Junsu sings “Asuwa Kuru Kara” in Yokohama, Jaejoong released teaser pics & first song of solo album

안녕 친구들! v^^.
friendly_good day

This is all the Jaejoong fans and Cassies these days:

*haha* yeah, everyone is excited! Seriously, I’m not too much into this kind of rock genre but Jaejoongs mini album was good! I liked it! (to say I’m completely not into rock would be a lie but my linking there goes more towards… new metal ^^ )

… and what is this!?

(ノ゚Д゚)ノ彡┻━┻ *flips table*
saw this yesterday night and was like…. “OH DAMMIT! we will see some awesome pics again, huh?! hnnnngh, like… unshaved???”
 photo 43_omfg.gif nuuu! *cries* you can’t! O:
No Siwon, no! Go away with these porn stubble of yours! ;~~;
… but on the other hand: yes yes!!! ٩(⊙ヮ⊙)۶ … but seriously!

uuh~ I can’t! I should just…
 photo Mouse_Wasteme.jpg *throws self into toilet because is completely weird now*

damn you Choi Siwon, seriously. >///>

[Latest Pics]
Men’s Uno Magazine → 1 ,
Movie filming of “Seek McCartney” → 2 , 3 ,
what the GengPhone will look like → 4 ,
131016 Seek McCartney filming in Sichuan (Geng in Tibetan clothing OTL!!!) → 5 oohh~ o.o uwaaah! niceu! but what’s with the hat and… the thing you hold?! ,
Geng for Yishion 6 , ^ .^ 7 , 8 the beige one is really nice on him! (.. and it reminds me of the winter riding jacket I had OTL) , 9 ,
ELLE magazine (November 2013 issue) → 10 ,
The cast of “前任攻略” (Qian Ren Gong Lue – Former Raider) movie → 11 .
[Trans/Vid] Who Am I
Documentary : Who Am I
Great. Thanks to the title I only hear Siwon’s cover of “Who Am I” playing in my head when I see this and read this!
[庚Phone/GengPhone] Interview (2 minutes)
KYAAH!!! (((o(⌒▽⌒)o)))  photo 20_love.png
He’s so cute here! lookies at this baby! aww! *pinches*

*cough* well… about the phone: I still don’t get why he’s making a phone ^^° Maybe this was a very random idea like “wouldn’t it be cool to have a phone? … yeah, let’s make one!” ㅎㅎ oh Genny, just admit that it was a totally random thing to do ;P
On the other hand: He’s forever expanding into new fields. And he likes doing things no one has done before (as a singer/actor) so there we go with HanGeng making his own phone. Since he can he should bring out one. He wants Gengfans to run around with GengPhones? ㅋㅋㅋ I’m sure they will!
I would be interested in what this phone is like too. I mean, gimme one so I can look at it. Just have a look.
I already have a phone and… from what it looks like right now it has to survive at least two more years. ^^° cannot buy a new one now. OTL even IF this phone would be sold outside of china. hm… I’m really curious IF they will do oversea sales or… woldwide release. but I guess not.
SuJu news!
➤ Ah! so that is where they were! only had a really quick look at that while flying over my timeline ^^°
Ryeowook and Kyuhyun take a picture at Mercedes-Benz factory in Germany

