JYJ released “Only One” Mv! , Big Bang & Jaejoong solo comeback end of Oct/early Nov!! & latest k-dreams!

안녕 다들! v^^. ← yunhoticon (with mole) say’s hi to ya all!

First of all: thanks blog followers! Saw we have a few new. Hi guys ☆ミ(o*^ω^)ノ
Hope you will enjoy it here.

So what else was up recently?
I guess “the weird club” of the GengFan group of ours has much more in common as we thought at first. ^___^
although it has some sad content its overall awesome. I mean… it’s also crazy.
If we would have only met in life all together then our lifes would have been better before. I know it!
Most of all I want to express how proud I am of our EmiCub! Our little one is very mature and smart =) Questions things although everyone else dosen’t. That’s a great attitude! More young ppl should be like this!
@EmiBB: You’re great! ヽ(^。^)ノ♡ Stay the way you are! Sheep JieJie is proud of you!

And: SuJu… SuJu on holiday in Germany and Austria. O: *stares*
And then it finally happned!

PARTS OF SUJU ONLY ONE HOUR AWAY FROM ME! HNNNGH! (ノ゚Д゚)ノ彡┻━┻ *flips table* need to flip a table because never though they would ever be that near and… this is really the closest I will ever “see” them: On a photo above my cousin’s home town (/hometown castle).
ok, wow… this is actually sad but still the best I will ever get so LET ME EMBRACE THIS “ACHIEVMENT”!

It’s nice that they were there ^^ this is like the day before JYJ in Berlin: being one hour away in the next city ^__^ give me memories.

[Latest Pics]
hi cutie! → 1 .
[Weibo/Twitter update]
Geng in UK, one fine morning ^^
(130922) Han Geng’s Twitter and Weibo Update
[Preview/VID] Han Geng Music Billboard exclusive film/documentary preview

uuuh~ really little GengNews these days o.o oh well, he’s busy filming T4 so we don’t have too much news.

SuJu news!
➤ HNGH! yessss! they were vacationing here during Chuseok!
Super Junior take snapshots in Germany and the supermarket
➤ happy holidays for the boys!
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun pose identically on the streets of Rothenburg, Germany

JYJ news!
➤ Finally! the only one Mv was out! (and that on my b-day! =D thank you boys!)
➤ popular Junsu is popular~
Over 150,000 fans attempt to get tickets to Junsu’s Japanese concert
But it’s true… Junsu concert war is the worst… -_-
➤ Junsu and Junho spent chuseok together!
JYJ’s Junsu spends Chuseok overseas with his twin brother
– additional article: A detailed explanation of ‘Chuseok’
(for those who have no clue what Chuseok is about ^^)
JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) confirmed to make a guest appearance on Australian show ‘PopAsia’
*cries tears of happiness* so he will perform on tv for…. how many yeard was it now? I forgot T~T omg.. omg… …. I can’t.
(so sad that he has to go to AUSTRALIA to perform on a TV show but… hey, tv is tv. We stopped being picky a long time ago! Just so happy for Junsu!)
➤ …. WHAAAAT?! o: this is cool but… whaaaat?! *stares* how…? wae…? OMG! I mean… uwah! *o*
JYJ’s Jaejoong to release a full solo album in October!
…and there we thought the next comeback would be a JYJ comeback. well, the boys must have their reasons and I’m not picky. I take what I can get.
But the thought about IF a JYJ comeback will still happen before the army is there. I mean… we’re slowly running out of time guys! #justsaying
And… and … and!
WHAT DO YOU MEAN IN AND OUT OF KOREA? just like… only japan, china and thailand? Asia tour? Or like, sriously…, worldtour? >< hnnngh, just asking because I miss my boys! would even be satisfied with only seeing one of them. /cry cry #An_ifansPain *rolls away*
➤ Ah really?! He’s often out with his sisters? that’s great! so the family can meet up sometimes =)
C-JeS Entertainment says the mysterious woman with Jaejoong at the club is his sister
…BUT still: I wonder what some ppl bother about. I mean that they wonder who the woman is when they don’t know is normal but… making a thing out of it big enough for Cjes to make a statement about it?
errr… oO *looks at ppl irritated* could you please remember that Jaejoong’s matters are none of your business? so stop going wild over such things. no matter wo the woman is. tsk. seriously kids!
 photo growup.gif and mind your own business.

