JUNSU 2nd ALBUM IN JULY! + starts asia Tour! =D , SuJu’s first full japanese Album in JULY & PSY gets own world record category ^^

안녕 다들! v^^.

I survived well! hehe… friends were too busy and therefore forgot to tease me ;D lucky me! (and I had time to get over it a bit).

And since friends were so busy I kept hanging out with fellow GengFans. ^____^ and met JieJie-ya.
JieJie-ya made me become a panda ^__^ *haha* (there is a bear thing going on… emi is polar bear, JieJie is Panda).
It’s all very fun with them! =)
And JieJie-ya is so nice~ *haha* (and funny – in fact all Unnies/JieJies are)

Also, I haven’t blogged for a whole while! It’s really about time now!
all in all it didn’t happened too much.
Of course, there were some awesome news and… at work Ajeossi has his ups and downs. He keeps being impossible and then “relatively normal” again (as far as he even CAN be something close to what normal ppl call ‘normal’).

oh, talking about being normal: Oppa and Ajeossi said to my junior and me that we are so boring and old fashioned. While I just smiled because they always say this (and I already heard that too often) my junior was a bit mad.
She angrily whispered to me “tsk! just because we are the only ones normal here!” then she was thinking for a second “… well. relatively normal.” and I said: “we ARE normal. A bit crazy but… well, that is normal. They are strange 😉 “.
Ajeossi is anyway like that: Everyone who dosen’t see things like he does is automatically not normal because our holy ajeossi is always right and he knows everything and he never fails in anything and his way is the only right way and he is super great and all *waves with arms dramatically*.
… ㄱ-ㄱ yeeeeah.
So much for that.
OTL: I at least admit that I’m not perfect. I mean, who is? I DO fail. I am NOT always right. but he? no way he would ever admit any of these things! (and btw: even when he got to know he wronged someone he NEVER apologized. just WHAT KIND OF PERSON is he?? o__O You may can imagine that it is… rather exhausting to work with him. *sigh*)
Aaaaaaa~ll I want to say about this work ajeossi of mine is just:
Dont_Understand .
(thank you so much Changmin for speaking my feels/thoughts! – and HELL! I only saved this GIF for Ajeossi-purpose because… c’mon! It’s perfect for this! xDDD )

oh yeah and K-DREAMS! Let’s go back to something happier!
BUT: JieJie-ya, in case you read this! NUUUUUUUU! D: don’t start with my weirdo dreams here! you have to read them from the beginning in 2010 >< aaaah please don’t! *waves with arms* go to k-dreams sub-side in the navigation please!
*cough* yeah well… sorry for the random outburst but sometimes JieJie is stalking my tweeter ◑ .◑ and… uhm….
Irritated_2 .
*looks around, eyeing everyone*
what I originally wanted to say:
I had some more k-dreams again in the meantime. Of course I had! Wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t have k-dreams anymore ^//^° *suddenly somehow embarrassed*
I think I’m relatively over the embarrassment from recently, so *giggles* I will share them here again:

Dream 1:
The first thing I can remember from that dream is when I was at home and getting ready for the day like always. Did two braids hairstyle, because I haven’t done this for a long time. One left, one right. Ready. ^^
I got dressed with random things from my closet which would fit my idea of cute for my mood today and then had a random look on my phone. There I saw Siwon has sent a message and was calling for “late breakfast”. Checked the clock. 10am. Oh late indeed, Siwon, late indeed.
Was a bit surprised since normally I always automatically assume he’s working at the WE’s/visiting his family (or something). But I replied I would come, got my light blue/red FLY jacket and my blue Googims FLY bag (oh seriously I have a thing for their FLY series *sigh*) and left.
I went to the address the message told me to go and… please take note that I never was at Siwon’s house or whatever before so I had no idea what it actually looks like. When I arrived at the place I was surprised that I could reach it that soon by walking. It looked new and I seriously wondered, WHEN he got that house? o.O
(but hey, at least one of Siwon’s houses near my home! I don’t really want to complain about this 😉 )
I followed a path besides the house and partially through the garden. The garden wasn’t too huge, but also not exactly small, very neat and with different flowers/blooming bushes. I really liked it, looked peaceful and nice.
When walked around a corner I ended up in front of the front door. I wanted to ring the doorbell but could already see that Siwon was already at the door to open it. Thought ‘oh.. glass walls? He must have seen me coming‘. Because the house had glass walls on the backside and I only notice it at that moment because I was too focused on the garden before ^^°
A smiling Siwon let me enter the house and told me I should just have a seat since he was not done with all preparations yet. He went back to the kitchen while I was starting to have a look around the living room/dining room I was standing in right now. The room had partially glass walls just like we have at home in our living room just… nicer. It made the room become very light. The interior was modern and light, but still gave a homelike feeling. It looked like a mix of Mamonde message videos rooms and…Oppa’s house! (means: Brian’s house, and I know: What a description OTL).
I wondered if I fit in here with my… kind of… fashion terrorist outfit and… I felt a bit like in my aunt’s house: No matter what I wear, I think I’m underdressed ^^°°° Oh well.

