adfaklsdf!!!!! freakin’ public SiHan reuinon at Jackie chan’s bday party!!!! & THSK’s Tree Tour started!

안녕 친구들! ヾ(愛ˆヮˆ愛)ノ *comes by with apple…. mac xD *

after I was sick for the longest time I am now finally all well again. Maybe stressed and dead tired every day but that is a basic… > .>
Nothing really happened.
I collected presents for Unni ;P yeah, her christmas presents already! I have a lot to do before I present her this christmas and… whenever something falls into my hands and I can make a good deal to make her present even more complete I don’t hesitate!

Besides that I am writing my FF like a boss and… uuh, this reminds me I should update my kdreams.. had a little one recently. Well, sometime these days.
Days are too short for my taste lately. I am starting to be really annoyed by the fact that I always end up sitting here in the evening and say “still so much to do, I couldn’t do anything today. where’s my time???”.
hrr… == that really annoys da hell outa me.

side quest these days for me: cheer up all my ‘I want to die T.T’-studying kids who have finals now (or soon). They have studies for a long time now and have no nerves anymore ^^°°

ah yeah, I a still saving money to buy a new mac 8) Dad helped me with quite a bunch of money O.O guess that was my easter present but damn…. he gave me 1/3 of the final price. that really, REALLY helps me!
Ah ye, and Dad and me went to the Apple Store in the city. He wanted to finally buy a new comp and kick his windows pc out so I helped him pick something.
He bought an iMac =D and I am the one who will “play” with it first! hahaha! I need to show Dad how it works and transfer his data =) this will be a fun afternoon sometime soon!
He also randomly bought a new phone since his (really) old nokia died at last and so helped him pick there as well! It was quite a shopping afternoon we had yesteday xD Apple Store, Phone store… not the baddest stores to go! ( ◕ヮ◕)b … at least for me ;P

It’s been a while since it had happened but below you can read how it was when SiHan met_official in public and so on. It was really nice and emotional day for us ^___^
Of course the other normal news are there too.

