JYJ return with “Just Us” + Back Seat MV, YunJae mention each other!! O: & JYJ kick off their Tour in Seoul!

안녕 다들! v^^.

Before we come to the news stuff let’s talk about some other stuff!

THE HOBBIT TRAILER for Battle of the five Armies a bit! =DD
The Hobbit 3 – Battle of the five Armies
Unlike a few ppl I love the hobbit movies and I can’t wait for the final one!
It looks awesome!!

theeeen: some things happened around/before/during/etc the JYJ concert.
Just like Chunnie speaking up about TVXQ….
140813 Yoochun talks about TVXQ – “I hope we would share drinks together as five.”
…it took them 5 years to finally speak of them openly ;~; first YunJae (see below in HoMin news) and now Chunnie. Yeah… hatred you say Chunnie… I mean I remember Junsu’s breakdown back then. *sigh* even the boys were so confused and… disappointed at one point when they stood alone as JYJ…. I remember what Junsu tweeted back then after looking at KYHD booklet… I guess you start to hate your friends at this point. so I sort of understand. But this sort of hate is a bit different from the general sense of it. It fades again. I think most ppl “hated” their friends for something at one point, but then you forgive them and move on.
As Jaejoong said: The problem was never between the members. There was just a time of great disappointment in… HoMin and… their company … and everything.
BUT also, this could be a fail in the trans and he didn’t even mean this kind of thing, because in another trans version of this interview part it sounds pretty much different.
well, now everyone can think for themselves. the -hatred- part is not 100% clear. but overall chunnie wishes for the same thing as I do: for the 5 to come together and be happy as friends.
of course we also have a soompi article on this matter: JYJ’s Yoochun Reflects on the Years After the Split of TVXQ
as expected also this one sounds a liiiittle bit different. well, there’s no way to find out which one is more accurate. we can agree on one thing: overall, roughly, they all says the same. ^^°

Let’s talk about the thing that happened at JYJ concert in Seoul: There was this sign of a fanbase that Said “TVXQ & JYJ”… sadly I dunno what the hangul under it say but that’s it here:
 photo sign1.png
at first I thought: WOW!. .. but is that real? I mean it LOOKED real but yeah. Because I had looked at so many pics of the concert already and it never appeared on any of these photos.
BUT then JYJ666 site (our dear friends ㅎㅎ) posted another bunch of pics and LOOKIES WHAT I SAW on one of the pics!
 photo sign2.jpg
aaah there it is again! The sign! So Junsu was indeed holding it and… the fact that standom blurred it (look closely… it is blurred so no one can read what’s written on it LOL xD) proves us that this indeed happened, that this sign exists. It was not photoshoped.
MY POOR HEART! OT5 feels all over the place these days!  photo oohhoho_zpsd1b6494d.gif
yeah… and reagarding standom… LOL you look pathetic doing this! xD you still cannot accept it! omg! So it is happening again. *leans back and laughs*
 photo AwesomeLaugh_KangHyunMin_Siwon_zps30c59daa.gif

and the epic slow clapping session of sarcastic amazement goes right towards KBS this month!
JYJ’s ‘Back Seat’ deems inappropriate for broadcast by KBS
… …..
YOU SERIOUS?? really now??…
Really now...?
[sarcasmn on] like wow… I am so proud of you KBS! now you finally foud a legit reason to bann JYJ again. impressive… so cool. you now call it “inappropriate”… nice for you! good job! [/sarcasm off]
*facepalm* as if no one saw this shit coming! I only say: Drit off my shoulder! … ㄱ-ㄱ no one needs you, nonetheless it’s laughable what you do.
when someone pays attention what else they air from other artists I wonder sometimes. o_O it’s really about “I like you so -yes-… but you… oh no! not you! I don’t like you/SM said I cannot like you.. so -no-
– Cjes reaction to be read in AKP article: JYJ, HyunA, and HA:TFELT respond to KBS’s ban of their songs
yes, now we can say changing the lyrics will not change anything.
that’s right.
most likely it won’t.
BUT Cjes can then say that they did everything to play by the rules. They will still say no, I strongly thing so, but it is not because JYJ refused to “fit in”.
And the boys says…
[Trans] 140809 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Makes An Honest Confession, “Even If Our Song Hadn’t Been Banned, We Still Couldn’t Appear On TV…”
xD LOL that is right Chunnie! Junsu looked too sexy! like… GOD! that’s illegal ^^°°°
but honestly! we all know what’s the deal here. *eyes KBS* so no need for crying. The boys are in a position now where they don’t need broadcasting. It would be just a… let’s say… nice move of the broadcasting stations. but wae they are afraid to do so we know… *sigh* case closed.