In the end I had a seat and just waited.
The middle part of the dream was then very blurry so the next thing I remember was when we were already having breakfast.
Aigoo! Really so many things on that (btw huge) table! Siwon sat on the opposite side of the table and was reading his economy newspaper, drinking his coffee. I smiled to myself amused because he exactly looked like how the members imitated him back then  photo 41_excited.gif *giggles* I could totally recorgnized it.
Nyaah~ but dosen’t he look just cool reading like that~? (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) aigoo~
After I was done with amusing myself/admiring reading Siwon I focues on my breakfast/my own business again. This meant: He reading newspaper, me reading my tweeter timeline on my phone ^^ *hahaha* #faaail~ (economy newspaper? nothing for me. I’m more like our Leader씨: Eyeing the economy from afar … while hiding ^^°°).
I have to say that it was really nice to have “late breakfast” together. Just the two of us calmly/peacefully eating. =) oh, and reading!
While I read my tl I suddenly had a thought regarding this whole breakfast thing and got lost in my thinking a little. I thought: When did he get to know about my habits? That I get up that late, that I don’t eat breakfast or at least not at normal hours but can eat later? I never told him! Then I wondered if he really delayed his own breakfast solely to do all this here? Judging from HIS habits to get up at 6am every day. How in da world could he wait for so long? o:
Somehow I started to feel guilty because he had put so much effort into all this and changed his daily plans/habits. I looked up again and when I was doing so I caught Siwon looking at me. Uhm… °//° only shisus knows for how long he was already looking at me. HNGH! (≥///≤) Was he checking on my reactions to my timeline reading (which would have been embarrassing enough..) or was he back with watching me while I was spacing out because of my own thoughts? (very embarrassing!!) (≥///≤)
And anyway! At first I though he was maybe looking at something behind me. In the garden. I almost turned around to check that! Almost! OTL #justsaying Then I thought if there was maye something wrong with my clothes but no… turned out to be only Siwon watching me and not even trying to hide it. He just kept looking at me a little longer and then turned back to his newspaper, smiling a… quite special smile. I was looking at him curiously because I tried to figure out his thoughts. o.o but couldn’t categorize it. It was a mix of being amused and… this special looks he was giving me that one day before (in a dream before this one).
Although I caught him looking at me it rather felt he caught me doing something.
I’m not used to get looked at with all these looks he’s giving me lately, so… YAH! Siwon!? Stop being amused or… whatever! It confuses me and… it’s embarrassing-aaaah~~!!! *starts rolling around* (≥///≤) SAME AS PRINCE MANANGER! *rolls around embarrassed*

After breakfast he started to put the dishes together, I wanted to help and so I came to his side of the table. As if he didn’t wanted me to help he hugged me before I could do something and we were (am I allowed to say ‘finaly’? ^//^) having a little cuddle-session.
That was the end of my dream.