HoMin news!
➤ Tell us about gemstones HoMin! ^^
[Trans] Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin
If I would have to pick ruby or diamond I would choose ruby. ^^ #justsaying
➤ For me it’s still awesome that Changmin was in a JAPANESE movie OTL (as a korean *OTLs more*)
Max Changmin’s Japanese film “Fly with the Gold” is set to be shown in Korea from October 10th
➤ It’s called the “Yunho Line”?!? ☆.。.:*・ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) *・°☆.。 HNNNNNGH! AWESOME!
[trans] Kyuhyun and Key talked about the “Jung Yunho Golden Line” on Radio Star
The golden SM Line called Yunho Line~ #CassieProudnessExplosionThroughTheRoof
(and Siwon is in it too ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) proud of him as well! … eh, yeah Minho… *loooks at him* no special feelings for you sorry xD )

Big Bang News!
heeeey! everyoe rejoice! Big Bang comeback! =DD
Big Bang to come back with new single!

Ailee news!
➤ new single! yay!
Ailee takes you ‘Higher’ with collaboration featuring pianist Yiruma
ooooooooooooohhhhh~~~~ her voice! =D I love her!

➤ eh? really? Never knew there wasnt any iArtist there before!
SMTown to become the first international singers to hold a concert at the Beijing Olympic Stadium

Last but not least: the k-dreams!

Dream one:
Okies, it was a bit early for this since my b-day is in september but I won’t complain ^^
The start of the dream was weird so I really don’t remember much. It was too messed up.
The first thing I can clearly remember was this bigger concert hall we went to when it was my b-day. Once again one that was more like a theater with a very wide stage. It was more like only 3 stairs up and there was the area that was the stage. My whole family was with me. Even my cousins and my aunts and uncles. I didn’t know why they had dragged me there.
The venue was filled with ppl around with my age and according to the whole scene and the fact that I saw BIGEAST members here I slowly got that my family has dragged me to THE k-pop concert I heard about: TVXQ, JYJ, SuJu and SNSD in one concert! Craaaay! (this was already the second time SME was doing a concert with JYJ together… I still wonder how Cjes made them agree to this! O.O )
I remembered to have read about it and the tickets were freakin’ expensive (hrrr… thanks SM… == ) and I counldn’t afford it. So they all came together to make it a big b-day present for me.
As the concert started all the groups came on stage. starting from the left side to the right there was SNSD, then JYJ, SuJu and then HoMin. My sister and me were first row and sat directly in front of the stage (╯°□°)╯︵ʎʇıuɐs *randomly flips sanity* THE FREAKING BEST SEATS EVER! It was more the left to middle side. So we sat in front of JYJ/SuJu. The rest of my family sat in the 2 rows behind me.
For the beginning of the concert Leader씨 delivered an opening speech and announced that the first song would be a Tohoshinki song. While he spoke I could only stare at him… he looked damn freakin’ good! ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) Omg! And his hair! *___* I really couldn’t. HNGH! Yunho how can you look so perfect?? My sister side-glared me once weirdly xD not knowing why I was staring like weird xD hahaha! Sorry, le me has le major hair weakness! ^^° (not to start with general Yunho feels!)
But the best was when they were singing the song! HoMin started, then JYJ joined and in the end SNDS and SuJu too! It was a very popular Tohishinki song of the old days they were singing… but I forgot which one it was! I almost cried when they were singing it together. I looked at HoMin, looked at JYJ how they were singing and smiling, looking over to TVXQ. I sang along. Haven’t heard them sing together in ages! ;﹏; ❤ MY POOR FEELS! I was an emotional mess at this moment and as happy as they were!
After that SuJu performed a song together with SNSD but I couldn’t tell what song it was. When they were done Jaejoong spoke up. Thanked everyone for coming around for this special concert. Bigeast was screaming “Jaejoo~ng!” behind me xD hahaha! As usual  photo 38_laugh.gif (love them… they are so cute ^^)
Then suddenly I listened up when he said that it’s a special day for someone here today while he was looking at me. I thought … damn.. he won’t now…!? o: , staring blankly. Then I looked at my aunt only to see her smiling. WTH! You did it again?! So she told them we would come today… I see! She keeps plotting things behind my back together with my JYJ boys! I see what you are doing Auntie! (((o(゚Д゚)o)))
Then Jaejoong said, already laughing, that it’s Sangmi’s b-day today and if I would come up on the stage.
I stood up totally awkwardly embarrassed and walked towards him. He walked towards me with the members for the last meters, I laughed, one hand covering my embarrassed face, and the boys smiled widely. I was moved and got hugged by Jaejoong when we met at the last stair on the edge of the stage, then Yoochun and Junsu joined the hugging. In the end even Sunny came over to deliver her b-day wishes for me. Eh what?! Sunny, you remember that we once met and talked a bit in… 2011 at this “Cassie/Bigest meet SNSD” thing of SME? I really wondered!
All in all it was a really special present of my dear JYJ friends (and family). Making an onstage b-day greeting for me! I couldn’t even. Aww! love you boys!
 photo Panda_lovely_wink_zps58d7ca0d.gif

