JYJ to make comeback in the second half of the year (apparently), Kris’ lawsuit with SM & Geng in New York


ooomg…. the things happening especially the past 3 days are… CRAZY!
in one short sentence: IT IS 2009 AGAIN!

To get right down to the point:
I am talking about Kris’ SM lawsuit…
We’ve been down this road sometimes before, huh? Now it is happening again. some ppl be like “ah, it’s the lawsuit time of the year” (as Angela said). Sadly this is too true!
althoug it is not my pain this time and not my worry, I feel bad for EXO and especially Kris.
There are a lot of rumors going around (as usual) and we know things could (and probably will) get (more) ugly soon.

So in my intro today let’s especially talk about the current event that is Kris’ lawsuit, just because it is general interest.

So for everyone who’s confused about what’s the deal with that all I have here two informative articles I got from a EXO fan friend:
More detailed info about Kris’ lawsuit (articles).

To be very exact about his condition: Kris’ medical report that showed up was proving the high possibility of him having myocarditis.
So now: What is this?
The definition of myocarditis.
There you go.
Inflammation of the heart muscle… OTL that is not a joke to deal with! I hope he will rest!
since he’s still in China chances are good that he has a good rest now. with a diagnosis like this he should not work anything for a while, I know from a workmate of my sister (who had this) that this kinda thing is really not to take lightly.
This is What Kris’ friend posted on WeiBo some days ago.

Then there was some stuff the members said and… we dunno what’s the deal with that so take the acticles with a grain of salt (and I also just post my thoughts to it here, must not be true).
Because it is possibly true that they now (at the moment) feel left alone, hurt and betrayed. That’s only natural and Kris was one of the leaders in the end on top of all. But some stuff they said also sounded like scripted by SM… we dunno what’s the real deal with everything. Also the thing with Tao’s instagram posts was weird… the first one was like “hate you Kris, all hail SM” and the second post (from another phone than the first one btw), sounded different … this reaised (at least) my suspicions, and I am not even a fan! #justsaying
There were many rumors going around too. Like their phones were confiscated.. hm, dunno if we can blieve this. BUT Tao using two different phones to post two different sounding posts would fit into this. Although we still have to say: no one knows.
Fact is that suing the company you are under after only 2 years after debut is nothing you do just like that. It is always the last option. And the story of Geng and JYJ showed us that they only found deaf ears when they wanted to bring attention to their situations so… when SM says now they never knew about him feeling not okay I wanna slap them all!
And… for a group living at a dorm together everyday.. I doubt that they never spoke about things they are uncomfortable with. that the members really had absolutely no clue about what kris is feeling… I just don’t believe this! (that’s my opinion)
EXO’s Suho comments on Kris’ suit against SM Entertainment, calls his actions ‘irresponsible’
EXO’s Tao’s Instagram and Weibo updated with posts about feeling betrayed
– well… o__O some of the stuff in this article is pretty insane… some PEOPLE ARE PRETTY INSANE! How the internet is reacting to the situation with EXO’s Kris and SM Entertainment
let me say one thing: no matter if you pray to god or satan kiddos: you don’t have to worry about EXO. as if SM would care much when one person out of 12 leaves. pffft! The only thing they are angry about is that they have another lawsuit going on now.
– “probably expect” as in ?? they didn’t think he would really do it??
SM says EXO’s concert will go on as scheduled + insider reveals the other members probably did not expect Kris’s lawsuit
fact is that they were really taken aback and shocked when it was really happening. Their faces spoke volumes.
– maybe it is that some ppl can handle the stress and treatment better or are willing to sacrifice everything and all for their dream so that they have no problems? who knows what is true OTL but this is what the members of EXO-M said:
EXO-M speak out in response to Kris’s lawsuit

and just because ppl wonder about lawsuits that lead to nullfication of contracts: Have you ever heard about that thing called “Penalty for breach”?? probably not. because most ppl don’t care about how business works. So let’s look at The reason why artists have to file lawsuits instead of just terminating the contract with the company directly. *CLICK*
Thanks Angela! this is perfect for everyone to understand! And that’s wae it is called a “slave contract”!

That’s it for the current EXO matter.
I wish everyone (besides the higher ones at SM ^^°) the best in this matter. I am talking about EXO, Kris and the fans now.
It’s not our pain this time but we know how it is. Also other fandoms were already in similar situations.
It will probably become ugly and tiring soon. > .>

In the meantime, while EXO and Exotics are in trouble with lawsuit matters our Geng is taking over the world!
Let’s look at the exact details:

Han Geng, stockholder of Chinese cosmetic retailer Jumei, at NYSE for opening bell ceremony of the Jumei IPO debut on May 16 2014

– Shares of Jumei International Holding Ltd. rose 24% in its Friday morning debut. (Jumei IPO Prices at $22 an ADS for a Total Offering Size of About $245.1 Million.) – per Wall Street Journal.

