2013 year-end thoughts, HanGeng reached 40 million followers on WeiBo & TVXQ “Something” MV got released! =D


Here are mine.

OMG… the year of 2013… where to begin?
It was basically a good one, although we had major money issues due to very random (and very high) garage bills because of the car and water in our basement == …. no fun.

I became a stronger person and I sorted out many thoughts and I have many things and ppl to be thankful for.

Also saw how fast ppl can change and how loosely they say things they never really mean o.o for me as a very loyal and truthful person still unbelievable. I get scandalized about stuff like that.
How they say “i love you” too often, too easily to too many ppl while they don’t really mean it, devaluing this important thing to the max.
How some say that they have no idea how they could live without you before the one moment, when you are something they need at that time, but in another you find out they still live more than well without you and they really don’t give a damn.
Then I was like “uhm… okay oO You only come to me when you feel bad, huh? thank you ㄱ_ㄱ bai. *leaves*”.

I cannot say I learned how to understand ppl this year -becaue I still don’t get the most of them-, but I surely learned how to read them better. And it came to my awareness that my inner feelings regarding situations/ppl became really good. As in accurate.
I monitor ppl really well in the meantime and what I think and feel is very often more than correct. Not always to my delight but yeah.
We all know how life works.
It’s not always sugar and raibow.

Thorugh all this I’m still very happy to see my true friends. Old friends still around and new ones whom I met this year.

Especially thankful I’m to “the weird club” members. Not that I wouldn’t love my other friends anymore but “the weird club” is something special.
I’m very happy with them around and no matter how busy all of us are (and we ARE indeed busy with work and school) we always have time/make time for the rest of us. It’s really so nice❤❤❤ (˘‿˘ʃƪ)
Because: when you don’t make time for your friends/have some friends-time what is life?

Family and friends is really the most important and nothing give you more strength than them. Even when you’re already beyond the point of what you can take they give you the power to go on a bit longer.
This is how I survived christmas ^__^
So I really wanna say THANK YOU to everyone who still talks to me although they are busy or sick or whatever. Just being there for one another is very important. Life it too short to always say “I’m too busy for this now” and postpone everything on later. Because what is life? Our work and school stress? Or rather the ppl and things we love? I really think it’s important to always have time for what matters the most: People we love and things we love to do.

But the “the weird club” is not the only thing.

For example, there’s my soulmatesister who really understands me like almost no one else. o.o I’m still shocked! The only one who can read me better is my best friend. but that’s it then ^^
What would I do without her? I don’t even know (*^3^)

Or what to do without Hea unni? The caring unni who always is there for me and listens no matter when or what. She drew a cute sheep for me :3 aww, rarely got such a gift!

There’s also my sworn sister I can be like “uh-huh~ we judge you ʕ¬㉨¬づ ʕ¬㉨¬づ ” together xD *hahaha* and from time to time we are the same “evil creatures” ㅋㅋ yeah, sometimes our mean side shows.
This year I absolutely loves her tweet that said

” Yunho has a lot of naysayers, “no such thing as perfect” or “he can’t always be a good person”. but i think that says more about u than YH. “

After that I came to think about it. Because this reminded me of things I heard before. Yeah, this isn’t only about Yunho. But about a lot of others too.
Ppl CAN BE always a good person – even all the time. That doesn’t mean they never get mad (for example: yunho indeed gets mad sometimes) but in the end it’s all in the character and education of a person.
Sure, character defines a lot of what you are and you cannot change that because it was given by birth, but the rest of it is formed out by the education your parents gave you and your common sense of what’s right and wrong.
For example, other says I’m a sweet and nice person – although I also get mad at rare times. But not pointlessly or for a long time. It’s just because I don’t want to fight with others so I’m friendly and behave. Most of the times it’s not worth the ruckus, u know? It’s how I was educated.
Also, what would others think about my family when I would behave like our work Ajeossi? It all comes back to your parents. Not to shame the family’s name first of all and that includes manners and appropriate behaviour, was how my sister and me were educated.
Dunno how others were raised but we at our home were raised with the awareness that our family has a reputation to lose. So being friendly, always, and having our emotions under control even thogh when we are stressed was included. It was something we have learned.
This year I had a strange discussion with a friend about this matter and almost laughed at the end. Because since she was technically calling ppl who are like that fake so she would have to call me fake too.
It has nothing to do with “being fake”, it has to do with education and character.
Because I am how I am always, every day. At home or at work. … Or on twitter. I’m always the same. No matter if ppl see it right now or not. I am always the same.
So when ppl deny you about what is your character and education because they think it’s not possible be nice it indeed tells a lot more about themselves (as Emmy said) than about the person they talk about.
When she had said this it directly went on the list of things I realized this year. It became one of the most memorable things I have heard in 2013.
but oops… ^^° guess I got a bit off topic with this. *shrugs* oh well.

