Note on future usage of this blog ✿✿✿ Junsu to be “L” in Death Note Musical, Junsu performs on tv FINALLY & Letter to fans from Jaejoong!

Hello! ^^/

First of all: no, I don’t want to close my WP. Well, probably only unni-ya would have cared xD (ok, soulmatesis probably too).
But not that this would be important. I never did this here for ANYONE BUT MYSELF.

So I just wanna say: I want to shift my activities more to tumblr fireflykingdom.tumblr and focus more on my main fandoms (Cassiopeia / GengFan). Not only but to like 90%.

I will keep posting about Genny here but want to reduce the “double work” I have with posting on tumblr AND WordPress a bit – to tone down the blogging work for myself generally. Because I simply don’t see the need to run two blogs excessively with the same stuff on my own.
I don’t want to end like Changmin ^^

Like most ppl I am a working person and I want to have time for more different things so WP will be more like my life reports/rants/projects *haha* yeah like…the rants about ajeossi or people in general.
… because ppl alreays super annoy me… > .>

Howsoever, the times I participated in this kinda activity…
Fandoms XD

… ^^° are clearly over. (although I think this art is still funny xD )
and NO I am not talking about being a fangirl. I mean dealing with standom and stuff. that’s for the younger generation now.

Also, in future I want to focus more on my writing so no time for double-post or double-blogging for no reason. I am no official fansite after all so da hell with it all!
full-time Panda
And I want to have more fun with unni in future too ^^
Yup. Because that’s us. Completely accurate. Accurate pic of idiots doing idiot stuff. 😂

Btw: I updated the kdreams once again! 😉

JYJ news!
➤ wow! Cool! ^^d he will be L!
150405 – Junsu appearing as ‘L’, one of 5 characters in musical ‘Death Note’
➤ yeah, this happens when you let Junsu return to tv ^^
150406 – More than 10,000 People Apply in 3 Hours to Watch Junsu on ′Space Sympathy′
➤ Letter from JJ! =D
150331 – Letter From Jaejoong: “Fans, Stay Well”
OPPAAAA… ;A; *is touched*
you keep gaining weight! yes, you do that! can’t wait to see you again! when you return we will be here =)
Don’t worry about us JJ, we will always be fine. You look after yourself! (♡^▽^♡)
➤ hey lookies! our JJ with the army boys! =)
JYJ’s Jaejoong spotted in military photos
➤ it FINALLY, FIIIIINALLY happened! So happy for you Oppa! it was a long journey of struggle until this was possible!
Junsu thanks EBS for helping him finally perform on a music show after six years
150414 – JYJ’s Junsu Sheds Tears During First Korean Music Show Filming in 6 Years
➤ The “JYJ law”
150415 – “JYJ Law” Proposed to Prevent Unreasonable Blacklisting of Stars
➤ Toscana will be on tv!
150420 – JYJ’s Junsu’s Luxury Jeju Island Hotel to Be Featured in New Drama “Agreeably Warm”
➤ Another round of ppl be rude to JYJ: Junsu and the rude af MC
overview: 150423 – Junsu outraged after event host insults him and fans on stage
well, he seriously wasn’t happy, to say the least >__>
the incident: what happened
native korean spearker’s report
Junsu’s reaction
and the “very una pologetic apology” that followed from the MC
➤ Aaaaand here we go again!
150426 – “Gag Concert” Censors JYJ Junsu’s Name, Fans Raise Voices in Protest
wow. that was quick. We haven’t even put the MC incident to rest for good yet and there we go again already! #EveryoneStopIt! #YallAreAnnoyingAF! ㄱ____ㄱ

HoMin news!
➤ tbh… I already thought that the date that was rumored in fandom before was wrong info. because how could ANYONE know already when no one ever said a peep about it?
SM Entertainment responds to rumors about an August military enlistment for Yunho

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Junsu dropped “Flower” =) , Siwon 10 years acting anni and he maybe goes Hollywood now? & Jaejoong cries during fanmeeting

HI! ^^/

again (…or as always I like to say) it’s been a while!
Nothing special happened. At least not for me.

Unni’s and my USB sticks making “miles” xD *haha* we sent them up and down in europe/our hometowns.
Talking about it… I should get the last one ready so I can sent them again!
I hope all the stuff I wanted her to see this time fits on my two USB sticks ^^°°° I keep digging out more and more.

Regarding work: the thing with ajeossi is working out surprisingly. o__O not sure what to think of it now. it is also too early for a long-time prognosis but for the past few weeks I can say he behaved actually normal.
Regarding the lies he spread about my junior… also in front of our boss… I talked to our boss after the section’s meeting we had (the “complain lunch”, as we called it). I expressed that I was uncomfortable with what he had said and insisted on and that is isn’t true and that I just wanted to point out that my junior is no lazy-ass person. In the end boss agreed fully and said he cannot believe what ajeossi said. That was all I wanted to hear. And my junior as well.

besides that: I want to read more… I want to watch more movies too! =D
Because I now have an overly awesome DVD/BluRay/BluRay 3D player with 4K upscaling OTL OTL … although thing cost as much as my mac ^^°°°
BUT this year’s motto is “BECAUSE I DESERVE IT!”. And I think I do. on top of all I am fed up with my playstations constantly wanting “updates” so they can play my freaking movies like WTF! + my philips being unable to play BluRays with the new copy protection on…. like WTF part 2! ㄱ___ㄱ
It’s 2015. I ain’t got time for dvd players’ sh*t!
*gives technology da glare of all the facks I don’t want to give anymore*

I have an Oppo BDP-103 now and can now FINALLY watch “The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug” on my tv like… FINALLY! For the first time it works! (first thing I tested was the DoS BluRay!)
Starting with DoS my players couldn’t read half of the BluRay diks anyore.
Video and audio is A+ now. I would buy an Oppo player anytime again! It cost a good bunch of money but it is SUCH a treat! (●´□`)❤ cannot even! Awesome thing it is!

While we’re already talking about the Hobbit… BotfA is now ON BLURAY! =D yayyyys!
Still I am waiting for the release of this collectors editions that have Bilbo’s journal in it… you know, the red book of the westmarch replica (sadly only the outside, not the drawings and text inside – that would have been really awesome btw ^^).
I didn’t want to buy any of them at first becaue I wanted to buy the EE in december or when it will be released. BUT since I saw now how cool 3D is with the Oppo I quickly changed my mind and decided to spend these 75€ on the 3D box with the 3 Hobbit movies (normal versions).
EE is still a thing and I will do the thing! (means: I will buy it for sure! ヾ(☆▽☆) ), but since the hobbit movies are easily some of the absolutely TOP quality ones when it comes to 3D I cannot miss that out as a fan for so long now!
… and although I cry each time when watching BotfA (seriously, when will this BotfA pain end? (ಥ﹏ಥ) ) I need an awesome version to cry over at least. So glad it was on a streaming site in 720 HD now but I seeeeeriously need the real thing… a good high quality HD BluRay and stuff *waves around with arms* …because I love expensive and/or awesome things and it is a problem and I need to feek my addiction, ARA?!
Shut up and take my money
(and gimme the BluRays of course! not just take my money… I wanna have something for it too)

AAAAND while we’re talking about this now… (*haha* the transitions today! xD ): I got the Lord of the Rings SEE’s on BluRay.
Becaue my first press SEE DVD boxes start to suffer ( = look a little worn D: ) … they are still A+ good playing but I want the whole thing stay in good shape too. So they will now become collection items, which simply means: they go on display behind glass!
For watching purpose I got the BluRays now (got them from someone who ended his/her BluRay collection and sold everything). I thought it would be really such a shame if I do not buy them ^^
So my collection falls into place slowly.

Also, I thought about how cool it will be when Sis visit’s me the next time! =D We could now watch “Frozen” in 3D, for example! *hahaha* when I bought it I told her that one day I will have the right devices to watch it. One always needs to invest in the future. So I love BLuRay packs with 3D and 2D versions of the film.

Hm, well. Enough with the movie talk.

I will post these “old news” here ^^, say that I updated the Kdreams site recently & decently inform you that my got a little makeover and generally changed a little in content (not drastically or completely unexpected, tho).
Still news on the boys (JYJ-HoMin, Siwon, general SuJu) but now also a good bunch of nature/animals pictures, a bit CSI, a bit more Hobbit/LotR + fun/life/feminism things.
At least I hope you will… because I do. I love the blog like this, it’s perfectly balanced like that.

