Super Junior 8th Anniversary, Pledis Ent. and YueHua Ent. now cooperating ;) & k-dreams update ^ .^


So these days we had 8th Anni of SuJu! It’s already 8 years? Or only? ^^ *haha*
It’s as hard for me to believe like HoMin having TVXQ 10th Anni this december because I’m only here (in k-pop) since 2010.
But I think we can be proud of them all. Most groups don’t even make it that long.
And it’s also still Genny’s 8th anni, let’s not forget this ppl.

And now I think about the 10th anni coming soon and how I will cry again because of the cassie feels just like last year and then we are all like being emotional idiots and whole TL will be flooded by our tears ^^°°°
aaah, emoshinki days we have and all the proudness and gratitude we feel….


It’s already starting. I get lost in….


and it’s not even one day before 10th anni yet (^‿^ㆀ) eh heheheh… *embarrassed laugh*

howsoever, SuJu 8th anni is great but my big feels lie in Cassiopeia fandom/GengFandom.
nonetheless, SuJu feels are there as well and was happy to look at all these wonderful and loving tumblr posts for the 8th anni! really beautiful =)

[Latest Pics]
Geng for Yishion (Store opening with Jolin Tsai) → 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,
(131103) Yishion fanmeeting and concert event in Xi’an → 5 , 6 ,
Yishion 2013 Winter Casual Series → 7 ,
(131108) China Mobile fanmeeting in Nanchang → 8 , 9 .
[WeiBo updates] Charity & 8th anni of debut
(131104) Han Geng Weibo Update
KYAAAH!!! GENG AND THE DUCKIES!!!!! (((o(≧∇≦)o))) SO CUTE! SO CUTE! *saves picture*
(131106) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – 8th anniversary of debut
[NEWS] K-Pop meets C-Pop : Pledis and YueHua cooprating!
Pledis Entertainment to Cooperate with YUEHUA Entertainment
We were like:
OTL Geng’s company! =D
OTL Geng is one of the shareholders! =D
OTL this means #BossGeng in a way =D
OTL ooh the possibilities! =DD
But Geng will be like:

LOL xD aah not so shy Genny!
But… #justsaying! Think about what this means! (⌐■‿■)♢ uuuuh~ he’s so BOSS lately that I cannot even! *haha*

JYJ news!
➤ Actor Chunnie returns!
JYJ’s Yoochun to play a bodyguard in upcoming SBS drama ‘Three Days’
➤ oh, the praises!
Mr Tachibana (event producer, lyricist and translator working in musicals and KPOP) tweets about Jaejoong and JYJ
and I thought to myself: JJ’s album sounds so JROCK! see? I’m not the only one!
➤ that’s awesome!
Jaejoong’s album ‘WWW’ tops Hanteo’s Weekly Chart and ranks 2nd on Monthly Chart
The power if Jaejoong and… Junsu’s album directly besides it!
Kim Jaejoong’s first album hits it big in Japan, tops Tower Records’ Daily Charts
I can only join the praises: this album is fabulous!
➤ He just loves musical work so much ^____^
Kim Junsu says, “I didn’t want to miss the chance to sing Kim Kwang Seok’s unreleased songs”
➤ ah yes. Jaejoong also has 10th anni thoughts already. yeah, it’s near. *nods*
Kim Jaejoong: “10th debut anniversary is not a ‘reset’ but a ‘return’”
➤ oh yeah, guess what: I missed it again *facepalm*
[Vid] Arirang Pops in Seoul – Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Just Another Girl’
➤ Ah really? I guess this depends on the person who looked at them. I mean… you cannot generally say this or that person has the most charming eyes because everyone thinks a bit different.
JYJ’s Yoochun and Park Shin Hye voted as the stars with the most charming eyes
But interesting what we have votings for xD *haha*
the most carming EYE is owened by Emi btw #justsaying (her tweeter ava)

