#Happy8thTohoshinki & start of TIME tour, JYJ Magazine trans & So Young in cinama’s now (cast on promo tour ^^)

안녕 친구들! v^^.

I read something wonderful yesterday!
The trans of the JYJ magazine!
(oh and I’m pretty sure I will say things now which will be looked at as ‘unpopular opinion’ by some others but… seriously, wae should I care? ^^ These are my thoughts.)

Not to my surprise, the ppl who said Cjes is at fault for everything will (or already got?) get slapped with what’s in there.
I’m talking about the ppl who technically said that it is Cjes fault that JYJ are not singing but acting these days.
EXCUSE ME? wtf… ㄱ-ㄱ
(as always I will put the side note: of course Cjes is not perfect, they made mistakes.. and they seriously need a chill pill sometimes ^^° but what some parts of fandom said lately was just not entirly right.)

When I read this I smiled to myself. I mean
1.) it was totally touching and adorable
2.) it was exatactly how I always imagined it to be.

You may read this now. It is about the time when they started acting in dramas, Junsu produced his solo album and toured, how “In Heaven” album got produced and about the worldtour the boys were having.
[2nd Anni Project] JYJ Magazine: The Story Of 1000 Days Translations Part 3

It was also partially a bit sad to read just like:

Mr. Baek (CEO):
“When we were preparing their album, I told the members, ‘You all know how to write songs. Make your own music.’ The members looked perplexed and asked, ‘Why don’t we get songs from other composers?’ but they ended up writing their own songs for their album. (…)”

This is sad in two ways ;~;
And I was totally reminded of what Geng said. OTL and ppl still think JYJ lied? I look at differnt interviews and songs like “Say No”, “Clow Mask”, “Betrayal Of The Soul”, “Unnamed Song Part 1”, “Pierrot”…
They keep saying the same stuff. Again and Again.
(and there is just SO MUCH most ppl don’t know about because they never went into the whole thing deeper… and even for us who know… there is still so much we cannot know because the boys never dared to or wanted to tell aloud…)
But looking at Genny and JYJ telling the same stuff repeatedly I can only say I don’t believe in the big, bad conspiracy theory ppl ㄱ-ㄱ (and this theory says they all lie to technically make an excuse for themselves for… whatever. don’t ask me. I don’t get some ppl oO no wait, I don’t get ppl in general).
So I judge some others each time I hear a matching statement once again. *sigh*

Mr. Baek (CEO):
“The best thing to come out of this process was the members’ confidence in themselves. The confidence that they will be able to do whatever they want, whenever they want to do it. (…) The members are all talented. My role is to help them discover and use those talents to be better at what they do.”

This was pretty much the nicest thing! LOVE!

Magazine quote:

“To be honest, they hadn’t been planning on composing and writing their own lyrics from the beginning. CEO Baek came up with the idea because there were no composers who were willing to give JYJ any songs.”

Yeah… everyone has 3 times to guess wae that was… ㄱ-ㄱ *glares at ‘SOMEONE’ knowingly* tsk.

“There were outside influences that blocked composers from being able to give their work to other singers if they gave any songs to us. So we naturally began composing and writing our own lyrics. Our greed and interest for music grew, which led to our skills increasing and bettering the quality of our album.” (Kim Jaejoong)

Anyone still needs 3 tries to guess? hrrr… *annoyed* we all know, Jaejoong. We just know. It’s ok.

To quote the members, they ‘go crazy with self-admiration’. When they use to work on songs for TVXQ albums, they would do nothing but record the songs. One person would be recording their part while the others were taking a break. Though they were tired, all they had to do was sing what composers had given them. But this isn’t the case any more Even when they’ve just recorded a guide, they encourage each other with praises like ‘It’s great,’ and ‘You’re a genius.’ When they’re recording, they become producers for each other, and for JYJ, this is when they are the happiest they’ve ever been.

This is also the biggest reason why JYJ are able to ‘happily work on music that they love’.

Aww! This is love as well!

The next passages were about Jaejoong “falling head over heels for directing” LOL
This was a funny and cool story! *haha* JJ really had much fun with directing ^^
The nex passages were about Jaejoongs acting in “Dr. Jin”, Chunnies acting in “Rooftop Prince” and Junsu’s musical acting in “Elisabeth”.
But the thing I wanted to quote here is another.

It was how Junsu had the thought on his solo album. And… to be honest, I imagined JYJ & Mr. Beak together exatly like this *giggles*

Kim Junsu, who was performing in the musical ‘Elizabeth’ at that time, sat across from CEO Baek in the practice studio, neither saying a word for 30 minutes. Kim Junsu was the one to break the silence. This is the conversation they had then.

Kim Junsu: “Hyung, is it still possible to release a solo album now?”

Ceo Baek: “It’s possible anytime.”

Then there was another 30 minutes of silence.

