Junsu concert in Sydney confirmed! , hrrr… KBS…. =__=”” , Ailee makes japanese debut?! & a new k-dream!

안녕!! 안녕!! ☆ミ(o*^ω^)ノ

omg… my bandwidth is exceeded once again. ㄱ_ㄱ *glares at photobucked* you just had to do this, huh? Now, when I wanted to have the couple series here. hrrr! -_-”
Well, we have to wait for a while then. (but I already prepared everything for the next post when it will… hopefully be not-exceeded again)

In the meantime I started watching “Yahwang” (Yunho’s drama ^^) like… 드디어! Wanted to do this for a long time and yesterday I started! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

another task for this WE is to finally reply the rest of my emails *sigh*
wantedt to reply Unni-ya too (again) and already replied to JieJie’s random mail with long mail of nonsense xD ah haha.
hey you guys don’t blame me, I cannot control this xD hahaha!

Talking about it: also have the goal to continue email spamming emmy …
me, creeping up → (┏ ¬ ‿ ¬)┏____( ;・_・) ← emmy, thinking that she suddenly has a weird feeling.

[Latest Pics]
Han Geng and Wang Li Kun filming for 前任攻略 (Former Raiders) → 1 ,
“Youth: The Best of Times” documentary → 2 , 3 , 4 ,
filming for 前任攻略 (Former Raiders) → 5 , 6 , 7 haha xD a group of nonsense ppl! , 8 .
[1221 photobook]
Scans Download
*O* OMG! WHAT?! like… seriously?!… WHAT!?? TT~TT omg! *cries while clicks -DL-* I really can’t. Since I cannot buy it I’m really thankful for this!

SuJu News!
➤ and I already wondere WHERE he met Chris Evans! but oh well, of course, forgot the premiere OTL~
Henry snaps a photo with Chris Evans and Song Kang Ho at the ‘Snowpiercer’ red carpet event

JYJ news!
➤ aww! He’s a happy ball of sunshien!
JYJ′s Kim Junsu to Perform Live in Seoul with America′s Best Dance Team
you can see that they are having fun and they really all dance amazingly awesome! Junsu and Jeri’s team 짱!!!
➤ ah haha! xD OMG! Junsu will perform “Isn’t this song funny” at the concert just for fun xD ㅋㅋ and: Jaejoong, what are you doing??
[Trans] 130801 Post of JYJ Tweets
➤ WOW! he’s still very supportive of JYJ/Junsu!
[Trans] 130731 Jeri Slaughter “Put Everything On Hold And Came Running” For JYJ Kim Junsu’s Concert
I’m still so proud and happy that they work with so many amazing ppl even from USA. I really cant and… if it would be possible I would love to see Junsu’s Incredible concert with sis *sigh* too bad we cannot just speak korean like perfect, have money and fly to korea #Impossible(fangirl)Dream
oh! oooh! KBS is speaking gain gais! let’s read!
[Trans] 130801 KBS’ Ambiguous Statement, “JYJ’s Appearance? It’s Up To The Decision Of Each Individual Program”
ah. …. so you technically say: higher-up’s need to request it, we can do nothing.
AMBIGUOUS INDEED! I swell sonething fishy here! this sounds like all the crap they stated before!
… hrr… =__=”’ So in other words: JYJ is still banned. ㄱ-ㄱ how nice you are, KBS! So everything is the same as before. OTL wae am I not surprised. *kicks them*
 photo HighKicks.gif … ʕ¬㉨¬づ tsk. *leaves*
➤ oh! Sydney!?
JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) to hold a solo concert in Sydney, Australia
ok Junsu, now come here ^^
➤ *sigh* I know Junsu. I feel your pain like so much… (︶︹︺)
[TRANS] 130731 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Says, “It Was Unfortunate That We Weren’t Guaranteed A Fair Stage”

➤ Welcome to the Cjes family_official then, Ajeossi. I don’t know you but xD ah haha, welcome~
Seol Kyung-Ku goes to C-Jes: Will be in same company with JYJ and Lee Jung-Jae

