JYJ return with “Just Us” + Back Seat MV, YunJae mention each other!! O: & JYJ kick off their Tour in Seoul!

안녕 다들! v^^.

Before we come to the news stuff let’s talk about some other stuff!

THE HOBBIT TRAILER for Battle of the five Armies a bit! =DD
The Hobbit 3 – Battle of the five Armies
Unlike a few ppl I love the hobbit movies and I can’t wait for the final one!
It looks awesome!!

theeeen: some things happened around/before/during/etc the JYJ concert.
Just like Chunnie speaking up about TVXQ….
140813 Yoochun talks about TVXQ – “I hope we would share drinks together as five.”
…it took them 5 years to finally speak of them openly ;~; first YunJae (see below in HoMin news) and now Chunnie. Yeah… hatred you say Chunnie… I mean I remember Junsu’s breakdown back then. *sigh* even the boys were so confused and… disappointed at one point when they stood alone as JYJ…. I remember what Junsu tweeted back then after looking at KYHD booklet… I guess you start to hate your friends at this point. so I sort of understand. But this sort of hate is a bit different from the general sense of it. It fades again. I think most ppl “hated” their friends for something at one point, but then you forgive them and move on.
As Jaejoong said: The problem was never between the members. There was just a time of great disappointment in… HoMin and… their company … and everything.
BUT also, this could be a fail in the trans and he didn’t even mean this kind of thing, because in another trans version of this interview part it sounds pretty much different.
well, now everyone can think for themselves. the -hatred- part is not 100% clear. but overall chunnie wishes for the same thing as I do: for the 5 to come together and be happy as friends.
of course we also have a soompi article on this matter: JYJ’s Yoochun Reflects on the Years After the Split of TVXQ
as expected also this one sounds a liiiittle bit different. well, there’s no way to find out which one is more accurate. we can agree on one thing: overall, roughly, they all says the same. ^^°

Let’s talk about the thing that happened at JYJ concert in Seoul: There was this sign of a fanbase that Said “TVXQ & JYJ”… sadly I dunno what the hangul under it say but that’s it here:
 photo sign1.png
at first I thought: WOW!. .. but is that real? I mean it LOOKED real but yeah. Because I had looked at so many pics of the concert already and it never appeared on any of these photos.
BUT then JYJ666 site (our dear friends ㅎㅎ) posted another bunch of pics and LOOKIES WHAT I SAW on one of the pics!
 photo sign2.jpg
aaah there it is again! The sign! So Junsu was indeed holding it and… the fact that standom blurred it (look closely… it is blurred so no one can read what’s written on it LOL xD) proves us that this indeed happened, that this sign exists. It was not photoshoped.
MY POOR HEART! OT5 feels all over the place these days!  photo oohhoho_zpsd1b6494d.gif
yeah… and reagarding standom… LOL you look pathetic doing this! xD you still cannot accept it! omg! So it is happening again. *leans back and laughs*
 photo AwesomeLaugh_KangHyunMin_Siwon_zps30c59daa.gif

and the epic slow clapping session of sarcastic amazement goes right towards KBS this month!
JYJ’s ‘Back Seat’ deems inappropriate for broadcast by KBS
… …..
YOU SERIOUS?? really now??…
Really now...?
[sarcasmn on] like wow… I am so proud of you KBS! now you finally foud a legit reason to bann JYJ again. impressive… so cool. you now call it “inappropriate”… nice for you! good job! [/sarcasm off]
*facepalm* as if no one saw this shit coming! I only say: Drit off my shoulder! … ㄱ-ㄱ no one needs you, nonetheless it’s laughable what you do.
when someone pays attention what else they air from other artists I wonder sometimes. o_O it’s really about “I like you so -yes-… but you… oh no! not you! I don’t like you/SM said I cannot like you.. so -no-
– Cjes reaction to be read in AKP article: JYJ, HyunA, and HA:TFELT respond to KBS’s ban of their songs
yes, now we can say changing the lyrics will not change anything.
that’s right.
most likely it won’t.
BUT Cjes can then say that they did everything to play by the rules. They will still say no, I strongly thing so, but it is not because JYJ refused to “fit in”.
And the boys says…
[Trans] 140809 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Makes An Honest Confession, “Even If Our Song Hadn’t Been Banned, We Still Couldn’t Appear On TV…”
xD LOL that is right Chunnie! Junsu looked too sexy! like… GOD! that’s illegal ^^°°°
but honestly! we all know what’s the deal here. *eyes KBS* so no need for crying. The boys are in a position now where they don’t need broadcasting. It would be just a… let’s say… nice move of the broadcasting stations. but wae they are afraid to do so we know… *sigh* case closed.