That’s all. We will now procees with the news~

[Latest Pics]
(150209) Han Geng and Zhang Ziyi celebrating their birthdays (February 9th) together → 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 haha! SO CUTE! =D ,
Han Geng celebrating birthday while working on “Men’s Uno” April Cover on Feb 9 2015 in Beijing → 6 ,
Ever Since We Love《万物生长》(starring Han Geng and Fan Bing Bing) → 7 ,
(150210) Han Geng | BAZAAR Men’s Style (March 2015 issue) photoshoot → 8 ,
Han Geng and Jolin Tsai for Yishion → 9 ,
(150318) Han Geng and Fan Bing Bing | “Ever Since We Love” press conference → 10 , 11 ,
[Instagram update]
(150222) Han Geng Instagram Update
[WeiBo updates]
(150226) Han Geng Weibo Update: Vacation
(150226) Han Geng Weibo Update: sunscreen
[WEIBO update]
150309 Han Geng Weibo Update: Running Man China

SuJu news!
➤ Siwon goes Hollyood?
Siwon to possibly make a debut in Hollywood soon?
OTL not only that! he even replied to this AKP article with “Maybe ;P” (that stupid xD LOL )
SM Entertainment congratulates Siwon on his 10th year anniversary since his acting debut!
➤ EunHae are back~
Super Junior’s Donghae & Eunhyuk steal hearts in ‘Growing Pains’ MV

JYJ news!
➤ JYJ’s Valentines message! (with subs)
Happy Valentine’s Day from JYJ (subs)
➤ oh! how cool! =D
JYJ’s Junsu’s Upcoming Solo Album Title Track “Flower” to Feature Tablo
➤ Chunnie is up for more!
150217 Yoochun – ‘I’m barely 30… I want to find my name as an actor”
– you go boy! 150219 – SNS ISSUE: Yoochun in TOP 10 Popularity Ranking of Korean Actors in Japan
Arirang TV – ‘Showbiz Korea’: ‘Haemoo’ has been invited to the NDNF Festival in NYC
➤ new drama for actor chun!
150227 – Park Yoochun & Shin Sekyung Confirmed to Star in New SBS Drama
➤ FLOWER is out!
Junsu has jaws dropping with a highly artistic MV for beautifully eerie track ‘Flower’
150305 – Junsu’s 꽃 ‘FLOWER’ rising at all across Asia
150309 Junsu – Tablo appears as special guest performer at ‘Flower’ concert in Seoul (Day 2)
150313 – JYJ’s Junsu Tops Music Charts with “Flower” Despite No Broadcast Promotions
– without tv promotion for years: 150313 Junsu’s Flower gets 2nd place on Music Bank
— well, it’s no shame to lose to Shinhwa tho! 150313 – Shinhwa Wins on This Week’s “Music Bank” with “Sniper”
– The MV:
➤ FLOWER song lyrics trans:
“Flower (꿏)” lyrics
“Reach” lyrics
“나비 (Butterfly)” lyrics
“나의 밤 (My Night)” lyrics
“Out of Control” lyrics
“X Song” lyrics
“License to Love” lyrics
“Musical in Life” lyrics
“Love you More” lyrics
“F.L.P” lyrics
“Hello, Hello” lyrics
“그 말 참 밉다 (Hateful Words)” lyrics
“사랑숨 (Breath of Love)” lyrics
➤ AKP made an album review about FLOWER
[Album and MV Review] XIA (Junsu) – ‘Flower’
150304 – XIA Junsu’s 3rd Album “Flower” tops Hanteo Daily Chart
➤ it’s getting real…
150304 – JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong to Enter Military on March 31
First round of tickets for Jaejoong’s last solo concert before enlistment sells out in five minutes
➤ it’s strange when you know it will be the last time for two years
150316 – JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Meets with 2,000 Japanese Fans Prior to Enlisting in Army
➤ Nooooo baby, don’t cry! T^T we will be here whenever you need us and also when you return from the army!
150325 – Jaejoong overwhelmed with tears at recent fanmeet

HoMin news!
➤ oh! massage chair! =D chill away Yunho! *haha* ^^
150220 Yunho – Bigeast Staff Report
– Bigeast staff report part 2: Changmin and the food xD
➤ finally! =)
150223 – Yunho Education Center, in Ghana, Africa, Completed… “Thank you Korea!”
Bigeast Mission Card 40!
Mission 40 (eng subs)
➤ Sakura Michi lyrics (not sure if I already posted them here o.o)
150130 Tohoshinki – Sakura Michi (Short Ver.)
*haha* yes they are! maybe now more than ever.
150205 – Tohoshinki is Still Ambitious and Successful Heading into Their 10th Year Since Japanese Debut

NS Yoon-G news!
➤ Yoon-G now in Insta!
NS Yoon-G joins Instagram!
woohoo! =D comeback!
NS Yoon-G announces her comeback!
Yoon-G comeback~~
Sexy diva NS Yoon-G just wants to be your ‘Wifey’ in her comeback MV
– “Wifey” trans lyrics: **TRANS** NS Yoon G (feat. MC Mong) – Wifey

Ailee news!
Ailee goes topless for men’s magazine ‘GQ Korea’
yeah… -topless- but covered! Still she looks beautiful! =) Aileee! YAYY! ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

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IT IS ON! , just feels… (I need therapy D:) , Happy 31st B-Day Genny! & the usual news~


I am currently on vacay and… at work da house is burning, tbh!

Talked to y junior for like an hour yesterday, she telling me all what had happened the past week and I was just like gasping and saying “c’mon! he can’t!”, “what a lie!”, “no, he didn’t!” but yeeees, he did.
And of course we are talking about ajeossi and… IT IS ON NOW!
It is defiitely so on!

My junior and our oldest trainee declared war on ajeossi… now sh*t is about to happen! I tell ya!
It all began with our trainee complaining regarding her issue with ajeossi and accidentally mentioning my junior in the talk. She probably talked herself in rage.
My junior, on the other hand, too this opportunity to complain as well.
(I think it was two years ago when we almost had made a group-complain to our boss because ajeossi’s mood swings and hating on ppl via anger outbreaks just weren’t even funny anymore)

Ajeossi also spread lies about my junior such as she would talk bad about me and do things to make it hard for me behind my back in FRONT OF OUR BOSS!
How dare he?!
Can you just not?!
She was SO shocked about what he said… seriously, how can he lie so shamelessly? I also was at loss of words!
I know she’s not a two-faced, sh*tty person who talks bad about me behind my back. We always had been honest with each other, working great together and support each other well. Ajeossi shall not interfere in our relationships at work and.. off work. We’re friends.


It was important to her that I know that he’s talking sh*t and she wanted to make it clear that it is not true and I shall not believe ajeossi. She said “please, please do not believe him. no matter what he says, it is not true. I never did that.” and she was really desperate. :/
Poor thing :/ he gave her so much trouble! This stupid idiot!
I know she is not this kind of person. I also know ajeossi cannot be trusted… AT ALL! To save his head he would drag EVERY PERSON NEEDED through the mire. No matter at what cost. (in this case: a lot of baseless, evil lies)

I guess I will play the clueless when I come back to work in a week.
When I would go say “ah yeah, she already told me about that” ajeossi could use that against her/us. Like telling the boss she influenced me to say something to let her appear good.
I will not support ajeossi’s lies. There is nothing to be influenced. He’s not telling the truth and I will not let him get away with that. I hate nothing more than ppl who lies or ppl who lie to get others down to get away with their crap.
Dragging her like that… couldn’t believe that he was not even ashamed while telling these lies. Tsk! ㄱ_ㄱ
He just can’t do that.
I will not let her appear like the worst person in our boss’ eyes. I often wouldn’t know how to survive work without her so he shall not dare to drag her again! All his lies shall be exposed! Unni said he needs to know where his place is and she’s SO RIGHT with that!

But thaaaat is exactly what I suspected it to be once this happens… I got to know ajeossi during the time he was hating on me… I got to know him well! This second face of his… his true face… I too thought I got off at the wrong station, just like her when they discussed that with the boss.
There was a time, at the very beginning, when ajeossi told the boss horrible things about another workmate and me just to cover up his own failures and shortcommings.
I never forgave and never forgot. (•̅_•̅ ) *frowns really hard*
It’s been 5 years. Now it is payback time, BISH!
what is your problem??
We wonder about his behaviour since years.

We will see if this ends with a huge bang or if he comes around at one point. But I guess ajeossi will rather go down with his ship of lies as to admit the truth.

Other news are just that I still have so many feels! LotR feels… Hobbit feels… they start to melt together and bild a huge bundle of feels! D:
Post-BotfA-pain also never ends… WAE?! T.T
I cry over “Into the West” still, I cry while listening to the hobbit soundtracks, I cry when I start talking to unni about a certain scene or Thorin…
Just don’t touch me!  。・゜゜⌒(ㅠOㅠ)⌒゜゜・。

;﹏; ❤️/💔

random side-news: K-dreams had been updated with 2015 dreams.
=) I now started the new page!