Kim Junsu: “Should I release a solo album?”

CEO Baek: “I would like for you to make music. I only went to look for dramas since you said you wanted to do it.”

awww! LOOOVE!
AND now we are finally coming down with the thing from the start here. Because some ppl said Mr. Baek “dosen’t let JYJ sing”.
errr… oO seriously guys. It’s not they get forced to act.
The members did what they wanted to do. Although Cjes sometimes needs a chill pill, I was always sure they have a good relationship with their CEO.
How JYJ talk about their comapny members (with such sweetness at times ^^.. it’s adorbs) and how they acted/intereacted with/around their CEO… I never had doubts these guys get along well.
When I read that Junsu calls hom ‘Hyung’ and not with any boss-title I was like ‘aww~’ how cute they are! (。◠‿‿◠。)

Throughout the hour of silence, there was only one thought on Kim Junsu’s mind.

“The one thing I’m good at and am confident in is music isn’t it? Even if I can’t appear on broadcasts, there should be someone who would like to listen to my music at least once right? If I were to act in dramas, who would look forward to my acting?”

Kim Junsu stopped pondering over it, and decided to go with releasing a solo album.

and it wa good he did! He really did an amazing work! Nyaah~ Tarantallegra album is so awesome… just 대to the박! *_____*

“Although the broadcast activities were being restricted, the response towards the album internationally was very good. It was particularly surprising that ‘Tarantallegra’ could rank first on a German chart, but it seems it could have been the effect of JYJ being the first korean artiste to hold a concert in Berlin.”

The response to the music video was also huge. With their broadcast promotional activities being blocked, the music video was the only way to let people know the song.

Kim Junsu set expectations for himself. The choreography for “Tarantallegra” was handled by Jeri Slaughter, who choreographs for Christina Aguilera. In addition, the music video for “Uncommitted”, an English song produced for the world tour, was also of a high quality. “Let’s film it again, let’s film it more dramatically, let’s film it more provocatively,” were the requests that Kim Junsu constantly raised.

Although it was edited out in the final music video, Kim Junsu also tried playing a dual role for a kiss scene. A scene where Kim Junsu, dressed in a female outfit, kisses the real Kim Junsu. The person who was the most satisfied with his acting (in that scene), was Kim Junsu himself. He was pleased as he said, “I am holding onto the footage. I think I look better in a woman’s outfit than actual women do.”

ㅋㅋ ah ye, our German Asian Music Charts! ah haha!
So they really were that surprised?
well… I remember the JYJ staff lady I talked to in Berlin was very surprised that I knew the boys for 2 years already. (back then it was 2 years OTL)
So they were really that surprised about the German Asian Music Charts results? ㅎㅎ let me tell you one thing Cjes, I am surprised that you even recognize German Asian Music Charts while no other person cares about it. THANK YOU!  photo 42_biggrin.png

And no, liking Junsu was not really the effect of them having a concert in Berlin. The effect came from the love we already had BEFORE Berlin happened. Because Cassies love the boys they love Junsu.
But it is really funny how they were thinking hard about a reason to explain this “surprising happening” ^^ I have to say, that’s a bit cute.

BUT the most important was the “Junsu kissing Junsu” THING for the MV! HNGGGGH! so THIS is where it came frome?! And in Oberhausen at XIA concert were were like “KYAAAAHHH!!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) OMG! WHAT IS THIS?! WHERE DID IT COME FROM ALL OF A SUDDEN?!”
We didn’t know we just…. started shipping Junsu X Junsu from that moment on xD #ThingsHeIsDoingToUs
And Junsu was satisfied with that… uh-huh. ( ¬‿¬)
and Junsu knows he looks batter than women in this dress… uh-huh. ( ¬‿¬)
LOL I see Junsu! ah haha!
(oh seriously… it is true! female Junsu is just so pretty… it embarrasses all of us women SO MUCH! ^^°)

aaaah now I’m done with the “little” analysis and commenting on this trans. It was a wonderful read yesterday! I totally loved it!

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[Behind the scenes] Chinese Top Music Awards – Hangeng’s rehearsal
omoooo! Laughing Genny is so precious! ;~; cutie you! *bubble wraps him so the precious won’t be harmed*
And this could have been really an awesome show. And even the rehearsal was great! but then, when they actually performed it there were these technical fails… == I’m still so mad… there went so much wrong at Top Chinese Music Awards that I still cannot believe it and I cannot even!
[VID] 13th Top Chinese Music Awards, Han Geng cuts and backstage interview

SuJu news!
➤ SuJu on their journey around the world~
Super Junior sets a record with their ‘Super Show 5′ tour in Chile
…these days I have to fight the strong wish to cry 4ever HARD! I will not see any of the Super Shows EVER and that’s… pretty hard. o-o *blinks* this is such a unreal fact that I still have a hard time to get it into my head >< (but sadly it’s true).
So I can only keep spazzing from afar. So you guys have to bear with my Tumblr reblogs! OTL

