Jaejoong released Repackage album, TVXQ win round the music shows & omg! my babies! ;﹏;


:/ a bit mixed feelings today. I gave my mouse boys to the vet before because I can’t tomo morning (because at work) and they will have surgery on wednesday (╥_╥)
1.) I don’t like when my pets are not where they belong and that is AT HOME.
2.) I cannot stop thinking about how small Eliano is… he maybe won’t make it! … but he deserves better. I wish for him to make it (Karim has the better chances tho…)
3.) I just want the two of them back. Always have to think about what is when one of them won’t make it.

I got my copies of TENSE but cannot get really excited about it before I don’t have my boys back so I don’t even feel like unpacking.
And I want them back already.
I FEEL my sister on this matter when she had to leave her bunny there for half a week.

I’m bad at being separated with my pets. I just can’t. I do not want.
Time till wednesday will be a long time… can go check on them again at 3pm. ಥ_ಥ wth…

crying .


well, there you go with the news below.

Just want to add that I posted some new kdreams lately and… now I will wait till it’s wednesday ;﹏;

[Latest Pics]
Backstage and recording of Super Talk Show → 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 traditonal dance! =D , 7 , 8 ,
허~~~! Genny received one of the “WeiBo gods of the year” awards! → 9 ,
Happy Camp recording (what is happening here?! xD ) → 10 ,
Yishion → 11 oh god… you’re so handsome! O: stop it! , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 ,
HanGeng and his cat~ (/cat of his staff??) → 16 .
[Ex OST] “That Girl”
Complete package here: Dls, english lyrics link, audio
[WEIBO update]
Geng and the cat
[bts] 前任攻略 bts with english/spanish SUBS!!!
LOLOL xD I SO wanna see this movie! It’s too funny! I can’t!

JYJ news!
➤ not sure if I will be able to buy it >~<
[Trans] 140109 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong To Release A Repackage Album On The 20th With A Remake Of ‘Make-up’
➤ HEY! imagine Junsu as Dracula! 8D
Kim Junsu receives Best Popularity in Ticket Power at 2013 Golden Ticket Awards
➤ Aww, how nice! So Rain is another one who still has contact to JYJ. that’s great!
[Trans] 140110 ‘Rain Effect’ Rain Reveals His New Year’s Text Message Exchange With Kim Jaejoong
➤ oO and I never knew before that there was a person imitating Jaejoong on FB… wth…
Jaejoong calls out his Facebook impersonator
yeah! you are eyes by handsome jaejoong!
but c’mon! we all know that he has no FB so… who is supposed to believe that eh? …. but I am sure there were ppl who believe that >___> there always are.
➤ Cjes family came along to see Junsu in December!
[Pic] 140118 JYJ Official Facebook Update
➤ The power of our Musical actor!
[Trans] 140117 Kim Junsu’s ‘If Only The Most Painful Love Wasn’t Love At All’ Video Hits 10,000 Views
➤ Need to listen to these songs asap! =)
Jaejoong takes fans to ‘Heaven’ for his first repackaged album
➤ oh damn… the lyrics for “make up” actually remind me of someone I know… >__> and I don’t like.
(not as in ‘these are my problems’ but as in ‘I know a person who’s problem that is’)
[Lyrics] From Jaejoong’s repackaged album: Heaven + Make Up
➤ wow! that poster is cool! °.°
Hypothetical posters for ‘Three Days’ already exist: “The drama is expected to be a big hit”