=D can you believe this?! Our Genny is now 31 years old! ^^ still he’s Han sansui! (a 3 years old) ㅋㅋ
Happy, happy birthday to our squishy!
祝你生日快乐 韩庚! 我爱你! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))
(ノ⊙ヮ⊙)ノ~『✧~*庚日快乐*~✧』✧・゚:*✧・゚:* #HappyHanGengDay
[Latest pics]
Genny and RMB dancers! → 1 ,
Han Geng in Trends Health magazine (February 2015 issue) …. what are you wearing in the first one? O-O → 2 ,
Han Geng on Happy Camp (February 7, 2015 episode) with Jackie Chan → 3 ,
Geng for Yishion → 4 ,
[WeiBo updates]
(150125) : 2015
(150128) I love you China!

JYJ news!
150211 – JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) confirms release date for 3rd solo album ‘FLOWER’
to say we’re curiously-excited is an understatement! haha! ^___^ Junsu solo was always awesome!
➤ Well maybe because JYJ were part of TVXQ and TVXQ has the status like an original japanese band.
150101 – Factors behind the success of JYJ’s 1st Japanese album
➤ ^__^ so cute!
141231 – Junsu becomes Little Red Riding Hood at his year-end concert
➤ oooh yeah~ *puts on glasses of coolness* (σ ⌐■▽■)-σ Chunnie was SO daebak-rolling in 2014!
150101 – Park Yoochun swipes screen industry in 2014
➤ It’s over already? these days I am not up to date ^^° (work has taken over)
150101 – Junsu successfully finishes his year-end concerts in Seoul
➤ Actor Jaejoong go go!
150110 – ‘Spy’ Kim Jaejoong, Unsparing of the modifier ‘actor’ now
➤ The toscana trouble:
150112 – The full account on Hallyu star Kim Junsu’s counterclaim against construction companies
➤ hm I wonder o.o
Jaejoong reported to have purchased a building worth $7 million USD
➤ it is really incredible what he won with that movie. It was a total success!
150126 – Park Yoochun Sweeps Up Five ‘Best Newcomer’ Awards For His Role In ‘Sea Fog’
150130 – JYJ′s Park Yoochun Takes Home Best New Actor Award at ′KOFRA′ Film Awards
➤ Junsu the “box office guarantee”
150203 – Kim Junsu, seats for solo concerts sell out in only 20 minutes ‘Box office guarantee’
➤ JJ’s clean up scared some ppl ^^°
Jaejoong alarms fans after deleting previous Instagram and Twitter content

HoMin news!
➤ yessss~ you did well boys! proud of you! =)
150102 – Tohoshinki ranked no.13 on Oricon Yearly Album Chart becoming the “Highest ranked International Artist” on the list!
– OTL every charts ranking… summary… whatever that is released these days let’s the MAMA sh*t even more appear like the biggest joke ever: Haneto Chart’s 2014 SINGER AWARD: No.1 TVXQ!
➤ I just think after “Night Watchman” ppl finally discovered Yunho ^^
150112 – “U-Know Yunho, The Jewel Uncovered in ‘International Market’ “
➤ because they are not just “one of these hallyu wave” groups
[Trans] “The reason why TVXQ is shining much brighter even amidst the faltering Korean wave”
➤ awesome! =D that was quick!
TVXQ get certified Platinum and Big Bang get certified Gold from RIAJ
➤ I still consider these the most useful presents you can give them
150204 – Fans of TVXQ’s Yunho Donate to Marginalized Children in Need for His Birthday
Yunho tells everyone his thankies for the bday wishesl

➤ Happy B-Day to our JJ and our Leader씨 Yunho!
We will love you and support both of you always! =)
The man I respect the most (Yunho) & the man that keeps being an alien (JJ): HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

➤ Also, on January the 10th Brian Oppa had his bday! All the best to the sweetest person as well!
HAPPY BDAY! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧

➤ oh hey! korean BoA comeback?
BoA to come back with a new album this year!

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My year end thoughts (as usual), T1ST0RY in Seoul, THSK released “WITH”, Junsu’s Toscana-issue & Yoochun on a daebak roll!

안녕 다들! ^^//

hey! hello~!
bowing_cat I am so late! late on everything…. late on posting this entry…. late for christmas late for new year LOL because it is already the first day of 2015.
Nonetheless I wanna deliver/get out my year-end thoughts.
Basically I wanted to do that since half of december already but you see I ain’t posted nothing at all!
But I am busier than ever with work. not only generally but around christmas especiall. And with “around” I mean from start of November to end of December.
for more recent (as in: earlier posted) news, fun stuff, LotR/Hobbit, animals and life things go visit, I update this more often because it is a quicker work to do.

So my thoughts are not so much different.
*Artemisia voice from 300/2* My disappointment…
haha, ok I stop!
My disappointement continue to be ppl.
Bad thing is: still.
Good thing is: at least my dissappointment is not myself! 😉 always think positive!
but ppl…. it was time to give up on some actually. Came to the conclusion that some just do not deserve my attention/care/heart whatever.
Like Emmy told me once:
Emmy_you deem worthy and she is right.
Because sworn sister knows. She too knows my disappointment. sadly she does, she deserves to be treaten better as well.
It was early in 2014 I had an emotional breakdown after a chain of disappointments only over the fact that I also know ppl who do care. I talked to unni at that time and all I did was crying. Crying over the fact that she is nice to me, that she is there, that she is not this sort of disappoint-ful person.
(wow… i am amazed about what bad english that was right now oO … new word!)

There were ppl the past year I drifted apart from although I thought we had been close(r than that), some entired stopped talking to me suddenly & some I bond with although I thought we would neve be that close.
Oh and then there were the ones I thought they are dead or something and then came back saying “hello! just wanted to check on you! I am back, how ya doing?” =) this gave me life, tbh!
Only one came back but that is better than none.

Other conclusions I had: Irritating ppl with my true nature is great! pissing them of with my opinon even greater! xD LOL
Although I still need to shut up more often. It became a little better lately but I can still do way better.
but you know when you hear or read something and know “I shouldn’t say this now…” and then you still do just because you had to… that is my problem.

Goals for 2015: I hate making new years resolutions (no one ever sticks to) just because it is a new year because who actually cares?? it is another day like days before waw should it be more special? ppl can change things whenever they want so screw this new year nonsense. So my general goal is to be a little more like Thranduil ;P
Just because I am still way too nice to ppl who don’t even deserve it. We could all use more of a bish-attitute so gottal let it out more~
Wanna be more indiffrent than I already am~ Family, my friends and me. Nothing more I need, nothing more counts.
The days of the elvenking shall come!

oh btw: the thing I look forward to the most so far in 2015 is the release of BotfA Extended Edition! because THE HOBBIT WAS AWESOME! … also I am so sad that we already reached the end of it all :/
but it will live on in our hearts just like LotR does.

aah but I went off topic!
hm, is there anything more I can say? I am grateful for my close friends and will continue living my life to my liking and for myself alone. That I can just sit here and think that we’re really lucky and actually have so much.
Ppl who do not deserve my well-meaning shall not be my concern anymore, because…
*Thranduil voice* “other ppl are not my concern. Fortunes with them rise and fall, but here in this kingdom I will endure.” xD sorry not sorry!
And that is what my life feels to me. My kingdom. maybe we’re not the riches of ppl, but at least my life is stable and I’m thankful it. It wasn’t always like that.

General motto for 2015: “Becaus I deserve it”.
(& “because mom deserves it” 😉 )

My goal and motto is set. and it shall not be only for this year!

Now the other stuff!

Junsu got a huuuuge christmas tree from Jaejoong…

… as a bday present! yeah, our lovely Kim twins turned 29!

And I am happy that we have the both of them ^^, about brother and Junsu alike!

While we’re at it a few words about the 4000th day with the boys:

no, I won’t forget either. I don’t want forget. They brought me back to a happier life. I cannot stop being thankful. Everything became so much better so I will always love these 5 men. They are family to me. We’ve been through hard times together.
I went through the ugly rise and fall of standoms (ㅋㅋ btw) because they had helped me when no one else could. One does not easily forget that. At least not me. I never regretted a thing. And I will never forget.

Remember, WE ARE T!
AKTF cassies!


