JYJ vs SM: post-lawsuit is before lawsuit? , Hyun Joong releases “Your Story” MV & Geng releaes rock song “X-Man”!

안녕 친구들!

Who’da thunk! Our dear evil is really in Seoul now.
… I’m between envy and sadness. Well, the sadness prevails, I think.
She living far away at the other end of germany is one thing but her living at the other end of THE WORLD and not even in our time zone anymore is a whole different story. :/ meh.
I just hope at the end of her 10 weeks she comes home safe and sound. …. o.o let’s hope she WANTS to come home in the first place.
…since she always wanted to leave and who knows, maybe she gets to know a korean boy and dosen’t even want to leave again. Wouldn’t be the first time things like that happen. Ppl go abroad, technically only come back here to pack their belongings and leave forever!

 photo Cries__t_t.gif
*sobs* yes. things happen.
B-but… I don’t wanna lose my friends like that. T^T so this shall not happen! *runs away crying*

(uhm well, so much for the drama queen-opening OTL)

[Latest Pics]
Western!Geng is back! ^^ Yishion → 1 ,
LOL yo face! xD → 2 ,
“Former Raiders” ( Qian Ren Gong Lue) promo slowly starts now → 3.
[Transformers 4 – T4]
‘Transformers 4’ casting Chinese actors in top roles: Another sign of China reigning over Hollywood?
[Audio / Trans / DL] New Song – X-Man
Han Geng: X-MAN (New summer single for XTEP)

SuJu news!
➤ oh the album is actually good. some songs are really irritating in japanese (like Mr. Simple and Bonamana…
(゜_゜) oh god… so weird *walks in weird circles* HELP! I’m not used to this! …. I mean SuJu singing in japanese!)
Super Junior’s 1st Japanese album ‘Hero’ snags #1, Junho’s ‘Kimi no Koe’ places #3 on the Oricon Chart
➤ oh lookies! SuJu slowly taking over YouTube huh? ^^
Kyuhyun creates a YouTube account + uploads the Tokyo Dome Sapphire Blue Ocean as his first video
➤ yeseu, SuJu in Tokyo Dome agian ^^
Super Junior wows 110,000 fans at the Tokyo Dome
…but it’s still weird to me that they have japanese songs. It was always only natural to me that our 5 boys were singing in japanese and korea. SuJu were always in the korea only category for me (although there were japanese songs before the japanese album). Let me be irritted for a bit longer guys ^^° eh he…

JYJ news!
➤ aah they look amazing, don’t ya think?! =D
[Pic] 130724 JYJ – SBS PopAsia Facebook Update
➤ And it is ok that way! Only because they are bigger dosen’t give them the right to do what they want.
[TRANS] Fair Trade of Commission (FTC) today, “SM Entertainment, do not obstruct JYJ’s activities!”
➤ well, everyone is helping as good as they can
JYJ responds to Korea Fair Trade Commission’s order with a message of thanks
– additional articles: [Trans] 130724 The Power Of An Idol Group’s Fanclub That Got The Fair Trade Commission Moving
& [Trans] JYJ’s FTC verdict, 180,000 fans come together to solve the problem
➤ endless battle indeed -_-”
[Trans] JYJ’s official statement, “We are grateful for the FTC’s verdict, it gives us strength in this endless battle”
➤ oooh no, now they are at it again! JYJ vs. SM post-lawsuit! …. with.. new lawsuit? o__O WTF!
SM Entertainment claims they never blocked JYJ’s activities + will be taking legal action against the sanction
oh lookies who still has not wasted enough energy and money on trying to bully/destroy JYJ! It’s our dear SM!
I seriously can’t believe what I read on the news these days.
WTH!? Not they are all innocent again?? ㄱ____ㄱ
Seriously, who’s going to believe this?! We already had ppl of broadcasting stations/tv programs admitting in front of a camera(!!!!) that they were told not to let JYJ appear on their shows or a “certain company” will not send their artist on their shows anymore. Oh if that’s not influencing ppl then I don’t know what!
Although they never said the name “SM” (wouldn’t be exactly healthy for them, to say it tbh) it is still very obvious so what are they trying to hide? Yes, yes, SM is the innocent little sheep. yes. oooof course. ㄱ_ㄱ
This shows us once again how butthurt this company is! They just can’t let them be and cannot accept decisions which are not to their favour. I mean… OMG! what da fack is wrong with them?! They are really that hateful… omg… I can’t …. -_- so post-lawsuit is always before the next lawsuit or what?!
Butthurt . bishes . let . it . be . already !
(oh I WAITED to use this GIF and finally is the right moment! – sorry not sorry but sometimes I feel like that! ARGH!)
Shall I tell you wae they are so focused on getting JYJ down in korea: because they think they can and… basically they are not even that wrong because they have one hell of an influence in the industry and contacts everywhere.
Nonetheless, up to today bringing JYJ down is not going to happen and also not in the future. The only who who still hasn’t learned about this is: SM.
Shall I tell you another thing?
HanGeng dosen’t has this endless fight with SM because in China no one cares about what SM wants. Broadcasting stations would probably laugh at them when they would try to control them like they control things in korea.
So in case of Geng they tried to ruin his repitation insted because that was the only thing they could do after he was off to China and the lawsuit against them was filled. Sadly their work was done so well that not even ELF but also SuJu members happened to be victims of false interview translations. omg… who besides me remembers Teukies tweet some years back? That’s what I’m talking about. (and even now I still fear about how the memembers maybe got influenced on their opinion about Genny/him leaving because of all the bullsh*t that happened after he was gone :/ )
I mean: So it’s on again? Fine then SM. BRING IT ON!
 photo provoking.gif*provokes*
We survived round one and now you wanna go for round two? We will see! Old story getting older! So just bring it on and keep trying!
…tsk! wonder when they have enough of wasting money, time and energy on making things difficult for JYJ and pretending they are little tame sheeps while everyone sees that this goes nowhere (and now no talk about how Cjes could use a chill pill, this is another story).
SM only makes themselve look more and more like pathetic, little, butthurt bishes. Well sorry, language again. That’s my opinion.
(Hrrr…. these days I feel SO uneasy about the fact that this company is the company of some of the rest of my boys… like: still! I CAN’T! I mean it was their choice and they are not at fault for what SM’s higher-ups are doing but still… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ *flips SSH’s table*)
➤ OMG! Is this the trans of the original document?!
[Trans] [FTC] Interference Against The Activities Of Singing Group JYJ, Who Filed A Lawsuit Against Their Agency
OTL it’s true. the boys couls act because SM dosent control drama and musical area. *nods to self* yeah well, really to bad SME ;P
➤ *haha* Umma so excited ^^
Junsu’s mom tweets about JYJ’s victory
[Trans] XIA (Junsu)’s ‘Incredible’ tops the Tower Records’ overall charts: ‘The power of Kim Junsu’
130725 JYJ LINE – Thanks to fans (from JYJ White Day Fan Meeting in 2011)
I… I… ;~; … I CRY!!!!
… ….. (╥_╥) OH BOYS! … We know and… Junsu don’t cry! ;﹏; ♥ aaah it’s enough that I cried! … OMG THE FEEEEEEELS!(屮゚Д゚)屮
*rips Cassiopeian heart out like Emmy always does* … *dies*
➤ K-Pop’s JYJ with SBS PopAsia (Extended Version)
oh my god! THIS IS SOOO EPIC! xD

