Christmas stress ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) , Cjes again ^^° eh he… & the 10th Anni is near!

안녕 다들!

@~~@ work work… everywhere work… *work zombie is*
All I do is work and sleep lately. can only do my blogging work at the WE.
but what is even more frustrating is that I couldn’t even watch one movie this WE because I was too tired.
(╥_╥) /CRYING
well… at least I had one fun dream friday night.
but nonetheless, I was tossing and turning the whole WE’s nights. Cannot remember when I lastly had such a messed up sleep. Not to mention that I automatically set my alarm on friday so I was woken up by it saturday morning at 3am… couldn’t even remember that I set it in the first place and then almost went to the bathroom to go to work (again!! already happened before) but then realized “oh no, wait, this time it is really weekend. not like thrusday when I only wished for it to be WE.” and fainted back to sleep.
I was just feeling like:
the whole time! >< Please let me die ㅠ~ㅠ
Don’t want to complain but it really annoys da hell outa me that work REALLY doesn’t stop affecting me the whole week! Not even on the WE’s!
I am totally not relaxed and not rested OTL OTL Although I slept like 12 hours  both nights this WE I don’t feel like it was enough. always get tired again very early >_<
Just… when will it be christmas?? I want this sh*t to be over NOW!
This week I already reached the state between “omg, I kill you all! GAAAH! One word and I will eat you! *supper stressed/annoyed*” and “no, I’m just too sleepy *passes out*”. Only things stopping me from being mean to ppl was my education and self-control. like… seriously. -_-”” hrrr….
This is madness. Can we end it already?
At least I had my money from my boss this WE so I directly went on a giant tour of “frustration shopping” and totally bought 2/3 of the stuff I was looking at lately (ˇò_ó)ᕤ and bought a good bunch of stuff for mom too!
…and with this month’ money (when I get it after christmas) I will continue shopping shoes… awesome shoes… have not enough shoes… OTL no really, I don’t have much. I’m not like other women. the shoes I have are either falling into pieces already or are crappy -one day I will buy better ones- shoes >-> not really exciting. So now that I don’t have to pay for any stuff for our house at the moment I will invest my money in good shoes. waited two years to do so #justsaying

mice update:
Yelina’s babies are now one week old and still alive! =D I keep hearing baby-squeaks coming from the nest. That’s good.
Really tried hard not to disturb them more than necessary. really only opened the terra’s front door once a day to give them food – especially for Yelina herself… the mealworms are important for her now that she has babies.
Already talking about them, I can’t wait to see them! =D but I have to at least wait another week. Then I can also finally tell what color they have and how many they are.
My guess is 4, who offeres more, or anything different? *looks around* ^^ *haha* I mean, according to how fat Tifa was with 9 babies back then and how round Yelina was copared to that my guess is 4 babies. And that would totally be enough, btw.
…. still can’t believe she made us such a christmas present. *shakes head* Yelina and her christmas babies. aigoo! (。◠‿‿◠。)

[Latest Pics]
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Han Geng’s adopted/sponsored children | Gengfans delivered new clothes, shoes and school supplies to the children at Zanhuang county → 7 , 8 , 9 ,
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(131202) Lynx Space Academy (NASA Kennedy Space Center) → 12 , 13 , 14 , 14 ,
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Seeking McCartney filming → 16 .
[WeiBo updates]
(131126) about the sponsored children
(131201) In miami for space training
(131202) Mtv Exit: end human trafficking
(131203) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Lynx Space Academy
(131203) Barbie Hsu O.O she looks totally beautiful!
(131204) training at the Space Center
(131205) sleepless in Miami~ xD … but seriously Geng, SLEEP! >o<
(131206) response to Lynx’ WeiBo posts – space project

SuJu news!
➤ Teukie’s Anni letter to ELF

“To ‘E.L.F’ whom I miss and worry about the most because I love them,

Every difficult day, I read the letters one by one that all of you sent me; they move me and make me teary, giving me enough strength to endure the day without giving up. I sincerely thank you all!

It seems like it has been a really long time since I greeted you guys a year ago!

I marked the calendar with an ‘X’ for the remaining eight months I have of army life so I am looking forward to the fun time I get to meet you guys again with a bright smile.

The eighth year anniversary snuck up on me but how happy and good the day was. I felt very down thinking about how I was unable to spend that day with the people I love.

The members who ran forward through that time and even run diligently now—while running with those members, I want to tell the fans who gave us infinite love, ‘I always give you my thanks and love.’

Now the upcoming 2014 and July 29!

I fall asleep thinking of that date and imagining it every night. And prepare for the best party for our ninth anniversary next year!!

Thanks again for supporting me so I will not give up but continue living and enduring. I will pray that from now on we will live beautifully as one not for just a moment but forever and ever. I sincerely give my love.

P.S. Super Junior too!! E.L.F. too!! Eighth year!! Congratulations on becoming eight-years-old. If it is eight years, that is the age you go into school. Everyone got old??!!! Keke ^__^ make sure you see the back.”

— Super Junior leader!! Leeteuk, who loves E.L.F the most

aww, what a sweet letter ^^ *haha* thanks Teukie. Nicely said.