[Latest Pics]
Yishion 2014 Fall series → 1 ,
(140723) Han Geng Weibo Update | “#BulgariSaveTheChildren# Hope and future for the children!” → 2 ,
(140724) Tissot event in Hefei → 3 , 4 ,
Yishion → 5 ,
(140808) Tissot swiss watches event in Xi’an → 6 , 7 .
[WeiBo updates]
– is that your ‘omg it’s raining D: wae?”-face? ^^
(140724) Han Geng Weibo Update : raining
(140801) Han Geng Weibo Update : Chinese Valentines Day
➤ Han Geng’s acceptance speech in English for winning World’s Best Male Artist at the 2014 World Music Awards in Monaco
Award acceptance speech
 photo Happy_zps20cac31a.png
HOLY MOTHERFATHER!!!! YOUR GENGLISH!!!! omg! his english has become so good!
He’s maybe still struggling a bit but… wow! he speaks in full english sentences! uwah!
( ◕ヮ◕)b good job Genny!
(btw: he was adorable too! ( ˆ ω ˆ )❤ )
/le gasp!
➤ [Geng in Korea] About meeting Heenim : And they didn’t even twist everything he said! I’m proud of you AKP!
Hangeng comments on his recent hangout with Heechul + his thoughts on the possibility of starring in a production with Super Junior

SuJu news!
➤ LOl yeah, because ELF spammed the hacker with mentions like cray xD The person had to give up in the end!
Donghae returns to his old Instagram!
Fandom can do really good things sometimes 😉 this is one of these things: they helped donghae getting his account back! Hyukkie or Donghae… one of them… filmed it with a phone when it happened.
➤ Welcome back AngelLeader!
Super Junior’s Leeteuk is officially discharged from military service!
cant believe it was 2 years already! O.O
Super Junior members welcome back leader Leeteuk
Super Junior reveals video for their world tour ‘Super Show 6’
my god… it’s already time for SS6… o:
Leeteuk to join ‘Super Show 6’ + ticket sale for Seoul concert to begin next month
➤ after little start difficulties: there is siwon’s instagram! *haha*
When he ask of he should do an instagram or FB again I knew he would do at least one of it.
Super Junior’s Siwon is now on Instagram!
….well, at least it made me think for A MOMENT if I join instagram but… no xD
(as long as no one of tlist joins me in Naver LINE I won’t join instagram… because… damn! your phone all have inet connection so da hell wit wathsapp! JOIN ME IN NAVER!!!! before that I won’t join anybody in instagram OTL)
➤ and I STILL wonder how it came that Adrien Brody is in Jackie’s movie o.o
Siwon poses with Adrien Brody and Jackie Chan on set of ‘Dragon Blade’
… ….. and Siwon: your hair is… ‘a no from me’ xD …
oO and I’m pretty sure that was the wig from Shindong in SS5 Guangzhou during the dace performance xD LOL

JYJ news!
➤ this is cool!
140723 Yoochun – “Sea Fog” invited to the Toronto International Film Festival
➤ Star1 magazine interview trans!
140724 – Jaejoong Star1 Magazine Interview: The Return of the King
➤ Junsu’s hilarious Dracula story xD (shared by his mom)
When Junsu accidentally stabbed the cross because he was too much into the scene…
➤ HEYYY!!!! finally JYJ comeback! and Back Seat MV right here!
the sets are awesome! °.° really cool! they look great and… now I want to know the trans of the lyrics ^^°
➤ TRANS! here we go!
“Back Seat” lyrics translation
thought it would be worse but it is still what I thoguth (since the teaser xD ) it would be about ㅋㅋ
Dad, You There? (Lyrics by Yoochun)
Letting Go (Lyrics co-written by Junsu)
7 Years Old (Lyrics)
So So lyrics
Sad Dawn/새벽 두시 반 (lyrics)
Let Me See (Lyrics by Jaejoong)
Thirty/서른… lyrics
Baboboy (Lyrics by Jaejoong)
Dear J (Lyrics & Sung by Jaejoong)
Creation (Lyrics by Jaejoong)
Valentine lyrics
➤ About the album & songs
140729 – JYJ’s “Just Us” Album Info
140729 – JYJ’s Hot New “Back Seat” Single Tops 7 Music Charts
JYJ Takes Over Top of Music Charts with New Song ‘Back Seat’
– so proud! You worked hard for this boys!
[News] 140808 JYJ’s new album ranks 4th on Billboard
[Trans] 140811 JYJ’s ‘JUST US’ Tops The Album Sales Charts For Two Consecutive Weeks.. Proves Their Might
➤ more like chunnie and junsu talked about it
140730 – Yoochun Talks About Upcoming Military Enlistment and How JYJ Considered Enlisting Together as a Group
➤ Interview in SCENE PLAYBILL with Junsu
140801 – Junsu’s interview for scene PLAYBILL (August 2014 Issue)
➤ oh ho ho~ ( ¬‿¬) this would have been to the liking of many fangirls, JJ… ㅋㅋ
140731 – ‘Triangle’ Kim Jaejoong, “Even if it was net boxers, I would still wear it”
➤ Back Seat on Arirang!
140804 – Arirang’s Pops in Seoul: JYJ’s “Back Seat”
➤ oO wow.. that… okay.
Full Story of “Dear J” Lyrics by Jaejoong.
➤ yeah well.. I never thought the thing with the album would happen so soon and… who knows, if chunnie wants to act more he will probably concentrate on that?
140804 – Yoochun talks about obligatory military service & his solo album. (no it’s not coming guys – sorry)
➤ Oppars getting old with us ^^
140804 JYJ – “We are all over 30 years old by next year… ‘Back Seat’ contains matured attraction of men”
➤ So many interviews lately… especially with chunnie, it’s crazy!
Yoochun talks about unconditional love & envying his character in “Sea Fog.”
➤ yeah I sort of felt bad for the actors… the drama’s rating was’t too high either
140807 Jaejoong – Growth of an ambitious actor.
➤ Only from the pictures you could tell it was a cool show!
140811 [REVIEW] – The Return of the King in Seoul: A BLAST!
– SYC article: [Trans] 140810 JYJ’s Blockbuster ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING’ Concert Wows 30,000 Fans
➤ Another review: Just Us album
[Album Review] JYJ – ‘Just Us’