[Latest Pics]
Yishion 2014 Fall series → 1 ,
(140723) Han Geng Weibo Update | “#BulgariSaveTheChildren# Hope and future for the children!” → 2 ,
(140724) Tissot event in Hefei → 3 , 4 ,
Yishion → 5 ,
(140808) Tissot swiss watches event in Xi’an → 6 , 7 .
[WeiBo updates]
– is that your ‘omg it’s raining D: wae?”-face? ^^
(140724) Han Geng Weibo Update : raining
(140801) Han Geng Weibo Update : Chinese Valentines Day
➤ Han Geng’s acceptance speech in English for winning World’s Best Male Artist at the 2014 World Music Awards in Monaco
Award acceptance speech
 photo Happy_zps20cac31a.png
HOLY MOTHERFATHER!!!! YOUR GENGLISH!!!! omg! his english has become so good!
He’s maybe still struggling a bit but… wow! he speaks in full english sentences! uwah!
( ◕ヮ◕)b good job Genny!
(btw: he was adorable too! ( ˆ ω ˆ )❤ )
/le gasp!
➤ [Geng in Korea] About meeting Heenim : And they didn’t even twist everything he said! I’m proud of you AKP!
Hangeng comments on his recent hangout with Heechul + his thoughts on the possibility of starring in a production with Super Junior

SuJu news!
➤ LOl yeah, because ELF spammed the hacker with mentions like cray xD The person had to give up in the end!
Donghae returns to his old Instagram!
Fandom can do really good things sometimes 😉 this is one of these things: they helped donghae getting his account back! Hyukkie or Donghae… one of them… filmed it with a phone when it happened.
➤ Welcome back AngelLeader!
Super Junior’s Leeteuk is officially discharged from military service!
cant believe it was 2 years already! O.O
Super Junior members welcome back leader Leeteuk
Super Junior reveals video for their world tour ‘Super Show 6’
my god… it’s already time for SS6… o:
Leeteuk to join ‘Super Show 6’ + ticket sale for Seoul concert to begin next month
➤ after little start difficulties: there is siwon’s instagram! *haha*
When he ask of he should do an instagram or FB again I knew he would do at least one of it.
Super Junior’s Siwon is now on Instagram!
….well, at least it made me think for A MOMENT if I join instagram but… no xD
(as long as no one of tlist joins me in Naver LINE I won’t join instagram… because… damn! your phone all have inet connection so da hell wit wathsapp! JOIN ME IN NAVER!!!! before that I won’t join anybody in instagram OTL)
➤ and I STILL wonder how it came that Adrien Brody is in Jackie’s movie o.o
Siwon poses with Adrien Brody and Jackie Chan on set of ‘Dragon Blade’
… ….. and Siwon: your hair is… ‘a no from me’ xD …
oO and I’m pretty sure that was the wig from Shindong in SS5 Guangzhou during the dace performance xD LOL

