Junsu dropped “Flower” =) , Siwon 10 years acting anni and he maybe goes Hollywood now? & Jaejoong cries during fanmeeting

HI! ^^/

again (…or as always I like to say) it’s been a while!
Nothing special happened. At least not for me.

Unni’s and my USB sticks making “miles” xD *haha* we sent them up and down in europe/our hometowns.
Talking about it… I should get the last one ready so I can sent them again!
I hope all the stuff I wanted her to see this time fits on my two USB sticks ^^°°° I keep digging out more and more.

Regarding work: the thing with ajeossi is working out surprisingly. o__O not sure what to think of it now. it is also too early for a long-time prognosis but for the past few weeks I can say he behaved actually normal.
Regarding the lies he spread about my junior… also in front of our boss… I talked to our boss after the section’s meeting we had (the “complain lunch”, as we called it). I expressed that I was uncomfortable with what he had said and insisted on and that is isn’t true and that I just wanted to point out that my junior is no lazy-ass person. In the end boss agreed fully and said he cannot believe what ajeossi said. That was all I wanted to hear. And my junior as well.

besides that: I want to read more… I want to watch more movies too! =D
Because I now have an overly awesome DVD/BluRay/BluRay 3D player with 4K upscaling OTL OTL … although thing cost as much as my mac ^^°°°
BUT this year’s motto is “BECAUSE I DESERVE IT!”. And I think I do. on top of all I am fed up with my playstations constantly wanting “updates” so they can play my freaking movies like WTF! + my philips being unable to play BluRays with the new copy protection on…. like WTF part 2! ㄱ___ㄱ
It’s 2015. I ain’t got time for dvd players’ sh*t!
*gives technology da glare of all the facks I don’t want to give anymore*

I have an Oppo BDP-103 now and can now FINALLY watch “The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug” on my tv like… FINALLY! For the first time it works! (first thing I tested was the DoS BluRay!)
Starting with DoS my players couldn’t read half of the BluRay diks anyore.
Video and audio is A+ now. I would buy an Oppo player anytime again! It cost a good bunch of money but it is SUCH a treat! (●´□`)❤ cannot even! Awesome thing it is!

While we’re already talking about the Hobbit… BotfA is now ON BLURAY! =D yayyyys!
Still I am waiting for the release of this collectors editions that have Bilbo’s journal in it… you know, the red book of the westmarch replica (sadly only the outside, not the drawings and text inside – that would have been really awesome btw ^^).
I didn’t want to buy any of them at first becaue I wanted to buy the EE in december or when it will be released. BUT since I saw now how cool 3D is with the Oppo I quickly changed my mind and decided to spend these 75€ on the 3D box with the 3 Hobbit movies (normal versions).
EE is still a thing and I will do the thing! (means: I will buy it for sure! ヾ(☆▽☆) ), but since the hobbit movies are easily some of the absolutely TOP quality ones when it comes to 3D I cannot miss that out as a fan for so long now!
… and although I cry each time when watching BotfA (seriously, when will this BotfA pain end? (ಥ﹏ಥ) ) I need an awesome version to cry over at least. So glad it was on a streaming site in 720 HD now but I seeeeeriously need the real thing… a good high quality HD BluRay and stuff *waves around with arms* …because I love expensive and/or awesome things and it is a problem and I need to feek my addiction, ARA?!
Shut up and take my money
(and gimme the BluRays of course! not just take my money… I wanna have something for it too)

AAAAND while we’re talking about this now… (*haha* the transitions today! xD ): I got the Lord of the Rings SEE’s on BluRay.
Becaue my first press SEE DVD boxes start to suffer ( = look a little worn D: ) … they are still A+ good playing but I want the whole thing stay in good shape too. So they will now become collection items, which simply means: they go on display behind glass!
For watching purpose I got the BluRays now (got them from someone who ended his/her BluRay collection and sold everything). I thought it would be really such a shame if I do not buy them ^^
So my collection falls into place slowly.

Also, I thought about how cool it will be when Sis visit’s me the next time! =D We could now watch “Frozen” in 3D, for example! *hahaha* when I bought it I told her that one day I will have the right devices to watch it. One always needs to invest in the future. So I love BLuRay packs with 3D and 2D versions of the film.

Hm, well. Enough with the movie talk.

I will post these “old news” here ^^, say that I updated the Kdreams site recently & decently inform you that my fireflykingdom.tumblr.com got a little makeover and generally changed a little in content (not drastically or completely unexpected, tho).
Still news on the boys (JYJ-HoMin, Siwon, general SuJu) but now also a good bunch of nature/animals pictures, a bit CSI, a bit more Hobbit/LotR + fun/life/feminism things.
At least I hope you will… because I do. I love the blog like this, it’s perfectly balanced like that.

