Yunho in new Drama, Junsu as cool Dracula & HanGeng wins “World’s Best Male Artist” at World Music Awards in Monaco!!!

안녕 다들!

Now I haven’t updated in ages again aigoo… *sigh*
but I was just too tired. what to do?

So here we go now!
First of all, the latest stuff about kris’ SM lawsuit (although it has been quiet around it lately)

thoughts on the Kris matter from Hennim:
Heechul says the situation with Kris is discourteous to fans
With all given respect heenim but…. when it is me surviving or the baby fan’s possessive feels… errr.. the decision is not hard to make.
I only want to say: If Kris felt he cannot do it under these circumstances anymore and that it would break him (and as we know he has health issue and needs to rest) I don’t see anything that harm the fans.
Maybe their little hearts break over the loss. But can we talk about penalty for break of contract again… unless you are already super mega rich before you enter SM you will never be able to get out of there ever again without bein in really deep reds on your bank account for the rest of your life.
An Idols “duty” in front of the fans ends where their personal well being is harmed.
So I can only partially agree with Heenim.

More news (and these are facts):
Some Thoughts about Dreams
yeah well. Kris dreams. and I am like… wow. speechless.
SM’s reasons to reject the offers… I’m speechless.
they think they are freaking gods of the world “co-actors are not famous enough”????? EXCUSE ME???
This is what ppl mean when they say they got tricked into signing the contract. Knowing SM they said “ah yeah yeah, we will make you act after a while” but actually just wanted him in for another reason.
I want to say that I’m no EXO fan. But this shit already goes on my nerves again!
Once again I can only say: SM deserves each and every lawsuit that get’s thrown at them. ㄱ_ㄱ #ThinkingOutLoud #DamnItsTrue

Last rumor that turned out as false:
Kris’s mom reported to have met with Hangeng’s Chinese agency YUEHUA to discuss her son’s future
AND I TOLD VICKY ON THE DAY OF THE LAWSUIT NEWS: WHAT IF KRIS GOES TO YUEHUA?? so I really laughed when I read these “news” xD
Ok, it turned out to be wrong but no one should say he could never end up there! ;P

Yeah. Mediation… It will be like SM saying “accept our conditions!” and Kris be like “>__> the answer is still no.”, SM: “WAAAARRR!!!!”
or something like that ^^°°°
Kris and SM Entertainment reported to enter court-referred mediation

[Latest Pics]
Jumei shareholder meeting in NY → 1 ,
(140526) Han Geng and his dance crew, RMB (Rhythm Mixbeat) in Monaco for the World Music Awards → 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ,
(140527) Red carpet event | World Music Awards → 6 hello little “bathroom Genny”! Your name will be GengTiles now! =D , 7 ,
preparing for performance of Clown Mask (Makeup artist Geng~) → 8 ,
(140527) Han Geng exploring Monaco → 9 aah you’re having fun there, huh? ^__^ ,
HANGENG WON “WORLD’S BEST MALE ARTIST” at World Music Awards!!! CONGRATS!!!! → 10 , 11 this is seriously unbelievable(/unbelievably awesome)! now we really covered all the bases, Geng for world domination, thank for the attention everyone, BYE! xD ;
On the red carpet with dance crew RMB (Rhythm Mixbeat) → 12 , 13 ,
Performing “Clown Mask” at WMA → 14 ,
HanGeng at T4 world premiere in Hong Kong → 15 , 16 ,
Geng in Mila/Italy with some fans → 17 , 18 playing with a puppy~~ , 19 , 20 .
➤ [Movie/Trailer] T4
8DD Geng in the transformers 4 trailer!!!! (…for only like one second but still! =D )

[WEIBO updates]
– HanGeng and Michael Bay : (140620) Han Geng Weibo Update
(140620) Han Geng Weishi Update : Transformers theme song

SuJu news!
➤ the ajeossis recognized you before or after you took your clothes off? xD
Henry reveals he actually learned Chinese in Korea
➤ That was nice but…
Super Junior-M perform at ‘Kugou Music Awards’ + win ‘Most Influential Group of the Year’
what happened on the red carpet before this wasn’t so nice… >_> : [SJM red carpet issue]
Organizig fails, false information, no fans there anymore. this keeps happening. no wonder they looked 100% in the event photos >__> (btw, did anyone ever notice how sungmin almost everytime looks 200% done with the situation? I guess his issue still hasn’t changed but he keeps it to hiself in front of the public)
➤ Without ELF there would be no SuJu anymore
Super Junior celebrate the 8th anniversary of official fanclub ELF
(SM wanted to get rid of them back then >___> – but couldn’t because… oops! lookies, contracts OTL and then they saw “oh, these boys are actually getting popular”)
➤ oh?! and i thought the next thing would be 7집 of all of SuJu!
Eunhyuk and Donghae to release new Japanese single ‘Skeleton’
i wonder what the MV for this one will be like! xD (remember “Motorcycle”, I say!! LOL)
➤ it’s his right, so he can~
Super Junior’s Sungmin to skip out on conscripted policeman recruitment this year to focus on his activities
➤ I dunno what’s with this instagram hype these days but: now hyukkie joined!
Eunhyuk announces the opening of his new Instagram account

