Two bdays again~ + 1 xD , JYJ Valentines Day greetings & Cjes and AVEX reach an agreement about activities in Japan!

안녕 다들!

Like last year we have two b-day in february again! No, it is actually 3!
Do you know who’s b-day it was?

I will say nothing just this…

and that…

for the third one I just say: foodmonster and Hyung-babo ^^

Can you guess now? ^^
but basically… it is even 3! because SuJu’s evil Maknae also had bday 😉
It’s just that I have no deeper feelings for kyu ^^°° sorry evil, I wish you happy b-day and life, but it cannot compare with my feels for Geng and Leader씨 ^ .^

Personal news/facts are only:

– that I quit on something that became way to exhausting and IT WAS ABOUT TIME I did so!
– that the “christmas work”-feeling of exhaustion somehow never ends at work. oO (my junior also says so)
– that Karim now is together with his new mice family!
– that I still should get a dollar for each time I am right
– that it wouldn’t harm a good bunch of ppl to actually ADMIT that I am/was all the time right (but this will most likely never happen because they just can’t because… pride? I don’t know!)
– that I still cry when ppl actually value me back and have the same feelings for me as I have for them T~T (fack guys, feels that got rewarded with more feels is THE BEST! ლ(́ಥ_ಥლ) )
– that idiot me deleted some stuff I was collection over christmas to upload… oh well > .> things happen.
– that I met a nice new cassie ^^ Jess~
– that my old fandom first-friends are the only ones who still talk to me > .> like wtf is wrong with the rest?! did I do anything to you??
– that “bear wars” is still pretty much alive xD
– that I updated the kdreams here around with some more dreams of 2014!
– AND that I will work officially on the project to get myself a new mac by the end of the year from now on! =)

uuuh, I will have a pretty, PRETTY strict money management ahead this year. Really no joke. *sigh*
Please SM and my boys, don’t release so much stuff. I need the money ^^°°°

[Latest Pics]
Yishion endorsment → 1 ,
Qian Ren Gong Lue (Ex/前任攻略) → 2 , 3 , 4 .
[WeiBo updates]
(140209) Han Geng’s Weibo Update : Birthday in Korea
asdfasndkfasdf!!!! HE LOOKS SO HAPPY!
Aww, squishy, WE thank you! You are such a great role model to us and inspiration and asdklfjasdf!! I cannot even! We will always be there to help you fly higher and wherever you want! (っ˘ڡ˘ς)❤
Never stop smiling, never stop chasing your dreams, stay the way you are because we love you that way! Be healthy and happy and fly high to space! Just don’t forget to come back safely agian 😉
So let’s celebrate!
Happy Geng Ham Day! (庚火腿日快乐!)
Happy B-day HanGeng! (祝你生日快乐 韩庚! 我爱你!)
庚日快乐!!! =DD
You’re precious, very hardworking, ambitious and kind. Wo ai ni! :3
You may have Siwon’s cake now!
 photo HappyB-day_zpsb6e09958.png
(140211) Han Geng Weibo Update: HanGeng visits Yue Hua Ent. (korean branch)
(140217) Gengdam in Japan… oO omg what are you up to?! what did you do?! AND WHY IS THERE A GIANT GUNDAM AROUND!!!!!?????

SuJu news!
➤ NO! that title! xD
Donghae and Eunhyuk provide audio preview of Japanese album ‘Ride Me’
seriously SM and Avex?! “Ride Me”???
*stupid laugh of inappropriate amusement*

LOL! xD Just no!
But let’s calm down again: apanese version of “I wanna dance” and “Oppa Oppa”. We saw that coming huh?
and no comment to “motorcycle” Mv! I don’t even know what we were expecting just to begin with xD and… SIWON! hahahaha! I cannot!
My reaction was pretty much like this (once I calmed down from laughing like an idiot): ELFs after watching Motorcycle
➤ aaaaaigoo, I keep forgetting that most of them have their army duty still ahead!
Sungmin and more pass the audition for the Seoul Police Public Relations Unit + SM Entertainment responds

JYJ news!
➤ Junsu and his Ajeossi fans~
[Trans] 140127 Kim Junsu Says, “I Was Surprised By The ‘Crowd Of Middle-Aged Men’ At My Performances”
➤ YAYY for spreading to japan!
SSH ajeossi!!! Jaejoong!! *waves flag*
‘Time Slip Dr Jin’ to air on Japanese network TV Tokyo
➤ aww! ^^ Junsu: “(…) I still feel like that sometimes. I feel embarrassed and shy for some odd reason. (laughter)”
[Trans] [Star Talk] Kim Junsu of ‘December’: “I still feel like a fool in front of women”
➤ You will do it! Chunnie Hwaiting! ❤ ლ( >◡< ლ)
[News] 140207 JYJ’s Yoochun reveals why he chose to star in ‘Three Days’
[Pic] 140212 Yoochun ‘Three Days’ Gallery
[Vid] 140212 Yoochun ‘Three Days’ Teaser
➤ I am so happy jaejoong has friends he can do normal things with!
[News] 140211 Jaejoong and Jang Geun Suk do some shopping together
➤ JYJ Valentines Greetings
OMG! what did they give him to eat or drink…. Junsu so hyper! LOL xD I cried tears of laughing!
and they are all together so cute that I just can’t! I’m sorry but I CAN’T adorable dorks! I love ma boys!
Junsu: *keeps telling stuff about his duty of group member to wish him bday*
Jaejoong: “We have to change films while Junsu is talking”
Junsu: “*yells* I need to repeat! I need to repeat!” xD
Idiots! LOL
And, as it has always been, Junsu knows no end once he started explaining something xD
➤ OOOOOH MY GOD! really?! it was about time!
[NEWS] 140216 C-JeS and Avex Settle dispute, JYJ Looks Toward Japan Activities
➤ I just SO love it to see them happy!
JYJ’s Junsu is Jaejoong’s ‘winter prince’ while playing in the snow
Jaejoong: “Are you frozen?”
Junsu: “Let it go~”