So yesterday I said Han Geng could probably BUY Kris Wu… (about his Jumei stocks).
HE’s the ‘FIRST EVER Chinese Celebirty to hold a large stock in a corporation that’s in the U.S.’ stock market’, just as the small summary says.

He surely can fly without our wings now! He grew himself his own wings within the past 4 years! ;~~; omg baby! So proud of you!

[Latest Pics]
d’aww, genny! you’re dorable ^^ (Yishion) → 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 ,
On the set of the new movie “Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy” → 10.
Geng in New York/USA for Jumei shareholder meeting11, 12 WOW! how handsome he is in suits! (◕‿◕ʃƪ) , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 .
[WeiBo Update] Geng teasing fans ;P
(140516) Han Geng Weibo Update

SuJu news!
➤ Siwon 4ever MIA in SuJu-M activities 😦 It’s kinda sad but I also understand.
Super Junior-M are ‘super guys’ in making film for ‘Cosmopolitan’ shoot
➤ He gained one million followers with one year…
140501 Super Junior Siwon, becomes the first in Korea to break 4 million Twitter followers
But again, no one mentions the 16 million on WEIBO!! Can we talk about Siwon’s army… err… followers for a moment? ^^
➤ They looked so nice! AND WHAT A CUTE BRIDE!!!
Siwon and Chinese actress Kan Qing Zi walk down the aisle in BTS photos from ‘Billion Dollar Heir’
this drama seems to be cute and cool… I am really interested in it in the meantime.
➤ aah haha ^^°°° never new they hadn’t finished it yet?
Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk wrap up their Japan tour in Tokyo!

JYJ news!
➤ aah, old news here… I’m sure 80% of ppl have already seen it and/or the episode to it.
Jaejoong runs in nothing but underwear for second teaser of ‘Triangle’
Daaaamn, he’s too thin… 😦
➤ They do? ^^ then it’s good for JJ. It means he plays his character well.
Viewers of “Triangle” like seeing Jaejoong get roughed up?
➤ I wonder WHAT eactly this yellow ribbon thing means o.o sorry but this went past me. o-o
JYJ’s Jaejoong joins the “Yellow Ribbon” campaign on the internet
➤ I somehow found it cute what she said ^^
[News] 140423 ‘Three Days’ show Yoochun and Park Ha Sun’s chemistry in behind-the-scenes videos
➤ 허~~!!! thank you G.O for talking good about him!
140427 MBLAQ’s G.O talks about Junsu in an interview.
➤ After a lot of back and forth in this matter: well, slowly it is really time for it to happen!
[News] 140501 Kim Jaejoong Talks About Last Project Before Enlistment, “Triangle,” and JYJ Comeback Plans
I find it so cool that they are still good friends ^3^
[Pic] 140430 Elbowyeish’s instagram update with Junsu
➤ haha! John visited Junsu’s new Iron Man!
this was a cool role for him indeed!
JYJ’s Yoochun gives his message of thanks and condolences as ‘Three Days’ comes to an end
➤ ho ho! hot scene with KJJ~ ;P
Jaejoong heats things up with a hot kiss and shower scene in ‘Triangle’
➤ the song is nice!
[News] 140505 Ailee Sings the First Theme Song for “Triangle” OST
I’m really happy Ailee sings a song to JJ’s drama ^___^
– additional acticle: Ailee lends her voice for the song ‘Day by Day’, the main OST of drama ‘Triangle’ (with audio there!)
➤ XIAcula! =D
JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) to play a vampire for musical ‘Dracula’
aaah, and Junsu looks so good these days! I cannot even! =) It makes me happy!
➤ Ok, Best Ballad concert is over in the meantime, but ^^ just because of the picture with the pink hair *haha*
[News] 140507 JYJ’s Junsu heads to Japan for his upcoming Japan spring tour
➤ Although ppl liked the “rough” jajoong, the drama itself they didn’t find so great (heard it from my tlist directly)
‘Triangle’ continues to fall, becomes the last in ratings
I feel a bit bad for the cast.. but at least JJ has much fun filming it!
➤ fanmeetings in china are always a big success ^^
Yoochun to also hold fan meetings in China this June
➤ It really WAS amazing! ;~;
140515 [NEWS] Junsu moves 30,000 Japanese fans to tears with his heavenly voice
– additional articles: JYJ’s Junsu sings an emotional medley of TVXQ songs during his ‘XIA the Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert’ in Japan
– in case you wanna see some FANCAMS I recommend you this small set of awesome fancams: 140514 [FANCAMS] XIA 2014 The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Tokyo (Day 2)
➤ I guess it’s because they only did dramas lately the fans miss them a lot ^^
[News] 140514 JYJ Yoochun’s first solo fan meeting sells out in 15 minutes