[SiHan public reuinon!!!] Siwon and HanGeng meeting at Jackie Chan’s b-day party at the 7th of April!
so… where to begin! AAAAH! I am still so happy! =DD I was litereally just crying for half an hour because I was so happy their friendship is still as real as we believes it is.
It is the unthinable happening that had happened at JACKIE CHAN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY ON THE 7TH OF APRIL!
At first we were like “HAN GENG AND SIWON ARE AT THE SAME EVENT RIGHT NOW” ;~; . We saw the red carpet pictures and the usual, damn “whar if?!?!”‘s ran through our heads. *siiigh*
Then we were like ““damn! they are at the same event together in 5 years and taking pictures with the same ppl… T~T.
Then we had Siwon’s b-day celebrations inbetween and THEN… oh hoho! My heart almost stopped when I saw this. My reaction before crying was “the moment when nothing else matters. friendship!” (… after shouting at tlist that I hate them all because no one told me LOL xD).
Most of us were just like…
ELF fandom broke down… SiHan fandom/supporters as well… and all the ppl who else had feels for people and their deep friendship. I saw tumblr… Angela saw WeiBo… these like 4 seconds of SiHan grinning at each others like idiots and bro hugging eacht other was all over the place. Like page and pange and paaaages full it it.
In every corner I read about ppl stating that they were crying. It was really emotional and heartwarming. ❤❤ I dunno how about you but I love ppl with emotions. When you can be so happy about happiness of others that you cry… that’s LOVE in my eyes. ;~; (not to talk about that I am an emotional idiot anyway, I cry over a LOT of stuff for minor reason…).
AND I JUDGE ppl who cannot see the emotions behind this and judge us for just crying. Like… what do you know? ㄱ_ㄱ Don’t even dare to speak in our presence. Do you know how SM tried to destroy Geng’s reputation? Do you remember 2010?? “People” who should know better calling him stuff like a traitor and ungrateful? Remember how Siwon never said a beep about Geng since he left?
And then there were the ELF and SiHan fans who still believed in their genuin personalities, knowing they were still friends. We just waited for a (public) proof AND THEN THERE WE WERE with our 4 sconds material of those two idiots grinning at each ohter happily at Jackie Chan’s b-day party… seriously THANK YOU SO MUCH JACKIE CHAN!!!
This friendship was so beautiful and we just KNEW it still is, we just neede a proof. And there it was!
It was an emotional moment.
I didn’t cry over some shipping thoughts sh*t. Guys, this is BIGGER than that and never had something to do with shipping in the first place. I cried because of this beautiful friendship still existing and I know what kidn of friends they were in the past, so I absolutely still cannot facking even!!!! I just couldn’t believe it finally happened… public meeting acter almost 5 years… look at their faces! At the little awkward gesture of Geng and then Siwon just grinning his widest grin.
Cinna_감동_emotion oh my goooood! ;~;
I was just so moved and happy for them!
Our babies holding hands and being beautiful friends, that is what is important in life. Just like Junsu and Hyukjae.
These handful of seconds of footage made waves and Siwon was asked about it by interviewers, he just grinned but his manager didn’t want him to say anything. Yeah… guess SM was not amused, huh? ㅋㅋㅋ
Of course everyone had the same thought: F*CK YOU SM! ;P
And in the end we were all so done from our feels. I… I still cannot really put it into words. In the end I just felt like…
♡。゚.(*♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡*)゚♡ °・시한~ 把兄弟~ SiHan lovelies~
So there is not all hope lost. Friendship can still stand above all odds. After all we only want them to be happy!
It happened perfectly. THIS WAS CLASSIC CASE OF V-DAY!!!! (victory day)
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SuJu news!
aawww! our cute squishy!!!!!
HAPPY HAPPY BDAY SIWON!! Have your cake! ヽ(⌒▽⌒)/
THE cake
The whole year round I see his haters… well, ever heard about “nobody is perfect”? And they have no idea about his father so they don’t even know what matter they are talking about. At least Siwon is a person that was somewhat “probelmatic” in the past and gost less problematic nowadays. That’s more than other members can say about themselves. At least he improved.
I am still impressed about the fact that Siwon turned out as decent as he did with SUCH A FATHER! (his father is no joke… don’t want to be disrespectful or so but… seriously, you ever read what he’s tweeting???).
I am still wishing him all the best and he’s really kind and a sweetheart too. (and I love his Chung MinCho quotes… they are really inspiring!)
So happy birthday Siwonnie! (。◠‿‿◠。) Don’t forget to eat (you’re so thin :/ )
And stay a 5 year old as well!
You’re …. the mostadorablecutie! ヾ(愛ˆヮˆ愛)ノ
➤ oooh but he saw Genny! =D that was surely a nice bday gift!
Super Junior celebrates Siwon’s 28th birthday without Siwon in attendance
but nice of the members to think of him and throw a… technically siwon b-day…. party ^^
➤ ah yeah! heard this from stacy unni! (and Siwon now finally followed her… can’t believe he had not done so before! SCANDAL! *haha*)
Super Junior’s Siwon reaches 4 million followers on Twitter
and like unni said: don’t forget about WeiBo as well! Twitter is only one side of the coin 😉 (13 Million there)
I dunno when this “it’s so IN to have instagram” wave came back but… well, have fun with it, Henry~
Henry is the next artist to hop on the Instagram bandwagon

JYJ news!
➤ It is still filming but look at it! it is A HOT THING already!
[News] 140411 “Three Days” follows “My Love from the Star” to be hit drama in China
➤ Because of the Chun-face? xD
140414 “3Days” gets more praises for being different from typical Korean dramas.
➤ They look so much alike! ^___^ and look what a cutie his cousin is as well! aww! adorbs!
[Pic] Yoochun’s cousin shares photos with Yoochun
like when you mix chunnie and henry up, that’s his cousin! *haha*
➤ aaaah~ he looks so good, right?! 8D
[Pic] 140414 JYJ Official Facebook : Park Yuchun’s fashion which is as popular as the drama!
➤ There is a lot happening (or should I say: cancled?) in respect to the Sewol accident in the industry
‘Three Days’ Production Company Donates 30 Million Won to Sewol Victims
– additional article: 140421 [NEWS] JYJ & CJES artists to halt activities in light of the Sewol ferry accident.
➤ hehe, cute chunnie 😉 cute to his sunnbae’s~
[News] 140416 Yoochun is very cute on the filming set, says Jang Hyun Sung
➤ Triangle Teaser (drama) with english subs!

