Incredible concert in Australia! , Youth Documentary part two & AllKPop spreading lies about Geng == (rant!)

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Sadly no new k-dreams lately but my writing work is going well!

Normal work is going… chaotic >.> I really hope I can still collect enough to buy a new mac nonetheless. OTL need a bigger HD! D: SERIOUSLY!!!! It’s a problem!!!

uhm… and I really need to prepare some small packages for the post office. like vicky’s and Unni’s…
I should go get my matereal here *sigh* If only I wouldn’t be so lazy. I think I have to go to the basement to get my bubble wrap envelope > .>
I forever forget to pack things I want to give to the post office. could have packed it aaaaages ago but always forgot about it!

other news: I already bought some of the first christmas presents xD *haha* yes, early this year!
but had to. I feared it would not be available anymore next month so I quickly got mom’s present ^^
next month I will get the others because some take some time to arrive.
I would not like it when they are too late for christmas. Want to give them in time!

[Latest Pics]
new project: GengPhone! → 1 ,
HanGeng for Yishion → 2 ,
Seek McCartney filming → 3 ,
[October 2013] Men’s Uno magazine → 4 .
[WEIBO update]
(130926) Han Geng Weibo Update about the new project
[Documentary/Subs] Youth : The Best Of Times
This is something like Youth Documentary Part 2, where we hear a bit more about what happened after he left.

[Article/AKP] AllKPop spreading nonsense
Thing to go on our nerves recently (and it isn’t the first time, tbh): AllKPop realesing
THIS ARTICLE: “Hangeng reveals his reasons for leaving Super Junior”
Yeeeeah! Reasons he revealed indeed! But NOT how you took them out of context! =___=
#justsaying: He NEVER talked bad about the members like this. And he SURELY NEVER said these things about the SJ-M time/members with these words! Not during the Youth Documentary (above), where this was taken from, and NOT any time before!
I may quote a friend now from tumblr:

That Allkpop article was so bad how the hell do they even do it

What Han Geng said: “The only tiring thing was that they couldn’t speak Chinese. I had to translate. I was the leader, to cope with things well was necessary, I had to think about everything. I let them say what they wanted to say, but I hoped it wasn’t wrong.

What Allkpop thinks he said: ”I was tired of the fact that the Korean members I were doing activities with were unable to speak Chinese. My head hurt because of them.

Seriously? AKP?? You guys?? …
Fishy_You Got Problems .
Definitely! Yeah. Tell ’em Donghae!
Not the first time it happened with korean Media but this… woah! really! this time is was especially worse again! Such things sicken me like nothing else!
HOW DA HELL CAN YOU PPL STILL HAVE A GOOD SLEEP AT NIGHT?! This is totally out of context and makes him sound like the worst person EVER! Like… really!  Look at this sh*t! Once again we see that the issue with Geng and the (korean) media is not over yet.
It just pisses me off everytime anew that ppl STILL want make it sound like he did everything just because he hated the members or because he was greedy.
He left SME such along time ago, can you finally cut it please?? SERIOUSLY!
(btw: It’s not that it would change anything on how successful he is so what is this? AKP wants to make it sound more “scandalous” so more ppl will read it? they want to bring the haters up to the place again? what do I know. I only know this makes no sense. AND on top of all: AKP, as the korean media spreading this sh*t this time, isn’t even located in south korea… so wae do they do this? Either all the korean media is totally stupid or they only wanted to make it as scandalous as possible. BUT only for heaving a scandalous article ppl want to read quickly dragging one’s reputation through the mud isn’t… exactly classy, to put is carefully… ㄱ_ㄱ tsk.)
Only this: It’s disgusting. (|||-_-) really can’t say anything else.

SuJu news!
➤ Siwonnie is also just a fan of his hyungs and dongsaengs~ ╮(´▽`)╭
Siwon claims that he’s also an ELF after Super Junior Japanese fan meeting

JYJ news!
➤ oh… another musical?!
JYJ’s Junsu to star in his next musical ‘December’
I mean I’m happy for him taking part in musicals and that it is going so well but… with all the solo activities of the boys: the JYJ album we once talked about… will it come out after their army time or what? o.o
Not that I would be picky but… I just thought there would be an album and a tour before they enter the army. *shrugs* I can be wrong~ ╮(´▽`)╭
➤ He just looked phantastic! *O*
[Pic] 130928 XIA ‘Incredible’ Concert In Australia
➤ They probably felt just like we back then in Berlin ^^ I’m happy for you aussie ppl!
[Trans] 130929 Taking A Look At Kim Junsu’s First Australian Concert That Wowed 2,500 Fans
➤ …well. Maybe it will be the 4th time withing 4 years but… what is this article about to tell us? that this would be a “oh hi my friend, how are you doing” meeting? >__> I doubt that.
[Trans] Will JYJ and Lee Soo Man meet each other for the first time in 4 years?
So… still no army till maybe… mid next year? o.o okay. this explains a lot.
[Trans] 130928 JYJ To Focus On Their Solo Activities This Year… Group Activities Will Recommence In 2014
article quote about Jaejoong’s full length album in progress: “He is currently in the finishing stage of his work.”
no, the work is almost done fisnishing HIM OTL. someone ever noticed how he looks like a PANDA these days?? BLACK EYES, PPL! BLACK EYES. aigoo, aigoo…
➤ OMG! WAE ARE YOU SO CUTE?! ajisdfewojaiosuew!!!!! CUTIES!!!!!
our boys are the cutest! always! ^____^ *haha*
lovable babos!
➤ aww look at the baby’s happy smile! ^____^ aww~~
[Trans] Kim Junsu wins the Popularity Award at the Korean Musical Awards for the fourth consecutive year

➤ [RUMOR] If THAT would be true I am done! *haha* JUST IMAGINE!
Heads of YG and C-JeS Entertainment meet up raising curiosity about a possible partnership
but, as the article already said: business ppl can also meet up for dinner without talking business stuff. That dosen’t need to mean anything.
But only imagining this is worth a thought *haha* this would be one hell of a powerful combo!

HoMin news!
➤ ooooooh~~ want it!
[Pic] Lightstick for TVXQ Official Fanclub Cassiopeia 3rd Fanmeeting
➤ aaaah, the messages! pure fluff :3 (especially Yunho again ^^)
[Trans] 131005 Messages From TVXQ: Cassiopeia Special Day With TVXQ

time for the couples and the spazzzzz! ;P

“YunJae of the day”:
 photo YunJae17_CuteYunJae.gif
awwwww! CUTIES!!!! (≧▽≦)/~┴┴♥ *flips table excited*

“SiHan of the day”:
 photo SiHan44.gif
I don’t need to mention that this happebed ridiculously oftern with SiHan, do I? Them touching each other for no reason fixing their clothes :3

☆✭☆[SPAZZ] with TVXQ → PAY JUNSU!☆✭☆
LOl do you remember this?
 photo Spazz2.gif
When Junsu said he will treat them all and pay and in the end he went like “I didn’t bring my wallet” and the boys were like: oh sorry, we will sell you to this restaurant then. you have to work for it to pay. xD
OTL GAIIISSSS!!!! Junsu never pays, NEVER! ^^° you should know.

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