JYJ news!
➤ JYJ NII Summer Making Of
cute! ^^ all of them and Hiro of course!
➤ JYJ NII 2013 Summer Interview
ah haha xD “uh-huh.” “uh-huh.” “uh-huh.” “uh-huh. uh-huh.” xD
LOLOL wae are you so silly? and wae is jaejoong so cute?! and the way they are sitting together! ADOOOOORBS!
 photo Cinna_Heart_zpsa293b4ac.gif
➤ aaand let’s go in with NII xD ah haha, this is so fun!
NII Interview PUD & LIX

LOL JUNSUUUU! aww! you funny-adorable something! awww! and he said chameleon like “chamelleon” xD adoooorbs!
And JJ got irritated kept asking “ye? ye?!” xD
aaah, I want Jaejoongs t-shirt! OTL
➤ Junsu with pink hair! =D JiJi and YuYu! =D
[Pic] 130427 JYJ(EN) Line Update
➤ Uwah! *.* I LOVE THIS!
[Pic] JYJ concert in Tokyo Dome ‘The return of the JYJ’Goodies
➤ ah ye of course, they want fans to vote for Jeju via doing this…
JYJ to become honorary citizens of Jeju Island
Although it’s nice that they are honorary citizens now but c’mon… we know what sh*t happened before >< aigoo…
I have mixed feelings! OTL
➤ Another cute NII interview! (with subs!!)
aaah I want all of these t-shirts! The colors are so nice!
And: I love my boys! ^___^ they are so adorable cute!

HoMin news!
[Trans] 130424 Max Changmin Says, “Debuting At A Young Age, I Was Knocked Down Left And Right”
“But I think I’ve found my competitive streak again through table tennis.” – oh wellies changminnie, so this show was actually already good for something, huh? ^^
[ANNIVERSARY] #Happy8thTohoshinki
Aaaaah! 8 years of Toho! What to say about this?
Thanks to Yunho and Changmin Tohoshinki is still an ongoing thing. Just like they do with DBSK they keep THSK alive. And they work so hard and now even have a full round of Dome Tours in Japan.
;~; I am so proud of them! I cannot even… I am more proud of them each day. I really dunno what to say. TIME tour had it’s kick-off yesterday at Saitama Super Arena. I bet it was an awesome show.
So for the next 8 years and maybe even more I wish all the best my boys. They are amazing and although it is often very stressful and hard they work like beasts for Tohoshinki’s success and always give they all and more (of course for DBSK too).
Yunho and Changmin are “T”. And we are too.
 photo We_Are_T_zpsc4434295.gif
Thank you HoMin. Tohoshinki is wonderful because of you! #Happy8thTohoshinki
➤ HNNNGH! Awesome pictures!
[Pic] Tohoshinki Live Tour 2013 ~TIME~ Pamphlet
➤ OMG T~T LOOK AT THIS WONDERFUL PAMPHLET! “we appreciate your love.” *cries*
[Pic] Tohoshinki Live Tour 2013 ~TIME~ Pamphlet Part 2
[Trans] 130427 Tohoshinki Live Tour 2013 ~TIME~ Pamphlet : Tohoshinki Messages
MY CASSIE FEEEEELS! ;~; Yunho… Changmin…
➤ I can only repeat how proud I am of them ;~;
[Trans] 130427 TVXQ Will Be Holding An Additional Two Concerts At Nissan Stadium, Japan’s Biggest Concert Venue

last but not least (and because the couples really got neglected too much in the past) we will have the couple seires here!

“EunHae of the day”:
 photo EunHae39.png
but very dangerous Hyukkie… makes ppl ship EunHae even more ;P ㅋㅋㅋ cuties you!
(and as always: the love dramas they did were sooo much love ㅎㅎㅎ also the talks they had before)

so now I’m really curious what SiHan show us do today?

“SiHan of the day”:
 photo SiHan37.jpg
oh WOAH!… °.°
uhm… *cough* I remember I once saw a GIF of this. This was one of these classic situations where Siwon was like “*serious look* (¬3¬) come here Genny~” and Genny was like “wait… what are you doing here? *raises index finger*” .

☆✭☆[Couple special] SiHan, today: whispering cuddlebugs…☆✭☆
SiHan were at it again…
OMG THEY ARE SO SWORN BROTHERLY CUTE! ㅠ﹏ㅠ OMG LOOK AT HOW SIWON WAS CLINGING TO GENG HERE! these cuddlebugs T.T so lovely … and how they were talking and whispereing and giggling while ignoring what’s happening around them. Sworn brothers just too precious! … T^T …. aaaaah the FEEELS are back! ALL MY SWORN BROTHERS FEELS! *runs away crying*
 photo Onion_cry.gif

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