SuJu-M is back, Han Geng wins “Most Popular Male Singer (Mainland)” & NS Yoon-G returns as well~

Hello everyone!!! 안녕! v^^.

New header!!!! yeah! ( •ॢ◡ -ॢ) It’s tokidoki Bastardino and cat Carina! Their characters are so cute! and they have cute clothes as well!

other news: I am still sick so writing is pretty much everything I do. Thak to ajeossi I have a “nice” cold and cannot really enjoy anything because I am fighting random sleepiness attacks… > .>
But mom brought meds from the doc a while ago so it will gradually get better from here on… I hope ^^°

Besides that nothing special happens. I am still planing for my “buying a new Mac” thing.
I finished both of my secret projects… sshhh! don’t tell anyone. Two of my friends will get surprise presents! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) So I cannot say what it is about yet since… they could read it here.
Only Hea Unni knows~

[Latest Pics]
Yue Hua Ent. annual meeting in Korea (after party hosted by YG Entertainment 😉 ) → 1 ,
(140327) QQ Annual Music Awards → 2 ,
Yishion summer collection (with Geng and Jolin Tsai) → 3, 4 .
[QQ Annual Music Awards]
(140327) Congratulations Han Geng for winning the “Most Popular Male Singer (Mainland)” award at the QQ Annual Music Awards! (includes a link to his performance there too!)

SuJu news!
➤ [TRANS] SJM song lyrics trans!
Swing (嘶吼)
飞翔 (Fly High)
无所谓 (My Love For You)
Strong (强势入侵)
Addiction (入迷)
一分后 (After A Minute)
➤ Korean versionnnn~
Super Junior-M releases Korean version of ‘SWING’
The MV and song is still awesome but HELL it still sounds and… will 4ever sound… weird in korea ^^°°°
➤ hm… not sure anymoreif I already posted this before but… this was so KYAAH! ^___^
Super Junior’s Siwon and Hong Soo Ah film a romantic kiss scene for Chinese drama ‘Billion Dollar Heir’ in BTS photos
ooh but the other kiss scene they filmed on the beach was even cuter!! (((o(≧ヮ≦)o)))
➤ eh hehe ^^° heenim 4ever weird~
Heechul dishes on his longest relationship + the first thing he looks for in a woman
– additional article: Heechul reveals he is now done playing and wants to get married
➤ so that’s her?! I never saw her before ^^° I never watch any show, tbh.
Haru’s violin teacher revealed to be Kyuhyun’s older sister
➤ poor babies were (and still are so) tired :/
Over 1,070,000 fans attempt to watch Super Junior-M’s ‘SWING’ press conference
➤ we already know these stories but they are still funny ^^
Henry reveals the ‘American ways’ he greeted TVXQ and Lee Soo Man

JYJ news!
➤ oh *.* it THAT how he will turn gangster?
[News] 140318 Jaejoong Turns Gangster for Small-Screen Comeback in Upcoming MBC Drama “Triangle”
LOL this reminds me on him stealing stuff from a little kids as a random gangster dude in the mini dramas! LOL
➤ now cjes collabs are coming out ;P
Gummy lends her voice for Yoochun’s starring drama ‘Three Days’ OST
➤ haha! aww, cute ^__^ Chunnie becomes comfortable!
JYJ’s Yoochun shares what he’s learned from filming his movie and drama for ‘Singles’
– Singles magazin pics: [Pic] Park Yoochun ‘Singles’ Magazine April Issue
➤ AWW! CUTE!!! Let me hug you! (っˆヮˆ)っ
JYJ’s Kim Junsu becomes new model for health drink
and just look! Our Junsu came back to a good form again ^___^ Keep going baby!
But Sahmyook ppl please be honest: You wanted Junsu mostly for his popularity ;P it’s okay, we know *pats them*
JYJ voted as male group to still be promoting 10 years from now
O-O *stares at the drop of % after our boys to Big Bang on rank 3* … uhm… yeah, that’s… wow.
But is isnt even better from JYJ to HoMin… like… from 40 to 16?
➤ Kim twiiiiins~ ヽ(。◕‿◕。)人(。◕‿◕。)ノ
Junsu sends samgaetang to set of ‘Empress Qi’ for his twin brother, Kim Moo Young
I still don’t get wae Junho needed a new name in his home land but nice that he has junsu’s support ^___^
➤ She looks beautiful… like… almost every korean actress o.o
So this drama is really just about this triangle when it is named like that? ^^
Baek Jin Hee to be in a love triangle with Jaejoong and Siwan in ‘Triangle’
Cjes has grown so much since the start… I mean… look at all the people we have now!
JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, and other C-JeS artists send Dream Notes to the Philippines
remember the days when Cjes was only JYJ… OTL as I always said: It will be interesting to see this company grow.
And still, ppl can say what they want about cjes: Yes they do fail, no they don’t always do everything right but the boys seems to be happy there, that is all that matters. 😉 At least to me.