Furthermore, I now enjoy one thing massively: Bringing joy into others’ lifes. Palinly put it down as “giving” if you like. Brightening up the day of someone I love by simply being myself and enjoying their presence. It’s not even hard to do for me. And when they are happy it brightens up my day as well. It’s like a circle of life thing.

I’m happy with my family and my friends. I enjoy my hobbies and the company of my mom in our house that is our home. Happiness.
Basically there are so many ppl I want to say thank you to one by one but it’s really too much to write so I just say: FRIENDS, I am thankful that I have you.
Some of you mastered understanding me, some still remember me after not talking for over a year, some take care of me every day, some think of me every day ^__^ and some just show their love better than I ever could.
I love and need all of you!

Let’s make a even better year out of 2014 as we did in 2013!
please take my emotions and heart!

HanGeng reached 40 Million followers in WeiBo!
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[WeiBo update]
Happy new year!
[LYNX space project] Geng Ham (on his way to)in Space! 8D
Watch this space. Pop star Han Geng becomes one of the first non-professional space travelers in China.

JYJ news!
➤ Short 10th Anni interview: JYJ
[NEWS] 131227 10 Year Anniversary JYJ’s Q and A
quote: ” Q: What do we want to say to our fans?
A: We’re connected by an invisible string. I think we’ve become increasingly close! We’re so grateful to our fans for cheering us on in every one of our activities, for commending us on a job well done, and for pouring out unconditional love all the time! Thank you for cheering for not only our music but as individual persons, and for supporting our youth. You always make us smile. Doesn’t it seem like every one of our meetings help us deepen our understanding of each other? We want to make up for that heart, and are committed to working hard to do our best!
/CRYING thank you. You’re welcome. The indecribable bound between the 3 and 2 boys of ours. I can’t either. BYE. ㅠ_ㅠ *tears of gratitude and feels*
➤ Oh when are they not busy? OTL but especially Jaejoong these days!
[News] 131228 JYJ Jaejoong to Have a Busy Start in 2014, ‘Tours+Fan Meetings’
➤ of course! ( σ ¬ ‿ ¬)-σ The album was very cool!
[News] 131230 JYJ Jaejoong Voted As Album Of The Year for Japan’s ‘K-POP LOVERS! AWARD 2013′ + Dates For His Asia Tour Revealed
➤ boy… half of them looks tired o-o
[News] 131230 Park Yoochun-Son Hyun Joo, Script Reading For ‘Three Days’ Begins
➤ I can’t with how mature and happy and satisfied he looks! ;~; It’s just great!
[Pic] 131230 – 2013 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.2
– additional article: JYJ’s Junsu mesmerizes in his year-end concert with orchestra
➤ Jaejoong power is still magical!
Kim Jaejoong’s national tour concert in Seoul: All seats sold out in five minutes

