HanGeng’s “Youth: The Best of Times” documentary (subbed) , JYJ post-lawsuit: broadcasting stations playing clueless ㄱ-ㄱ & a new k-dream

안녕 친구들! v^^.

I’m doing/feeling well lately!
Especially since ajeossi is on “vacay”! =D
Yeah, what is -vacay- now, you may ask. I will put it that way: This is a beautiful reality without him or… a land he goes to to be far, faaar away from us.
So without weirdo gibberish it means: Ajeossi is on vacation ( ◕ヮ◕)b

but also apart form that I’m feeling great! I’m in mood to be silly! *looks around* gimme an opportinity to say something stupid/make a weird comment please! xD LOLOL
(oh the thing with -saying something stupid- maybe happens often ^^°°)

I may worry a little about JieJie and Unni… *looks at them* (*´・ω・) I would SO wish for a better life for them. They claim to be okay but I cannot really believe it… just hope they are.
I hope me being the random nonsense can bring some fun into their days!

These days, I feel really grateful to JuJu JieJie-ya and Hea Unni-ya. ^^
Feel that I can talk on a great base to them/with them, that they are the elders who watch over me =)
THANK YOU ELDERS! your little sheepy is very happy!
*bows in respect*

I just wanted to say: I’m happy that I met them! =)
Already said it on tweeter but: After all the super stupid ppl I’ve met and all the (not so nice) things I’ve heard in my past life I was told some of the most beautiful things by JieJie/Unni. I can only say: not even my ex ever said so nice things at his best times so: Take my heart JieJie/Unni!
me → ( ◕~◕)>❤__\(◠▽◠✿)/_\(◕‿◕✿)/ ← JieJie & Unni-ya

You both said I make your days brighter, I say you do that for me too ^___^
Lub you~ ❤。◕‿◕。❤

Thank you

[Latest Pics]
Limited edition Pepsi cans featuring Jolin Tsai, Han Geng and Show Luo → 1 ,
Yishion: Western style horse rider Geng OTL OTL → 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 ,
Geng in tanktop ¬▽¬ → 11 .
[“Youth: The Best of Times”]
OMG…. T~T I’ve been crying for half of this… *sobs* Genny…
 photo teary.gif
All his hardships, him being homeless and without direction in life and job… (╥_╥) he got beaten down by life so many times and always stood up again.
This documentary is a killing thing!
마음 아프다!!!!!! *sobs*

SuJu news!
➤ YAYYYY!!!! Can’t wait for Heenim to be back! =D
Super Junior’s Heechul to be discharged on August 30th
so it’s out already?! well… I doubt that I will ever buy it ^^° (no space and no money)
Super Junior to release their travel book ‘Super Junior’s Experience Korea NEWS+Seoul’

JYJ news!
➤ aww! our baby boy and LOL the butt pics! ㅋㅋㅋ also HNNNGH! so hot!
[Pic] XIA Junsu 2nd Asia Tour Concert ‘Incredible’ In Seoul
➤ GAAAH! and I haven’t seen it ONCE AGAIN! … hrr…. == I never see my boys on arirang when it would be cool.
XIA is the top K-Pop act selected by experts on ‘KPOPULOUS’!
➤ AISH! dammit! wae can’t we see him with US dance crew?! eh? щ(゚Д゚щ)
[Trans] 130804 Three Special Things About Kim Junsu’s ‘Asia Tour’ Performance
➤ LOLOLOL XDD ah haha, I can’t!
Junsu: “They called it a settlement but that’s because they were disappointed at the outcome.
So does this mean Genny also won and all the settlement talk was because SM is butthurt? xD oooh! I LIKE! *LOOLs at SM*
[Trans] 130805 Junsu Mentions The FTC’s Verdict, ‘There Are No Issues Surrounding Our Broadcasted Appearances Now’
OTL I knew it~ what did I say? butt to the hurt xD (sorry, but-t- it’s true!)
➤ this reminds me of Junsu speaking for the zoo documentary!
[Vid] Jaejoong’s narration for the MBC documentary “The Zoo Is Alive 2″ – Teaser
– they said the same about Junsu but… it’s also true for Jaejoong!
[Trans] 130806 Kim Jaejoong To Narrate A Documentary, “Perfect For The Job As He’s An Animal Lover”
➤ This is not really new but still cute :3
Kim Hyunjoong talks about Jaejoong in an interview
➤ aww! aren’t they all just amazing and cute together/with each other?
[Trans] 130806 Kim Junsu, An Honorable Man
[Trans] 130805 ‘Incredible!’ – Why Are Men Flocking To Kim Junsu’s Concert?
it is because Junsu is “incredible”! his skills are really amazing!
➤ this is almost more crazy than concert ticket war O.O …
[Trans] 130806 “We Want To See Kim Junsu’s Performances” – The Seoul Arts Center’s Homepage Crashes
This… == makes me wanna highkick then ALL so HARD!

