My year end thoughts (as usual), T1ST0RY in Seoul, THSK released “WITH”, Junsu’s Toscana-issue & Yoochun on a daebak roll!

안녕 다들! ^^//

hey! hello~!
bowing_cat I am so late! late on everything…. late on posting this entry…. late for christmas late for new year LOL because it is already the first day of 2015.
Nonetheless I wanna deliver/get out my year-end thoughts.
Basically I wanted to do that since half of december already but you see I ain’t posted nothing at all!
But I am busier than ever with work. not only generally but around christmas especiall. And with “around” I mean from start of November to end of December.
for more recent (as in: earlier posted) news, fun stuff, LotR/Hobbit, animals and life things go visit, I update this more often because it is a quicker work to do.

So my thoughts are not so much different.
*Artemisia voice from 300/2* My disappointment…
haha, ok I stop!
My disappointement continue to be ppl.
Bad thing is: still.
Good thing is: at least my dissappointment is not myself! 😉 always think positive!
but ppl…. it was time to give up on some actually. Came to the conclusion that some just do not deserve my attention/care/heart whatever.
Like Emmy told me once:
Emmy_you deem worthy and she is right.
Because sworn sister knows. She too knows my disappointment. sadly she does, she deserves to be treaten better as well.
It was early in 2014 I had an emotional breakdown after a chain of disappointments only over the fact that I also know ppl who do care. I talked to unni at that time and all I did was crying. Crying over the fact that she is nice to me, that she is there, that she is not this sort of disappoint-ful person.
(wow… i am amazed about what bad english that was right now oO … new word!)

There were ppl the past year I drifted apart from although I thought we had been close(r than that), some entired stopped talking to me suddenly & some I bond with although I thought we would neve be that close.
Oh and then there were the ones I thought they are dead or something and then came back saying “hello! just wanted to check on you! I am back, how ya doing?” =) this gave me life, tbh!
Only one came back but that is better than none.

Other conclusions I had: Irritating ppl with my true nature is great! pissing them of with my opinon even greater! xD LOL
Although I still need to shut up more often. It became a little better lately but I can still do way better.
but you know when you hear or read something and know “I shouldn’t say this now…” and then you still do just because you had to… that is my problem.

Goals for 2015: I hate making new years resolutions (no one ever sticks to) just because it is a new year because who actually cares?? it is another day like days before waw should it be more special? ppl can change things whenever they want so screw this new year nonsense. So my general goal is to be a little more like Thranduil ;P
Just because I am still way too nice to ppl who don’t even deserve it. We could all use more of a bish-attitute so gottal let it out more~
Wanna be more indiffrent than I already am~ Family, my friends and me. Nothing more I need, nothing more counts.
The days of the elvenking shall come!

oh btw: the thing I look forward to the most so far in 2015 is the release of BotfA Extended Edition! because THE HOBBIT WAS AWESOME! … also I am so sad that we already reached the end of it all :/
but it will live on in our hearts just like LotR does.

aah but I went off topic!
hm, is there anything more I can say? I am grateful for my close friends and will continue living my life to my liking and for myself alone. That I can just sit here and think that we’re really lucky and actually have so much.
Ppl who do not deserve my well-meaning shall not be my concern anymore, because…
*Thranduil voice* “other ppl are not my concern. Fortunes with them rise and fall, but here in this kingdom I will endure.” xD sorry not sorry!
And that is what my life feels to me. My kingdom. maybe we’re not the riches of ppl, but at least my life is stable and I’m thankful it. It wasn’t always like that.

General motto for 2015: “Becaus I deserve it”.
(& “because mom deserves it” 😉 )

My goal and motto is set. and it shall not be only for this year!

Now the other stuff!

Junsu got a huuuuge christmas tree from Jaejoong…

… as a bday present! yeah, our lovely Kim twins turned 29!

And I am happy that we have the both of them ^^, about brother and Junsu alike!

While we’re at it a few words about the 4000th day with the boys:

no, I won’t forget either. I don’t want forget. They brought me back to a happier life. I cannot stop being thankful. Everything became so much better so I will always love these 5 men. They are family to me. We’ve been through hard times together.
I went through the ugly rise and fall of standoms (ㅋㅋ btw) because they had helped me when no one else could. One does not easily forget that. At least not me. I never regretted a thing. And I will never forget.

Remember, WE ARE T!
AKTF cassies!