HoMin news!
➤ TVXQ on the radio once again~
140407 TVXQ – SBS Jung Sunhee’s ‘A Night Like Today’
➤ YEAH! Cobu/Make Your Move sountrack! “Running on Empty” (full!!)
please listen HERE: TVXQ – Runnin’ on Empty
TVXQ – Runnin’ on Empty Lyrics
➤ she really seems cute!
140408 Another Moon Ga Young interview where she talks about Changmin
and I can imagine them being awkward afterwards very well xD ah haha, must be distrubing in a way xD
➤ TREEEEEEE~! ٩(⊙ヮ⊙)۶ ftw!
TVXQ reigns at the top of Oricon’s Monthly Album Chart with ‘Tree’
[News] 140410 TVXQ Tops Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Charts with Album “Tree”
[News] 140411 TVXQ’s “TREE” gets platinum from the Recording Industry Association of Japan oooh hoho! YEAH babies! ( σ ¬ ‿ ¬)-σ
➤ it will be AWESOME! because the album is awesome! =D
Tohoshinki Tree tour featured in the Japanese magazine ‘Soda’
Toho tours/songs are the best!!!
➤ Their presence in Japan is so strong!
Movie version of Changmin’s starring drama ‘Mimi’ to be screened in theaters across Japan
➤ So it starts!
TVXQ to kick off their 7th Japanese tour at Yokohama Arena + tour schedule
TVXQ to Launch ‘TVXQ Live Tour 2014~TREE~’ in Japan Today (4/22)
➤ o.o what?! wow, our leader is a real hero ^^ He saved her!
[TRANS] “TVXQ Yunho is probably the best person who appeared in my life,” exclaimed Korean singer Sol Bi.

NS Yoon-G news~
➤ I just think she is one of these damn lucky ppl who can eat and eat and eat (Changmin btw, OTL!!!) and won’t gain a single g of weight!
NS Yoon-G says her body isn’t as nice as people think
and… WHAT FAT, YUNJI??? WHAT FAT?? … whatever her mom saw there > .>
I mean, she’s thin but… somehow I still think she has a natural figure. Like… look at her legs.
She’s pretty ^__^ oooh, if I only had legs like these *hahaha*
– additonal article: NS Yoon-G drops the original sexier version of her ‘Yasisi’ MV
aah! look at that! now I understand some parts better! 😉

Brian News/Fly To The Sky/Hwanhee
Brian confirms Fly to the Sky’s May comeback + concert in June
So cool! I will finally witness Fly to the Sky as a group! =D somehow I always wanted that!

➤ and again I want to ask: HOW in da world can it just ‘leak’…. SM, please!
SM Entertainment to take legal action for the leaking of EXO’s ‘Overdose’ music and dance video
I think like 90% of this “oh oops! now it -accidentally leaked-” is clever planned promo.
So I’m like…
each damn time because… has anyone EVER noticed HOW OFTEN this happens lately??? I mean within the last 2 years this “oops! it leaked” increased heavily… ㄱ-ㄱ
In other words: I got highly suspicous about such matters.
➤ yeeeeah, so you do. >-> well.
SM Entertainment files an official complaint charge against the leaking of EXO’s ‘Overdose’
Can I fill an official conplaint against SM? like… I have been personally violatey by them indirectly (talking about my feels and the boys and stuff) ;P
and still: this “leaked stuff” things didn’t happen so much back in the days. If it was on purpose or if it is real: nice promo tactics, SM, nice promo tactics. *(a little sarcastic) slow clap*

➤ I never saw this happening since I know the korean entertainment industry, tbh.
Entertainment industry puts a hold on various programs, dramas, events, and comebacks in light of the sunken ship tragedy
➤ I hope it will be of a lot of help.
Song Seung Hun and Ryu Hyun Jin donate 100 million KRW (96,000 USD) each to aid with the Sewol relief efforts
It is a really tragic story. One of these tragic stories who could have been avoided. *sigh*

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