JYJ news!
➤ this is cool!
140723 Yoochun – “Sea Fog” invited to the Toronto International Film Festival
➤ Star1 magazine interview trans!
140724 – Jaejoong Star1 Magazine Interview: The Return of the King
➤ Junsu’s hilarious Dracula story xD (shared by his mom)
When Junsu accidentally stabbed the cross because he was too much into the scene…
➤ HEYYY!!!! finally JYJ comeback! and Back Seat MV right here!
the sets are awesome! °.° really cool! they look great and… now I want to know the trans of the lyrics ^^°
➤ TRANS! here we go!
“Back Seat” lyrics translation
thought it would be worse but it is still what I thoguth (since the teaser xD ) it would be about ㅋㅋ
Dad, You There? (Lyrics by Yoochun)
Letting Go (Lyrics co-written by Junsu)
7 Years Old (Lyrics)
So So lyrics
Sad Dawn/새벽 두시 반 (lyrics)
Let Me See (Lyrics by Jaejoong)
Thirty/서른… lyrics
Baboboy (Lyrics by Jaejoong)
Dear J (Lyrics & Sung by Jaejoong)
Creation (Lyrics by Jaejoong)
Valentine lyrics
➤ About the album & songs
140729 – JYJ’s “Just Us” Album Info
140729 – JYJ’s Hot New “Back Seat” Single Tops 7 Music Charts
JYJ Takes Over Top of Music Charts with New Song ‘Back Seat’
– so proud! You worked hard for this boys!
[News] 140808 JYJ’s new album ranks 4th on Billboard
[Trans] 140811 JYJ’s ‘JUST US’ Tops The Album Sales Charts For Two Consecutive Weeks.. Proves Their Might
➤ more like chunnie and junsu talked about it
140730 – Yoochun Talks About Upcoming Military Enlistment and How JYJ Considered Enlisting Together as a Group
➤ Interview in SCENE PLAYBILL with Junsu
140801 – Junsu’s interview for scene PLAYBILL (August 2014 Issue)
➤ oh ho ho~ ( ¬‿¬) this would have been to the liking of many fangirls, JJ… ㅋㅋ
140731 – ‘Triangle’ Kim Jaejoong, “Even if it was net boxers, I would still wear it”
➤ Back Seat on Arirang!
140804 – Arirang’s Pops in Seoul: JYJ’s “Back Seat”
➤ oO wow.. that… okay.
Full Story of “Dear J” Lyrics by Jaejoong.
➤ yeah well.. I never thought the thing with the album would happen so soon and… who knows, if chunnie wants to act more he will probably concentrate on that?
140804 – Yoochun talks about obligatory military service & his solo album. (no it’s not coming guys – sorry)
➤ Oppars getting old with us ^^
140804 JYJ – “We are all over 30 years old by next year… ‘Back Seat’ contains matured attraction of men”
➤ So many interviews lately… especially with chunnie, it’s crazy!
Yoochun talks about unconditional love & envying his character in “Sea Fog.”
➤ yeah I sort of felt bad for the actors… the drama’s rating was’t too high either
140807 Jaejoong – Growth of an ambitious actor.
➤ Only from the pictures you could tell it was a cool show!
140811 [REVIEW] – The Return of the King in Seoul: A BLAST!
– SYC article: [Trans] 140810 JYJ’s Blockbuster ‘THE RETURN OF THE KING’ Concert Wows 30,000 Fans
➤ Another review: Just Us album
[Album Review] JYJ – ‘Just Us’

HoMin news!
➤ oooooh~ Leader씨 you’re so cooool~! (◕‿◕ʃƪ)
140725 – Yunho wields a sword in new “Night Watchman” stills.
➤ HNNNGH! Leader씨 talked about Jaejoong at a PressCon! I’m sorry but…. MY FEEEEELSSSS!!!!!!
TVXQ’s Yunho shares his thoughts about ‘Triangle’ star Jaejoong in acting
– the AKP article sounds nicer tho… not sure where the twist in the trans lies… there or in the other article: TVXQ’s Yunho talks about his character in ‘The Night Watchman’ + comments on Jaejoong’s acting
140731 – Jaejoong talks about Yunho
sorry for my feels but… wonderful cassiopeian FANDOM MOMENT here!!! this was seriously so…. akssakdfjaskfjs!!!!
➤ /CRYING they are so cute!!! 。・゜゜⌒(ㅠOㅠ)⌒゜゜・
[trans] Very touching epilogue by TVXQ in Ti Amo – Touching messages to each other!
…. and if you want to see something cute: GIF : childrens’ natural gravitation to Yunho.
HNNNGH! that’s adorable!!! >///<
➤ … talking about adorable: they are the cutest once again!
Bigeast Mission Card 34
AAAJSKAJSDFASD!!!! they are so cute!!! *_____*
(I know… I’m reapeating myself /le sigh)
[News] 140725 Jung Yun-ho devotes himself in sword practice for ‘The Night Watchman’
– omg! how cute are you?! ^3^
Jung Yun-ho says ‘sword scenes are scary’
… today I am rolling around in their cute huh? I keep saying all the same stuff xD
➤ That’s very wise Yunho ;~; how considerate!
[News] 140725 U-know Yunho not okay with dating publicly
omo… his future wife will be so happy one day T.T Yunho always thinks about other ppl’s feelings and considers what’s best for the ppl around him!
All good things need time. ^^
TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Wants to Progress Slowly in Acting
TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Says He′s Similar to His Drama Character
➤ *sobbing* I need this PB but… still have no money to buy it! T^T
[Trans] 140809 [Star Cast] ‘TI AMO TVXQ!’ – TVXQ’s Hot Summer Spent In Italy
Everytime I look at stuff and think “wow! that’s wonderful or that’s cool! I need this!” but them I am like…

