Note on future usage of this blog ✿✿✿ Junsu to be “L” in Death Note Musical, Junsu performs on tv FINALLY & Letter to fans from Jaejoong!

Hello! ^^/

First of all: no, I don’t want to close my WP. Well, probably only unni-ya would have cared xD (ok, soulmatesis probably too).
But not that this would be important. I never did this here for ANYONE BUT MYSELF.

So I just wanna say: I want to shift my activities more to tumblr fireflykingdom.tumblr and focus more on my main fandoms (Cassiopeia / GengFan). Not only but to like 90%.

I will keep posting about Genny here but want to reduce the “double work” I have with posting on tumblr AND WordPress a bit – to tone down the blogging work for myself generally. Because I simply don’t see the need to run two blogs excessively with the same stuff on my own.
I don’t want to end like Changmin ^^

Like most ppl I am a working person and I want to have time for more different things so WP will be more like my life reports/rants/projects *haha* yeah like…the rants about ajeossi or people in general.
… because ppl alreays super annoy me… > .>

Howsoever, the times I participated in this kinda activity…
Fandoms XD

… ^^° are clearly over. (although I think this art is still funny xD )
and NO I am not talking about being a fangirl. I mean dealing with standom and stuff. that’s for the younger generation now.

Also, in future I want to focus more on my writing so no time for double-post or double-blogging for no reason. I am no official fansite after all so da hell with it all!
full-time Panda
And I want to have more fun with unni in future too ^^
Yup. Because that’s us. Completely accurate. Accurate pic of idiots doing idiot stuff. 😂

Btw: I updated the kdreams once again! 😉

JYJ news!
➤ wow! Cool! ^^d he will be L!
150405 – Junsu appearing as ‘L’, one of 5 characters in musical ‘Death Note’
➤ yeah, this happens when you let Junsu return to tv ^^
150406 – More than 10,000 People Apply in 3 Hours to Watch Junsu on ′Space Sympathy′
➤ Letter from JJ! =D
150331 – Letter From Jaejoong: “Fans, Stay Well”
OPPAAAA… ;A; *is touched*
you keep gaining weight! yes, you do that! can’t wait to see you again! when you return we will be here =)
Don’t worry about us JJ, we will always be fine. You look after yourself! (♡^▽^♡)
➤ hey lookies! our JJ with the army boys! =)
JYJ’s Jaejoong spotted in military photos
➤ it FINALLY, FIIIIINALLY happened! So happy for you Oppa! it was a long journey of struggle until this was possible!
Junsu thanks EBS for helping him finally perform on a music show after six years
150414 – JYJ’s Junsu Sheds Tears During First Korean Music Show Filming in 6 Years
➤ The “JYJ law”
150415 – “JYJ Law” Proposed to Prevent Unreasonable Blacklisting of Stars
➤ Toscana will be on tv!
150420 – JYJ’s Junsu’s Luxury Jeju Island Hotel to Be Featured in New Drama “Agreeably Warm”
➤ Another round of ppl be rude to JYJ: Junsu and the rude af MC
overview: 150423 – Junsu outraged after event host insults him and fans on stage
well, he seriously wasn’t happy, to say the least >__>
the incident: what happened
native korean spearker’s report
Junsu’s reaction
and the “very una pologetic apology” that followed from the MC
➤ Aaaaand here we go again!
150426 – “Gag Concert” Censors JYJ Junsu’s Name, Fans Raise Voices in Protest
wow. that was quick. We haven’t even put the MC incident to rest for good yet and there we go again already! #EveryoneStopIt! #YallAreAnnoyingAF! ㄱ____ㄱ

HoMin news!
➤ tbh… I already thought that the date that was rumored in fandom before was wrong info. because how could ANYONE know already when no one ever said a peep about it?
SM Entertainment responds to rumors about an August military enlistment for Yunho

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