HanGeng in France, Junsu releaes “11 o’clock” + 2nd album tracklist & Siwon and his cars :3

안녕 다들! v^^.

Since the SM videos are not working in Germany and we haven’t had it so far we will start with Henry’s “Trap” MV & a live performance feat. Kyu this time!

the MV (romaization and subs)
I really like this song!

the live of MBC Music Core 130622:
Henry is amazing, isn’t he?! =D our little mochi babyyy~~~!


I’m dying in Siwon cuteness again lately! omg! How can he be so adorable!?!

sweetest little boy ever and his cars!
HNNNGH! Siwon wae are you so…. Siwon! *cries* so cute, so cute!
wae is he so adorbs?
I’m sorry, but I’m 200% done!!! *faints*

*several minutes later*
*cough* OH WELL!
here I am again!
sorry for the fangirl outburst but HNNNGH! how can a person be so adorbs!? How can someone like Shisus even exist!?
I really don’t get it. Always thought ppl like him only exist in my imagination. ;~~; our little church-boy!
sweetest little boy ever! #4everRepeatingMyself

[Latest Pics]
Madame Fiagro (behind the scenes) → 1 OMG! the second pic! xD oh my! ,
Trends Health magazine, skater Geng! =D → 2 he looks like a little boy ^^ ,
Genny in France for Dior~ → 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 ,
with Global blue woman~ → 15 .
[Twitter Updates]
Geng in france~
Dior fashion show
[WeiBo Update]
– Genny got some support from his friends for So young! (130601) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Hong Kong Premiere
– Charity: for the kids to study: (130617) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Charity ,
(130625) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Charity
– Geng and his friends: (130617) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Master Tian
– The dior fashion show: (130629) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Dior Homme Fashion Show (flowers) ,
Dior giveaway: (130629) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Dior Homme Fashion Show
– Looking good! : (130630) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Dior Homme Fashion Show
– Uncle HanGeng (●ˆ ω ˆ●) : (130701) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Gundam
[VID] [SUBS] Han Geng Global Blue interview in Paris
WOW! REAL(!!) HQ vid WITH SUBS! O: ….. *stares at it* is this even real life?! A HD Geng interview vid with subs!?! Wow! I mean… wow! so…. WOW! *spechless*
Emi is right: that is rare!
So everyone: ENJOY!
He’s such a cutie! I want to cry! ;~;

SuJu news!
➤ KYAAH! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) lookies at cutely shy siwonnie! awwww!
Super Junior’s Siwon appears topless on ‘Infinity Challenge’
*haha* and then some ppl said Siwon wasn’t afraid to show off. errr… yeah. when you look at this the truth is: Siwon and Donghae both went to get their shirts but only Donghae made it to put it on quickly because the ppl were already talking to Siwon and Kangin (who was dressed anyway). This means Siwon couldn’t run away for his shirt anymore without being rude *haha* fail, siwon, fail. Fishy was faster~~
But it’s really cute all in all because neither Donghae nor Siwon (as most ppl should know by now) have a reason to hide because of their bodies. but the kids are shy, so what to do? ╮(´▽`)╭
➤ Oh well, the troubles I had/have with this teaser…
Super Junior releases PV teaser for upcoming Japanese track “Hero”
as always here in germany, YouTube dosen’t let me watch it. then I watched a fancam where the teaser was shown at a concert recently but I didn’t understand a single tone of the vid because stupid kids were screaming… =__= hrrr!
So all I saw of this was a shaky fancam, no sound to hear and… Siwon in that suit with the horrible pattern! D: OMG, what did they do to you Siwon? *cries* don’t like that suit. ;~;
+ it’s very weird for me to hear SuJu sing in japanese. STILL! and… I don’t get wae they have to all of a sudden… oh yes ㄱ-ㄱ *looks at SM* the japanese market… the MONEY. ok, now I get it.
Hopefully SM gave them good songs to sing and not just sh*t with the main purpose to just be in japanese so they will have japanese songs *sigh* U know what I mean?
(yeah, this week is “let’s be critical regarding SM”-week again!)