[Latest pics]
Holiday!Gen for Yishion ^^ → 1 ,
Young Choice Awards → 2 , 3 ,
Genny and his sponsored kids → 4 ,
Han Geng at the Beijing premier of “The Taking of Tiger Mountain 3D” → 5 ,
Yishion → 6 , 7 ,
Genny celebrating his 5th solo anniversary → 8 ,
Genny and friends (Wei Jia, He Jiong) → 9 ,
Happy Camp recording → 10 , 11 ,
Genny’s BAZAR photoshoot → 12 , 13 ,
ELLE men → 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 .
[WeiBo updates]
(141214) HanGeng and the children buy clothes at Yishion
5 years since 1221

SuJu news!
➤ 2014 most beautiful faces
Nana ranks 1st on ‘Most Beautiful’ while Siwon ranks 2nd on ‘Most Handsome’ faces of 2014 list
Siwon is too handsome for his own good and Nana is so pretty *___* I love Nana!
➤ We also have Siwon being the stupid he is xD
Siwon shines with an arc reactor on his crotch
Siwon embraces his inner Tony Stark, continues to be hilarious
➤ Zhoumi is on insta now
Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi opens an Instagram account
➤ It’s because on a one-room house you don’t have much space to be anywhere else
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk reveals that he misses living frugally
I think these kinda houses are amazing. I have never seen this anywhere before kdramas. it’s cute little houses, maybe cheap/affordable for sigle ppl, couples or young families. it you could buy something like that here too more ppl would have houses.

JYJ news!
➤ aww! Junsu! T.T Heart hurts!
141120 – JYJ’s Kim Junsu Feels Like Cying When He Sees His JYJ Members
– more around Ichigo Ichie: 141120 – JYJ Reveals Why It Chose Tohoshinki’s ‘Begin’ as Concert Ending Song
– I totally agree with Jaejoong! 141120 – JYJ Talked About The Hallyu Slump [We Were Different From The Start]
– … Jaejoong you still need to gain weight. muscles or not but… there is a need for some weight to get on you still! 141120 – JYJ Discusses Their Hopes for Their 30s and the Future
141120 – JYJ, 2-day Tokyo Dome’s Roaring Success! Message they want to bring to fans…… Singing Tohoshinki’s [Begin] Again
141120 – JYJ First Japan Dome Tour = “Really Happy”
141120 – Jaejoong, the reason he sang Cho Yongpil’s song at the concert?
➤ it’s because his Ballad & Musical concerts are always beyond awesome!
141121 – Junsu, Ballad and Musical concerts’ advance sales tickets sold out in just 15 minutes ‘Unchanged Power of Influence’
141126 – Junsu to offer extra tickets for concerts
141229 Junsu – End Of The Year Concert D-1 “Healing for Eyes & Ears”
➤ Always working hard for a good show!
141124 – Peek behind the scenes at JYJ’s Tokyo concerts
➤ new drama for our JJ!
141125 – Jaejoong to star in KBS drama ‘Spy’
141126 – Jaejoong Confirmed for KBS Drama “Spy,” to Play Genius Analyst
141212 – JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Go Sunghee to Act as Lovers in ‘Spy’
141226 – Jaejoong to Take On an Emotionally Deeper Role in “Spy”
141226 – SPY FB Update: Character Introduction – NIS official Kim Seonwoo (Kim Jaejoong)
141229 – Original creators of ‘Spy’ say Jaejoong fits his role perfectly
➤ Junsu is a tower ^^
141127 – Oh Man Seok compares Jung Sunghwa, Jo Seungwoo, Kim Junsu and Nam Kyungju to towers on Radio Star
➤ soo…. does that mean the short “JYJ reuinion” was already all? :/ aah, that was quite a quick thing!
141127 – JYJ members to embark on solo activities
I mean I support them. of course I do! whatever makes them happy! OTL but it’s a bit weird… although they are still together and basically active it’s like with SS501 o.O
but this also means: mayyybe Junsu brings out his 3rd solo album? this wouldn’t be bad either!
oh… and the army! aah, let’s not forget about the army thing! they also still have to do that.. aigoo >.>
➤ they cannot stop praising him! … ME GUSTA! 8D
141128 – ‘Incomparable’ ‘Irreplaceable’ Kim Junsu’s year end live concert “Ballad&Musical”
➤ 헐! Sea Fog for Golden Globe?! o:
141203 – Sea Fog approved for Golden Globe consideration in the Foreign Language category
➤ Meanwhile… Junsu ^^
141203 – Kim Junsu Is The 2014 Best Male Musical Actor
141204 – Kim Junsu’s Concert Guests Are Now Confirmed
➤ aaaand Chunnie! Out to win awards! 😉
141203 – Yoochun Wins New Artist Award from ‘Beautiful Artist Awards’
➤ JJ took some aweome pics while in Vienna!
141203 – Kim Jaejoong, A Prince In The Imperial City
➤ Junsu and Toscana in trouble (all the relevant articles)
– Quick summary: Toscana and Cheonji(CJ) issue summary
– Details: 141211 – JYJ’s Junsu in Legal Disputes for Loans and Unpaid Costs Regarding His Jeju Island Hotel
141211 – JYJ Kim Junsu’s attorney clarified position “Would take a strong legal action against construction companies for embezzling the expense”
– DETAILS: 141212 – Promissory note was written but the money? 10 misunderstandings revealed
➤ 7 years of good ^^
141213 – Junsu‘s 7-year good deeds under spotlight
➤ aww yes. He sang “Now Is Good”! I love this song!
131214 – Yoochun asked Jaejoong to sing at Sea Fog co-worker’s wedding.
➤ Chunnie is on a daebak roll as an actor (with Haemoo!)
141217 – Yoochun won ‘Best New Actor’ award at the 35th Blue Dragon Film Awards
141217 – JYJ Yoochun hits grand slam with BDA
– so he will become a movie star now!? 8D 141219 – Park Yoochun, An Actor Discovered by Chungmuro
➤ JYJ’s adorable Christas Message ^^
141223 [ENG SUBS] – JYJ Christmas Message (Korean Ver.)
➤ Cjes goes Musical!
141222 – C-JeS Entertainment Establishes Performance Production Company ‘C-JeS Culture’
➤ Japanese comeback in January!
141224 JYJ – The Much Awaited Japan CD Debut in January! Official announcement during Fukuoka concert….. To Release [WAKE ME TONIGHT]
141224 JYJ – New Song to go on Sale in January (tracklist)
➤ … OH! I certainly missed the time she became part of our family! slowly there are too many ppl under cjes for me to keep track of ^^°°°
141223 – Kang Hyejung “Park Yoochun, a real actor who I didn’t know have a good energy about himself”
➤ ah yes, last concert was on christmas.
141225 – JYJ Successfully Completes First Japanese Dome Tour
141224 – JYJ responds to fans’ questions! [The Bond of 3 Hearts…. Just Being Together Is Happiness] – Commemoration of Japan Dome Tour

HoMin news!
➤ OTL do I even need to say something about that?
U-Know donates entire movie earnings to children’s fund
➤ Year end performance! this is perfection OTL
Screw the awards shows who exluded DongBangSuJu!
Look at our dongbang boys! they OWN not all the awards already, they also own all the shows. At least for me they always will. Simply THE KINGS!!!
➤ 4000 days!!! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆
141207 TVXQ – T1ST0RY Press Conference, revealed their thoughts on the group’s 4000th day
➤ 4000 days celebration during T1ST0RY concert onstage/offstage (with many pics ^^)
[Full Trans] “Men among men, sweetest among sweetest”… TVXQ 4000th Day
➤ T1ST0RY receives praises for it’s show!
141213 TVXQ – 10 years of Success First Stage at the Taipei Arena The Essence (Best) of a Dance & Song Show)
141214 – 8000 Fans Enjoyed the Candy Eye, TVXQ Performed with Intense Emotions, (they were) Earth-shakingly Hot
➤ WITH interview~
141217 – MORA interview with Tohoshinki for “WITH” Album
141217 – Tohoshinki Japanese Album “WITH” Tops Several Digital and Physical Music CDs Charts for 141216
➤ WITH album : Audio & lyrics trans
Refuse To Lose (Intro)
I Just Can’t Quit Myself
Christmas Is Loving
Suri Suri (Spellbound)_japanese version
Beliebe in U
Special One
With Love
➤ more lyrics ^^
Time Works Wonders
Baby Don’t Cry
➤ As Yunho said: THSK’s records need to be broken by themselves ^^
141223 – Tohoshinki Rewrites Japanese Oricon Charts History with Success of New Album “WITH”
Tohoshinki – (with their) Latest Album 「WITH」, (became) the first overseas group in history to have 4 consecutive No.1 with their original albums
TVXQ Rewrites Japanese Oricon Charts History with Success of New Album “WITH”
TVXQ, Super Junior remain No. 1 on Oricon charts
➤ They can do a lot of things well but that is not so much theirs ^^°
141225 [ENG SUBS] Tohoshinki – Bigeast Mission Card Card (Mission 39)
➤ Happy 11th anni boys!
141226 [ENG SUBS] TVXQ – Debut 11th Anniversary Message
– the love for all 5 is SO MUCH alive: Fans celebrate TVXQ’s 11th year anniversary on Twitter + Jaejoong tweets about 11th anniversary
➤ First wax figures who didn’t turn out creepy in my eyes!! (but Yunho a bit too thin maybe? hm, probably it’s just me)
TVXQ – Shanghai Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
– well…. minnie now THAT creeps me out! 141226 TVXQ – Madame Tussauds Shanghai Wax Museum Weibo Update
141226 TVXQ – Madame Tussauds Shanghai Wax Museum
141226 – Shanghai Madame Tussaud Wax Museum reveals TVXQ’s Wax Figures
➤ woah! O.O even a H.O.T member thought so?
141227 – Moon Hee Jun: “TVXQ Posed the Biggest Threat to H.O.T”

SS501 news
➤ the song is not so bad~ (the light tunnel thing at the end is cool!
Kim Hyung Jun releases MV for new song ‘Better’ feat. Baby J

➤ Random and very late Kris update:
141201: SM Entertainment and Kris to have their second round of court-referred mediation this month
➤ I think she’s also works a lot although she’s only less than half as active as our boys
BoA talks about her career, celebrating her 15th year since debut, and approaching her 30’s
BoA reveals she never rested for more than 2 weeks throughout her 14-year career

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JYJ -INDEED- performed at IAG2014 opening, Yunho impressed ppl in Night Watchman!, another lawsuit & Sungmin gets married! =D

안녕 친구들!