HoMin news!
➤ YAYYY! so one day earlier? that’s good news!
[Trans] 140110 Tohoshinki New Album “TREE” Decided For Release On 5 March 2014
➤ Okay Chagmin, you are really the king of all of us foodmonsters like…. I bow to you, master!
[Info] 140114 How Many Servings of Meat Can TVXQ’s Changmin Eat?
(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ *flips table frustrated* how?! how is that possible?! (and also: how is that possible that a person like him can eat so much at once… not only where it goes but just to begin with the amount of food basically… Changmin is mystery!)
➤ AAAH! something 3 million! YES! =D
TVXQ releases BTS waiting room video to celebrate 3 million views for ‘Something’ MV
AAAAAAH LEEEEEEADER씨!!!!! (((o(≧ヮ≦)o))) and… MINNIE SO CUTE! (●ˆ ω ˆ●)
But the last part when they were at the MV set with the dancers was take from the arirang footage. OTL don’t try fool us SME!
➤ yeah he already said something like that before. It would be sad if he couldn’t learn anything from it ^^
TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho says acting teaches him many things
TVXQ’s Yunho performs the cutie player for fans
➤ [Music Shows] Winnings! List~
– 140116 M!Countdown
– 140117 KBS Music Bank
– 140118 MBC Music Core
– 140119 SBS Inkigayo
➤ [Music Shows] Something Lives
– 140116 M!Countdown backstage/rehearsal/interview
– 140116 M!Countdown “Something”
– 140117 KBS Music Bank “Something” live
– 140117 KBS Music Bank Waiting Room (looks more like besides the stage, if you ask me ^^°)
– 140117 KBS Music Bank winning and encore
– 140118 MBC Music Core “Something”
– 140118 MBC Music Core Winning and Encore – 140119 SBS Inkigayo “Something”
– 140119 SBS Inkigayo winning aww! Changmin ^^ and Leader씨 so happy! this is everything, like Emmy always says.
➤ Finally, I say! ^^
TVXQ swept music programs for four days in a row…’All of a sudden 4 awards’
➤ Just because you can, Yunho! 😉 You CAN!
[News] 140114 TVXQ’s Yunho reveals he nags EXO a lot
➤ And I cannot watch it…. == not only blocked, I also cannot unblock it. hrrr… have to wait for an DL somewhere. Isn’t that sad?
TVXQ give a peek at Japanese ‘Something’ PV with short version
➤ ahsdjfaskdfs!!! I SAW THAT COMING! *___*
[Info] Tohoshinki ‘東方神起 Live Tour 2013 ~TIME~ Final in Nissan Stadium’ Live DVD certified Gold by RIAJ
➤ tee-hee~ ^^ of course. You made a good choise (but a complicated one to accomplish)
[Trans] 140110 ‘Two O’Clock Date’, EXO’s Baekhyun And Kai Say, “TVXQ Are The Seniors We Wish To Emulate”
But you better not try to copy them because: that’s impossible anyway. Good luck kids xD
➤ Staff Diary : M!Countdown win!
[Pic] TVXQ! ‪#‎동방신기‬ Official STAFF DIARY #Something
[Pic] 140116 TVXQ! Mnet M COUNTDOWN Website Update
– Staff Diary : Music Core win!
[Pic] 140119 TVXQ! Staff Diary – I just wanna say “Thank you”
[Trans] 140118 [SM] Come Put It All In!
[Trans] 140120 [SM] Everyone, Hello-o~!
➤ yes~ Hyung came along to cheer for his Changdol-ah~
[News] 140117 TVXQ Yunho Cheers Fellow Member Max Changmin For Last Filming
➤ LOL you can die happily now, changmin? xD Noooo you are not allowed! not yet!
And of course, food you steal from others always is more delicious.
Changmin reveals Yunho’s greed for food ^^
➤ KINGS of SMP ppl!
[Trans] 140112 TVXQ Hit The Jackpot: The Evolution Of SMP
more like… kings of SME ;P
le quote: “There’s a reason why TVXQ were able to attract some of the most loyal fans in existence.”
THIS! and nothing else! If we aren’t then no one is! I am sorry other fandoms but the only ones who are maybe on same level is senior FC Shinhwa Changjo, Geng Fandom and ELF (although they are facing difficulties these days, they should get their acts together – and love and loyalty). but that’s it.
This is the very end of the story about loyal fandoms. like: the little kids should be quiet now. look at everything that had happened with our boys and fandom and THEN tell me if anyone of you kids would still stand by oppas in 10 years and after two standoms arising as well as the lawsuit thing. TELL ME! I would be curious.
It’s not that I think Cass/Bigeast is the most loyal because it’s my fandom. It just IS like that looking at the history and everything. sorry if I destroy worlds of some ppl, but truth be spoken now: Like GengFan Cassiopeia is a highly inspiring thing for me. It speaks of uncoditional love and dificult times, but never leaving (although some did but… they were not the majority).
wow! random fandom essay here! I’m sorry ^^° *moves on*
and Yunho’s singing indeed inproved so he’s not just “the dancer” anymore. on the other hand, Chamgin’s dancing improved so he’s not just the “singer” anymore. They both sing and dance very well. Although you can see/hear what’s their main field they worked hard on themselves to become better during the past years.
➤ uwoah~ *O*
TVXQ’s ‘TENSE’ ranks #2 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart
➤ Because it’s awesome. period.
[Trans] 140120 TVXQ’s 7th Album ‘TENSE’ Tops The Weekly Album Charts For Two Consecutive Weeks!
➤ Changmin Interview
[Trans] An interview with Changmin, Part 1: “I’m happy to be focusing more on having fun than looking good”
[Trans] An interview with Changmin, Part 2: “I let it all go for once in my life for my ‘Wild Horse’ performance”
➤ awww, Yunho your “T”!
[Pic] 140119 TVXQ! at FanSign Event
➤ Sensitive, cute leader씨~ ❤❤❤❤❤
[Trans] 140118 Sohn Ho Joon Says, “U-Know Yunho’s Actual Personality, He’s Actually A Really Sensitive Guy”
awwwwww! THE CUTE! Leader씨! Nuuuu Changminnie! bock toys are not cute (*haha* but whatever, if it helps, play with them)
[Hello] #동방신기 #Something Yunho has bought himself a bear before. (read on *click*)

Ailee news!
➤ CONGRATS! it’s well deserved! =)
Ailee wins this week’s ‘Show Champion’ with ‘Singing Got Better’
– Show Champion performance: “노래가 늘었어 (Singing Got Better)” LIVE
and: oh my god! she’s so adorable! haha! xD at the end when she gets the awards she freaks! ^__^ what a cute person!
– 140117 KBS Music Bank “Singing got better”
– 140118 MBC Music Core “노래가 늘었어
– 140119 SBS Inkigayo “Singing got better”
➤ Everytime she wins it’s deserved!
Ailee wins January 18 episode of ‘Immortal Song 2’ with a rock ballad
➤ Cute Ailee on Arirang tv!
Ailee is the top K-Pop act selected by experts on ‘KPOPULOUS’!

➤ Jackie, wae you keep appearing in Korea these days? ^^
Jackie Chan along with friends Siwon, Jessica, and Narsha to guest on ‘Happy Together 3’

Big Bang news!
➤ they did? never knew they were also doing Dome tour *shrugs* but cool~
Big Bang wrap up their 6-dome tour in Japan with over 700,000 fans

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