SHINHWA returns with 11th Album “The classic”, Yunho in High Cut & PSY’s epic way to deal with haters ^^d ,

안녕! v^^.

omg… what a week. I mean, I had vacation for the whole week already but all I did was writing mails like a maniac, I re-organized the blog, i… had….very embarrassing k-dreams! *sigh*

oh and while I already talk about it: dreams are not categorized in years. the site just got too huge.
And latest happenings in my dreams are also… rather…. ◑///◑ woah.
You please take a look HERE *click* for the latest of my 2013 k-dreams. (or choose another year ^^)

I don’t even want to know what patti has to say about these dreams… I mean >//////< … I’m so embarrassed!!!  photo ashamed2.gif
I also had the great idea to put up my confession on tumblr and… and… and…. patti READ IT (I secretly hoped she would have been busy enough to miss it… °///° ). … and of course half if it was fail since my korean notes are not as complete as I would like them to be (yeah… it was in korean). But I still tried my best to find at least almost suitable things to put together with my crappy notes *sigh*
wel, to come back to the topic: Patti reading it.. was embarrassing as well *facepalms*

Not to speak of when…. vicky will read my k-dreams or… Emmy…
…. *suddenly is suspicous of everyone* …..
uhm….. *looks around nervous* …. guess they will tease me >-<

I think that’s the bad side of writing my dreams down. I mean writing it down created a cool, FanFic like endless story by now but the things which come to light that way… omg… ….
*head/desk*  photo drop_no.gif no. just no.

Lucky I am that not so many ppl know me personally so it is less embarrassing regarding that at least. eh hehe ^^°°

But I see now.
My week consisted of writing like an idiot and embarrassment. Great. *sigh*
(and visiting the zoo one day, but that’s it then!)
and… I did not clean my car… nor did I clean the things of the mice in the basement… NOR did I watch many movies.

 photo Mouse_Fail-1.gif

[VIDEO – BTS] Men’s Joker magazine photoshoot (Behind the Scenes)
[Latest Pics]
Yishion 2013 Summer Casual Series → 1 , 2 , 3 ,
(130511) Trends Media 20th anniversary celebration in Hainan → once again in a killer suit… 4 but DAMMIT! I started to like these suits! D: GENNY! What are you doing with my fashion taste?! , 5 … this suit is like a negative version of his EMA-Siwon’s-bed sheet-suits!! , 6 … “Chinese Modern Fashion Stars” more like modern fashion terrorists when Genny is in there! ㅋㅋ ,
hairdresser Geng is baaaack, Royal Wind endorsment → 7 ,
Harper’s Bazaar magazine → 8 .
[Happy Camp] With So Young Cast and HanGeng (subbed!)

SuJu news!
➤ uwoooah! Heenim Oppa so awesome o.o
Heechul to rejoin Super Junior in august

JYJ news!
➤ I’m just SO happy that Jaejoong was on vacation and spent some happy time with a friend. I just cannot even… he really needed it! (and deserved it ^^)
Kim Jaejoong and friend Yamashita Tomohisa’s holiday photo catches attention
➤ HoMin have Lafuma, JYJ have M-Limited now! ^^
[News] 130430 JYJ become the new faces for outdoor brand Millet’s ‘M-Limited’
➤ I bet this movie is so funny! I want to see it too! (((o(>__<)o))) *waves with arms*
JYJ Kim Jaejoong′s ′The Jackal is Coming′ appears on Oricon before its premiere
➤ oh?! Jihyo Unni has a new drama? I didn’t know!
[News] 130509 JYJ’s Junsu Sings “Stupid Heart” for “Mandate of Heaven” OST
➤ uhm… o_o *stares* wth… second pic! *waves with arms* HNNNGH! P*RN!!! *faints*
[Pic] 130509 Junsu participates in OST for KBS drama ‘The Fugitive of Joseon’
➤ This is called “the power of Kim Jaejoong” ^^d
[Trans] 130502 Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Jackal Is Coming’ To Be A Big Hit In Japan ‘Ranking High On The Oricon Charts’
➤ Chunnie won 3rd year in a row! CONGRATULATIOOOOONS!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ゜゚・ ゜゚ *throws confetti*
[Vid] 130509 Yoochun – Baeksang Arts Awards 2013
➤ HNNNGH! (≥///≤) Junsu wae are you so cute?!
[Pic] 2013 NII & JYJ Summer Postcards
and in genral… JYJ’s NII pictures: ㅎㅎㅎ (ˆ ω ˆ)❤ OMG!
➤ I’m curious what it will sound like!
[News] 130513 JYJ to Release Theme Song for Incheon Asian Games
➤ oh! great song by Junsu, as expected! =)
JYJ’s Junsu lends his voice for ‘Mandate of Heaven’ OST with “Foolish Heart”
➤ [ENGSUB] 130516 JYJ 2013 Membership Week Message Video
LOOOL BOYS, WHAT DA FACK ARE YOU DOING?! This is “nonsense JYJ” at it’s best! THE BEST! *haha*
And Junsu wae sooooo cute! HNGH! I DIE! ^___^

HoMin news!
➤ O: *stares* HNNNNGH! I DIE! The setlist is amazing!
東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~ Tracklist/Setlist
Yes, yes, YES!!!!! GOGO TVXQ!!!!!
TVXQ to Become First Foreign Artist to Perform in a Japanese Stadium

A rep from SM Entertainment shared, “A stadium performance can be said to be a level higher than a dome performance, and the stadium is a dream venue that only the top singers in Japan can perform in. This proves again the high popularity and influence TVXQ wields in the country.”