JYJ news!
➤ yes! Cjes family working together ^^ (although Chunnie was alone in the studio without gummy) and they always look like having fun at work! this is LOVE!
140521 – Yoochun to be featured in Gummy’s new album.
➤ [Vid/Trans] HNGH! OUR CUTE JUNUS! I CAN’T!!! ^^ so cute!
140521 Junsu – JYJ Japan Official Fanclub 2nd Anniversary Message
➤ It was awesome! each day was awesome of Best Ballad!
JYJ’s Kim, Junsu brings out 60,000 fans in Japan for solo concerts.
➤ They DO stand out without a doubt!
140602 – Yoochun & Jaejoong, different kind of acting-dols in class & case..why
➤ cool! =D
140605 – Yoochun shares that JYJ is currently working on an album.
➤ yeah that is… already not new to us… it’s just official now
140605 – Yoochun & Jaejoong plan to enlist later in the year after release of JYJ’s album.
➤ oh wow! he looks cool! O.O
140609 – Junsu’s ‘Dracula’ concept photos released, a mythical & shocking transformation.
➤ Ah yeah… uhm… can we rally call this a “feature”? ^^°
*coughs* 6 seconds joke, anyone? xD
Yoochun to feature in Gummy’s upcoming album
➤ But what a cute seater! D’aww! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
*___* nyaah~ baby looks gorgeous!
JYJ’s Junsu turns up the charisma for ‘Singles’ magazine
➤ IT WAS A HUGE HIT, OKEH?! all funny and asesome! ლ( *__* ლ) Junsuuuu~ you go, baby!
JYJ’s Junsu takes over Japan with his solo live concert
➤ Does anyone know if the drama was doing better in the meantime? since I don’t watch it I am not so informed…
JYJ’s Jaejoong sings main theme for ‘Triangle’
➤ It’s bee a while since we lastly heard something from that project
[Vid] 140605 JYJ Facebook : JYJ starred Commercial Film to 2014 Incheon Asian Game
➤ Seemed like it was a nice event (and he looked so cute ^^)
[Pic] 140605 JYJ Facebook : Park Yuchun, at the solo fan meeting ‘House warming party’
– yup! it was the bday fanmeeting [News] 140605 JYJ’s Yoochun celebrates his birthday with 6,002 fans during his solo fan meeting
➤ aaah he was great in that drama, wasn’t he? ^^
JYJ’s Yoochun to hold a fan meeting in honor of his drama ‘I Miss You’ in Japan this July
Oppars go into business deeper and deeper~
[News] 140606 JYJ’s Jaejoong opens “Café JHolic” in Incheon
➤ Oh my dongsaegie looooved this one!
[News] 140609 Jaejoong releases self-written ‘Even If I Hate’ for ‘Triangle’ OST
➤ OTL shit our boys have to deal with! thank god this chapter has been closed by the court now.
JYJ’s Yoochun’s blackmailer sentenced to 10 months in jail
➤ It’s such a cool song =)
TVXQ’s ‘Sweat/Answer’ maintains #2 spot on the Oricon Daily Single Chart for three days in a row
➤ WOW! that’s so cool! =D
[News] 140619 JYJ’s Park Yoochun to Appear as Guest in Chinese Variety Show “Happy Camp”

HoMin news!
➤ omo! hopefully he can improve in this drama as well.
140527 – Yunho, casting in “Night Watchman” …Transformation into a cool dispassionate “Man of Pure Love.”
We know Yunho isn’t a perfect actor but he improved during Yawang!
[Bigeast MISSION CARD 32] KYAAAH! (((o(≧ヮ≦)o))) they are so cute and funny!

haha xD how changmin keeps talking but Yunho is seriously focused on the mission and changmin keeps saying “please say something” xD
but the best was seriously when he stared at Yunho’s sharpened pencil like “O.O … how da hell did he do this??!”
➤ that comment is the best “my life!!!!” ^3^
[SCANS] Yunho for 「Cut」 Magazine June 2014 Issue
➤ So glad that at least they get an outdoor shooting once in a while…
TVXQ head to a club for a night out in short PV for Japanese single ‘Sweat’
I wonder if SuJu will EVER get an out-of-the-box shooting ever again ㄱ-ㄱ tsk. SM… Is drowning in money and doesn’t even bother…
but: here is the fisnihed product 😉
Tohoshinki – SWEAT MV (full version) *click*
➤ HOMIN LOOOOOVE! this is so cute! *giggles* naww~ changmin!
[trans] Most memorable text messages between Yunho and Changmin
TREE Tour : “Yunho, what’s your number?!” xD /CRYING
Korean Lesson with THSK : Yunho & Bigeast

FFTS news!
➤ It’s an album full of nice songs!
Fly to the Sky reunite for beautiful ninth album ‘CONTINUUM’
Fly to the Sky completely sweeps real-time charts with ‘You You You’
➤ awww, isn’t that a cute thing to say?
Fly to the Sky address previous breakup rumors and assure fans they will never disband
➤ haha! and I already wondered what this is about!
Brian fulfills his promise to try Hwanhee’s ‘ramen hairstyle’ from their ‘Day by Day’ promotions

➤ where da moneys at~
2013 revenue from SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment revealed
and I still don’t get wae LSM is still like THE ONLY SM face when he’s not even CEO anymore. Has anyone ever seen Lim YoungMin (the actual curren CEO of SM)? as for me, I don’t even know what he looks like o_O
Maybe I am insane but this is suspicious to me >.>
➤ Gangnam Style is a legend in itself.
Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ MV surpasses 2 billion views on YouTube + new song ‘Hangover’ to be revealed June 8

➤ oh lookies! they are alive! *haha*
Shinhwa to make their comeback next year

➤ oops! ^^° I totally missed the release of that!
Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Hot Sun’ tops Oricon’s Daily Singles Chart and sells nearly 65,000 copies on first day

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