HoMin news!
➤ aah Changmin, be careful
Changmin injures his leg playing basketball
➤ It bothers me a bit that is is EXACTLY in ‘OUR’ WEEK!
Sworn Sister is right: waaeee??? out of all the weeks available in the year, wae this. meh. :/ 10th anni should have been a separated, special celebration not an “onstage while SM Town week”-thing.
Yeah, I don’t like to share this xD
SMTOWN artists to hold week-long concert and festival ‘SMTOWN Week’
➤ And I still haven’t ordered my copy … but:
[Info] Tohoshinki’s LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~ DVD has been verified “GOLD” 10/2013 by the Recording Industry Association of Japan

now finally!
After I wrote down the kdreams last WE I will now finally post them here too (not only on kdreams site).
And WOAH! lookies at that! I have almost forgotten how many little kdreams I had before! omg we have a total number of… *counts* 5!!!!
*stares* ◑▂◑ …. GAISSSS!!!! this never happened before! hahaha! ^__^
oh well, it is maybe also because I haven’t always have the time to write them down right away and post blog entries soon because it’s slowly becoming christmas and this means: a lot to do at work. that again means: Me is often very tired AND THAT AGAIN means: I often don’t bother with writing things down before the weekends, just making notes and write later. so everything gets kinda delayed.

but nonetheless! here we are and let’s start, shall we? ^^ *copy/paste from kdreams site*


Dream 1:
There was this k-pop fanmeeting sis and I went to. It was a DongBangSuJu one ^^ Of course, we had to go there. Something like that doesn’t happen every day!
We were sitting in a big hall, relatively in the middle. Good seats, we saw everything. The Fanmeeting was already almost over, HoMin were having the last speech to the audience before they would do the closing performance. SuJu stood at the side, a bit left from the stage (they had performed before), and were waving at fans who were looking over to them. Sis and me were sitting near the side of this left side and so it happened that Siwon directly spotted us and then went on “randomly” noticing other fans.
When the performance and therefore the meeting was over and HoMin had already left the stage SuJu passed us by when they left as well, telling the fans goodbye. At this moment Siwon and me directly looked at each other again for a moment while they walked past us. He slowly blinked at me with a smile I knew too well and I knew what this was supposed to mean.
I kept looking at SuJu until sis wanted my attention, then I turned around to her. She told me her boyfriend would come to pick her up so I had to leave the scene alone. This came a little random but okeh, what to do? I went home alone by bus then.
Of course this damn bus really annoyed me like… wae was it moving so slowly? I wanted to be at home already!
Then there was even a little bit of traffic and I got more annoyed xD *haha*
Later than I had expected before I arrived home. I went into the kitchen right away, not even bothering to take my shoes off and of course Siwon was already there.
He was helping my mom and I smiled widely, only by seeing this scene. So glad that they get along well =) But of course, I was also overly happy to see Siwonnie~  photo 20_love.png like… REALLY see him. Not like at the fanmeetingings or concerts before.
Mom and Siwon both looked at me now. He put away what he was holding before, said “So you’re finally here.” and opened his arms for me to hug him. Basically no need for this ‘invitation’ but I happily accepted it!
So I quickly came over to him, glomped him and said “It’s been too long! ( ˆ ω ˆ )❤ “. While huggling I thought for a moment about what Yunho said the last time but the next second I thought ‘Ah screw this. I couldn’t care less now.‘ .
(on top of all I cannot let Siwon know Yunho said something about it when he wasn’t supposed to do so in the first place. #1 rule in fandom: Never put your Leader씨 in a troublesome spot OTL)
But my dream ended anyway then so there was no chance to say/think anything more.

Aah yes, it really has been some time. I never complain about his schedule or so but that dosen’t mean that I’m not waiting for him to return (。◠‿‿◠。)
Because I do. Every day.  photo ohlove.gif*blinks*
(shisus christ… do I sound like a fool in love now!? What a scandal! Time to roll away! ^///^°° *rolls away embarrassed now*)


