they are just daebak! *.* and it was really “the retung of the JYJ kings”!
[Trans] 130405 JYJ Earn 20 Billion Won In One Go… Invite Seol Gyung Goo’s Daughter To Their Concert
➤ hrrr.. == what da hell was that SBS?!?!
[Trans] 130405 In Response To SBS’ ‘JYJ Concert Report’, Netizens Say, “Don’t Generalize Them As A Part Of Hallyu”
and netizens are right. No one cared much about JYJ when the lawsuit was still going on. but as soon there is something cool happening they are part of the hallyu wave/k-pop industry again. oooh yea. ㄱ-ㄱ I see.
You guys bring it or ignore it as you are pleased. uh-huh, I see. We shall never talk. *walks away*
➤ JYJ in Tokyo Dome Highlights vid!
uwaaaah! *O* THE RED OCEAN! ..*~* all my cassie feels!
aaah, so amazing!
➤ oh coool! =D
‘Singles’ fashion magazine reveals detective-thriller themed making-of film for photo shoot with JYJ’s Yoochun
➤ Congrats to our Junsu baby! \(◠▽◠)/♥
[Trans] 130414 Kim Junsu Wins The Best Korean Male Singer Award At A Chinese Music Awards Ceremony
➤ Jaejoong also doing well~~ Omo! so proud of of my boys ;~;
[Trans] 130414 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Cements His Popularity… Reporters Compete For News Coverage In Taiwan
➤ This strangely reminds me of the earthquake in japan >< when we haven’t heart of Junsu for HOURS, didn’t know if he was okay or not. I feel all the ppl in Sichuan who are searching for relatives or someone they know. It must be horrible (also because so many ppl are shelterless now)
JYJ mourns for the Sichuan earthquake victims, “hoping there won’t be any more damage”

HoMin News!
➤ uuuh I told you that these pics would be coo ^^d
[Interview/Trans/Scans] 130406 Glamorous May Edition
and the interview is just…. LOVE *___* Omo especially Yunho! HNNNGH! I CAAAAN’T! He wants to (technically) kidnap changmin to his future, no matter if he would agree or not. MY FEEEEEELS!
➤ woohoo! TIME hwaiting!
[Info] 130410 TVXQ’s ‘TIME’ ranks #1 on Oricon Monthly Chart
➤ *__* just great!
[Pic] 130330 TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” in Beijing Part 2 {791 pic}

➤ This is so cool! I would watch this movie! ^^d
BoA transforms into a ‘Bond girl’?

Psy’s “Gangnam Style” MV reaches over 1.5 billion views on YouTube!
UWAAAAH! *O* this is just… amazing!
➤ The song is ok, but a bit weird (in a funny way) to me ^^°
Psy’s “Gentleman” completely sweeps domestic music charts + enters iTunes’ Top 100 chart in 38 countries
“I’m a motherfather gentleman”? *haha* what is thaaaat???! xD
➤ to be honest, this song could be a hit in the clubs here IF ppl still remember PSY ^^° (I’m actually not sure about that because Gangmam Style faded away like every other trend song in Germany – just like I said it would. Ppl never really cared about k-pop, they only care about what’s a trend right now because they are shallow and need to go with the flock~)
Psy’s “Gentleman” earns a certified All-Kill + an astonishing 6.9 Million Youtube views in just 13 hours!


It’s about time again ^^ TIME TO SPAZZ! (all ppl who cannot stand couple spazz should leave now ^^)

“EunHae of the Day”:
 photo Eunhae38_Macro.jpg
look look. EunHae came out with a confession? ^^ Looks like ELF approve xD *lighsticks up!*

“SiHan of the day”:
 photo SiHan36.jpg
oh ^^ cuddly SiHan today! ^___^
SiHan doing sworn brotherly things~ cuddling version number…. what do i know, they had too many. 😉

And now for the SiHan shipper out there: In our couple series SiHan have the highest number of appearances so far… they will keep going thill appearance 127 (so far! can still be more.)
We are at 36 right today xD
WOW! SiHan lovelies have totally taken over the couple seires with that! (or more like: then will in furture with technically never leaving!)

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