[Trans] Broadcasting company reps who respond to JYJ’s appearance requests ask for anonymity…Why?
*reading article:  photo pc3.gif *
( ▔_▔”) If someone still wants to says SM had never ever something to do with this when not even my fellow GengFans believe this then I will “smack you in the teeth” guys! (like JieJie once said~)
Of coooourse they have NO CLUE about what’s going on and of course because everyone is innocent and they have to fear nothing they don’t want their name to appear anywhere (well, in the meantime we are at the point where fans are almost willing to kill so ^^°°).
and SM NEVER sent out these notes (how we know they did) because they are “innocent”… yyyeeesssss. sure.
And I hightly doubt that Cjes never asked any broadcasting station for screentime and I ALSO highly doubt even more that JYJ never expressed their wish to be on tv to them.
HOLY FACK! *flips table at them all*
me → (ノ °益° )ノ彡┻━┻ ε=ε=┏( ;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)┛ ε=ε=┏( ;´°Д°`)┛ ε=ε=┏(ㆀʘ▂ʘ)┛ ← KBS, SBS & MBC running
YOU GUYS REALLY THINK WE ARE TOTALLY STUPID, HUH?! Look like someone dosen’t know how save their necks anymore, now they play the clueless!
Already told ya that “playing the clueless” actually only works for ME.
how many facking times did JYJ say in interiews that they want to be on shows?! HOW MANY?! I cannot even count it anymore! Even in front of several cameras they said it so now no one can say they never expressed a wish to be on tv! While Cjes knocked on all doors JYJ were pleading for stagetime and now look at these broadcasting stations…
… … …. =___=”’ oh GET LOST! *smashes tennis ball like JieJie would*
 photo Mouse_ball.gif
➤ Handsome Chunnie (JYJ) in “It’s KOREAL” magazine!
[Pic] JYJ – It’s KOREAL 2013/9
➤ OH MY GOD! super nice pictures!
[Pic] JYJ THE MAGAZINE VOL 2 {84 pic}
➤ Lookies who took their chill pills this time! It’s Cjes!! ^^
[Trans] 130807 JYJ’s Agency States, “We’ve Submitted A Formal Objection Regarding The Hallyu Concert Controversy”
*epic slow clap of honesty* I’m proud of you guys! (for this time… 😉 ) they haven’t sued them – yet ^^°°°. (sorry to say so but… Cjes is kinda nervous kind of a company. although I can really understand it sometimes it’s also too much sometimes.)

HoMin news!
➤ Changmin >-< please take care!
[Trans] 130806 Max Changmin Gets Hurts Filming For ‘ONM’, Gets Right Back To Training After First Aid Treatment

SS501 news!
➤ I wonder if we will ever see them together again o.o but if so, we are here ^^
Kim Hyun Joong reveals he has 6 different scuba diving licenses + talks about SS501’s reunion
Although I’m not Triple S I would be VERY excited about their comeback.

➤ SM museum? and what’s the name of it then? “PSM”? ( ¬‿¬) #trollolol
SM Entertainment to build an ‘SMTOWN Museum’ in LA’s Koreatown

Let’s move on to my k-ream, shall we?! =)

(the whole story shall not be spoiled for you ^^ so you may skip this part and continue with looking at the couples below if you like~)

