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Hey! ^^/// *waves*

Guys, it’s been a whole lot of time since I lastly made an entry. But, as posted before, I shiften my activities to tumblr. There are so many things for me to do, I cannot go after two blogs regularly.

Oh yes, to first five the relevant info: I updated the 2015 k-dreams finally. I took the time to write down the newest stuff. So In case anybody cares LOL well, there you go ^^

First of all life happened. In a… not so pretty and nice way.
Our mom got really sick and spent 5 weeks in the hospital in intensive care. There was a moment during the first two weeks where we had to worry if she would make it.
Now she’s doing better but she’s still not healthy. Now she needs to start therapy but she only can once she has recovered enough. So we’re going one step at a time right now.

Doggie and I were alone at home for these 5 weeks. Struggled with a lot of work and doing all the house work that was on me to 100% now. Sadly I cannot tell the dog to let the dishes wash until I come home. yeah well, we somehow made it. It took like a week until we had cleaned up everything that was still lying around and got into a system to manage everything although I came home late every day. Sister helped with taking care of the dog but only in the morning before her own work.
My poor doggie got quite lonely during that time and I felt sorry for her. So when I was finally home she was glued to me.

I was very thankful for every distraction coming my way. Because when I wasn’t at work I was wondering if mom was doing okay. She was too weak to even text so I got reports from my sister (who lives technically 20m away from the hospital) who checked by after her work every second day.
Work was good to keep me sane but besides that I thought it was a good moment to completely rewatch the X-Files. This really helped because I could concentrate on that and was unable to worry all the time.

When mom was doing better later I could fully enjoy the last 5 seasons (of the 9). Returning to this show I loved was like coming home. I had missed all these characters all the years =) I was so good to have them back!
Especially with the upcoming X-Fiels revival that still leaves emotionally unstable because… OMG!!!
alskjdlkasjdlas!!!!! *runs around in circles*
Only the fact that we get a revival makes me hyper and the fact that we are now talking of a possibility of an 11th season is…. oh god… *fans self*
Yall have no idea what this is to me! I grew up watching the X-Files! And there was no inet to gif and screenshot everything right away, leave alone stream stuff after it got aired… now think of ALL THE FREAKING POSSIBILITIES!
On tumblr even stuff that isn’t in the cinemas/on tv yet gets GIFed and analysed.
I really hope they didn’t ruin the revival with some facked up writing…. *eyes Chris Carter*
Really, CC. Read the internet! What fans wish for is very clear. *coughs* MSR without drama *coughs* MSR ovbious adult relationship with some flirting *coughs*
That would be really great, yeah. Add some of the usual mystery stuff to it and we’re all cool friends here!

Another series related thing is: GAME OF THRONES!!!
Even before my X-Files rewatch I had finished watching GoT and… wae isn’t it April yet??? Damn! can’t wait! *runs in circles*

But what is even worse is: it’s not even January yet! this means I have to still die during christmas because of work before I get the X-Files revival and THEN wait until April to see what’s up with GoT Season 6??? LIFE IS CRUEL! T.T #ProblemsOfAnObsessiveChild

What else did I do since the last entry?
Redecoratred my room. It’s half done, tbh. Had to get rid of the mice terra since it had become a hotel for mites = = damn.
But with the space that was now available again got filled with a shelf and a glass cabinet. So I got more room for all my stuff. Model horsies, DVDs/BluRays and books. most of all books!
So redecorating also made me clean like a maniac. I haven’t moved the books/mangas in the main shelf for over 2 years! Needless to say that there was some dust around *cough*
I am now pretty satisfied with the ourcome of my re-ordering of things.

Besides that I am struggling with the usual: ppl who piss me off while I am grocery shopping because they act so facking rude… ㄱ___ㄱ + the fact that my work Oppa will leave us.
Yeah, he found a new workplace closer to his home. It is true that he has one hell of a way to drive to work every day but it’s still sad that he will leave us. He was always there during the last 13 years. :/ I feel a bit emo, tbh.

So… I think that was all for now.
take care everyone,

friendly_good day

I will go tumbling now~

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