[Latest pics]
Holiday!Gen for Yishion ^^ → 1 ,
Young Choice Awards → 2 , 3 ,
Genny and his sponsored kids → 4 ,
Han Geng at the Beijing premier of “The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D” → 5 ,
Yishion → 6 , 7 ,
Genny celebrating his 5th solo anniversary → 8 ,
Genny and friends (Wei Jia, He Jiong) → 9 ,
Happy Camp recording → 10 , 11 ,
Genny’s BAZAR photoshoot → 12 , 13 ,
ELLE men → 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 .
[WeiBo updates]
(141214) HanGeng and the children buy clothes at Yishion
5 years since 1221

SuJu news!
➤ 2014 most beautiful faces
Nana ranks 1st on ‘Most Beautiful’ while Siwon ranks 2nd on ‘Most Handsome’ faces of 2014 list
Siwon is too handsome for his own good and Nana is so pretty *___* I love Nana!
➤ We also have Siwon being the stupid he is xD
Siwon shines with an arc reactor on his crotch
Siwon embraces his inner Tony Stark, continues to be hilarious
➤ Zhoumi is on insta now
Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi opens an Instagram account
➤ It’s because on a one-room house you don’t have much space to be anywhere else
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk reveals that he misses living frugally
I think these kinda houses are amazing. I have never seen this anywhere before kdramas. it’s cute little houses, maybe cheap/affordable for sigle ppl, couples or young families. it you could buy something like that here too more ppl would have houses.

JYJ news!
➤ aww! Junsu! T.T Heart hurts!
141120 – JYJ’s Kim Junsu Feels Like Cying When He Sees His JYJ Members
– more around Ichigo Ichie: 141120 – JYJ Reveals Why It Chose Tohoshinki’s ‘Begin’ as Concert Ending Song
– I totally agree with Jaejoong! 141120 – JYJ Talked About The Hallyu Slump [We Were Different From The Start]
– … Jaejoong you still need to gain weight. muscles or not but… there is a need for some weight to get on you still! 141120 – JYJ Discusses Their Hopes for Their 30s and the Future
141120 – JYJ, 2-day Tokyo Dome’s Roaring Success! Message they want to bring to fans…… Singing Tohoshinki’s [Begin] Again
141120 – JYJ First Japan Dome Tour = “Really Happy”
141120 – Jaejoong, the reason he sang Cho Yongpil’s song at the concert?
➤ it’s because his Ballad & Musical concerts are always beyond awesome!
141121 – Junsu, Ballad and Musical concerts’ advance sales tickets sold out in just 15 minutes ‘Unchanged Power of Influence’
141126 – Junsu to offer extra tickets for concerts
141229 Junsu – End Of The Year Concert D-1 “Healing for Eyes & Ears”
➤ Always working hard for a good show!
141124 – Peek behind the scenes at JYJ’s Tokyo concerts
➤ new drama for our JJ!
141125 – Jaejoong to star in KBS drama ‘Spy’
141126 – Jaejoong Confirmed for KBS Drama “Spy,” to Play Genius Analyst
141212 – JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Go Sunghee to Act as Lovers in ‘Spy’
141226 – Jaejoong to Take On an Emotionally Deeper Role in “Spy”
141226 – SPY FB Update: Character Introduction – NIS official Kim Seonwoo (Kim Jaejoong)
141229 – Original creators of ‘Spy’ say Jaejoong fits his role perfectly
➤ Junsu is a tower ^^
141127 – Oh Man Seok compares Jung Sunghwa, Jo Seungwoo, Kim Junsu and Nam Kyungju to towers on Radio Star
➤ soo…. does that mean the short “JYJ reuinion” was already all? :/ aah, that was quite a quick thing!
141127 – JYJ members to embark on solo activities
I mean I support them. of course I do! whatever makes them happy! OTL but it’s a bit weird… although they are still together and basically active it’s like with SS501 o.O
but this also means: mayyybe Junsu brings out his 3rd solo album? this wouldn’t be bad either!
oh… and the army! aah, let’s not forget about the army thing! they also still have to do that.. aigoo >.>
➤ they cannot stop praising him! … ME GUSTA! 8D
141128 – ‘Incomparable’ ‘Irreplaceable’ Kim Junsu’s year end live concert “Ballad&Musical”
➤ 헐! Sea Fog for Golden Globe?! o:
141203 – Sea Fog approved for Golden Globe consideration in the Foreign Language category
➤ Meanwhile… Junsu ^^
141203 – Kim Junsu Is The 2014 Best Male Musical Actor
141204 – Kim Junsu’s Concert Guests Are Now Confirmed
➤ aaaand Chunnie! Out to win awards! 😉
141203 – Yoochun Wins New Artist Award from ‘Beautiful Artist Awards’
➤ JJ took some aweome pics while in Vienna!
141203 – Kim Jaejoong, A Prince In The Imperial City
➤ Junsu and Toscana in trouble (all the relevant articles)
– Quick summary: Toscana and Cheonji(CJ) issue summary
– Details: 141211 – JYJ’s Junsu in Legal Disputes for Loans and Unpaid Costs Regarding His Jeju Island Hotel
141211 – JYJ Kim Junsu’s attorney clarified position “Would take a strong legal action against construction companies for embezzling the expense”
– DETAILS: 141212 – Promissory note was written but the money? 10 misunderstandings revealed
➤ 7 years of good ^^
141213 – Junsu‘s 7-year good deeds under spotlight
➤ aww yes. He sang “Now Is Good”! I love this song!
131214 – Yoochun asked Jaejoong to sing at Sea Fog co-worker’s wedding.
➤ Chunnie is on a daebak roll as an actor (with Haemoo!)
141217 – Yoochun won ‘Best New Actor’ award at the 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards
141217 – JYJ Yoochun hits grand slam with BDA
– so he will become a movie star now!? 8D 141219 – Park Yoochun, An Actor Discovered by Chungmuro
➤ JYJ’s adorable Christas Message ^^
141223 [ENG SUBS] – JYJ Christmas Message (Korean Ver.)
➤ Cjes goes Musical!
141222 – C-JeS Entertainment Establishes Performance Production Company ‘C-JeS Culture’
➤ Japanese comeback in January!
141224 JYJ – The Much Awaited Japan CD Debut in January! Official announcement during Fukuoka concert….. To Release [WAKE ME TONIGHT]
141224 JYJ – New Song to go on Sale in January (tracklist)
➤ … OH! I certainly missed the time she became part of our family! slowly there are too many ppl under cjes for me to keep track of ^^°°°
141223 – Kang Hyejung “Park Yoochun, a real actor who I didn’t know have a good energy about himself”
➤ ah yes, last concert was on christmas.
141225 – JYJ Successfully Completes First Japanese Dome Tour
141224 – JYJ responds to fans’ questions! [The Bond of 3 Hearts…. Just Being Together Is Happiness] – Commemoration of Japan Dome Tour