Ailee news!
➤ another wonderful OST song by her!
Ailee sings ‘Goodbye My Love’ for ‘Fated To Love You’ OST

BoA news!
➤ naaah! need to listen to her album! I love BoA 8D
BoA to release her 8th Japanese studio album + have Japan tour

SS501 news!
➤ Another one is back! ^^
SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong officially discharged from military service
➤ All the members are doing well as far as I know ^___^
Kim Hyun Joong greets 13,000 fans during his drama premium event and concert in Osaka, Japan

Big Bang news!
➤ if our boys were still together and had their own channel… I guess they would make it too ^^
Big Bang becomes first K-Pop group to reach 3 million subscribers on YouTube

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Geng releases MV for “谁control” , JYJ not to perform at IAG ㄱ_ㄱ + petition to look into this matter & JYJ will make their comeback soon!

안녕 친구들! v^^.

Many news lately! Time that I post some again!

News regarding Kris~
Wow! that was fast!
Kris to begin filming in Prague + enter mediation with SM Entertainment next month
Kris’s new movie ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ release images
More official pictures of Kris released for Chinese film ‘Somewhere Only We Know’
Kris (Wu Yi Fan) sings ‘Time Boils the Rain’ for Chinese film ‘Tiny Times 3’ OST
….. I am nottttt sure if that was a good move to make. I mean: already. This will heat up the discussion around the lawsuit even more and maybe put him under a bad light >__>
I can already hear ppl say he only used EXO to get popular and go solo. Maybe that wasn’t too smart. Too early Kris, too early.
Btw: It’s strangely quite since there was no agreement reached between SM and Kris… I wonder if they secretly wanna sue da hell outa him now like they did with the others >__> (but it always comes to light)

140713 – JYJ fans sign petition to investigate Incheon Asian Games.
Probably goes nowhere but it’s worth a try!

Direct link to petition site : Call to action : JYJ and IAG! (PETITION)

[Latest Pics]
Geng in Milan → 1 , 2 , 3 ,
Transformers bts → 4 , 5 ,
back to Geng in Milan → 6 , 7 ugh damn >///< handsome baby! , 8 like a true model~ (⌐■_■)♢ , 9 he’s even super handsome during dinner O: , 10 , 11 oh guess what, this sounda miliar to me~ it’s the same as what ppl say about Siwon , 12 , 13 , 14 oh! Zheng Kai in Milan too! ,
LEON Fashion Magazine → 15 , 16 , 17 ,
(June 2014) Han Geng and Andrea Della Valle for HOGAN | Milan Fashion Week → 18 ,
Yishion 2014 Fall series preview → 19 ,
Leon magazine (July 2014 issue) → 20 .
[Movie] Geng’s appearance in T4…
Han Geng’s five-second Hollywood debut
…this is what we have thought it would be in the end and now it is. We somehow knew it. But at least 5 seconds are more than other ppl can say so xD *haha* oooh, seeriously *walks away*
(the only REALLY funny thing is that they had to film for like 3 days or so for these 5 seconds. I realy wonder oO )
[MV for T4 song] 谁control/Day Break

SuJu news!
➤ Sources said he last-minute-filled in for another actor that got… injured before filming if I remember right >.>
Super Junior’s Siwon cast in Dante Lam’s upcoming cycling film ‘To The Fore’
I appreciate that he can do a role he really likes and is having fun. I don’t appreciate that he has gotten thinner lately… probably to the bike training? *eyes Siwon* yeah… we are carefully watching you. Don’t forget to eat!