Dream two:
We were in a really big hall, filled with ppl. I sat besides Leader씨 directly below the rather high stage. First row. We both were formally dressed. It was an Award event after all! (how I got there? what do I know? ^^° I was just there. Ppl must assume that I’m a person from the business in the meantime. First JYJ make openly b-day wishes for me on stage and now I’m seated besides Yunho at an Award show… *haha*)
We were at the Seoul Drama Awards! We both knew that Jaejoong won the Award for “The Hallyu Drama Soundtrack” for the song he did for ‘Dr. Jin’. So we were waiting to see Jaejoong receiving his award. (I dunno why Yunho was there tho… *shrugs*).
Right now a host was holding a speech for the next award that would be given. Yunho and me were decently talking, means: Leaning a bit over towrds each other when we said something, not talking too loud, eyes on stage to not be rude or look like that we wouldn’t pay attention.
We somehow came to talk about Siwon and Yunho suddenly started on something strange. Yunho: “Siwon acted a bit strange when I met him the last time.”, me: “Eh? Wae? (。◕.◕。) *clueless*”, Yunho: “He seemed to be nervous. He said he really needs to tell you something and it’s important.”.
In the meantime Jaejoong was announced, ppl clapped for him as he came on stage. We stopped talking and also clapped for him. We watched how he received his awards and making his acceptance speech. At the end, as he thanked ppl again I leanded over to Yunho again, to pick up our talk from before.
Me: “So what about Siwon now?”, Yunho: “I think he even wanted to record a message for you as well.”, me: “Eh?  photo 43_huh.png *clueless* Why should he record a message? He could tell or text me.”, Yunho: “I’m basically not supposed to tell you anything. I already said too much.”, me: “….. o.O .. ok. *keeps wondering*”.
So I stopped asking and that was really the last thing Yunho said about this. … .. …. WHAT IS THIS?! Making mysterious hints or something and don’t telling me what’s going on in the end?? Ways to be mysterious, Leader씨! And WHAT IS THIS AGAIN, CHOI SIWON?! So we’re back with important things you want to tell me?? Aaaaah! Drives me crazy! I wanna know! (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻ *flips table once again* Wae u no tell me already?!

… what is that boy planning again… ʕ¬㉨¬づ *glares a little* I wanna know! It dosen’t sound like it’s something bad so: What is he up to? and… will I ever get to know it?
Because knowing my k-dreams it will 4ever just be mysterious hints and I will never know what it was T^T (sadly my dreams suck when it’s about continuning with such details, but I still hope I will get to know it sometime soon.

About Sangmi

I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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