Dream 2:
Okay so… I’m not 100% sure where this dream took place. I just know there was this beach house I went to because I was supposed to stay there. I think it was somewhere in Thailand from what I could say. How it happened that I was staying there while I could have been also at home I dunno.
Siwon was working in Thailand these days and it happened that he somehow made me go with him. More like: Following him a day later.
When the taxi (from the airport I guess, because I had my luggage with me) dropped me at the house I checkd out the surrounding area a little by looking around. It was a quiet little place here. But before I would go checking out more there I decided to put my bag inside first.
Door was not locked so I went inside. Arriving in the living room there was already a person present. A woman, to be exact. She must have arrived just some minutes earlier because she took her jacket off right at this moment. I already wondered if I was in the wrong house when she turned around and I was speechless for a moment. ….. Because it was Jiwon, Siwon’s younger sister. I knew her from pictures.
Now THAT was really a surprise! Never met her before. So when I snapped back to reality out of my surprise she was right in front of me, saying that I must be ‘Sangmi noona’ her brother always talks about and went on with introducing herself. So I did as well and couldn’t help myself from expressing my surprise to her because I really didn’t know that she would be here. She then explained that Siwon wanted us to meet. Oh.. that was another surprise because he didn’t tell me. So THAT was wae I was here?
However, we came to talk a little and she seemed to be nice. In the end we ended up turning on the tv because Jiwon said there would be a live show with Siwon on it. Since we were already here we could watch this. When we found the right channel it seemd that the show had already started a while ago but it was just some moments till Siwon appeared. On the show the host and Siwon were somewhere to meet a handful of iFans (4 girls) at a hotel. When asked where they were from it came to light that one was from germany. I acknowledge that moderately surprised but it indeed didn’t happen too often that they meet german fans.
BUT the biggest surprise was still about to come: Siwon said “Oh! Germany!” and said he can say something in german. This was already the point where I went like ‘oO You can what?!’ and then he said that one sentence he learned, only slightly accented (cannot remember what he said but he spoke well) and I stared at the tv like ‘-jaw dropped- WTH Choi Siwon!? Since when… omg!‘.
Jiwon looked at me amused and laughed. She said this was the main reason wae we were supposed to watch this. It was a surprise for me and he wanted me to hear it so we had to watch this. This was her secret mission.
Oh yeah, I could clearly see this! Ts~… this explained pretty much this stupid grin of his and random look into the camera. Yeeeeah Siwon, it was not because of the fangirlies being excited about your abilities.
So while I just couldn’t even (once again) Jiwon kept being amused.

Then my dream ended and… woah. Siwon randomly learned some german, I now met Jiwon… while being in Thailand… OTL I never saw that coming! Not one of these things. WTH!
…. o-o *stares blankly* I just hope that IF I am supposed to meet his parents one day he at least “warns” me beforehand.
I can only say: Not only my randomness is pretty random… > .> *eyes Siwon*


Dream 3:
I was a bit frustrated. While I was at work it randomly started snowing. When I first see snow I always think ‘oh nuu. it will be so cold again now :/ meh.‘.
BUT when I got home after work, guess who was back! SI~WONNIE!  photo 50_wolke_9.gif
sjkdsjfhklj! (●ˆ ω ˆ●) I couldn’t even! This time it was a really nice surprise because I didn’t think he would be back already.

So now the first snow suddenly appeared in another light! Siwon wanted to go on a -first snow-walk- so I went to get my winter jacket because it really was too cold for the normals jacket I left with in the morning.
I got my jacket quickly and then went back to the waiting Siwon. Of course we happily cuddle up and went our way cuddle-walking. Just as always when we’re walking somewhere, sometimes even cuddling more, giggling to ourselves and enjoying our cuddle ways ^//^ eh hehe *a little embarrassed*
After a while we stopped somewhere, huggling of course  photo 2_blush.gif , discussing if we should go back now or not. I thought it was feeling a bit cold so Siwon said we will go back home then and yeah, cuddle of course *giggles* (because cuddlebugs are cuddly)

Then my dream ended. It was another short dream but nice! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)
It’s almost too silly how happy I am when I only see him for 10 minutes. I’m pretty much satisfied with everything since he’s such a busy person.


Dream 4:
After work I got a random call from Siwon that he’s near the station and if I could drop by. Of course, since I had time now I did so.
Left my car nearby and could quickly find him. I asked him why he was still here, thought he would already be working again today. He told me that he had to leave a bit later as expected and was now waiting for the mananger hyung to pick him up. It was their meeting point here. When I asked him when he would return he couldn’t exactly tell. Oh well, as always huh? I’m already used to this.
But he said he called me to see me before he would leave and so he just tried to call me since it was the time I could be home from work. Aww, how cute of him! ( ˆ ω ˆ )❤
So we stayed there together – hugging of course. We were talking about what to do when he comes back and other random stuff while busy ppl were passing by, going to the station nearby. Although I knew he would probably leave for a good while (mostly it was for longer rather than a short time) I wasn’t sad. I knew he would come back so we just enjoyed the time while waiting for the manager.
I think it was like 10 minutes then Prince Manager arrived and picked Siwon up. I told them both goodby and they left.
I thought about what to do now? Since I was already in the city I decided to go shopping! =)
and shopping without Siwon means: He cannot even think about paying for anything!
( ◕ヮ◕)b

The rest of my dream was then about me shopping *haha* not interesting or relevant for the kdream.


