My Stories~♡॰

Hi everyone! mamegoma sheep

This is a small page with the list of fanfictions I have been writing since highschool (which is… a pretty long time ago in the meantime).
Say I did little more than writing since my earlier school days. roleplaying and writing always went hand in hand with me.
Truth is that I haven always been an obsessive child and I had to write a story to almost everything I loved on tv or had read at any time.
So here we are.
As so often in FF writers with too many parties going on barely a story of these got finished.

➤➤ The Silver Stallion – König der Wilpferde (Horses)
➤➤ Riding High (Horses)
➤➤ Team Knight Rider (series sequel)
➤➤ CSI:SD (CSI inspired)
➤➤ Maybe Wannabe (LotR inspired)
➤➤ Die Erben von Rohan (LotR inspired)
➤➤ Licht und Schatten – Kinder der Wüste (Horses)
➤➤ Neulich im Aufenthaltsraum (fun, CSI)
➤➤ 2 Week Flashback (CSI)
➤➤ Wolf’s Rain – A Wolfs’ Story (Anime FF)
➤➤ Bleach Reloaded (Anime FF)
➤➤ Final Fantasy VII – Reloaded Seven (FF7 FF)
➤➤ Twilight Maybe Wannabe: Imprinted (Movie inspired)
➤➤ Samurai Sono Genzai (Anime FF – Samurai Champloo)
➤➤ Beautiful Thing (lovestory)
➤➤ As crazy as life can be..❤ (lovestory/Kpop inspired FF)
➤➤ The Crow and the Night Owl (GoT FF)

that is all – for now! 😄 *haha* cactus_pup

About which ones are my fav I can say It would come down to these four:
– Bleach Relaoded
– Maybe Wannabe
– Kinder der Wüste (Children of the Desert)
– As crazy as life can be..❤

these I love because they actually have huge plots that are all worked out but not written in a good form yet ^^
All in all I do believe these were my most successful writings so far. Complex, full of different characters and thrilling happenings.

A promising future I do see for
– The Crow and the Night Owl
just because the plot is already advancing instead of stagnating.

For the rest we will have to see if I finish them before I die ^^°°°° well… *coughs* some stories just go nowhere. I am sure my writer friends out there feel me on that one.
Sometimes you want a story to continue and grow but it just won’t because you cannot write it. Either because it won’t come out of your head the right way or because you simply don’t know what to write about so it won’t end up incredibly boring. #WriterProblems

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