Aigoo~~ I just don’t get anything done here on WP lately! it’s horrible! *groans annoyed*
I now have a bunch of old news ^^° I try to do my best but work and me FF writing and…. ecessively watching some series won’t leave me with much time.

and I so need to watch these series because I have a life outside this blog xD (I’m sure everyone understands).
I’m sorry but… also not *haha*

My shipper heart has a lot to do recently. I sheeeeeep! (oh.. OTL I meant ship~) my new ship and my oldest ship so hard these days! it’s beyond what’s good for me, tbh but oh wellies.

I am rewatching(/visiting my childhood with watching) Gargoyles these days and my feels are still so strong for my ship so I got from
YouShouldBeTogether“wow you’re so cute and it’s so obvious! you should be together! =D “

CRYING_heart“oooh my god, I think my heart breaks! here! take it!!!”

Cinna_FlyingHearts“D’aww, you lovelies! sheeeeeeep! (OTL I meant ship~)”

and overall just…
feels“ugh >__< oh god… can’t deal with all my feels! *rolls around*”

so I am having a hard time going on board of my oldest ship Goliath/Elisa again but….
I REGRET NOTHING!!!! ┗(^o^ )┓

I have to say my CSI ship (Morganders) is less problematic. Their flirtationship is pretty cute ^___^

yeah, shipper problems but what to do? I admit that I was one in 1995 already. I have no regrets! HAHA!
(my only regret is maybe that I cannot have Bronx & Boudicca as my pets… yes, that makes me really upset ^^°)

Omg! the news… so much happened again since I last posted somehting… let’s start somewhere… ^^° (I apologize for the wave of OLD NEWS coming up!)

—- > It really happened! yes, JYJ indeed performed and WERE TO BE SEEN ON TV OH MY GOSH!!! (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻ *flips table because of excitement*
oh sorry table ^^° but that’s a big deal for us!
I dont want to say it was easy to get to this point but: now it finally happened!

Here’s da thing, vids of JYJ performing at IAG 2014: 140919 – Incheon Asian Games
140922 – JYJ Shares Thoughts on Appearing on Broadcast for the Incheon Asian Games Opening Ceremony

connected with this there was a nice article around: [REVIEW] 141013 SM’s foreign localization strategy has failed

[MV] HAHA! rapper geng! 8D
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song MV (Chinese vers.)
although we are not sure what Genny’s rapper name would be but: the song is cool actually ^^d
➤ [Movie Trailer] Taking of Tiger Mountain
《智取威虎山3D》“青春203”花絮 韩庚 Trailer “The Taking Of Tiger Mountain 3D” Thanh xuân 203
[Latest Pics]
(141011) Yishion event in Harbin: 1 , 2 , 3 ,
Yishion winter collection : 4 , 5 , 6 ,
[WeiBo update]
SuJu 9th Annni (it’s also Geng’s 9th anni!)

SuJu news!
➤ OMG! she’s so cute!!! *jumps of cliff*
[Updated w/ Sungmin’s Confirmation] Super Junior’s Sungmin Reportedly Dating, Actress Kim Sa Eun Confirms
Super Junior’s Sungmin admits the marriage rumor is true with a heartfelt letter to fans
Sungmin to go on a honeymoon immediately after a private wedding
➤ Changmin wrote a song for his best friend! <33 DongBangSuJu! =)
[Lyrics] 140919 Changmin’s lyrics for Kyuhyun’s solo song at Super Show 6 in Seoul
➤ Well, besides all the trouble around Sungmin’s marriage there are also good news: the new song for the repackage album, “this is love”, is awesome! =D
SuJu : “This Is Love” MV
– Lyrics trans: Super Junior – This Is Love, Hangul, Romanization, English, dan Indonesian Lyrics
Super Junior wins #1 again on SBS’ Inkigayo’ + performances from TaeTiSeo, 2PM, Min X & many more
➤ This was SO funny! xDDD
[ENG SUB] [HD] 140921 Super Show 6 in Seoul – Super Junior “Swing” VCR
➤ AND IT WAS PERFECT!!! “This Is Love” is… love! O:
Super Junior to return with repackaged album ‘This Is Love’
➤ The song is good!
Zhoumi gets ready for his solo debut with ‘Rewind’ MV teaser + f(x)’s Amber to join him on music shows this week
Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi makes his solo debut with ‘Rewind’ MV featuring EXO’s Chanyeol and Tao
➤ of course they do :/
Super Junior reveal they feel a big, empty spot during concerts when members are away for military service
– additonal article: Super Junior’s Shindong’s enlistment date confirmed for November 25
➤ 9 years already! 10 years mark is coming fast!
Super Junior and fans celebrate 9 years since debut
JYJ’s Jaejoong congratulates Super Junior on their 9th anniversary
➤ … I am not sure what SM tries to do with bringing half of SuJu out as solo artists these days. not that their music would be so bad as solo artist but I just wonder!
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is SM’s next solo artist!
Kyuhyuun releases ‘At Gwanghwamun’ tracklist

JYJ news!
➤ it’s because they don’t just go with the “family stuff” ppl of the same company love to say, they actually ARE nice together
JYJ talks about senior actors in CJES
➤ UWAH! Sea Fog is doing incredibly well!
140922 – Korea Sets ‘Sea Fog’ on Foreign-Language Oscar Course
140926 – Arirang TV ‘REEL Talk’: “Haemoo” chosen as Korea’s entry for Best Film in Foreign Language Film
➤ *haha* yes, the others feeling the “oldness” but Junsu is still to hyper to stand still xD
140925 – JYJ’s Kim Junsu, “Because of Age? For the fans, I won’t give up dance songs”
➤ Jaejoong as “Best Actor” here! =D
Winners from the ‘2014 Korea Drama Awards’
➤ heyyy! Jaejoong at Gummy noona’s concert!
[News] 141011 Kim Jaejoong Makes a Surprise Friendly Appearance at Gummy’s Concert
➤ Ichigo Ichie! =)
JYJ to kick off their Japan Dome Tour this November
JYJ to go on a Japan Dome Tour + release Japanese single album!
➤ Jaejoong you’re the most awesome person!
JYJ’s Jaejoong congratulates Super Junior on their 9th anniversary
➤ oh.. random concerts are rando huh? but yayyyy! another ballad concert by junsu!
141111 – Junsu to Hold Third Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra
➤ WOAH! O-O another hotel?! already? … will there also be Iron Man figures in it? xD
Soon Junsu’s family will be big in hotel business, huh? 😉
Junsu seeking investors to sell his shares in Toscana Hotel + plans to extend hotel business

HoMin news!
➤ Yunho kept working hard and now finally ppl start to shut up!
141008 – TVXQ Yunho shows ‘boy bands can act’
– not event that, they just cannot stop praising him! 141015 – Yunho praised to be perfect for his character
➤ tour after tour for HoMin!
TVXQ to hold special live tour ‘T1ST0RY’ in Seoul to commemorate their 10th anniversary
➤ woohoo! HOMIIIIN!!!! =DDDD WE ARE T! ٩(⊙ヮ⊙)۶
[TRANS] Tohoshinki becomes the overseas artist with most single sales ever (ORICON News)

Ailee news!
➤ yeah! new (mini)album!!! =DD always love Ailee! my girl is back! =D
Ailee makes her return with ‘Don’t Touch Me’ MV
I love this song! That’s so Ailee once again! =)
손대지마 (Don’t Touch Me) lyrics translation!
Ailee talks about how she helped produce the music for her mini-album ‘Magazine’
[MV & Album Review] Ailee – ‘Magazine’
➤ oh I loved her live performances of this song! Ailee jjang! ٩(๑>∀<๑)و
Performances from Oct 4th ‘Show! Music Core’!
Ailee wins #1 on SBS’ Inkigayo’ + performances from Juniel, Soyu X Urban Zakapa, & more
Ailee wins on ‘Show Champion’ with ‘Don’t Touch Me’!
➤ Congrats on your 1000th day girl! =D you rock!
Ailee celebrates her 1000th day since debut