I’m again and again amazed with their amazingness. This, ladies and gentlemen, comes from really, REALLY hard work over YEARS and years! They went over a very bumpy road to get there. Everyone seems to be jelly these days but: I JUDGE YOU BISHES! You know nothing! OTL (and if you know and still be jelly: I double judge you!)
Once again: the moment when you realize that your favourite k-pop group also is your favourite j-pop group because… they count as japanese act as well! *faints*
Proud, proud, proud! ;~; well done babies.
(oh wow… what an dramatic text I randomly had ^^° eh hehe… #BlameMyCassiePride)
➤ *cries* I want to see TIME tour too! I want to see HoMin…
TVXQ sets another record as they set out to bring in 850,000 fans for their Japan tour
…but I caaaaan’t… T^T *sits here crying and eagerly waiting for TIME tour DVD*
➤ how CUTE! “very friendly and innocent” he said! aww!
[NEWS] 130411 Kwon Sangwoo “TVXQ’s Yunho is the Most Surprising Person I Have Met”
yes, that sounds like our Leader씨 ^___^
➤ OTL my Bigeast Unni is crazy for 2PM ㅋㅋ #justsaying
TVXQ rakes in over $92 million in overseas concert revenues
[News/Trans] 130430 THSK has started 5-dome-tour & confirmed to hold concerts in Nissan Stadium!
Cassie proudness once again explodes through the roof!
TIME tour is soooo BIG! The super tour of japan!!! OTL OTL THSK’s ultimate dream and… more!
➤ o.o 허~?! IN 4 SHOWS??!
[Trans] 130510 TVXQ’s ‘OCEAN’ To Be Used As The Theme Song For 4 Popular Japanese TV Programs
➤ haha! xD this is always fun!
[Trans] Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin
➤ omg! P****RN! *dies*
[Pic] Yunho – High Cut Vol.102
…partially weird p*rn but stiiiill!
➤ AISH GOD DAMMIT! >o< I MISSED THIS AGAIN! GAAAAH! I always miss it when arirang aires something cool about our lovely boys! T^T
[Vid] 130516 Arirang Pops in Seoul – EP2384 : The legend of TVXQ

Big Bang news
➤ oh… poor GD. and this was really sweet of them! =)
Daesung and Taeyang assist G-Dragon after suffering injury during Osaka concert

Shinhwa news~
➤ eh?! wait… what?
Shinhwa claims Eric is addicted to cross dressing
OMG, Eric! no just no! xD
oh this show… always strange things happen xD ㅋㅋ
➤ EVERYONE! Shinwa new MV and album are out! GO AND GET IT/WATCH IT! *haha*
M! Countdown live: Shinhwa continue their legend with “This Love” on ‘M! Countdown’!
“This Love” MV:
omo I love this! seriously, AWESOME! love it!
Emmy will go WILD when she sees this!
➤ I also want a signed copy of Shinhwa legend boys~~ ^^
Shinhwa pose with their hoobaes Girls’ Generation, 2PM, and Nine Muses

PSY news:
➤ HAHA! You’re awesome PSY! xD well done!
Psy sets the ideal model on dealing with haters, responds to Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong
➤ He’s not only going fast forward in USA huh?
Psy to host Canada’s ‘MuchMusic Video Awards’

And now, fellow fangirls, let’s SHIP again! *haha* a bit of fun is needed in a fangirl’s life, né?


Sadly, this is the last part of EunHae couple today, but YunJae will return and fill that empty spot! EVERYBODY REJOICE! for the return of the YunJae!
AND we will also start with a new section here now! it will be called [SPAZZ]! with macros and funny stuff. 😉

“EunHae of the day”:
 photo EunHae40.jpg
Although… I would scratch that “EunHae is real” at the end because no one knows and … let’s get serious for a moment: we as shippers should differ between out fun/fantasy and the reality. In reality our EunHae are still the cutiest best friends! ^^ but spazzing over them is still so much fun!

“SiHan of the day”:
 photo SiHan38.jpg
aah ^^° SiHan doing sworn brotherly things here again.
boys, just how close do you have to sit to whisper? (I mean Genny is almost on our horsey’s lap ^___^)
haaah~ *sighs in remiscence* the good old SiHan days!
and… wait, isn’t that KYU standing there as if he is not part of that scene, looking away like “I don’t see anything… I don’t even know these cuddlebugs.” xD hahaha!
He was always so irritated/embarrassed by his Hyungs 아ㅋㅋㅋㅋ *amused laugh* Kyu just makes almost all pictures he’s in with others… seriously! Look through pics/GIFs and pay attention to le Kyu! you will see ^^

☆✭☆[SPAZZ] with SuJu!☆✭☆
 photo KYuMin30__Chaos_haha.jpg
hahahaha xD omg… and Hyukjae shouting “Look at KyuMin!!!” LOL I love macros!
(and it’s especially funny how SuJu are always “all over each other” in…. every way you can imagine on stage xD someone ever noticed? ^^ and… oO Hyukjae is always/often the poor one who has the rest of the members on him or so. same question: someone ever noticed? ^^°)

Hope everyone enjoyed! c ya the next time (in case I survive the embarrassment of my friend after they read about my latest dreams… …. *looks around nervous again and leaves*)

bai~~ ^^/

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