HoMin news!
the cutest and funniest thing I’ve seen in a while! :3 aaww! you guys! love you!  photo 2_heart.png
➤ YESEU! *random englirsh* give them an award! ^ .^
TVXQ‬ wins gold prize for Barks News Award for being able to complete an impressive 5 Dome Tour + Live report

Ailee news!
➤ aaah… Ailee? ^^°° aigoo…
Ailee reveals how she hurt her ankle
➤ WTH… seriously?! O.O
Ailee to make her Japanese debut in September
I couldn’t really believe my eyes this morning after reading that! It’s been only a little bit more than 500 days since her debut in korea and now she already goes to japan?! *stares* She surely is very talented, no doubt about that, but that’s a bit early for my taste. It’s not common after all. but at least she speaks a bunch of japanese whe she practised it since before her debut in korea.

➤ they are kinda nice? ^^ what’s that supposed to mean, Psy?
Psy planning for a comeback this September

➤ haha xD fail!
NS Yoon-G learns a lesson on the highway?

Last but not least: the latest k-dream of mine! ^^


The dream started when I found myself in this bistro/restaurant from the last time again. Where the weirdo guy was when Sarah has brought Yuri along the first time I was there. We sat on the terrace in front of it.
So there was a bigger round table half-round bench on the one half of the table, on the other side there were like… 5 chairs. It was evening, relatively dark already and the lights of the bistro were on. There was Prince Manager to my right, two Coordi noona’s (they seemed to be around Prince Manager’s age) and a guy I didn’t know across the table. All of them korean. We were still waiting for the others to arrive, including Siwon, so everyone just talked. Noona’s and the guy talked together, I just sat there being a good kid with all these elders around. Although I had no idea who these ppl were I didn’t felt weird while waiting, because there was Prince Manager and I already knew him so I didn’t feel like a lost puppy.
And said Prince Manager then suddenly started talking to me. I cannot really remember what it was but it was something very random. So I talked with him while the others were busy with their talk, he seemed to be in good mood and was very friendly. He didn’t seemed stressed at all that evening and I thought to myself that he only appeared a bit standoffish and annoyed to me when I first met him because he was stressed. Cuz now I had the feeling he’s okay with me, even likes me and dosen’t find it annoying that I was there.
So we waited a while, I watched the ppl at the table and asked myself ‘how did I end up here again?‘ becaue these were all ppl from the business. I was not sure if this was supposed to be a business dinner meeting or if they met randomly to have dinner together.
Theeeen finally Siwon and two more guys arrived. The other guys sat down besides the Coordi Noona’s, Siwonnie sawt down to my left. So I was an happy idiot again (hehe because Siwon arrived  photo 2_blush.gif ) and we could finally order food. So after everyone exchanged some words for greeting and stuff Prince Manager was in charge of food ordering. Tonights concept seemed to be “let’s try a lot” so he ordered a lot of different things. A little later our whole table was technically covered with different kinds of food from the restaurant. eeeh… Prince Manager what did you do? ^^°°° but: UWAH! (。✪‿✪。) my foodmonster feels! *sparkling eyes*
When one after another started to pick some food Manager told me that he already ate here before. So I thought that he maybe he knows what he did xD
However, when ot was Siwon’s and my turn to pick our food (we were the last ones because the elders are first and we were the youngest at the table) we tried all the things from our side of the table. Everything that was in reach was no longer save! ㅎㅎ We kept talking about how it tastes like “oh this one is good” “that’s better!” “you already tried this?” “no, is it good?”. We were finally having dinner here when it was already… err… “delayed” the last time °//° *cough* yeah. u know.
I noticed that Prince Manager sometimes looked at us amused… what! again!? he keeps doing this… (|||-_-) *sigh* Wae u watch us??