It was night. The time for me to go to work, to be exact. I left my house a bit earlier because I had to get my car first.
I walked the direction to Siwon’s house (which isn’t too far away) because my car was there ^^ (dunno wae it was there or wae I haven’t taken it home before). Almost reached my destination then I saw Siwon already walking down the street, into my direction. He knew that I had to get my car and he also knows when I have to go to work, but I really wondered why in da world he was up at this hour (half past 3 in the morning #justsaying).
So when we met I couldn’t help but to laugh. One, because I was happy (always ridiculously happy to see him lately ^//^) and two, because it was really unexpected that he was up at this our and even here to meet me. He grinned, knowing that I was surprised and wondering. We hugged and then walked together towards his house.
I asked him why he’s up at this hour and Siwon said he was out with EunHae and came back just now so he went to see me because the timing was perfect match. I told him that I would wish to sleep now because the heat these days makes me tired but have to work again today. Then we suddenly were like “*stop walking* wait, where are we?” and realized we already passed Siwon’s house. We walked 2 houses too far away, were too focused on talking! oops! ^^°°° eh heheh… how could that happen?
We laughed and quickly turned around to walk back. So when we were now finally in front of the open garage I saw my little car on the left side and besides it Siwon’s Audi, Gabriel. ^^ The garage was really big and so there was enough space for both cars (although I found it a bit funny to see my little blue Polo besides Gabby… ^^°).
But my car wasn’t the only thin I had to get from there. I quickly went inside the house and got my bag from the couch (aigoo, wae was it even there?). Back at the car I threw it on the passenger seat and returned to Siwon. Still had to tell him goodbye after all. So first we hugged and then stayed like that for a moment. Siwon wanted to know what I would be doing after work today, I answered that I had some business with a company I had to go to in the city but that’s it. He said I should call him once I’m done.
I nodded, we huggled a little, kissed for a second and I said goodbye. When I wanted to go back to my car I got back-glomped by Siwon, he said he reconsidered and won’t let me go to work. I was like “ah~ what is this~? *haha* I have to~ (⌒▽⌒)” and Siwon said “I don’t think so~ ㅋ”. Then I was squish-back-huggled and… tickled! WTH! xD ah haha! How can he and more important, how can he know that I’m ticklish, I never told him?! (for a reason …. for a reason like this xD – but I guess he probably just tried his luck because most women are ticklish).
Wanted to run away but couldn’t … because Siwon is obviously too strong without any doubt and… I wanted to roll on the floor laughing because of the tickling but also couldn’t because I was squished. (●ˆ ω ˆ●) aigoo, that babo! So this was some kind of (unfair!) huggle-fight  photo 41_excited.gif . Childish laughs and giggles of us were all over the place and I was like “*dying* stop it! *(((o(≧ヮ≦)o)))* the neighbours!” – don’t forget that it was the middle of the night, guys!
I dunno how, but I survived and could even convince Siwon to stop the nonsense and let me go before i would be late for work. Seriously, I would have approved of not going to work but duty is duty.
So I told him goodbye AGAIN and even told Gabby goodbye for some reason ^^ (cannot explain, I’m just silly like that~). Said “Also goodbye, my little.” (little? wondered abiut myself! He’s a killer and also not little xD) to the Audi and opened my driver’s door.
Siwon couldn’t stop himself from reminding me to call him after work, he said I shall not forget, and I said “Don’t worry, I will. ^__^” .

This was seriously one of the most silly episodes we EVER had but *giggles*… u know, VERY HAPPY!  photo 50_wolke_9.gif
+ I realized he still has this problem to let me got to work. We already had this waaaay back and again, it was time for him to sleep and I had to go to work. So it happened again ╮(´▽`)╭

and now, after a little break, the couple series again!

I say…. oops! bandwidth was exceeded once again on my photobucket! aigoo! (۳˚Д˚)۳ .. … .. *sigh*
(|||-_-) aish, damn this bandwidth! looks like couples are too popular~

But now! Let’s see what the couples are doing!
“SiHan of the day”:
 photo SiHan42_Series11.jpg  photo SiHan42_Series12.jpg
uuh~ SiHan, what are you doing? *giggles* How close do you have to sit to do sworn botherly things?
Wait, let me tie a not in this rope thingy/whatever it is ㅎㅎ let’s tie together SiHan lovelies! =D

“YunJae of the day”:
 photo YunJae8-1.png
ooh! BABIES!!!
From the LA photobook! I still have it around here (somewhere in my k-pop boxes ^^ I think it’s in box #2 or #3).

☆✭☆[SPAZZ] with DB5K!☆✭☆
 photo Spaz3.jpg
LOOOLOLOL! Changmin can’t be on a diet xD MinFood is not a couple that breaks up like that! 아ㅋㅋㅋ~

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