Geng releases MV for “谁control” , JYJ not to perform at IAG ㄱ_ㄱ + petition to look into this matter & JYJ will make their comeback soon!

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Many news lately! Time that I post some again!

News regarding Kris~
Wow! that was fast!
Kris to begin filming in Prague + enter mediation with SM Entertainment next month
Kris’s new movie ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ release images
More official pictures of Kris released for Chinese film ‘Somewhere Only We Know’
Kris (Wu Yi Fan) sings ‘Time Boils the Rain’ for Chinese film ‘Tiny Times 3’ OST
….. I am nottttt sure if that was a good move to make. I mean: already. This will heat up the discussion around the lawsuit even more and maybe put him under a bad light >__>
I can already hear ppl say he only used EXO to get popular and go solo. Maybe that wasn’t too smart. Too early Kris, too early.
Btw: It’s strangely quite since there was no agreement reached between SM and Kris… I wonder if they secretly wanna sue da hell outa him now like they did with the others >__> (but it always comes to light)

140713 – JYJ fans sign petition to investigate Incheon Asian Games.
Probably goes nowhere but it’s worth a try!

Direct link to petition site : Call to action : JYJ and IAG! (PETITION)

[Latest Pics]
Geng in Milan → 1 , 2 , 3 ,
Transformers bts → 4 , 5 ,
back to Geng in Milan → 6 , 7 ugh damn >///< handsome baby! , 8 like a true model~ (⌐■_■)♢ , 9 he’s even super handsome during dinner O: , 10 , 11 oh guess what, this sounda miliar to me~ it’s the same as what ppl say about Siwon , 12 , 13 , 14 oh! Zheng Kai in Milan too! ,
LEON Fashion Magazine → 15 , 16 , 17 ,
(June 2014) Han Geng and Andrea Della Valle for HOGAN | Milan Fashion Week → 18 ,
Yishion 2014 Fall series preview → 19 ,
Leon magazine (July 2014 issue) → 20 .
[Movie] Geng’s appearance in T4…
Han Geng’s five-second Hollywood debut
…this is what we have thought it would be in the end and now it is. We somehow knew it. But at least 5 seconds are more than other ppl can say so xD *haha* oooh, seeriously *walks away*
(the only REALLY funny thing is that they had to film for like 3 days or so for these 5 seconds. I realy wonder oO )
[MV for T4 song] 谁control/Day Break

SuJu news!
➤ Sources said he last-minute-filled in for another actor that got… injured before filming if I remember right >.>
Super Junior’s Siwon cast in Dante Lam’s upcoming cycling film ‘To The Fore’
I appreciate that he can do a role he really likes and is having fun. I don’t appreciate that he has gotten thinner lately… probably to the bike training? *eyes Siwon* yeah… we are carefully watching you. Don’t forget to eat!

JYJ news!
➤ the difference of what they understand when saying “oversea” and what we understand under “oversea”… ^^°
140625 [NEWS] – JYJ to meet fans through comeback concert in August.
OTL without a long cry: KKAEBSONG. that’s all I say.
➤ The thing everyone was mad about:
Shit just happened again. And once again we see that SM had eeeeverone under their hands. Who says not this has nothing to do with SM should finally open the eyes. kajsldsajflasjfs *mumbles curses* damn. *walks away*
(Wonder if they are ashamed for first using JYJ and their popularity to spead the word about IAG, and then ditch them like that. ㄱ______ㄱ *judge-glares at them hard* )
➤ I wonder when they will do a real world tour again…. o.o after the army?
JYJ to make their upcoming comeback even more exciting with an Asia tour kicking off in Seoul this August
all of their Fanmeetings were a success!
JYJ’s Yoochun holds his solo fan meeting in Japan for ‘I Miss You’ with 15,000 fans
➤ And I still remember the first one… now it’s already the third! time flies!
JYJ welcome fans to their 3rd annual ‘JYJ Membership Week’
➤ YEAH! we’re waiting! =D
JYJ confirm their comeback date and release concept images for ‘Just Us’
“JYJ’s album is titled ‘JUST US’ because we don’t feel the burden that we must look handsome and cool. (…)”
– SOON!!! : JYJ announce title track ‘Back Seat’ + MV teaser set for release next week (MV teaser will be released on 2014.07.22 (Tue) )
[Info] JYJ 2nd Album ‘Just Us’ – Tracklist + Album Specification
JYJ’s upcoming album ‘Just Us’ ranks #1 on Japan’s HMV and Tower charts
➤ JJ got a support cake from arab fans! =)
140720 – Jaejoong reveals confirmation shot for international fans’ love in Triangle.
➤ JYJ interview in Marie Claire:

Yoochun “Please understand this. There are times when we make considerations for the agency and when members make considerations for other members. But fans think that the decisions we made out of consideration for each other is a decision made unilaterally by the agency. Of course, we know. We know that it is out of your love for that member. But we chose to walk out from [our former] agency because we wanted to make our own decisions, and so we prioritize the respect for our opinions above anything else.”
Junsu “Yes. We listen to what the agency has to say. But we make the decisions. Among our activities, some have been more successful than others. Fans believe that those decisions have been made by the agency, but it is not true. To put it simply, we do what we want to do. I would like the fans, out of the love they have for us, to understand that JYJ are people who take responsibilities for the decisions they have made.”
Jaejoong “We hope that the fans would support us so that we could do what we want to do. Of course, we know that the fans have been our greatest support going through the hard times with us when we left our former agency.”
Junsu “After the hard times, I feel that the members and fans have laughed more and grown closer together. That is why we would like the fans to enjoy our group activities instead of being worried and defensive. Above all, I have the deepest gratitude for the fans.”
Jaejoong “It’s like fans and us are a family now.”

everytime something happenes (a decision) that fans do not like they point at Cjes with their fingers. and I say aaaaall the time: you really think JYJ will let anyone walk over them again? you really think they do something because “the company said so”? don’t you think the terms of signing with Cjes back then were a liiiiittle more detailed about how they wanted to be respected and all that stuff?
Sure, Cjes isn’t without fault and we all know that (and c’mon: often they should just seriously take a package of chill pills…), BUT at least JYJ can do and try what they want now and no one would decide over their heads what to do and what not. Everyone runs around saying how much they most likely regret being under cjes already and stuff while the boys just run around saying “it’s a place to heal”, “we are so happy now” and being cute babies with their CEO.
For me it’s still like: as long as it is like that they will most likely not regret anything and as long as it is like that I will not point my finger at cjes like the others.
read the whole INTERVIEW HERE *click* : Marie Claire Korea (August 2014 Issue) Excerpts: “We are JYJ before anything.”

HoMin news!
➤ looks like they keep breaking records no matter what they do ^^
140623 – Tohoshinki sets new records with Japanese tours, over 2 million in concertgoers.
additional article with slighly more content and PICS! ^^
➤ Most watched MVs on YouTube first half of 2014 (TVXQ are 9th…)
Most watched K-Pop Youtube music video in the world in the first half of 2014
….you gotta be kidding me. ppl just watched this top MV because they were curious. but likt 90% of them thought it was just so… trash.
I am a little disappointed in viewers. Neither PSY’s song nor SNSD’s song *takes breath as is about to make some enemies* WERE GOOD! sorry but that’s my opinion. I liked PSY’s MVs before and even some of the SNSD songs. For SNSD i can say: they had songs much better already. And PSY and snoop dogg.. well, the MV was funny SOMEHOW but… overall melody and lyrics are so trash and annoying… I think only party ppl who want to get drunk to this will love it… I dunno. No offense but: sorry, I cannot even with that song.
What I want to say is: “Something” deserves so much better! It was awesome in korean and japanese version. *shrugs* but it’s okay. looks like many ppl missed out real quality ;P hehehe~
➤ the pictures are really nice and sweet but I don’t think I can buy it anytime soon D:
TVXQ are handsome men in pictures for photo book ‘Ti Amo’
➤ My first fandom collides with my current one once more!
Backstreet Boys: TVXQ reminds us of our former selves.

SS501 news!
➤ well that’s more like a real world tour! =) and the new album is good!
Kim Hyun Joong unveils poster for his upcoming world tour which kicks off in Seoul this month

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  1. Puuuhhh ~/sighs but not with relief/I quite agree with you there Sangmi. I am always the one yelling when these things aren’t fixed RIGHT AWAY but this seems to be a bit soon ^^; Some things take time…it’s just how it is >< Thank you for all the news 🙂 And I'm having these weird premonitions that JYJ's album will be as expensive as TVXQ's PB…IDK why because I saw it online and it wasn't that bad actually XD

    • Sangmi says:

      the album should be priced okay I guess – besides it is made of gold *haha* I haven’t had a look at the pre order price yet because… no need to look at it when I don’t have money. will only frustrate me >-<

      and you meant the thing with Kris, right?
      I mean it's cool that he's doing well already but… naaaah, too early kris, too early. messes up things more now. but of course it's his life and he has to know. we, as outsiders, can only have opinions.

      and I posted "old" news ^^° always collecting over some time. when you found something you didn't already know then I'm happy ^^

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