So while we were having food analysis Siwon and I came to sit closer and closer together. I mean we weren’t even sitting far apart before, no, it was close but still quite normal. But by the time when we had found something we agreed on as the best food we sat like glued together. It wasn’t planned but it just happened like… magnetic attraction … it keeps happening. I almost want to say we were “heavily” leaning onto each other in the end like this~ ( ˆ ω ˆ)(◠▽◠ ) because… we really were ^//^°. We were quietly talking so the others won’t hear it. They were busy with having their own convo’s anyway, but well, we were having couple talk, laughing and giggling. It was totally “be right back, in our own world”, us ignoring the other ppl away for a while. We looked more like  photo 20_loveyouplz.gif in the end and Prince Manager laughed about us, then said something to the ajeossi besides him. No one seemed to be interested in us much but that manager to my right kept being amused about us… Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ …….
After everyone was done eating (and Siwon and I were done couple-ignoring xD ) Siwon excused himself for a bit and left. But he wasn’t even away for long then two random ajeossi’s came around and they turned out to be friends of Prince Manager, randomly being around. So he told then to sit with us and I wandered to the end of the half round bench so they could sit with him. Then some business talk followed at the table. Junghoon Manager-ssi talked about a tv show that would be aired next with his friends and the others. As far as I got it they talked about “Thank You” with Siwon and BoA which will be on tv soon.
Before I cold concentrate too much on the business ppl’s talk Siwon came back. So I got up to let him sit but then it appeared that the bench was actually not lone enough anymore after the two random ajeossi’s joined us. So what to do and what was Siwon’s idea? He told me to sit on his lap ^///^ aigoo… *embarrassed* like seriously… when Prince Manager is here again and these ajeossi’s? I wasn’t sure but that wasn’t actually my main problem with it since everyone wasn’t interested in our couple-ness anyway. Well, so first I almost moved, but then didn’t move because I reconsidered things mentally. Siwon laughed amused because I was irritated with this and he had noticed (again). He asked “Wae?” and I said “( 。◕.◕。) … are you sure I’m not too heavy?” (since we were supposed to sit here for another while and I had no idea when or IF the two ajeossi’s would leave I was kinda worried about him because a grown human is no feather OTL).
Siwon smiled, now even more amused (oh dear lord… -///- *is embarrassed*), and then replied “No, no. Not too heavy. (。◠‿‿◠。) “. So I was like “… .. ok.” and this was how I ended up sitting on his lap and being lightly, inconspicuously cuddled in a decent way in the end. photo 3_wub.gif (we’re able to handle these matters in a mature way, elders ignorning us or not, but… u know! *waves with arms* it’s inappropriate to be like the evil couple! *looks at wild Patti & Kyu*)
So there we were in the end, side-glancing at each other and smiling to ourselves about this… situation. Oh, and did I already mention that I was wearing a skirt that evening? No? Well, I was. It was one of these VERY RARE days I actually do this and thank god my skirt has appropriate length (knee-length, I never buy shorter ones) otherwise I would not have been very comfortable to take place err.. on Siwon.

Howsoever, my dream ended then.
I think if we were to sit there for longer I would have went to steal a chair from one of the other tables. But there were ppl on the other tables so it was a bit difficult. But oh well, I can’t exactly complain ^//^° You better take care Siwon, or I start to like this in the end (^_^°) *giggles*

All in all a very interesting dinner. I have no idea who all these random friends of Prince Manager were but there was no problem with them as in: we having to hide everything from them. It seemed like they already knew oO wonder if Junghoon씨 told them before and… since we were having dinner in my hometown where no one cares about idols anyway: perfect setting. (my hometown should get renamed to “ignore/no one knows k-idols”-paradise xD )

It’s still a mystery that no one besides unni-ya and sis has to say something about my dreams late but xD I cannot complain! I only say it’s strange!
I mean because of teasing… it’s kinda good that everyone seems to be busy! So I can’t say this is exactly bad.
(after that one SESSION of Patti and Vicky back then I am really still…. teasing-embarrassed >//< hnngh! they are too much!)

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