That’s all. We will now procees with the news~

[Latest Pics]
(150209) Han Geng and Zhang Ziyi celebrating their birthdays (February 9th) together → 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 haha! SO CUTE! =D ,
Han Geng celebrating birthday while working on “Men’s Uno” April Cover on Feb 9 2015 in Beijing → 6 ,
Ever Since We Love《万物生长》(starring Han Geng and Fan Bing Bing) → 7 ,
(150210) Han Geng | BAZAAR Men’s Style (March 2015 issue) photoshoot → 8 ,
Han Geng and Jolin Tsai for Yishion → 9 ,
(150318) Han Geng and Fan Bing Bing | “Ever Since We Love” press conference → 10 , 11 ,
[Instagram update]
(150222) Han Geng Instagram Update
[WeiBo updates]
(150226) Han Geng Weibo Update: Vacation
(150226) Han Geng Weibo Update: sunscreen
[WEIBO update]
150309 Han Geng Weibo Update: Running Man China

SuJu news!
➤ Siwon goes Hollyood?
Siwon to possibly make a debut in Hollywood soon?
OTL not only that! he even replied to this AKP article with “Maybe ;P” (that stupid xD LOL )
SM Entertainment congratulates Siwon on his 10th year anniversary since his acting debut!
➤ EunHae are back~
Super Junior’s Donghae & Eunhyuk steal hearts in ‘Growing Pains’ MV

JYJ news!
➤ JYJ’s Valentines message! (with subs)
Happy Valentine’s Day from JYJ (subs)
➤ oh! how cool! =D
JYJ’s Junsu’s Upcoming Solo Album Title Track “Flower” to Feature Tablo
➤ Chunnie is up for more!
150217 Yoochun – ‘I’m barely 30… I want to find my name as an actor”
– you go boy! 150219 – SNS ISSUE: Yoochun in TOP 10 Popularity Ranking of Korean Actors in Japan
Arirang TV – ‘Showbiz Korea’: ‘Haemoo’ has been invited to the NDNF Festival in NYC
➤ new drama for actor chun!
150227 – Park Yoochun & Shin Sekyung Confirmed to Star in New SBS Drama
➤ FLOWER is out!
Junsu has jaws dropping with a highly artistic MV for beautifully eerie track ‘Flower’
150305 – Junsu’s 꽃 ‘FLOWER’ rising at all across Asia
150309 Junsu – Tablo appears as special guest performer at ‘Flower’ concert in Seoul (Day 2)
150313 – JYJ’s Junsu Tops Music Charts with “Flower” Despite No Broadcast Promotions
– without tv promotion for years: 150313 Junsu’s Flower gets 2nd place on Music Bank
— well, it’s no shame to lose to Shinhwa tho! 150313 – Shinhwa Wins on This Week’s “Music Bank” with “Sniper”
– The MV:
➤ FLOWER song lyrics trans:
“Flower (꿏)” lyrics
“Reach” lyrics
“나비 (Butterfly)” lyrics
“나의 밤 (My Night)” lyrics
“Out of Control” lyrics
“X Song” lyrics
“License to Love” lyrics
“Musical in Life” lyrics
“Love you More” lyrics
“F.L.P” lyrics
“Hello, Hello” lyrics
“그 말 참 밉다 (Hateful Words)” lyrics
“사랑숨 (Breath of Love)” lyrics
➤ AKP made an album review about FLOWER
[Album and MV Review] XIA (Junsu) – ‘Flower’
150304 – XIA Junsu’s 3rd Album “Flower” tops Hanteo Daily Chart
➤ it’s getting real…
150304 – JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong to Enter Military on March 31
First round of tickets for Jaejoong’s last solo concert before enlistment sells out in five minutes
➤ it’s strange when you know it will be the last time for two years
150316 – JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Meets with 2,000 Japanese Fans Prior to Enlisting in Army
➤ Nooooo baby, don’t cry! T^T we will be here whenever you need us and also when you return from the army!
150325 – Jaejoong overwhelmed with tears at recent fanmeet

HoMin news!
➤ oh! massage chair! =D chill away Yunho! *haha* ^^
150220 Yunho – Bigeast Staff Report
– Bigeast staff report part 2: Changmin and the food xD
➤ finally! =)
150223 – Yunho Education Center, in Ghana, Africa, Completed… “Thank you Korea!”
Bigeast Mission Card 40!
Mission 40 (eng subs)
➤ Sakura Michi lyrics (not sure if I already posted them here o.o)
150130 Tohoshinki – Sakura Michi (Short Ver.)
*haha* yes they are! maybe now more than ever.
150205 – Tohoshinki is Still Ambitious and Successful Heading into Their 10th Year Since Japanese Debut

NS Yoon-G news!
➤ Yoon-G now in Insta!
NS Yoon-G joins Instagram!
woohoo! =D comeback!
NS Yoon-G announces her comeback!
Yoon-G comeback~~
Sexy diva NS Yoon-G just wants to be your ‘Wifey’ in her comeback MV
– “Wifey” trans lyrics: **TRANS** NS Yoon G (feat. MC Mong) – Wifey

Ailee news!
Ailee goes topless for men’s magazine ‘GQ Korea’
yeah… -topless- but covered! Still she looks beautiful! =) Aileee! YAYY! ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

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