JYJ News!
➤ ㅎㅎ Chunnie is always hot, everywher ;P
[NEWS] 130617 Park Yuchun also hot in Japan with Acting
➤ aww! he looks like a baby! *O* HOW?!
[Pic] Junsu – Marie Claire 2013 July Issue
more scans: a
[Scans] Junsu – Marie Claire Magazine July 2013 Issue/
if you would put him between the EXO boys they would look like totally equal age!
– Parts of Marie Claire Interview: Junsu talks about his new album and JYJ’s friendship through new pictorial for ‘Marie Claire’
everything very well said Junsu. Please do what you want to do =) We are backing you up!
➤ I know I kinda already said it but.. Junsu’s new haircut and style make him look very young! °.°d
[Pic] Junsu – Emmanuel Delcour Facebook update
➤ I always wonder for what there are awards in this world. Answer: for everything! never knew about that one but cool for JYJ ^^d
JYJ will receive a CF Male Model Award at MTN Ad Festival
➤ oh o.o wow, Jaejoong.
[Trans] 130621 Jaejoong Twitter Update
➤ aw how cute ^^
JYJ Kim Junsu’s mother sees his son’s fans as her daughters
➤ Special clip] XIA(준수) 11am(11시 그 적당함) (Teaser)
well that was not much but… will this be a desert MV like Big Bang’s “Love Song”? ^^
➤ It’s nice, isn’t it!? =D
Junsu releases album cover for “11 o’clock”
➤ oh and there we go with the full MV for “11 o’clock/11am”!
Xia Junsu- 11AM (11 O’ Clock) [English Subs+Hangul+Romanization]
OMG! MY FEELS! ㅠ^ㅠ my heart died! aaah, Junsu stop being so perfect! This song so emotional aaah! Let me die! *faints*
➤ ….. you know why I am always shocked with my kdreams happening and real life happenings? because they always fit together like it was all real or… at least part of a big, planned out movie or drama!!! *waves with arms*
“11 o’clock” just fits in right now just too well again!
Kim Junsu releases ’11 o’clock’…“The composed confessions of a man after a break-up”
➤ It is because Junsu is just awesome! The one and only best singer in this world!
[Trans] 130703 JYJ’s Junsu, His Ballad Tactics Have Worked… Unprecedented Results On Music Charts
➤ Second round of Elisabeth musical! (it was also second round of elisabeth ticket sale)
[Trans] 130703 Kim Junsu Ticket Power, Takes Him Only 5 Minutes To Sell Out All His Shows
➤ HNGH! tracklist here! =D omg! can’t wait to listen to it!
[Info] Tracklist for XIA Junsu’s second solo album “INCREDIBLE”
➤ oh… ok Junsu. whatever that means…
[Trans] Junsu Twitter update
➤ I bet it will be just “Icredible” as always! hey! It’s Junsu after all! ^____^
JYJ′s Kim Junsu shines with happiness about his upcoming album ′Incredible′
JYJ’s Kim Junsu to prevail in musical scenes for the second half of 2013

HoMin news!
➤ Still cannot believe they really did it ^^
TVXQ completes 5 Dome Japan Tour, ‘Finale to be held in August’
➤ 116,782 in two days?! °.°
TVXQ makes a splash in record sales with summer release, ‘Ocean’

➤ Cassiopeia and Bigeast will always be at your side my boys =)
[Trans] 130618 [TVXQ] At Osaka’s Kyocera Dome On June 8th~^^
➤ oh! interesting these women ^^
[Trans] 130630 Lady Kyunghyang July Issue – TVXQ Excerpts From ‘The Unknown Truths Of K-pop In Japan’
➤ the most epic 10th anni message xD
LOLOL how Yunho hit him “CALM DOWN” xD
yeeeeah…. Changmin, didn’t you say that BoA is a “short Noona” for you? xD ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The Dark Lord so evil!!!
Now teasing her about her height again and Yunho was like “^^°°° eeeeh, Changmin, what are you saying?” and tried to make it sound better by saying “she well ballanced”. omg, I love you boys! (and BoA!)

Ailee news!
➤ aw yes, and i know her even since pre-debut! (thanks to Oppa! =) )
Ailee celebrates 500 day anniversary since her debut!
Ailee becomes a dancing diva in MV teaser for “U&I”
I love her! ^^

➤ I knew it should be something around spring so it’s beginning of summer now! oh well! is it already 2 years again?! WOW! Rain will return!
Rain to be discharged from the military as scheduled on July 10

And last but not least: The small, little kdreams I had!