Dream 5:
It was finally WE and I was at Siwon’s house (the one near ours ^^). It was friday and we were both tired from working hard this week so no watching tv, it was too exhausting. We went upstairs (to bed) early, got ready and cuddled ourselves up on the bed. ( ˆ ω ˆ )
Siwon was comfortably just lying on his back, eyes closed and leaning in his pillow while I halfway rolled myself into the blanket, only half, because it’s not winter yet so being in it half is totally enough. Siwon of course didn’t bother with the blanket but c’mon, I’m a woman, I need my blanket ^_^ (and my living blanket as well, haha! *looks at Siwon*).
I remember I was wearing my red Toyota t-shirt xD hahaha! #fail (total betrayal since our cars are the ‘Audi family’). Anyways, when I was done rolling myself in I curled up in his arm to his left side. ♡ʚ⃛꒰ᴖ͙◡ुᴖ͙꒱ɞ⃛♡ felt like some tiny little thing but well protected~❤

We stayed like this, not sleep right away, just lying there doing nothing besides resting and cuddling. Monitored Siwon for some time but he was not moving at all. So I was just cuddling him like the puppy he is to me. Playing around with his hair, squishing him carefully. While doing so I noticed that he was indeed of a rather big framed, just like Donghae had said once, this suddenly came back to my mind and this was what made me feel somehow tiny~ (。◠‿‿◠。) After I had minded my cuddle business for a while like that Siwon rolled himself on his left side, towards me, hugging me to get closer. Then not moving at all again.
It seemed that I was the one more active of us two I suddenly thought of something. After another cuddle round I saw my chance for random nonsense. The chance of a counterattack was very low so I wanted to test something: To have a better chance the next time when I get into a random huggle fight with Siwon again I had to make sure about his weak points. From what I remembered there was probably one in the area of his lower back and… I was right.
At first he pretended it dosen’t affect him/he dosen’t care, but then he started grinning more and more and then suddenly laughed and quickly rolled over on his back again. *haha* but it was cute!  photo 41_excited.gif I was very amused. Yeah, you try to pretend, Siwon LOL xD But I observed you well ㅎㅎ I knew this was going to work!
Oh what to say? Poor unlucky Siwon, unable to counterattack because he didn’t felt like doing anything anymore, was not save from my tickle-tests yet. Because that wasn’t my only idea where to attack best. Although he was wearing a t-shirt (and shorts, btw #justsaying) it was really not too difficult to get on his skin ( •ॢ◡ -ॢ) *mufufufu~ -imitating Emi’s laugh-* especially since he was alredy so nice to roll over. So I found out that the middle of his chest is also good xD *haha* but I’m completely innocent of course~  photo Engel2.gif
He chuckled and said “Ah, noona~”, halfway rolled over to the right side, but it didn’t even took him 5 seconds to roll back to his old position. *haha* Siwon, is there a chance that you actually LIKE to ‘suffer’? But awww, I almost pitied him now. Poor, weak Siwonnie ㅋ Since I had my informations I went back to carefully taking care of the tired soldier. Couldn’t be a meanie any longer (because it was clearly unfair ^^). This was the longest time we were able to spend together in a whole while after all and… most likely for a whole while as well. (He is too busy lately OTL)
In the end even I got to tired for anything and after he was pulling me closer once again I fell asleep leaning on his shoulder, hugging his waist.

hehehe (๑^///^๑) *a bit embarrassed* yeah… our life pretty much consists of work, cuddling and… teasing.
We’re the cuddle-couple! ( ˆ ω ˆ )❤( ˆ ω ˆ )

ooooh! blog entry is now very long ^^°°° like… VERY VERY long. So we will leave it at that for this time.
I will relay through my WE now.

(and have some cute Fluffle Puff below ^^ because this is pretty much what I will look like for the rest of the WE xD )


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