JYJ news!
➤ JAEJOONG POWER!!!! as always~
JYJ’s Jaejoong’s Seoul concert sells out all 14,000 tickets in 15 minutes + teaser image for new album
I’m already so curious about the album! =) can’t wait!
➤ I see you guys are working hard! HWAITING! ლ( >◡< )
JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) unveils BTS photos from the dance practice for his Japanese tour
➤ KYAAAH!!!! Did I already mention that…. I cannot wait?! =D
The first teaser for Kim Jaejoong’s full-length album revealed: “A sexy rock star”
➤ ooh you can bet that we are all already curious!
Jaejoong shares a video from the studio + Who’s working on his upcoming album?
➤ I dunno this guy (xD like so many!) but I’m happy for everything that helps Jaejoong and when he’s a senior…. ^^
[Trans] 131010 Yoon Do Hyun Participates In Kim Jaejoong’s New Album, “Received A Song From A Much Respected Senior”
➤ Junsu on SBS PopAsia Australia! =D
haha, xD the secrets! AND THE CAKE! xD … crocodile pizza *haha*
➤ that’s a nice pic!
[Pic] JYJ on the cover of China’s 韓流颶風 [Korean Hurricane] (Oct. Issue) Magazine
➤ Junsu in Japan!
XIA Junsu to begin his Yokohama concerts tomorrow…Tickets sold for all 33,000 seats
➤ Many ppl asked themselves if the new tattoos are fake or not ^^
Jaejoong bares his tattoos and more for album teaser photos
I would say they are only painted on and were just part of the concept. BUT if they don’t vanish later we will know that they are real ^^°
➤ goooo Jaejoong!
Jaejoong releases ‘Sunny Day’ ahead of full comeback
+ LYRICS TRANS *click* of “Sunny Day”!
➤ yes… it really looked like ppl got more and more crazy each day ^^
[NEWS] 131015 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Sweeps Fans by Storm on Japanese Tour
;~~~; OMG… had a sudden feels attack watching this!
but… the random fanboy scream was epic! xD LOOOL “JUN-CHAN!” LOOOL
aaaah, that was a real eargasm and… Junsu singing THSK song ;~~; my poor feels! *rips heart out like Emmy always does and… just dies a Cassie’s feels-death*
➤ YAYYY! tracklist is out! =D
[Info] Tracklist of Jaejoong’s album ‘WWW’
➤ It’s been a while since the last magazine shooting, or is it just me?
[Pic] 131020 Kim Jaejoong – Esquire Magazine ( 2013 November)
➤ yeah, it’s really true. most “singer turned actor” go for romantic comedies or dramas which make then look as cool as possible… (but on the other hand: mostly -*COUGH* like in SM’s chase *COUGH*- the company they are with is the reason for this so…)
[Trans] 131015 The Reason Why We’re Excited For Park Yoochun And Lee Joon’s Movies?
➤ “continues to expand” … /le cry ;~;
[Trans] 131015 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Dominates Japan, ‘Incredible’ Long Lines On A Weekday To Buy His MD Goods
ㅋㅋㅋ in yo face SME, seriously. xD

HoMin news!
It’s a story of hard work and deserved success!
[Trans] The outlook for the popularity of Hallyu stars in Japan: Idol groups are popular, girl groups are faltering

Let’s have a visit where our couples are! ^^

“YunJae of the day”:
 photo YunJae18_Hug.gif
*sigh* yes… this performance and this hug… OTL #ItsACassiopeiaThing (◕︿◕)
< /3 *← heart is broken*

“SiHan of the day”:
 photo SiHan45.gif
hoho! Genny, where are you tring to go? You will go nowhere because the horsie needs to cuddle and needs his armrest ^__^

☆✭☆[SPAZZ] with TVXQ → Judging~ ☆✭☆
 photo YooSu65-1.gif
Chunnie.. please! *haha*  photo 43_rolleyes.png #4everTrollingJunsu

Okay, that’s it for this time.

I didn’t really have new kdreams or… let’s say I dunno if I should try to remember the little bit that there was but… I can tell you I had a “10 yuan” dream last night like… omg… it was worse than ever! I watched TV in my dream like thinking no evil and then BAM! there was this show where they showed something about SS5 and…. well… there was 10 yuan show like… 10 times worse as Tokyo dance and I was like choking on the drink I had at the moment and thought “damn… wtf… DAMN! … DAMN HIM!! (≥///≤) “.
Turned off the tv totally irritated and thought “what was that just now?”. yeah. guess SS5 became what we thought it would in future xD (SuperPornShow … but WHAT DA HELL!) 
yeah well, besides that nothing was really happening in k-dreams world.

So see ya! ^^/

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