JYJ news!
➤ Jaejoong in China is always intense in a way
Jaejoong parties with 3,500 fans during his Taiwan concert
➤ Oh still that “Japanese CEO” thing
[Trans] An announcement from C-JeS
yes please! Ignoring Mr. S is the best! so pssssst~ we’re not talking about him!
➤ Junsu’s ballad and musical concerts are legendary in the meantime I think ^^
JYJ’s Junsu to hold a year-end ballad and musical concert
➤ Ppl will go CRAZY with this!
JYJ to Hold Charity Auction with Artworks from JYJ Gallery
I’m sure some fans would sell their lives for some items… > .> It’s crazy but… c’mon, we all know what this is when something like that starts: waaaar~ OTL ^^°
➤ I’m sure Chunnie will be so cool! ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ)
JYJ’s Yoochun to train as a bodyguard
➤ oh… what? again?
[News] 131127 JYJ Sues 2 Magazine Publishers Over Illegal Use Of Band Photos: C-JeS Rep Claims Court Date Is Set For Mid-November
aaah, so the company is broke… uuuh, so they try to get money with JYJ pics. but… copyright violation is still copyright violation…
At first I thought they maybe ignored cjes telling them to stop because they have enough money and the cost for a lawsuit would be little compared to the income they made with the pics but… well, it’s actually rather that they thing “we have nothing to lose anymore because we have no money they could get from us. we can only win”. oh man… ^^°°° eh, no guys! Just no!
and: I hope cjes has an own law section because… oO *blinks irritated* it all gets a bit much, doesn’t it? Too many maybe-lawsuits and stuff. I start to lose track.
➤ OH – MY – GOD !
So we can say thank you to Bruce’s daughter!? OTL God bless this girl! She convinced her dad to work with Junsu! =D
[Exclusive] Interview with Producer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer: Working with XIA Junsu on “Uncommitted” and “Incredible”
aaaah~ And Mr. Baek was also learning the Lyrics with Junsu?! omg! which CEO does this?! aaaah! ;A I can’t!
And that he was even present in america! I’m impressed! he came all the way from korea with Junsu?! I NEVER KNEW THAT!!!
As weird as Cjes sometimes is but… these moments let my heart feel joy!
and xD *haha* Bruce Automatic and Junsu seemed to be really adorbs together xD I cannot even!
Guys, this interview is really cool! READ IT! =D
➤ HAHA! In ya face, everyone! LOL xD
Jaejoong’s ‘Just Another Girl’ wins #1 for 3 weeks in a row on China’s ‘CCTV15’
➤ yeeaah ;D Junsu power!
JYJ’s Junsu sells out tickets for year-end concert in 15 minutes
➤ ugh >< you mean because you are only working?
Kim Junsu: “This year’s birthday will be the worst”
➤ Oh welcome to the club then Junsu ^^°° the “fools in love”-club
Kim Junsu: “My painful first love after debut…I’m a fool at dating”
and: we’re back to the ‘tears in heaven’ haircut? ^^ aww, I like that one!
➤ yeah, we keep hearing that ^^
[Trans] Kim Jaejoong tops the Synnara K-pop Awards voting polls: ‘Explosive popularity in and outside of Korea’
➤ ;A; Junsu you look great!
Kim Junsu on ‘December’: “It was hard to express a realistic character…I used my imagination”
aaah, but still, he has so much feels that he can feel with the character T-T (life as an emotional person is hard, I know). But that’s the hard and qualitative work of Kim Junsu ppl!

HoMin news!
➤ My Anni feels get mixed up with feel of proudness EVERY DAY these days ;A;
[Trans] 131124 TVXQ Become The First Foreign Artistes To Perform At The Tokyo Dome For Three Consecutive Years
they looked cool! uuuh~ Changmin your heeiiiirrr~ ME GUSTA! 8D
➤ aaah, this song is so nice and the pictures as well ^^ OTL the cutie Changmin under the christmas tree is for Emmy! ;P
[SCANS] Tohoshinki – 「Very Merry Xmas」 Single Jacket
➤ Because it just IS a very nice song! Toho songs always THE BEST!
TVXQ’s ‘Very Merry Xmas’ debuts at #2 on Oricon chart
➤ Anni feels become more and more with every day now!
TVXQ to Hold 2-Day Concert Celebrating Ten Years Since its Debut
➤ It seemed to be a fun time for everyone. always good with bigeast ^^
[Trans] 131124 Tohoshinki, continuous 2 years, event bringing in 100 thousand people, revealing their new song & announced next April live tour
➤ OTL Toho Songs 4ever the best, I can only repeat. Maybe not the greatest lyrics ever but still!
[Trans] Tohoshinki’s new song ‘White’ – Japanese/English lyrics
➤ and I still need the DVD OTL OTL!!!
TVXQ gives a peek backstage at Japan’s Nissan Stadium through ‘In Our Time’ PV
but: AAAAAAHH!!! ahsdfweafhasijf!!!!! MY FEEEEELS! *rips heart out as Emmy always does* ლ(ಠ__ಠლ) my feels!
➤ Yunho you’re just… fhgkklh1! ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) what a good friend!
[NEWS] 131207 ‘Reply 1994’ Son Ho Jun says Best Friend TVXQ’s Yunho Never Breaks a Promise

SS501 news!
➤ ahk! this means no reunion :/ meh.
Kim Hyun Joong won’t be able to perform as SS501 at ‘DSP Festival’ due to filming for his drama

Rain news!
➤ OMG no… ㄱ-ㄱ like… still?
Citizen files a formal complaint against Rain for violating regulations while on duty as a celebrity recruit
➤ Hooo~
Rain cast alongside Bruce Willis and more in his next Hollywood film ‘The Prince’
➤ eh? wait… he will return as a singer in korea at the 6th of january? craaay! Quickly flying to US for filming, hurrying back home to stand on stage and.. I guess later he will quickly fly to US for filming again O.O
Rain starts filming in America for Hollywood action film ‘The Prince’

BoA news!
➤ so she can finally do some acting again.
BoA confirmed to make her domestic film debut in ‘Big Match’
we never came to hear about Cobu (make your move) 3D again, btw…. > .> was it already in cinemas? No one ever talked about it again like… this movie vanished completely oO very strange, tbh.

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