OTL Siwon has a really nice house & a nice idea ( ◕ヮ◕)b
but him looking at me is… still embarrassing sometimes >///<


Dream 2:
It was friday evening. Lay on the couch, between a bunch of pillows and zapping through the programs on tv. Nothing special was on, but I found a music show on arirang in the end =D I wasn’t really feeling familiar with this living room, because it was Siwon’s house~ OTL the one from last time. and I’m still feeling so new to this house. (I wonder… how did I get in there? I mean: Do I have a key to Siwon’s house? …… oh. *starts to smile* (。◠‿‿◠。) *suddenly satisfied*)
It was a later, around 9pm when I received a text message of him that said he would be home soon. And really, it didn’t take him long to arrive. But out-spacing person I am when focused on something I only noticed him when he was already standing in front of the couch ^^°.
I was very happy to see him being back, especially since Siwon brought a movie to watch! \(◠▽◠)/ yayyy!!
So we placed us on the couch together and watched it. Cannot remember what movie it was, only remember our extremely cuddly behaviour. On that couch, me on the inside, Siwon on the outside, wrapped in a blanket together, huggling.  photo 3_wub.gif
aah~ very happy~ (●ˆ ω ˆ●).。.:*❤
After snuggling into Siwon for a while, having a little talk and cuddling closer -although that was not possible anymore ^^°- I began to feel very sleepy and so it happened that I fell asleep on my Siwon-pillow  photo 20_love.png
I must have missed the second half of the movie I guess because when I woke up there was no tv anymore and the location also changed. I woke up in a bed, being huged by a peacefully smiling horsey. I had a quick look around and identified the locations as the bedroom, just thought ‘So this is what Siwon’s bedroom looks like.‘. Was a bit irritated because before we were in the living room and now I had no idea how I ended up here. Siwon must have brought me here after the movie had ended. I wondered that I did not wake up (because I normally cannot be moved without to be woken up), but I just cuddled up at his side since I was tired and then drifted back into sleep quickly. (I’m useless after a week of work aka on fridays *sigh*)

This was once again a dream where I fell asleep whiel I already was asleep (since I was already dreaming).
but what a nice cuddlebug dream I had!  photo ohlove.gif

[News] HanGeng & “星跳水立方 (Stars in Danger)”
Han Geng withdraws from “Stars in Danger” diving competition
I’m sooo happy to hear this, to be honest. I cry when I think of how he fainted and just… fell into the water like a stone T~T this shall never happen again.
Genny working like a mad person, always doing more as he can do, promising more as he can keep *sigh* that boy…
[Latest Pics]
L’Officiel → 1 ,
Y-Pop Music party → 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 OMG THE SUPER ZOOMY GLORY OF GENG!!!! ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) , 6 just sooo handsome! ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) ,
Men’s Uno Magazine → 7 ,
Men’s Uno 2013 Elite Award ceremony in Beijing → 8 , 9 , 10 aaah~ Genny~ wae so handsome?!  .

SuJu news!
➤ what a coincidence that it is July as well. *looks at SME* oh well… what a coincidence. shall we speak of “coincidence”? *cough* who knows~
Super Junior set their eyes on Japan for July with a full album + to hold ‘Super Show 5’ at the Tokyo Dome
HNGH! MY POOR MONEY *write another album on -to buy- list* and… AAAAH! JAPANESE ALBUM?! SME, you know that I’m used to Toho quality, you better don’t mess this up.ㄱ_ㄱ
➤ While we were talking about albums: Our baby Henry recently released his first mini album!
[Updated] Henry unleashes “Trap” MV (ft. Kyuhyun and Taemin) + mini album!
➤ well, AKP… don’t make it sound like this is something completely new. This headline is again so… *gestures weirdly* u know? Everyone knows that Siwon is the biggest cuddlebug around so I was not really surprised reading the transscript of Sukira after the show.
But still. This should be interesting ^^
Super Junior’s Siwon gets fan girls giddy by revealing he loves skinship

JYJ news!
➤ uwooh! Chunnie! °.°
[Trans] Idol-turned-actors acknowledged by directors to be the most successful: Park Yoochun
➤ I just hope he will not lose so much weight again >o<
[NEWS] 130529 JYJ’s Junsu and Ock Joo Hyun to star as the leads in musical ‘Elisabeth’ once again
JYJ’s Kim Junsu to have a July comeback with his second full album
JYJ’s official Weibo account has launched! Go follow it! 🙂
OMG! Genny on tweeter now… JYJ on WeiBo now… worlds keep mixing themselves up here! *haha* ^__^
Go here for the Grand Opening Video *click* ꒰ᴖ͙◡ुᴖ͙꒱
➤ oh, no surprise, no surprise 😉
[Trans] ‘The Prettiest male idol chosen by foreigners’ is Kim Jaejoong… “More beautiful than a woman”
➤ In russia?! JJ so popular_official~
JYJ’s Jaejoong and Lee Hyori are Mr. and Ms. KPop in Russia
➤ aww, Jaejoong and Yoohwan!
Park Yoohwan says “Jaejoong is generous”

