TVXQ release repackage “Spellbound” & MV, THSK’s “Tree” released as well & JYJ Monocrom badass spot! ;P

안녕 다들! v^^.

Since I am only hanging around at home (due to a medical certificate) because my back tried to kill me… 乛。乛
glares .
meh…. for realz. tsk.
I am preparing different decoden projects these days (I ordered a pink case for my new phone case project ^__^) and keep writing my FanFiction and kdreams down.
Besides a still annoying back pain I am fine and so this is the best thing to do! ( ◕ヮ◕)b
(sadly I cannot finish ANY of my prepared projects since I ordered items from oversea and… they will at least take 3 more weeks to arrive :/ aish dammit…)

Also, I can now watch the movies I have on my comp and haven’t watched yet Cloud_dance1

So I like to say that everyone can have a look at the kdreams site and I finally post this blog entry like… omg, it lies around here for so long already ^^°°°

[Latest Pics]
(140301) I Want Music Power concert → 1 , 2 ,
Yishion → 3 , 4 .
[Twitter Update]
(140225) Vacation is ending
[WeiBo Updates]
130303 Gundam giveaway /LE GASP!
(140304) Starting work refesehd okay, that’s nice for you geng but… ^^° I’m with angela (le quote): “dude why do you keep advertising random beauty products you don’t even endorse”
– (140309) About the missing flight MH370
➤ eh what? wait… who is this? I never heard a word about her in GengFandom… like… what? really? are you kidding? hm. oO
Chinese actress indirectly confirms her relationship with Hangeng?
I mean I would be happy if our busy gundam lover finds someone but actually I wonder if this is true. o___O (or if media just reports shit once again).
I just mention this article because it it so strange to me that the while GengFandom NEVER talked about her or this article like… who can believe AKP?
And… how can the miracle happen that Geng actually found a free second to date? OTL

SuJu news!
➤ like… really?! o.o they do?!
Super Junior To Discuss Hallyu Wave With South Korean Government
they did?! but wait! only the 3 of them? oO hey! SM! wae? what was that? >_>
Super Junior talk about Hallyu wave at the National Assembly of Korea
LOl but they were all doing the SuJu pose! xD
➤ *still laughing silly about the album title* haha~ stil no xD
Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk celebrate the release of their 1st Japanese full-length album ‘Ride Me’
…but I should finally listen to this album. hm. next week, when I am on vacation OTL
– additional article: Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk’s ‘Ride Me’ charts at #3 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart
that is good! congrats EunHae!
haha xD they were all like “omg! it’s us! 8D”. So cute!
Donghae and Eunhyuk are excited to see themselves in Shibuya
➤ Yeah now not only shindong but one after another the boys will enter the army.
Super Junior’s Shindong to prepare for military enlistment
What I always wonder is: what will they be like after they are back?
➤ DONGBANGSUJU!!!! *haha* the two evils on tour ;P
[Trans] [Other Twitter] Kyuhyun and Changmin’s Restaurant Tour
➤ SUJU-M “Swing” teaser!!!
Super Junior-M ‘Swing’ back in with MV teaser
firstly: …. seriously SM? *eyes them critically* swing? like… you tested it with HoMin and then re-used the same stuff for SuJu, or what? o___O oookay. I hope it’s not what I think it is.
but secondly: haha ^^ funny teaser! SuJu boys as office workers ㅋㅋ

JYJ news!
➤ aiiiigoo, chunnie >< take care please..
Park Yoochun to Continue Filming “Three Days” Despite Shoulder Injury
➤ aah yes, he sure does ^^
Jaejoong shows his cool and laid-back nature in making film for ‘Nylon’
WOW! Jaejoong! Chunnie looks just awesome and… *______* no words for Junsu!
➤ Ah yes! the auction! I had almost forgotten!
JYJ donates 50,000,000 KRW to various charities
➤ aww, Chunnie! You’re adorable ^3^
[Pic] Yoochun – SBS Three Days Gallery
➤ oO wtf the hair of the woman in pic 3!!!!
HQ Scans + DL – Dr.Jin Official Photobook via PrinceJJ
Is it even possible to do hair like that? I mean for the drama it may was a wig BUT just in general: is it or was it ever possible to do the hair like this in the old days?? o.o
➤ aaah I bet they are already in discussion ;P
Kim Jaejoong considers accepting a part in new drama ‘Triangle’ with Lee Bum Soo and Im Si Wan