HoMin news!
➤ [TRANS] Yunho’s Arena Homme interview: Yunho 4ever preaching about moving forward and think positively and work hard. OTL SO LEADER!
[trans] Yunho’s Arena Homme+ Interview – Part 1
And the interviewer is right: when yunho says “let’s do this” you cannot not follow!
…sadly I dunno where part two of this interview is oO sorry.
➤ o.o he was at such a young age!
[TRANS] TVXQ’s song writer, Ryoji Sonoda had passed away on March 27th at the age of 38.
➤ Aaaah, it was such a nice weather!
[Pic] Dispatch News Facebook update – ‘TVXQ’s 10th Anniversary Train Trip’
➤ *sigh* yes… and our Leader씨 keeps promoting and doing stuff with/for fans… ;~;
TVXQ’s Yunho revealed to have suffered an ankle injury during practice
– additional article: U-Know Yunho possessing fighting spirit even with ankle injury to go through with Japanese schedule…10,000 fans go wild
➤ *just silently write it on the list of things i missed because I don’t watch enough tv and arirang especially OTL*
[Vid] 140318 Arirang Pops in Seoul : TVXQ! Spellbound
➤ eh hehe ^^°°° pretty people problems OTL
[Trans] 140310 TVXQ, “Sunmi Has The Greatest Choreography These Days, It’s Really Classy”
oh well but… what does this title has to do with the content?
➤ *crying* wae couldn’t I be there?! … ah yeah right, I don’t live in korea OTL
[News] 140325 TVXQ go on a special train ride with fans in honor of their 10th anniversary
➤ GAAAH! waited for this movie for freaking long! also for the soundtrack! =D
[Audio] TVXQ – Runnin on Empty (iTunes Preview) [Make Your Move OST]
➤ Stacy was right: TVXQ basically lives on the Oricon ^__^
TVXQ Max Changmin’s Drama ‘Mimi’ Ranks No. 1 on Oricon

SS501 news!
➤ Oh! Jungminnie! so this is what his hair cut post on twitter was about? he cut his hair for his comeback?
SS501’s Park Jung Min spotted in the studio + solo comeback

General SM news
➤ Senior artists doing serious senior business ^^d
Kangta and BoA appointed as SM Entertainment’s creative directors
➤ …. ㄱ___ㄱ you have to much money, MAN! I don’t even want to ask…
SM’s Lee Soo Man revealed to have purchased an LA mansion through a paper company
You better take care your ppl get payed correctly for their hard work… tsk! (although: who’s the new CEO now? I keep forgetting his name OTL)
I agree with most comments on this article: KARMA! in ya face! LSM! and… he IS a greedy old man… >__> just wth… spend that money a little more on your artists and they would maybe have out-of-the-box MVs again….

➤ Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron filming in Seoul news 😉
how kind of him ^^ but I guess fans will understand… other might be pissed LOL
‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ director Joss Whedon apologizes in advance to citizens of Seoull
➤ O-O wth… they haven’t even really start filming…
‘Avengers 2: Age of Ultron’ crew find a dead body while filming in Seoul
Imgine them standing there and the director says “okay now let’s film scene number- …. *dead body swims by* errr… okay. forget about it. call the police.”
➤ ooooh ho ho ㅋㅋㅋ my evil would go crazy if I play this in front of her in her current feels chaos situation… …. *starts thinking*… .. ( ¬‿‿¬)♢ maybe I should!
NS Yoon-G is baaaack~
NS Yoon-G returns sexy as ever with ‘Yasisi’ MV
The song’s content is… ㅋㅋㅋ *eyebrows wiggle* you know, guys?! song is good. I think she’s very pretty, just a bit too thin :/ still.
– additional article: NS Yoon-G opens up about cosmetic surgery and updates fans on her cousin Jiyoung
I bet she was always pretty. there was never a definite “need” to do plastic surgery BUT sadly this is very common in the business, especially in korea and japan it is crazier than ever.
➤ aaaand another k-actor goes hollywood!
Lee Byung Hun cast in his next Hollywood film ‘Terminator 5’

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