Dream 1:
Aah lately I keep having short dreams! This was one too.
So I heard that near my aunts place was this event about korean culture and K-Pop. I thought ‘how suitable! Its just in the time I visit her! Will go there!‘.
So when I was at her place I went to the next city by train. Arriving at the venue I saw a relatively big hall with a lot of chairs for the visitors/audience. Like with the chinese events I was at with Geng there were mostly ppl older than me. I found a place to sit down relatively far away from the stage == … hrrr… again?! Was already so far away when I was at the SuJu fanmeeting with sis!
I got a bit irritated when a person sat down besides me and started talking to me. It was one of the few ppl I went to High School with and I actually don’t hate (because she never did a thing to me). We said hi and had a short random talk and found out that we both have to go to the station later. When I said I’m not familiar with the surroundings here so I’m not sure if I will find my way back to the station, my former classmate said that she was here once before and is confident to find the way. So we agreen on going together when everything would be over.
Then the event started. Despite sitting so far away, I could still see the guy on stage, holding his speech about korean culture now so it was still okay.
That guy, a korean but talking in german, talked for a whole while till he finally got to the really interesting part: K-Pop. I got irritated when he announced “special guests” from the genre. Yeah, and now you guess who suddenly appeared on stage? SUJU!
Yes. SuJu. All members. Even with Henry and Zhoumi! I was like “O.O WHAAAAAT?????” and could only stare in disbelieve. When I had read about this event they were never mentioned once so I… could just only stare. My former classmate was glaring at me a bit confused because I just couldn’t hide my irritation.
So they were on stage and I looked over all the ppl, trying to find out if there were any fangirls beisdes me but all ppl seemed calm, not a single fangirl scream. I thought ‘okay, guess really no one knows who they are oO‘. Although the man on stage explained who they are and other stuff about them and their career no one seems to care much. Oh well, wae should Ajumma’s and Ajeossi’s care much?
But that wasn’t all! After the speech about SuJu was finished the man annoucned they would perform a song now. So music started to play and they performed. (cannot remember which song)
After the performance they answered some questions from the audiences about their idol live and the k-pop industry.
Till the event was finished they just kept being on stage, sitting there on chairs, all lined up.
At the end the guy closed his speech with the usual things like thanking the ppl for coming around today and bla. Then all ppl were leaving the hall. Being in one of the last rows, former classmate and me were also among the last ppl to leave this room. When we finally arrived at one of the two exits besides the stage I saw SuJu still being there, talking to the korean man (seemed like to be a professor or something o-o *blinks* dunno) and I just froze on the spot, realizing the current situation.
The last Ajeossi’s were passing me by, leaving the venue, and me just stood there, looking at SuJu. My former classmate had also already stopped walking because she noticed wasn’t following anymore. She was first looking at me, asking me what’s wrong and telling me to move. I looked at her, then back at SuJu. My mind was only thinking ‘Should I..? naah, but afterwards I will regret when I don’t go now. aah damn >< ‘, then I looked back at her and only said “…excuse me.” turned around and left in direction of the stage. I mean, c’mon! Only older ppl around, fangirl fail on top of all and the spokes person also will not give a damn! Especially after the fanmeeting… well, sis and I could just leave with the other fangirls. No other option available. So I really felt the urge to go over there. No one can tell when I will see them the next time anyway because of their shedule. But ‘them’ already seems to much said. ^^° eh he… even before I was only focused on the left side of the stage for… obvious reason *cough* Siwon’s place OTL >//<
So I went up there, quickly greeted the members and the ajeossi while walking by and stopped in front of the person before the second last chair. Henry and Hyukjae stood besides him. Of course it was Siwon and he looked at me surprised but smiling widely. Of course he couldn’t know that I was there ^^
Le me could barely hide my excited happiness, was like “Siwon!! (っˆ ω ˆ )っ” and just hugged him.

And that was the end of my short dream. Really too bad~ ^^

Dream 2:
Aaaaand another short dream! omg… I keep dreaming about SuJu here! what is this?! *irritated*
In that dream I was watching their performance but: from backstage! Could see the ELF in front of the stage, waving their lighsticks. Looked cool! And it was Super Show 5! =D hey! how cool is that?!
Watching things from backstage is always really cool because you can hide there well and still see everything (like at the chinese cultural event when Geng performed). Ok, most of the time I only saw the boys’ back’s but that was also okay. Show is show, even from the backside *haha* As if I would be picky about my place to watch it. As long as I can see them better as during the Fanmeeting -_-” hrr… Sis and I really had bad seats.
Anyways, this was my first Super Show! (another time I went to SuJu concert with Patti but that somehow wasn’t a Super Show). I was happy to finally see them in Super Show! I remember that they were performing “A-Cha” at that moment! \(◠▽◠ )/
After A-Cha I cannot remember what was next since my eyes and mind were already only following Siwon around, sort of ignoring the others  photo 3_wub.gif
You can say I was kinda spacing out on him ^///^ uhm… OOPS?!

Eh hehehhe  photo 5_animesweat.gif Sorry, cannot help myself from spacing out (on him *COUGH*). I have such moments easily anyway and.. it just happens. *shrugs*

And that was it for this dream as well. Very not satisfied with my dreams lately. They are just way too short. meh. sucks. :/

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