Girls Generation news!
➤ abount the Girls Generation/Jessica mess… *le sigh* there has been some sh*t going on ㄱ__ㄱ boy… I don’t get why SM breaks each and every of their groups. This is like in the kpop hunger games! (you know, where each group needs to sacrifice at least one member OTL)
Insiders give possible reasons why Jessica might be ‘forced out’ from the group
– … I always hate SMs statements ㄱ____ㄱ : SM Entertainment releases official statement regarding Jessica and Girls’ Generation
‘Dispatch’ reports on insiders’ perspective into the conflict between Girls’ Generation and Jessica

EXO news!
➤ and let’s stay with “mess”. There we went with another EXO member lawsuit!
[Updated] EXO’s Luhan reported to have filed to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment + Stock prices start falling
EXO’s Lu Han Files a Suit Against SM to Terminate Contract
Lay updates with a message speculated to be towards Luhan + ‘EXO 90:2014’ to air Luhan’s remake MV as scheduled
– I think the person writing official statements for SM doesn’t know where to start these days. A lot of work when you’re in this position lately >___>
SM Entertainment releases official position regarding EXO’s Luhan’s lawsuit
[Update] EXO’s Lay leaves a message for fans after news of Luhan’s suit against SME + Luhan posts his own messages
[EXCLUSIVE] Insiders’ perspectives into the conflict between Luhan and SM Entertainment
Super Junior-M’s Zhoumi sends his warm wishes to Luhan and EXO?
Luhan’s father speaks up about Luhan’s decision to file a lawsuit
Sehun and Lay show their love for EXO with a sweet snapshot as 10 members
– well, we can’t automatically assume this will go through like JYJ’s and Genny’s lawsuit. EXO lawsuits (both of them) are totally different from the ones they filled back on the days. So he is mayyyybe not that wrong about it.
Lawyer on ‘One Night of TV Entertainment’ reveals that there is a chance that SME might win the suit against Luhan

➤ LMAO! xD … oh sorry, did I just laugh? ㅋㅋㅋ after stocks dropping lower and lower: no wonder!
YG Entertainment surpasses SM Entertainment in market value

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Ice Bucket Challenge all around & SuJu realease comeback MV and album!! + SS6 starts officially

안녕! ^^/

Hi guys!

wow, it has been a really long time! … or.. did just so much happen?? ^^° probably both!
I’m so sorry to everyone… this entry will be twice as long as the usual ones and… even the usual ones are too long already xDD

We had JYJ on Return of the King tour, SuJu comeback, SS6 now, many Ice Bucket Challenge entries of our idols and more!

I am such a bad blogger these days like… seriously =_= … I am sorry. I always post super old news.
It’s more like a “let’s talk about what I looked at the past 4 weeks (or more)” ^^°°
… not to talked about the couple series that pretty much died down in the meantime (dunno when I will get it out again).
These days I am just more into writing. (I’m writing FF to fulfill my writer needs, because I always have to write something or my head will explose with all the thoughts and ideas in it!)
For more recent posts you should probably look at my Tumblr.

Well, then let’s start here! we have a loooot of news!

a but of funny news first:
SM Entertainment wins 8 awards at Germany’s ‘2014 Red Dot Design Award’ with EXO, Super Junior, SHINee, Girls’ Generation, & f(x) albums
LMAO guys! xD too bad that no one at SM freakin’ cares. award them with what you want. you could give them an award of “best company of the world” and they would still not give a fack. We don’t even exist on their map ^^° *pats these ppl’s back* that’s a nice move and Sm probably deserves design awards for those but… I am pretty sure they don’t care.
Note: I AM actually GERMAN. /justsaying
I had to laugh at this a little. because… yeah: SM heads don’t care ^^°°


KBS Music Bank:
[1080p] 140829 Shirt & MAMACITA – Super Junior (Comeback Stage)

omg! it’s perfect! =D

7집 MAMACITA english lyrics trans and romanization!
Mamacita lyrics
Too Many Beautiful Girls
Let’s Dance
This is Love
Shirt (LOL xD damn you all.. and damn the person who wrote the lyrics! I GOT HUGE PROBLEMS WITH BLACK AND WHITE SHIRTS OKEH?! THESE LYRICS ARE NO JOKE! xD aigoo!)
Raining Spell For Love
Midnight Blues

there are a lot lyrics about broken love and the emptiness of a breakup…. >o>

➤ sasaeng issue here for EXO…
EXO-M’s Luhan leaves an angry message on his Weibo towards sasaeng fans
I doubt that ANYONE EVER told the kids/prepared them for what problem is REALLY IS to have sasaengs.
As if anything would make them care. They are VERY, VERY lost ceatures without manner, without an own life and they are beyond lunatic PLUS they somehow have abilities and equipment of a super spy.
This is the shit you’re dealing with. Kids who wouldn’t care to throw theselves in front of your car so you either save them or hit them. Either of it is fine by them.
Kids who break into your house at night, stand besides your bed, stare at you and take pics of you sleeping (…or do things worse in your house… I don’t want to say it, it’s too gross ><) LIKE FACKING CREEP-STALKER if they can!
God… I wanna throw up thinking about them again.
To call them insane, lunatic, gross and what not would not do them justice by far. All these kids need a really looooong-ass theraphy. ㄱ-ㄱ
Poor EXO kids dunno what they got themselves into in this industry. In fact they still have no idea… because no one told them… poor kids. *pats them all* it will get worse with time, prepare yourselves. (because ppl are too lunatic ㄱ-ㄱ it’s really scary)

[Latest Pics]
Yishion → 1 , 2 , 3 ,
Genny with Gary Chaw’s daughter “Grace” ^^ → 4 ,
promo pics for 谁control → 5 .
[Ice Bucket Challanenge] Zhang Ziyi & Genny
– [Vid] [August 2014] Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi nominates her good friend Han Geng, along with TFboys and Sophie Marceau, for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
– Genny doing the Ice Bucket Challenge: 1 , 2 , 3 .
[WeiBo update]
(140821) Han Geng Weibo Update: birthday
– Genny with director Cho Jin-Gyu: Thank you director Cho Jin-gyu!

SuJu news!
➤ UWAH! 대 to the 박!!! *O*
The veteran boy band experimented with Latin dance and New Jack Swing on the LP’s lead single
➤ UGH!… just don’t remind me! /)∀(\ This… this is still giving me feels… well… I am casually a bit of… embarrased about this! … … D: …. ε=ε=┏( ≥///≤)┛ *runs away embarrassed*
Siwon takes part in the ice bucket challenge for ALS + challenges 2 Super Junior members
seriously! wae do I have to look at stuff that is like P*RN to me with Siwon in it every second day I open tumblr?! (and I open it EVERY day!!!). Damn you Choi Siwon! damn you… I mean, I love you but… I hate you… I mean…
.・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・. *cries* you’re one of my favorite persons out there, I’m sorry! ε=ε=┏( ≥///≤)┛ *still runs away embarrassed*
Korea’s most-followed person on Twitter is doing his part to raise awareness about Lou Gehrig’s disease
➤ Let’s stick with Siwon matters here
Star ranking in Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Can we do this rainking again considering the fact that Siwon has insta now too?? (or… again? did he have one before? because he asked on twitter if he should open one AGAIN before he did)
➤ MusicalKyu is back~
Super Junior’s Kyuhyun joins his next musical ‘The Days’
➤ It had to come to this, tbh xD it was bound to happen!
Jaekyung and Heechul transform into ‘Frozen’s Elsa and Anna for ‘Tell Me Your Wish’
this is basically only Heechul being himself so what are we even talking about here? xD
➤ oh yeah, that was really impressive! but mamacita IS damn awesome! and we ended up with over 8 million the last time I checked. but in the meantime it could be more (because that was only the last time ME has checked)
Super Junior’s ‘MAMACITA’ MV hits over 2 million views in 1 day
➤ More Mamacita related news:
Leeteuk reveals it felt awkward to record Super Junior’s album & Heechul picks AOA as his rival on ‘Entertainment Relay’ LOL xD oh yes, saw this on tumblr! Heenim feelt threatened by their beauty xD LMAO!!! that’s so him! xD this man is so precious!
Super Junior’s ‘Mamacita’ ranks #1 on YinYueTai’s weekly MV chart
– omg! yes! that one! xDD it was so funny!
Super Junior come out with drama version of ‘MAMACITA’ MV!
If you are in a contry where you cannot watch it on the SM channel go watch it here: Mamacita Drama Version ^ .^
Super Junior reveal BTS of their ‘MAMACITA’ MV as 3rd surprise gift
– there it was… the beginning of the all-kill! Super Junior win #1 + Performances from September 11th ‘M! Countdown’!
➤ Super Show 6:
– After the first concert being held I’d like to know how fans thought he was doing
Heechul reveals he’ll be covering Yesung’s parts for ‘Super Show 6’a>
Super Junior’s Donghae pre-releases ‘1+1=Love’ before ‘Super Show 6’!
➤ I wonder…
Shindong cries and apologizes as he worries fans might be embarrassed to like Super Junior because of him
was this realated to the shitty things he said in the past or… because he’s overweight?
but still: it’s kinda sad to me. Shindong isn’t one of my fav ppl in this world because he has… sort of… a loose mouth, if I am allowed to put it like this, but he also has his good sides. And, tbh, he’s not the only “problematic” member in SuJu. Many of them said or did some stuff you basically don’t want to hear/see from your idol. Some made up their mind, some apolized and some were just never aware they did any wrong. ppl fail and ppl make mistakes. all you can do it call them out on it and, evetually (if you can), make peace with it and let it rest (or leave… if you cannot take it you leave – because ppl will never change).