HoMin news!
➤ [Music Shows!]
– 140207 KBS Music Bank “Something” & winning ([Pic] TVXQ Staff Diary update: KBS Music Bank 7/2)
– 140208 MBC Music Core “Something” oh hey! the light brown suits are something new ^^
– 140209 SBS Inkigayo “Something” woaah~~ great chants! =D
➤ Still can’t believe it’s 10 years ^^
TVXQ! Talks ‘Tense’ Album, 10 Years in K-Pop: Exclusive Video Interview
➤ Just listened to it again today! It really is totally great, that’s why!
[INFO] #동방신기 #Something 7th Album TENSE is NO.1 on Gaon Album Monthly Chart with a total of 194,198 copies sold!
➤ *jumps up and down* that is great but I am already so excited for Tree! =D
[Info] Tohoshinki’s 「Hide & Seek / Something」 ranked 2nd on Oricon Single Daily Chart
– additional article: TVXQ’s ‘Hide & Seek / Something’ maintains #2 spot on Oricon Daily Single Chart for three consecutive days
[Pic + Trans] [FROM STAR] Yunho: “Everybody, thank you ~ ^____^ ~”
It was your bday and…. OMG! I will be 29 soon too O: Let’s age together ^^ *haha* (like Jaejoong said).
You squishy adorable man, I wish you all the happiness and luck! May still archieve a lot and…. finally find a woman to get married with because… seriously Yunho. PLEASE!
But here, take this cake ㅋㅋ
 photo HappyB-day_zpsb6e09958.png
Happy Brithday Yunho~ We love you leader씨! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
– additional article: Fans wish TVXQ’s Yunho a happy 28th birthday!
➤ look at this cutie pie! =D
[Trans] Max Changmin says his farewells to ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’ and says: “It made me more nervous than TVXQ did”
– additional article: [Trans] 140201 Max Changmin, A Very Good Example Of A Superstar Participating In Variety Shows/
➤ ARGH! the boys on Arirang and… I once again didn’t see it >__> well, nothing new. I never see it.
TVXQ is the top K-Pop act selected by experts on ‘KPOPULOUS’!
➤ OMO! it is Yunho watching Yunho from the past! =D
TVXQ U-Know Yunho Gets Sentimental as He Reminisces on Trainee Period
Uuh yes, Leader씨 you were super serious and hard working back then! … well, you still are!
LIKE… ARGH! WAE DID YOU GROW UP?! … and wae am I capslocking? xD
Our foodmonster Min! eating all day and gaining no weight, stealing food from his hyung he’s a babo for, throws snarky answered and trolls with no end!
CHANGMIIIIIIN! The secret boss of the Kyu-Line, always be healthy and happy! (and don’t make stacy unni feel so “unpresentable” when you meet them with your perfect looks ^^°)
 photo HappyB-day_zpsb6e09958.png
…this cake shows up so often today like wtf! xD
– additional article: Fans celebrate the 26th birthday of TVXQ’s Changmin
➤ It was because Changmin was very very shy and never talked to girls~
TVXQ Max Changmin Would Date a Lot If He Could Return to His School Years
our awkward turtle *pinches cheeks*
That is right Changmin! wae pretend it is more of a burden now when you don’t feel like this? ^^
Max Changmin, “Debuted during my teens, now in the middle of my 20s…It doesn’t feel realistic”
but of course, such a youth as yours cannot feel realistic. It is… like growing up in an unreal world.

➤ Yeeeah well AKP or it is just a collaboration with HwanHee?? already thought about that?
Brian continues to hint at a possible Fly to the Sky comeback
➤ WOW! I cannot belive! It’s 16th anni for them already! O.O still so unblievable they are still around!
Shinhwa announces they’re ‘HERE’ in their 16th anniversary concert teaser
I’m happy for all Shinhwa Changjo! It will be awesome for them!
and the teaser is epic! =D

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I am cassiopeia from germany *^-^* OT5 all the way! AKTF & hope to the end! JYJ & HoMin hwaiting! An ELF heart is beating in me ^^ Love Super Junior (all Super15 of them), I´m 庚饭 -Gengfan- too. OTL: I do not own anything -most of the media or photos that are posted- and I`m not responsilble for the content of the sites I`ve linked~~*^-^*
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