HoMin news!
➤ That they are not idols of a short lifespam everyone can see ^^ I hope our boys become the next Shinhwa!
TVXQ Wants to Set Example for Other Idols, Poses for @star1
➤ I am under their spell for years already ^^ once it happened you cannot escape. But: why would I? hehe~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
TVXQ to leave you under their spell with upcoming repackaged album ‘Spellbound’
➤ Interview trans aheeeeead~!
[Trans] Tohoshinki – Interview for ‘Smart’ magazine
➤ SPELLBOUND now released!!!
changmin’s song ….. OoO holy motherfather! … Yunho’s is also nice! (but read the trans of Changmin’s!)
TVXQ work their magic in ‘Spellbound’ MV + repackaged album
➤ Changmin’s song: “Heaven’s Day” / lyrics trans
➤ Fast fandom is 4ever fast! It has been a day since it was out and now we have a full lyrics trans!
THANK YOU TRANSLORTS! I love you love donut
➤ 허~! awesome! ლ(*____*ლ)
Tohoshinki are big winners at the Japan Gold Disc Award
➤ oh lookies who’s no.1! HO HO! ㅋㅋㅋ
[VIDEO] 140301 Germany’s K-Pop Charts: February 2014 – TVXQ #1 with Something
➤ aah! and I was just about to say after “Road for Hope”.
[News] 140302 TVXQ’s Yunho becomes the ambassador for ‘Korea Food for the Hungry International’
[LIVE performances] Spellbound Comeback!
– 140228 KBS Music Bank comeback with “spellbound”
– 140301 MBC Music Core “Spellbound”
– 140302 SBS Inkigayo
수리수리~! I liked this performance best so far! =D
And epic chants of the cassies, as always! ♡ ~(‘▽^人)
– 140307 KBS Music Bank Spellbound
– [Vid] 140308 TVXQ! MBC Show Champion Back Stage aaaaaAAAAJKAJSDKJSAKDFS!!!!! omg! the sweetness and cuteness and.. haha xD they are funny (and hard working!).
– 140308 MBC Music Core
– 140309 SBS Inkigayo “Spellbound”
– 130316 SBS Inkigayo “Spellbound (수리수리)”
[MV – SECOND VERSION] Spellbound_수리수리
수리수리 2nd Version MV (HD)
It is aSDoasdfsakföl! AWESOME! *___*
➤ WOW! but it really deserves it!
Tohoshinki ‘TREE’ tops Oricon Album Daily Chart with 156,491 in sales
AND I HAVEN’T EVEN ORDERED MY COPY! O: (*cries* but I need money first to do so > < )
But the album itself is overly awesome! just… WOW! the songs are perfection! It is their best album!
➤ I should definitel watch Arirang more often again… I always miss this stuff.
Showbiz Korea : MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT OF TVXQ’S NEW SONG SPELLBOUND 섹시한 마법사로 돌아온 동방신기 (‘수리수리’ M/V 촬영현장)
➤ Awesome! =D
TVXQ’s ‘TREE’ ranks #1 on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart with over 200,000 copies sold in its first week
➤ Aaaah, really? I also wanna go on a trip with HoMin!
TVXQ plan a train trip with fans for their 10th anniversary
➤ Aigoo >_< he even had to fight for a spot.
TVXQ’s Yunho Talks About When He Was Homeless on “Beatles’ Code”
➤ Was Changmin holding the food? xD
[Pic] 140314 TVXQ – Kiss The Radio Website Update
➤ woooooonderful pics! *___*
[Trans] Tohoshinki – AnAn Cover Story

SS501 news!
➤ Ah really?! omo! they look cute together! =D
[BREAKING] Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun revealed to be dating!
…but this article says all and nothing… I mean.. are they now still dating or what? oO well, I would be happy for them.

➤ What da fack… o___O YG land???
YG Entertainment to establish a ‘YG Land’ in Southern California for their North American venture
O___O DA FAQ even is this complex?! like… it looks like in shibuya inside and outside and… da hell a pool on the roof or… will they put a roof over it but left it open for the 3D walkthrough??
but stiiiii~ll! this is SICKness man! O.O
But yeah, of course… YG would branche out to this with a little company location. This looks like it could be just their style.

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