HoMin news!
➤ oooooh~ Leader씨 you’re so cooool~! (◕‿◕ʃƪ)
140725 – Yunho wields a sword in new “Night Watchman” stills.
➤ HNNNGH! Leader씨 talked about Jaejoong at a PressCon! I’m sorry but…. MY FEEEEELSSSS!!!!!!
TVXQ’s Yunho shares his thoughts about ‘Triangle’ star Jaejoong in acting
– the AKP article sounds nicer tho… not sure where the twist in the trans lies… there or in the other article: TVXQ’s Yunho talks about his character in ‘The Night Watchman’ + comments on Jaejoong’s acting
140731 – Jaejoong talks about Yunho
sorry for my feels but… wonderful cassiopeian FANDOM MOMENT here!!! this was seriously so…. akssakdfjaskfjs!!!!
➤ /CRYING they are so cute!!! 。・゜゜⌒(ㅠOㅠ)⌒゜゜・
[trans] Very touching epilogue by TVXQ in Ti Amo – Touching messages to each other!
…. and if you want to see something cute: GIF : childrens’ natural gravitation to Yunho.
HNNNGH! that’s adorable!!! >///<
➤ … talking about adorable: they are the cutest once again!
Bigeast Mission Card 34
AAAJSKAJSDFASD!!!! they are so cute!!! *_____*
(I know… I’m reapeating myself /le sigh)
[News] 140725 Jung Yun-ho devotes himself in sword practice for ‘The Night Watchman’
– omg! how cute are you?! ^3^
Jung Yun-ho says ‘sword scenes are scary’
… today I am rolling around in their cute huh? I keep saying all the same stuff xD
➤ That’s very wise Yunho ;~; how considerate!
[News] 140725 U-know Yunho not okay with dating publicly
omo… his future wife will be so happy one day T.T Yunho always thinks about other ppl’s feelings and considers what’s best for the ppl around him!
All good things need time. ^^
TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Wants to Progress Slowly in Acting
TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Says He′s Similar to His Drama Character
➤ *sobbing* I need this PB but… still have no money to buy it! T^T
[Trans] 140809 [Star Cast] ‘TI AMO TVXQ!’ – TVXQ’s Hot Summer Spent In Italy
Everytime I look at stuff and think “wow! that’s wonderful or that’s cool! I need this!” but them I am like…

Ailee news!
➤ another wonderful OST song by her!
Ailee sings ‘Goodbye My Love’ for ‘Fated To Love You’ OST

BoA news!
➤ naaah! need to listen to her album! I love BoA 8D
BoA to release her 8th Japanese studio album + have Japan tour

SS501 news!
➤ Another one is back! ^^
SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong officially discharged from military service
➤ All the members are doing well as far as I know ^___^
Kim Hyun Joong greets 13,000 fans during his drama premium event and concert in Osaka, Japan

Big Bang news!
➤ if our boys were still together and had their own channel… I guess they would make it too ^^
Big Bang becomes first K-Pop group to reach 3 million subscribers on YouTube

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