JYJ news!
➤ the difference of what they understand when saying “oversea” and what we understand under “oversea”… ^^°
140625 [NEWS] – JYJ to meet fans through comeback concert in August.
OTL without a long cry: KKAEBSONG. that’s all I say.
➤ The thing everyone was mad about:
Shit just happened again. And once again we see that SM had eeeeverone under their hands. Who says not this has nothing to do with SM should finally open the eyes. kajsldsajflasjfs *mumbles curses* damn. *walks away*
(Wonder if they are ashamed for first using JYJ and their popularity to spead the word about IAG, and then ditch them like that. ㄱ______ㄱ *judge-glares at them hard* )
➤ I wonder when they will do a real world tour again…. o.o after the army?
JYJ to make their upcoming comeback even more exciting with an Asia tour kicking off in Seoul this August
all of their Fanmeetings were a success!
JYJ’s Yoochun holds his solo fan meeting in Japan for ‘I Miss You’ with 15,000 fans
➤ And I still remember the first one… now it’s already the third! time flies!
JYJ welcome fans to their 3rd annual ‘JYJ Membership Week’
➤ YEAH! we’re waiting! =D
JYJ confirm their comeback date and release concept images for ‘Just Us’
“JYJ’s album is titled ‘JUST US’ because we don’t feel the burden that we must look handsome and cool. (…)”
– SOON!!! : JYJ announce title track ‘Back Seat’ + MV teaser set for release next week (MV teaser will be released on 2014.07.22 (Tue) )
[Info] JYJ 2nd Album ‘Just Us’ – Tracklist + Album Specification
JYJ’s upcoming album ‘Just Us’ ranks #1 on Japan’s HMV and Tower charts
➤ JJ got a support cake from arab fans! =)
140720 – Jaejoong reveals confirmation shot for international fans’ love in Triangle.
➤ JYJ interview in Marie Claire:

Yoochun “Please understand this. There are times when we make considerations for the agency and when members make considerations for other members. But fans think that the decisions we made out of consideration for each other is a decision made unilaterally by the agency. Of course, we know. We know that it is out of your love for that member. But we chose to walk out from [our former] agency because we wanted to make our own decisions, and so we prioritize the respect for our opinions above anything else.”
Junsu “Yes. We listen to what the agency has to say. But we make the decisions. Among our activities, some have been more successful than others. Fans believe that those decisions have been made by the agency, but it is not true. To put it simply, we do what we want to do. I would like the fans, out of the love they have for us, to understand that JYJ are people who take responsibilities for the decisions they have made.”
Jaejoong “We hope that the fans would support us so that we could do what we want to do. Of course, we know that the fans have been our greatest support going through the hard times with us when we left our former agency.”
Junsu “After the hard times, I feel that the members and fans have laughed more and grown closer together. That is why we would like the fans to enjoy our group activities instead of being worried and defensive. Above all, I have the deepest gratitude for the fans.”
Jaejoong “It’s like fans and us are a family now.”

everytime something happenes (a decision) that fans do not like they point at Cjes with their fingers. and I say aaaaall the time: you really think JYJ will let anyone walk over them again? you really think they do something because “the company said so”? don’t you think the terms of signing with Cjes back then were a liiiiittle more detailed about how they wanted to be respected and all that stuff?
Sure, Cjes isn’t without fault and we all know that (and c’mon: often they should just seriously take a package of chill pills…), BUT at least JYJ can do and try what they want now and no one would decide over their heads what to do and what not. Everyone runs around saying how much they most likely regret being under cjes already and stuff while the boys just run around saying “it’s a place to heal”, “we are so happy now” and being cute babies with their CEO.
For me it’s still like: as long as it is like that they will most likely not regret anything and as long as it is like that I will not point my finger at cjes like the others.
read the whole INTERVIEW HERE *click* : Marie Claire Korea (August 2014 Issue) Excerpts: “We are JYJ before anything.”

HoMin news!
➤ looks like they keep breaking records no matter what they do ^^
140623 – Tohoshinki sets new records with Japanese tours, over 2 million in concertgoers.
additional article with slighly more content and PICS! ^^
➤ Most watched MVs on YouTube first half of 2014 (TVXQ are 9th…)
Most watched K-Pop Youtube music video in the world in the first half of 2014
….you gotta be kidding me. ppl just watched this top MV because they were curious. but likt 90% of them thought it was just so… trash.
I am a little disappointed in viewers. Neither PSY’s song nor SNSD’s song *takes breath as is about to make some enemies* WERE GOOD! sorry but that’s my opinion. I liked PSY’s MVs before and even some of the SNSD songs. For SNSD i can say: they had songs much better already. And PSY and snoop dogg.. well, the MV was funny SOMEHOW but… overall melody and lyrics are so trash and annoying… I think only party ppl who want to get drunk to this will love it… I dunno. No offense but: sorry, I cannot even with that song.
What I want to say is: “Something” deserves so much better! It was awesome in korean and japanese version. *shrugs* but it’s okay. looks like many ppl missed out real quality ;P hehehe~
➤ the pictures are really nice and sweet but I don’t think I can buy it anytime soon D:
TVXQ are handsome men in pictures for photo book ‘Ti Amo’
➤ My first fandom collides with my current one once more!
Backstreet Boys: TVXQ reminds us of our former selves.