JYJ news!
➤ JYJ in Beijing:
– Junsu sang chinese version of “Hug”!

so cute of js when he give the thumb up upon hearing fans continue singing the phrase from where he stopped at (for hug)…

yc asks js if he remember his dance moves (for hug)… js then smiles and dance abit while singing abit of hug in chinese…


*holds maci crying*


(aah, alright. that was enough drama xD )
➤ JYJ on becoming 30
140819 – JYJ, neither fear nor worries to become 30s
➤ it’s possible because we’re here
140818 Junsu – “First place contender despite not appearing on broadcasts, I feel even more thankful”
➤ but… that’s still not what they promised at the beginning! and even IF they perform now: I bet they will cut it out on tv ㄱ____ㄱ
140820 – JYJ to perform at Opening Ceremony of the Incheon Asian Games.e
➤ Ice Bucket Challenge: Ailee nominated JJ!!
140821 – Jaejoong does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
➤ ah yesss, after the grand opening ceremony recently now the REAL opening is coming closer!
140821 – Junsu’s Luxury Hotel on Jeju Island Will Open in Septembern
I have a feeling that this will be a success becaue… WOW! it looks so super nice *_____*
– article that explains wae it’s named “Toscana” ^^ : 140821 – Toscana Hotel to be Unveiled.
➤ Chinese article: The Avengers against SM
The Avengers against SM (including JYJ, Han Geng and EXO Kris)
➤ Babies doing well in Japan as always :3
140904 – JYJ Ranks No.1 on Tower Record’s Monthly Chart in Japan
➤ Really?! that would be cool ^^
140915 – JYJ to Hold Exclusive Street Concert for Gangnam Hallyu Festival
➤ LOL Junsu looked so…. extraordinary with his read hair and cute little bucket!
Yoo Jae Suk, Eunji, Junsu, Min, Sohyun, and Leeteuk take on the ‘ALS Ice Bucket Challenge’
Junsu seriously was glowing everywhere with hid dracula hair!
➤ most of you probably heard about/saw pics of the balloon’s project of JYJ in Vietnam. There were maaaany many red balloons in the sky. but some ppl thought they had to bring along “standom balloons”….
I remember seeing angry looking staff taking the “frog balloons” away.
This is what happened *click* (fan account on this matter)
➤ of course, when the boys do something, there must always be something weird happening
C-JeS Clears Up Misunderstanding Regarding JYJ Press Boycott in Taiwan

HoMin news!
➤ Changmin’s Ice Bucket Challenge!
[Vid/Translation] 140822 Changmin – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
➤ Changmin is so cute with Yunho ;A; I can’t!
140830 TRF-Sam Talked about Tohoshinki, Who They are and How They are Behind Stages
➤ le Vogue interview with THSK… ( ¬‿¬)

Changmin: “(…) undoubtedly, Yunho is sexy when he is dancing. He is extremely beautiful down till his fingers.”
Yunho: “would it be okay if I just say this? (laughs) Some time back I saw Changminnie coming out after he showered, because the look of him still being wet was manly, I thought, “He eh~~ he’s sexy~”

Tohoshinki – Vogue Japan Magazine Interview
➤ Toho 10th anni next year! (and 11th anni TVXQ this year in korea!)
140831 – Tohoshinki, Holding a 5-Dome Tour in Commemoration of Their 10th Anniversary Next Year Since Their Japanese Debut
➤ GoGo Changminnie! Singing OST for Hyung! =DD
TVXQ’s Max Changmin Sings U-Know Yunho’s Drama Love Theme Song
[OST/Lyrics/Support] Changmin for Mooseok’s theme song: Moo Seok’s love theme song “Because I’m Unable to Say The Words “I Love You””
➤ LMAO! changmin such a pro! LOL but you don’t need to make fun of Yunho Hyung! he tried really hard! ^^°
[Eng Sub-TVXQ! Express] 140826 Bigeast Mission Card 35
it was a little unfair tho when changmin really already did it once before ;P
another Mission that’s just GOLD! xD
TVXQ’s ‘LIVE TOUR 2014 TREE’ DVD charts at #1 on the Oricon Weekly DVD Chart
/le me still waits for her copy to arrive!

Ailee news!
➤ naah :/ I love googims and I love Ailee. but I don’t like that she has to lose almost 10kg to be a model…. :/ she had such a beautiful figure!
Ailee revealed to have lost 9kg (20 pounds) and poses for casual brand ‘Googims’
➤ … ^^° clowns are a bit scary to me but: I still like you Ailee!
Ailee announces upcoming 3rd mini album with teaser images
Ailee is back to long hair in 3rd set of teaser images for ‘Magazine’

BoA news!
➤ BoA senior! O(∩_∩)O
BoA celebrates her 14th anniversary as an artist!

FTTS news!
➤ Seriously… he is RIGHT in doing so. The agency doesn’t need to know everything. It’s your god damn life!
Hwanhee talks about dating in secret and whether he’d go public with a relationship
and wae does it have to be public all the time? like Yunho said: the woman would suffer more if it was public. and also, when you break up after a while it is no issue at all. I don’t see a need wae always everyone needs to know about the idols privat lives/relationships. give them a little space to breath!
If they want to go public because they are goint to get married okay. but before that I don’t see wae they shouldn’t keep it a secret.
➤ my god… 15th anni… just take a moment to think about what that ACTUALLY MEANS in idol world/music industry!
Fly to the Sky commemorate their 15th anniversary with best-of album ‘Back in Time’

SS501 news!
➤ Sadly not so nice news this time… HyunJoong… *shakes head at this*
like woah. wait a sec.
O-O when I first read that I was… shocked.
They indeed got into an argument where he hit her? Let’s say even if it was provoked and he “only” slapped her that’s not okay…
Kim Hyun Joong’s agency releases official statement concerning assault charge by girlfriend
And all the statements only got worse and weirder in his! omo!
honestly, I thought he wasn’t a guy like that. but then again I never staned him enough to “know” more about him. But I seriously thought he would be a… how to say it… better guy? dunno.
I have no clue how this happened or wae exactly. probably he felt sorry right after but this never chances the fact that it happened.
And now we can all start thinking what this means for his acting career… *sigh* oh my, HyunJoong… this was really unnecessary and: a guy should NEVER hit a girl or generally anyone who’s not of equal strenght. Sorry but thats my opinon and I was raised like that.
Sure, some women can be unberably annoying but seriously GUYS, this is no excuse for violence. just leave the annoying her alone before such a thing happens. don’t argue until it comes to this.
We can hardly judge the details of this story so I am just speaking generally. I’m sort of disappointed in him, tbh. That much I have to say. And I basically really liked him. he always seemed like such a sweet guy! (and for now I believe he didn’t wanted this to happen but it happened so I can only say I judge this to a good degree… I feel a little bad for him but this should have never happened!).
well, other article about this matter:
Kim Hyun Joong to be summoned for investigation into the assault case next week
Kim Hyun Joong admits to hitting his girlfriend on one occasion, denies it happened repeatedly
Both sides of Kim Hyun Joong assault case give an update
– in the end it was put to rest: Kim Hyun Joong’s assault case officially coming to a close
It’s a little hard for fans to judge this. Those two know best. It’s still just an awful event but well. seems like he sort of made up with his ex-girlfriend about this matter.
➤ meanwhile, others of SS501 have better headlines:
SS501’s Park Jung Min signs on with a new agency to be an actor

➤ yeeeeah, and basically all the comments on this article were of SM stand.
They were all like “oh LSM so ahead with this move!”, “SM forever awesome” or so…
SM Entertainment enters into a strategic alliance with Hong Kong’s Media Asia Group Holdings Limited
Trying to gain “power/influence” in china, huh? ㄱ-ㄱ
and this tooootally has nothing to do with the joint venture celebration thingy YUE HUA ENT. (Genny’s agency) and PLEDIS ENT. had some months ago! nooooo!
oh man… seriously SM. In the meantime Yue Huan works with pledis already AND YG. You’re welcome. (SM and SM stans EQUALLY!)
➤ the most tragic news we had this months: Ladies Code fatal car accident :/ and thinking that they could be still alive if they had their seat belts on….
Heechul sends his condolences to EunB and urges people to wear seat belts
generally, I don’t get South korea’s law in this case. Only driver and passenger need to put their seat belt. while the others in the back are not adviced by law to do so. but what’s with them then? they can also get hurt in an accident! Here, in our country, it is required for everyone to put the seat belt. And they indeed safe lives.
and this was only the beginning of a while series of car accidents! on almost daily basis news about idols in car accidents reached us. just like…
[Updated] Seungri revealed to have been in a car accident + YG assures he is OK and wasn’t drunk driving

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Some thoughts on Kris… , FEMALE CHANGMIN at SM Town in Seoul & 3hree voices III release notes!