HoMin news!
➤ I still haven’t listened to this song (“sweat”)OTL I mean through fancams or so!
TVXQ to release new Japanese single album ‘Sweat/Answer’ in June
I am really curious what the new songs will sound like ^___^
➤ [Interview Trans] AERA magazine
OTL Yunho! “There are many times when I don’t confide in people.” (Baek DoHoon)
[TRANS] Yunho’s interview & cover story from AERA May 2014 Issue.
hmmm…. when he’s talking about the drama… I guess I will continue watching tomo!
➤ oooh ho ho! yeah that is right!
BoA says Yunho was sexy for his cameo in her movie ‘Make Your Move’
but… *sigh* … they should get married already!!!! *shouts* YUNBOOO!!!!! I sheeeeeep you! … OTL I meant ‘ship’~
➤ this is surely right but more accurate it would be to say: SM earns the most through them OTL
[News] 140509 TVXQ earn the highest among SM artists
and now let’s imagine what would happen if SM would pay their artists properly /LE GASP! (sadly that is a very sad joke *facepalm* … hrr… == *glares at SM*)
➤ hahaha xD because you want him to be “educated”? xD
Why Does TVXQ’s Yunho Recommend Changmin for the Show “The Human Condition?”
oh boy… they were so nonchalant in this… everyone should watch the vid! it’s so nice to watch! =)
but: DUUUUDE! Changmin has one fridge for the alcohol and one for the normal stuff. like… oO you serious… wow.
➤ As usual, the Bigeast version is so nice! *.*
TVXQ release jacket photos for new Japanese single ‘Sweat/Answer’

BoA news!
➤ oh boy… I feel sorry for BoA.
BoA’s movie ‘Make Your Move’ fails to make a dent in either USA or in Korea
and just to CORRECT the inaccurate report of AKP I want to add this comment from the article because the article itself causes confusion (like so often… they’re twisting words -_-  hrr…)
It’s 9,216 people actually. 57 is the number of people who watched it on it’s 10th day after release. That’s just in one day, 10 days after April 17. It’s total box-office gross in Korea is more than 72 million won and the movie has grossed more than $1, 463, 633 worldwide.
another comment that helps to clarify:
i’m not surprise at all. You can’t really make a huge dent in the US market when you’re only showing it on a limited # of theaters. If they really want it to be a success, premier it everywhere in the US, not just a few # of theaters. How are you going to make profit or get the words out there when little to no one heard about it. Advertising it on their own youtube account doesn’t really help because a big portion of the people who sees are fans who don’t have access to seeing the movie in person so that’s a big flop. They need a better advertisement. It’s sad that the movie premier at a bad time in Korea too.
p.s for those who saw the ads on youtube, it does not mean that all the other people who uses youtube also see the same ads at you. the internet (goggle) is very smart, they show you ads that you’re interest in (kpop,kdrama and etc) so it’s not a surprise for you guys to see it. What will be a surprise is seeing the movie ads on TV (in the US).
And because of the Sewol accident…? Well, this was surely tragic but mostly ppl from a certain area were affected by this… Korea is much larger so: what’s about the rest of ppl?
The explanation with the students in USA having midterm exams is more logic than the Sewol one. When you have to study hard and not even time to breathe you also don’t go to the cinema.
Well, whatever. I still want to see this movie. If it is good ir not I can tell afterwards. but only playing it in some “selected” cinema’s doesn’t help indeed (like the comment said).
on the other hand, if the movie really is “lame”, like someone said (and the plot is not the actors’ fault, tbh…) then not even BoA or anyone can make it good. When cinema owners looked at it the same way they said “no one will watch it, it will take the place away for us to show a better movie. Wae should I show this?”.
OTL the term “fail movie” is always bigger than a maybe lame plot. there are many things around a movie. Let’s cann it “outside factors”.
➤ aaah, she’s so pretty and cute! I love BoA!
BoA bares her toned midriff in training wear for ‘Sure’
*claps* WOW! someone at SM remembered that BoA actually exists!! (although it could be worse OTL)
BoA to release new Japanese single + first tour in 4 years

Fly to The Sky (FTTS) news!
➤ They look good, don’t they! =)
Fly to the Sky hint at an even more charismatic return with individual teaser images
Oppa and Hwanhee hwaiting for comeback!
➤ ㅋㅋ oh who wouldn’t hide food you want for yourself?
Brian reveals he hid food he wanted for himself from Hwanhee
➤ OMG! O: what is happening with them?!?
Fly to the Sky prepare fans for ‘CONTINUUM’ with tracklist

SS501 News
➤ He attended respectfully
Kim Hyung Jun attends memorial service for the deceased victims of Sewol
➤ oh hey! he will be back in business??
Kim Hyun Joong to make a Japanese comeback this June

➤ I wonder WHAT kind of job LSM is doing these days when he isn’t the CEO anymore…
SM Entertainment, Avex, and Universal Music Japan establish joint company ‘everysing Japan’
it is really confusing! you barely hear a word about LYM (Lim YoungMin, new CEO of SM). We didn’t even hear a word about this whole new CEO thing… oO this company keeps being strange to me and… suspicious! = = *eyes them*

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