Host: “맛있었어?”
Junsu: “so-so” xD LOOOL I love you baby!
ㅎㅎ the best! hahaha! Junsu so funny and cute! omg!
and Jaejoong kept making fun of him again xD while chunnie dorked around. oh man, this was just one of these JYJ interviews again xD
➤ (◕︿◕) poor baby cannot perform enough *sigh*
[TRANS] 130725 Kim Junsu, “Restrictions On Broadcasted Activities, My Thirst For The Stage Is Colored WIth Desperation”
➤ Of course, it is a big hit! =D
[Trans] Kim Junsu’s ‘Incredible’ tops charts in the US and China.. An international ‘Junsu craze’
➤ yesss, he’s a very dark death this year~
[Trans] 130725 Kim Junsu In ‘Elisabeth’, “What’s Different This Time Around? Black Hair And A New Number”
➤ YAYY!!! they praised him lots! but Junsu really is amazing
(although he may could use some rest – he kept complaining about his double eyelids getting visible on tweeter before this concert)
[Trans] A Chinese PD praises Kim Junsu: “His high-quality dance skills and vocal talent are amazing”
➤ ooooh~ lookies how great he looks! + Junsu concerts are always awesome *___*
[Trans] 130729 JYJ’s Junsu Gives A Perfect 120 Minute Performance In China And Captivates his Fans In The Mainland

HoMin news!
➤ After Yunho’s we finally also have Changmin’s message!
[Trans] 130726 Changmin’s Message

SS501 news! (or more like: Hyun Joong news)
➤ The album is really good! ^^d
Kim Hyun Joong ranks high on iTunes charts across Asia with ‘Round 3’
➤ LOLOLOL HYUN JOONG! : “I am a ghost-like sunbae. Whenever my hoobaes greet me, I run away because I feel awkward.
OMG! xDD that’s the strangest yet cutest thing I’ve heard about as a reaction to greetings so far! xD
Kim Hyun Joong thinks Crayon Pop copied his choreography for ‘Lucky Guy’?
➤ Oh THIS is cool!
Kim Hyun Joong releases very revealing choreography practice clips for ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Your Story’
OMG! and they also ripped their shirts! ^^
➤ aaand “Your Story” MV was out!
me whatching the MV: “ooh! this woman amost wears nothing, huh? ^ .^ At least not too much.
… *some moments later* OMG! she’s stripping?! xD UWOOOOH!!! … and they even roll around! *giggles childish* hoho, hope your fangirls are all grown up enough for this Hyun Joong xD … uwoh, now he strips too?! is this going to be a p*rn mv? xD *haha* ok, but really, this is still all in an approriate frame. *keeps wondering if his fangirlies are okay after watching this* … I wonder, for this to be a sad love song the plot irritated me some how now… nice ocean side shots, nice song, nice mv ^^d , but a bit irritating.”
well maybe some fans were right when they said it could have been more about happy memories of the couple… this rolling around irritated me ^^°° eh he… oh well, I’m sure Hyun Joong had a plan when he thought about this Mv. And even if it only was the plan to kill his fangirlies *haha*. But of course, some kiddos were pissed because they are not mature enough to see stuff like that *pats the kids* babies still have to learn a lot. So they either learn to behave and get realistic in a grown up way or they better leave. This goes for ALL fandoms out there.
– additional article: Kim Hyun Joong repeatedly locks lips with gorgeous actress in ‘Your Story’ MV
– TRANS/Vid/Lyrics trans/”Your Story”: Kim Hyun Joong ft. Dok 2- Your story [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD *click*

Ailee news!
➤ He even requested to see her! he must have been impressed!
Ailee meets up with legend Quincy Jones

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