➤ yes, because Junsu in Musicals is 대to the박~ proud of him!
JYJ’s Junsu voted as #1 ‘musical-dol’
➤ I alread wonder what it will look like when they are done building it. o.o
[News] 130614 JYJ’s Kim Junsu $15 Million Resort to Open This Fall
➤ HNGH! Our dear SSH? really? ❤
Song Seung Heon mentions Jaejoong in an interview
but waaeeeeee is that ajeossi of SSH so handsome? I really caaaant!
Hea Unni has great taste in bias picking! OTL I mean: look at Yunho Leader씨. she picks well! ( ◕ヮ◕)b
➤ *rolls over floor impatient* aaaah, I want to listen to the album aaaaah! and I need to save money aaaah! *keeps rolling*
JYJ’s Junsu to embark on Asia Tour next month

HoMin news!
➤ HNNNGH! Yunho wae?! wae so perfect??
TVXQ’s Yunho talks about his marriage plans: ‘When I’m ready’
quote: “I will get married when I’m confidently ready that I can take care of someone.” /CRIESSSS
OMG Yunho! the perfect you! T~T I cry!
[Vid] 130606 Tohoshinki – Wedding Dress (Memories ver.)
aww! so nice! aww! and wonderful pictures! aww! *rolls around in wedding feels now xD (on behalf of these other ppl of course)*
➤ As always, HoMin are on a DAEBAK ROLL in Japan!
TVXQ’s ‘Ocean’ sells over 88,000 copies in one day to shoot up to #2 on the Oricon Daily Chart
➤ LOL the crab says “I’m delicious yo~”?? xD hahaha! omg! how cute!
[Trans] Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin

Uhm… Leader씨, is this really what crab and soy sauce looks like? ^^°°° it’s just a question!
[TVXQHOME][FANCAM] 130617 Bigeast’s “In Our Time” Project @ TIME Tour Concert in Tokyo Dome

*___* I love you Bigeast sisters!!! OMG! this is so wonderful!
➤ Here are pictures where you can see what they’ve written in the project! They wrote “TIME”
TVXQ fulfill their dream with their 5-dome tour in front of a total of 700,000 fans
➤ ah what cutie plushies! ^^ but… o.o Changmin looks tired and ready to sleep. Yunho, please put Minnie to bed =)
[Trans] Bigeast Staff update

Shinhwa news!
➤ oh wow! that’s so great of Eric!
Shinhwa gives a hefty bonus to 60 staff members at Shinhwa Company

PSY news~
➤ I wonder what’s up with all these “the voice” shows lately… oO they are everywhere.
but oh well, psy there? that’s cool! ^^d
Psy brings “Gentleman” to ‘The Voice Italy’
➤ omg, things only psy can do! ^^ This is one of them.
Psy sets his 5th Guinness World Record
➤ okay… craaaazy! Things only PSY can do the second! 😉
Psy’s “Gentleman” MV hits over 400 million views on YouTube!
➤ PSY in russia… can’t believe it! He’s everywhere!
Psy lands in Russia for the ‘2013 Muz-TV Music Awards’

➤ and we are still waiting for them to return one day ^^
Happy 8th anni SS501! when you boys return, we will be there.
SS501 celebrate their 8th anniversary together!
I really like this group! although I’m not a TripleS, I like them!

Heeey! you know what time it is? Yeees, always Yunho time and… wait, oO this is actually almost true this time!
ㅎㅎ it’s time to see an old couple again because they are just cute ^^

“YunJae of the day”:
 photo yunjae5.gif
aww! all my YunJae feels are coming back  photo 2_whatthefuck.gif
(and btw: hello Junsu in the background ^^)

“SiHan of the day”:
 photo SiHan39.jpg
ㅎㅎ armrest~ is all I say 😉

☆✭☆[SPAZZ] with SuJu!☆✭☆
 photo KyuMin31.jpg
*haha* oh, SuJu couple switch? (wait, this makes the spazz section a couple feature ^^)

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