HoMin news!
➤ OTL do I even need to say something about that?
U-Know donates entire movie earnings to children’s fund
➤ Year end performance! this is perfection OTL
Screw the awards shows who exluded DongBangSuJu!
Look at our dongbang boys! they OWN not all the awards already, they also own all the shows. At least for me they always will. Simply THE KINGS!!!
➤ 4000 days!!! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆
141207 TVXQ – T1ST0RY Press Conference, revealed their thoughts on the group’s 4000th day
➤ 4000 days celebration during T1ST0RY concert onstage/offstage (with many pics ^^)
[Full Trans] “Men among men, sweetest among sweetest”… TVXQ 4000th Day
➤ T1ST0RY receives praises for it’s show!
141213 TVXQ – 10 years of Success First Stage at the Taipei Arena The Essence (Best) of a Dance & Song Show)
141214 – 8000 Fans Enjoyed the Candy Eye, TVXQ Performed with Intense Emotions, (they were) Earth-shakingly Hot
➤ WITH interview~
141217 – MORA interview with Tohoshinki for “WITH” Album
141217 – Tohoshinki Japanese Album “WITH” Tops Several Digital and Physical Music CDs Charts for 141216
➤ WITH album : Audio & lyrics trans
Refuse To Lose (Intro)
I Just Can’t Quit Myself
Christmas Is Loving
Suri Suri (Spellbound)_japanese version
Beliebe in U
Special One
With Love
➤ more lyrics ^^
Time Works Wonders
Baby Don’t Cry
➤ As Yunho said: THSK’s records need to be broken by themselves ^^
141223 – Tohoshinki Rewrites Japanese Oricon Charts History with Success of New Album “WITH”
Tohoshinki – (with their) Latest Album 「WITH」, (became) the first overseas group in history to have 4 consecutive No.1 with their original albums
TVXQ Rewrites Japanese Oricon Charts History with Success of New Album “WITH”
TVXQ, Super Junior remain No. 1 on Oricon charts
➤ They can do a lot of things well but that is not so much theirs ^^°
141225 [ENG SUBS] Tohoshinki – Bigeast Mission Card Card (Mission 39)
➤ Happy 11th anni boys!
141226 [ENG SUBS] TVXQ – Debut 11th Anniversary Message
– the love for all 5 is SO MUCH alive: Fans celebrate TVXQ’s 11th year anniversary on Twitter + Jaejoong tweets about 11th anniversary
➤ First wax figures who didn’t turn out creepy in my eyes!! (but Yunho a bit too thin maybe? hm, probably it’s just me)
TVXQ – Shanghai Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
– well…. minnie now THAT creeps me out! 141226 TVXQ – Madame Tussauds Shanghai Wax Museum Weibo Update
141226 TVXQ – Madame Tussauds Shanghai Wax Museum
141226 – Shanghai Madame Tussaud Wax Museum reveals TVXQ’s Wax Figures
➤ woah! O.O even a H.O.T member thought so?
141227 – Moon Hee Jun: “TVXQ Posed the Biggest Threat to H.O.T”

SS501 news
➤ the song is not so bad~ (the light tunnel thing at the end is cool!
Kim Hyung Jun releases MV for new song ‘Better’ feat. Baby J

➤ Random and very late Kris update:
141201: SM Entertainment and Kris to have their second round of court-referred mediation this month
➤ I think she’s also works a lot although she’s only less than half as active as our boys
BoA talks about her career, celebrating her 15th year since debut, and approaching her 30’s
BoA reveals she never rested for more than 2 weeks throughout her 14-year career

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