안녕 친구들!

Today, we will open the blog entry with some thoughts on Kris/the lawsuit.
And before some haters start to fly high in the comments again: This is of course my opinion… probably an unpopular one… (and the one of some friends of mine … @Vicky: if you come to read this here you may forgive me!)

You guys know I always support an uprising against an abusive company. But like Angela said, Kris doesn’t treat the whole lawsuit thing with enough care and this drags other down with him – especially HanGeng.
As we came to know, shortly after the lawsuit news, he started singing OSTs and filming movies in China I was already like “okay… that was maybe not too smart…” because it was happening so fast! At first I was happy for him but… after thinking about it for a while and seeing the whole situation unfold I couldn’t help myself asking: What’s with his health issue? Was it cured THAT quickly? What will fans say? Doesn’t this look a liiiiittle unfavourable now? (especially for Kris himself)

We can now think a step ahead.
Let’s think about what this possibly means for him, the lawsuit and other ppl (who left before him).
First of all, it let’s him appear as a liar. It was said he was so seriously sick that he coudln’t work (under SM’s conditions) anymore. Ok, SM let their artist work A LOT, we know that.
BUT then he starts filming in China so shortly after he was “seriously sick and needs to rest a lot”. This puts him in a VERY bad light. This confirmed everything for all the ppl who called him a liar & said he would only use this as an excuse to leave SM because he was now famous enough to be a solo artist (because, as we know, when you cannot wait the end or your contract out there’s nothing left besides lawsuit or to be in lifelong debts.. there is no way to leave the contract by paying yourself out unless you’re really rich… the penalty for contract breach is crazily high).
On top of all, it would be no wonder if SM says now the whole stuff with his health was made up and a lie. They could use this against him by saying that he claimed he couldn’t work for EXO anymore BUT he could go to China and start filming movies… This would rate at least one of this arguments/claims in this lawsuit invalid. Because everyone will have to admit that this doesn’t exactly look good now. This also adds fuel to the fire regarding fans’ disappointment and the following claims of it when he had left.

AND AS IF THAT WOULDN’T BE ENOUGHT it takes those ppl down who fight since YEARS against being called liars… HanGeng and JYJ (in that case probably especially Genny because they are both from China).
Although the cases of them and Kris are different: When we’re being honest we have to say that not too many fans will acknowledge these differences or make a big difference in their disappointed/hateful state of being.
So now everything our boys went through… ppl will now say it could also be a lie and they will get called liars again. It will be like confirmation to some!
I mean WE know that it is the truth. We know the fancams and pictures of chunnie almost collabsing backstage of an event because he was sick and SM still made him perform, we know that the boys cried from exhaustion but no one cared and they still had to work, we know how Genny was already at the point where he thought about suicide, we know how shitty SM treated him/his parents, we know how they turned down all his requests, we know how Genny and Siwon were sick and lightning-treated with only half an infusion (and that was hella dangerous, alright! There’s a reason wae infusions usually go slow, drop by drop….) at the hospital while the SM manager kept yelling “we have no time, hurry!!!!”.
WE KNOW. We, the ones who got into this lawsuit matter, the ones who investigated to understand the details. We didn’t read AKP’s/korean media’s twisted article to form our opinion. We didn’t believe SM. We investigated to have our own opinion.
But others don’t know. In fact many others. And sometimes… there are also ppl who just need to blame someone, choose the easiest way and point their fingers at the ones who left. I guess mostly these fans don’t even want to know the truth or I dunno.
Since I have no deeper insight in Kris’ matter (because I am honestly no EXO fan) I don’t even want to point my finger at him and call him a liar. I know it could all be pretty much true. We know how SM (often) treats their ppl.
BUT how Kris handles things these days… acting like a solo artist, fully working again, so shortly after he technically almost collapsed because he was ‘so seriously sick’ and the lawsuit isn’t even close to be resolved…. ㄱ_ㄱ well… that really isn’t too smart.
And dragges the others down, although they don’t have anything to do with him. AND raises suspiciouns whether the thing with his critical health was or is true.

JYJ and Genny treated things differently but now Kris is about to ruin the reputation of all the “SM-leavers” a little… this could have a bad effect on all of them but ESPECIALLY on himself. He ruins his own image right now (although I think Kris stans will probably not think about all of the above or care).

Actual impressions from what’s already happening:
– about what Kris’ actions cause in Korea…
– a Fan’s reaction… to the never ending hate Geng gets.

Sadly we can already see that the thing we feared could result from this already happened: Geng is getting a new wave of hate.
I wish I could say I don’t care, I don’t give a fack. But I DO care and I DO give many facks when it comes to my boys and things unjust. I cannot just sit here and say nothing so I really wanted to talk about this. … and just btw: since this is my freakin’ blog I can talk about whatever da fack I want #justsaying (sorry~)
Not wishing Kris bad things but… I hope this will not unfold to something even more bad and… I really hope he is not the liar ppl accused him to be.

Something nicer to talk/think about: Crossdress performance at SMTown concert 140815 in Seoul with…….. FEMALE CHANGMIN!!! and….
pics (these were the first ones): the brown haired besides Siwon 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 .
BEST pics collection: 1 , 2 & 3 .
BoA’s Instagram post with Lady Shim: Changmin & BoA~

Mofy_love soooo pretty!

[WeiBo update]
– HanGeng spoke up about SM and the ppl there: (140813) Han Geng Weibo Update
[Latest Pics]
(140812) Transformers 4: Age of Extinction appreciation dinner hosted by Paramount Pictures → 1 . (well… since I already posted this entry now there didn’t anything more happen with Genny in the meantime ^^° sorry)

SuJu news!
It’s really been some time
Super Junior’s Leeteuk writes a handwritten letter to ELF + photos from his fan meeting

JYJ news!
➤ MERCY!!!! I cannot even buy SuJu’s and HoMin’s last photobooks D: not to talk about another DVD! *faints* #MultiFandomProblems
JYJ announce additional dates for their Asia tour + upcoming release of ‘3hree Voices III’ DVD
oh nooo! It won’t ruin your looks! you will look even better! =D
➤ Please eat chunnnie! eat! (and make jaejoong eat just as much – _ – ….. )
140813 Yoochun – A born actor & singer, “Gaining 5kg….If it is for my work, I don’t mind if my looks are ruined.”
140812 Yoochun – “I smell like an actor is the best compliment to me.”
➤ Another interview about acting, but this time from JJ~
140814 Jaejoong – Singing vs. Acting [Interview Excerpt]
➤ 3hree voices III : “The casual way 3 of them toying with each other like puppies….”
140814 – Hayato-san Blog Update: The Long-Awaited 3hree Voices III….. Notification on its release!

➤ FTTS: When you survive the contract length this is what your reality looks like:
Former SM artists Fly to the Sky to be special guests at SM family concert + collaborate with D.O and Ryeowook
but please… PLEASE don’t read the comments there… – –
Its just so…. ugh.
Of course there is no problem with FTTS and Shinhwa. They did not call SM out on their unfair treatment or… I dunno how it was back then… maybe SM didn’t treat them like lapdogs? who knows. I dunno.
But: Shinhwa had to go to court so they could still use their name. #justsaying SM didn’t want them to keep the name like… they won’t sign with you anymore SM, what do you want with the facking name when you don’t have a group to it anymore?? ㄱ-ㄱ this company drives me crazy *sigh*
Whatever lead them to be so friendly with FTTS… I am happy about that for them… but was it really that they didn’t sue them? Hm. probably.

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