Ailee is back with 2nd album & “U&I” MV, Cjes and Loen Ent. drama *facepalm*, SuJu’s “Hero” MV short ver. & HanGeng reached 35 Million followers on WeiBo!

안녕! ^^/

My vacation is almost over! /cry cry

but for the last days of it I watch DVDs a loooot!
I got the missing seasons of “buffy – the vampire slayer” recently and can now continue watching! (stopped after season 3 before because I had no money to buy the other seasons) =D aaah, all the memories and all the LOLs xD This series will be 4ever epic!
Just love it!

tomo I will go see dad and we will eat ice cream. for tonight I will do another round of really long movie watching! YAYYY!!! Can’t wait!

hm… *looks around and sees no sis* Sis still isn’t back from Ireland.
I had fun with our evil, Unni-ya and JieJie-ya in the meantime.
For Soulmatesis I try to keep her updated with the most important infos via tweeter mentions. I hope she has time to look at it after returning from her vacation (after Ireland).
wait, this is like vacation from vacation? xD sis is double vacationing!
I also want this! should I call my boss and ask for another 2 weeks of vacation? ㅋㅋ
Oh I wish he would say -yes- to something like that. i got used well to my vacation live. sleeping till 10am, staying awake till 1am. Only little duties, no stress and lots of food. This is how life should be guys!
For the news today we have a lot of mixed stuff. Company war with Loen Ent. & Cjes (big cinema guys! get your popcorn ready! one statement after another came out that one day), Genny keeps hoarding followers on WeiBo ^^ and Ailee is back!
Aigoo aigoo… lot of different emotions this week when I was readint the news!

[Latest Pics]
(130709) Han Geng with director Wang Chao → 1 ,
(130709) “前任攻略”/”Former Raiders” (new movie) opening dinner → 2 ,
Playing billiard (for filming Chinese Golden Bell Awards promo vid) → 3 . …. wow, not too much this time ^^°
[Vid] Chinese Golden Bell Awards for Music promo vid
cool~ o.o *stares*
[HanGeng’s Weibo] 35 Million followers!
Look at that boy! Han Geng has reached 35 million (35,000,000) followers on Sina Weibo!.
Popular baby is popular ppl! and now let’s dance to celebrate!
~(˘▾˘~) ~(˘▾˘)~ (~˘▾˘)~ <- these are we GengFans party-ing xD (we look cool huh?! =D)
CONGRATS GENNY! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

SuJu news!
➤ oh now we’re at the point that Hyukkie says “they are not SuJu members” only that fans would not freak out?
…. great ppl. great.
Eunhyuk speaks up about Zhoumi and Henry during the Singapore ‘Super Show 5’ show
So far did that Only13-petition shit go. One sarcastic, epic slow clap for SuJu standom please! -_-”’ continue like that ppl and you will soon be on a higher stupidity level as JYJ standom. *faceplam*
➤ Aww, now this is sad *pats poor kyu*
Kyuhyun, ‘Super Junior Members Didn’t Like Me Because I Joined Late… But I Understand’ – From 130706
➤ heeeeey! “Hero” MV anyone?!
aish! sadly only the short version! … …which is almost as long as the full version anyway so… oO I always don’t get the sense in making a “short version” MV. short would be like… 1:30 mins. but this is almost full MV. hm. this keeps happening. but I don’t get wae.
*shrugs* However. MV is nice, song is nice. *nods, nods* I’m satisfied for now SME/AVEX!
Hopefully the album will be also good like this, then it is no desaster ^^° *cannot help still being critical regarding that because… is anxious regarding that*