HoMin News!
➤ Yeah well, not the first time that is happens and… not the first time that two artists have combacks at the same time in hostory.
It just happened to be TWO BIG ARTISTS this time again.
TVXQ talk about competing and promoting at the same time as Rain
Both their fanbases are so big, this is no problem for them to comeback with the other.
➤ I will 4ever be in need of my DVD OTL (guess I cannot buy it again this month >_< HNNGH!)
TVXQ’s ‘LIVE TOUR 2013 TIME Final in Nissan Stadium’ ranks #1 on Oricon’s weekly music DVD chart
➤ SOMETHING MV got released! =D
HNNNGH! OMG! STAP EIT! with… just everyhting! *faints*
This MV is surely “Something”!
btw: Trans/subs for “something” are HERE *click*
➤ With the MV and upcoming live performances on music shows the SOMETHING FANCHANT got released too!
TVXQ – ‘Something’: Official FanChant
➤ YESSSS! Oppa and Stacy Unni were at Time Slip of SM Town Week of course!
[Pic/Trans] Brian Joo Twitter update – TVXQ
I love their already so long running friendship!
➤ I only read about it and saw some pictures but even then I was moved! ;~; It was a meaningful 10th anni!
TVXQ take fans on a ‘time slip’ through the past decade together for their ‘SMTOWN WEEK’ concert
➤ A year full of “10” and billions! =D
[News] 131230 SM puts out full page ad as TVXQ passes 10 million album sales by their 10th anniversary
TVXQ break 10 million copies of album and 100 billion sales this year let’s please take a moment to realize WHAT A FREAKING HUGE NUMBER a billion is! not to speak of an hundered!
➤ yesss! I’m curious! =D
[Trans] Max Changmin took part in the writing of the lyrics in TVXQ’s new album: “How are the lyrics?”
➤ HoMin comeback stage Music Bank!
& of course
➤ [TRANS] 10 anniversary messages
[Trans] 131226 [TVXQ] We Thank You For Your Love And Support For The Past 10 Years.^^
➤ [TRANS] I guess this was Music Core rehearsal?
130104 Music Core, “Something” performance
➤ [TRANS] during rehearsal fans requested them to talk longer. At this naughty request Yunho … (read on *click*)
➤ HNNGH! I’m so proud of you guys! AAAH! proudness is through the roof since years! My cassie feels cannot even!
[Trans] 131227 TVXQ Earns 100 Billion Won In Japan This Year… ‘K-pop’s National Representatives’
*CRYING* and they still call us a member of TVXQ T~T
“Humility, musicality, love for their fans”…The key to TVXQ becoming a long-running success
It indeed feels like family. In a dark time of mine they were there to help me out, not I am with them as a “family member” to stand by them because I’m grateful.
Thank you Yunho and Changmin for everything. Also my JYJ boys. Just thanks a lot!

Rain news!
I haven’t heard or seen anything of rais’s stuff because all I see is 10th anni these days xD
Sorry bi~
Rain is finally back with ’30SEXY’ and ‘La Song’ MVs + 6th full-length album ‘RAIN EFFECT’
maybe after the anni album was released I will take time to listen to rain’s album too. MAYBE OTL 4ever ignorant and happy~ my 5 boys is 4ever everything I need~ 으흥~❤

to celebrate the new year how about the couple series now? we haven’t had the couples for a looooong time now!

“YunJae of the day”:
 photo YunJae22_MakingFilm.jpg
asdfasdfjsd!!! HNNNGH! Making film of Banjun Drama! “Dangerous love” ppl, “dangerous love” it was! ^^

“SiHan of the day”:
 photo SiHan46.gif
Siwon: “lalala… oh there’s GeGe! =D *clings*”
haha, love it how he technically just waits to cling onto him. aww! My SiHan feels are already coming back again!

☆✭☆[SPAZZ] with TVXQ → Changmin drawing Yunho~ ☆✭☆
 photo ChangminFun_ImDancinghahaha-min_noYunho-.gif
LOL Changmin is like “lookies Hyung, it’s you! 8D ”
Yunho is like: “*staring blanly at stupid drawing* … eeeh… just no.”
LOOL Leader씨 please conrtol your face! xD hahahahahaha!

xD oh my Changmin! how cute you are! ㅋㅋ

that’s it for today.
…. ah yeah damn. I want pizza! D: again!
Angela I quote: “The craving is real!”

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    Aww unni your new year’s thoughts are too sweet ❤
    I love u a lot (and I mean it haha)
    Let's have another great year together 🙂

    • Sangmi says:

      <33 yes ^__^
      I also can hardly put any words to tell you how glad I am that we met! I really cannot even.
      Let's make 2014 a soulmatesister year!
      ❤ ( ˆ ω ˆ )人(◠▽◠ )/ ❤

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