JYJ news!
➤ Aish! Wae does he have to be so mysterious?? I’m really too curious! AAAAH! *rolls around in circles*
[Trans] 130708 What Is Kim Junsu’s ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’ About… Curiosity Increases For The Song
btw… have I mentioned that he looks awesome with this all new haircut? oh I guess only 99 times before this time so will make it the 100th time now! (*^3^)☆
➤ uwaaah! 최고! °.°d The power of Junsu (once again)
[Trans] 130708 Kim Junsu’s Asia Tour Seoul Concerts Sell Out 18,000 Seats In 15 Minutes
➤ Now finally there is something happening for JYJ (rather: Junsu)!
Melon! Loen Ent! YES! (งˆヮˆ)ง
[Trans] 130708 Kim Junsu Flies High With A Major Distribution Company… Launching His Album On Melon On The 15th
woooooah! Showcase_official huh?! wooooah! All my feels! uwoooh! …. eh hehe ^^° I know… I keep saying the same here xD maybe I should shut up ^^°°
but hey! This is not something that was normal for JYJ so far so: YAYYSS!!! GO MY BOYS! GO!
(((o(≧ヮ≦)o))) Junsu hwaiting! JYJ hwaiting!
but WAIT! before I ge too excited… the story was not finished yet….
LET THE CONFUSION START! (with the following articles):
– Just a day after posting my first news here, this (130709th today)….
C-Jes Entertainment says Loen broke promise about JYJ Kim Junsu album promotions
=__=””’ hrrrr…. Wae do I have a deja-vu now?! WAE?! this keeps happening!
– now what Cjes officially stated for the public:
[Trans] [C-JeS] ‘A letter of plea regarding Loen Entertainment’s unlawful tyranny’
– ooooh and Loen stated something too! … lookies, not it was all an “accident”?
[Trans] Loen states, “The statement that we have nullified Kim Junsu’s promotions is false, we’re still in discussions with C-JeS”
ㄱ.ㄱ *glares at them* I just hope you won’t mess with the marketing and broadcasting again so we all will have another heart attack!
GAAAAH! BOTH OF YOU ARE IMPOSSIBLE!!! *flips them both, Loen and Cjes*
(ノ °益° )ノ彡︵/(.□ . \) ︵(\ .□ . )\
*looks at them* yeees, I flip you BOTH because you are all confusing like hell! *flips them again*
…. *sigh*
so kids, *looks at Loen and Cjes* now that we all have calmed down, we all take our chill pills and 다시시작, OKAY? *sends them to work*
…is there somewhere a “reset” button for companies? I want to delete some “fails”.
like making cjes more chill/calm and less anxious, making others less confusing….
How on earth can two companies not be able to TALK PROPERLY so that there are no misunderstandings? and even IF you are “WTF?! Did I read this right?!” then please ASK first before you point at a finger on someone but… I also wonder… HOW can there be such a misunderstanding! the other maybe didn’t made themselves really clear huh?
– oh lookies, here it is:
[Trans] Kim Junsu’s reps refute Loen, “You say that we were still only in the discussion process?”
So it was/is like I said? *looks at Cjes and Loen who both want to speak up now*
Go to work and I go to work too (posting more news now) *kickes both companies out of the door* *shouts after them* and don’t dare to come back before not everything is settled to Junsu’s complete, perfect satisfaction! ARA?!
(because that is what it is about: Junsu, not company war or company play school things, noooo. It’s about Junsu’s satisfaction because he entrusted them with his 2nd album project)
➤ oh! are they cool or are they cool?! (⌐■_■)♢
➤ … and the weirdness knows no end these days!
[Trans] 130710 Stealing An ‘Intro’? Girl Group Tahiti Stirs Controversy By Using JYJ’s Song Without Permission
– additional article: [Trans] 130710 Tahiti Make An Official Apology For Using JYJ’s Song… “It Wasn’t Intentional But It Was Still Wrong”
➤ aaah ^^°°° I dunno this guy but… *shrugs* (I’m 4ever clueless. Didn’t even know P.Diddy had a son xD )
[NEWS] 130711 JYJ′s Kim Junsu to Collaborate with P. Diddy′s Son Quincy Brown
➤ and the kids are also back! *looks at Loen and Cjes* ah look look! you came back to your sense?
[Trans] C-JeS: “Our business dispute with Loen Entertainment has come to an amicable resolution”
➤ I hope there will be a trans of it again *____* the last trans was VERY extremely interesting to read and just aww, because Mr. Baek with JYJ *giggles* Cjes family is cute together.
JYJ to let fans get to know them better through the summer edition of ‘The JYJ’ magazine
➤ Countdown on FB? thinking about it… ONLY TWO MORE DAYS! HOLY FACK! O:
JYJ Facebook update: Junsu Album Release Countdown Q&A

HoMin news!
➤ aah, I saw some fancams! It was so cool! the banner project! HNGH! I wanna cry!
[Pic] 130705 TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” in LOS ANGELES
➤ Of course it was a daebak win!
[TRANS] 130707 TVXQ’s First US Concert Ends In Great Success ‘The Red Sea Flows Into LA’
➤ OMG! SCREAM audio! =D I love it! =DD (I’m also interested in the movie! looks awesome!)

➤ oooh >o< already heard about it! So that’s why!
[TRANS] 130708 TVXQ Cancel Their Peru Solo Concert Due To Technical Problems
My cassie heart bleeds for the peruvian Cassies >___< that’s really hard!
➤ Once again, great pictures from Catch Me in LA!
[Trans] 130708 Post Of TVXQ KakaoTalk Updates
➤ LOOOL how his eye are all like (≧▽≦) in the last cap!
[Trans] 130709 Max Changmin, “I Caught SM’s Attention Because I Looked So Good Playing Badminton”
wow… I really start to question SM’s trainee-picking-methods ^^°°°°
It’s like someone of SME goes around saying “ah, I want this one because he looks good eating noodles. This one looks good shopping, want him too and oh! This one looks good playing badminton. Let’s take him too!” xD
➤ HoMin making history once again!
[Trans] 130709 The TVXQ Effect? A Japanese Monthly Magazine Reprints An Issue For The First Time Ever In 30 Years
o: Leader씨! *stares*
[Pic] Yunho – High Cut Special Digital Edition
[Pic/Vid] Yunho – ‘HIGH CUT’ Special Digital Edition
➤ This is always so cute ^^
[Trans] Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin

Ailee news!
➤ That all suits the title of the album well! She looks like a beautiful, cute doll! *O*
Ailee gives a closer look inside her ‘doll house’ with additional teaser photos
➤ She is AWESOME!
Ailee makes an eye-catching return with “U&I” MV + ‘A’s Doll House’ mini album
She never disappoints! Her album is great! love it! =D
➤ Ailee returns on Music Bank with “No No No” & “U&I”
love it! =D it’s good that she’s back!

SS501 news!
➤ yes, we haven’t heard of him for a while.
Kim Hyun Joong is practicing hard for his comeback

last but not least and so that sis will see what she always wants to see when she returns: OUR COUPLES!

so hello again returned
“YunJae of the day”!
 photo yunjae6.gif
aww, aren’t they sweet? ^^ cuties!

“SiHan of the day”:
 photo SiHan40.jpg
SiHan 4ever whispering! It’s one of their super talents~ ╮(´▽`)╭

Macro time again! ^^ I love macros *haha*
☆✭☆[SPAZZ] with SuJu!☆✭☆
 photo Macro1.jpg
xD what’s up with SuJu when the are on stage… there is a lot happening!
LOL Shindong thinks of SHINee’s song? I die! hahaha, and KyuWon! ㅎㅎㅎ xD

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