SS501 news!
➤ well that’s more like a real world tour! =) and the new album is good!
Kim Hyun Joong unveils poster for his upcoming world tour which kicks off in Seoul this month

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Yunho in new Drama, Junsu as cool Dracula & HanGeng wins “World’s Best Male Artist” at World Music Awards in Monaco!!!

안녕 다들!

Now I haven’t updated in ages again aigoo… *sigh*
but I was just too tired. what to do?

So here we go now!
First of all, the latest stuff about kris’ SM lawsuit (although it has been quiet around it lately)

thoughts on the Kris matter from Hennim:
Heechul says the situation with Kris is discourteous to fans
With all given respect heenim but…. when it is me surviving or the baby fan’s possessive feels… errr.. the decision is not hard to make.
I only want to say: If Kris felt he cannot do it under these circumstances anymore and that it would break him (and as we know he has health issue and needs to rest) I don’t see anything that harm the fans.
Maybe their little hearts break over the loss. But can we talk about penalty for break of contract again… unless you are already super mega rich before you enter SM you will never be able to get out of there ever again without bein in really deep reds on your bank account for the rest of your life.
An Idols “duty” in front of the fans ends where their personal well being is harmed.
So I can only partially agree with Heenim.

More news (and these are facts):
Some Thoughts about Dreams
yeah well. Kris dreams. and I am like… wow. speechless.
SM’s reasons to reject the offers… I’m speechless.
they think they are freaking gods of the world “co-actors are not famous enough”????? EXCUSE ME???
This is what ppl mean when they say they got tricked into signing the contract. Knowing SM they said “ah yeah yeah, we will make you act after a while” but actually just wanted him in for another reason.
I want to say that I’m no EXO fan. But this shit already goes on my nerves again!
Once again I can only say: SM deserves each and every lawsuit that get’s thrown at them. ㄱ_ㄱ #ThinkingOutLoud #DamnItsTrue

Last rumor that turned out as false:
Kris’s mom reported to have met with Hangeng’s Chinese agency YUEHUA to discuss her son’s future
AND I TOLD VICKY ON THE DAY OF THE LAWSUIT NEWS: WHAT IF KRIS GOES TO YUEHUA?? so I really laughed when I read these “news” xD
Ok, it turned out to be wrong but no one should say he could never end up there! ;P

Yeah. Mediation… It will be like SM saying “accept our conditions!” and Kris be like “>__> the answer is still no.”, SM: “WAAAARRR!!!!”
or something like that ^^°°°
Kris and SM Entertainment reported to enter court-referred mediation

[Latest Pics]
Jumei shareholder meeting in NY → 1 ,
(140526) Han Geng and his dance crew, RMB (Rhythm Mixbeat) in Monaco for the World Music Awards → 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ,
(140527) Red carpet event | World Music Awards → 6 hello little “bathroom Genny”! Your name will be GengTiles now! =D , 7 ,
preparing for performance of Clown Mask (Makeup artist Geng~) → 8 ,
(140527) Han Geng exploring Monaco → 9 aah you’re having fun there, huh? ^__^ ,
HANGENG WON “WORLD’S BEST MALE ARTIST” at World Music Awards!!! CONGRATS!!!! → 10 , 11 this is seriously unbelievable(/unbelievably awesome)! now we really covered all the bases, Geng for world domination, thank for the attention everyone, BYE! xD ;
On the red carpet with dance crew RMB (Rhythm Mixbeat) → 12 , 13 ,
Performing “Clown Mask” at WMA → 14 ,
HanGeng at T4 world premiere in Hong Kong → 15 , 16 ,
Geng in Mila/Italy with some fans → 17 , 18 playing with a puppy~~ , 19 , 20 .
➤ [Movie/Trailer] T4
8DD Geng in the transformers 4 trailer!!!! (…for only like one second but still! =D )

[WEIBO updates]
– HanGeng and Michael Bay : (140620) Han Geng Weibo Update
(140620) Han Geng Weishi Update : Transformers theme song

SuJu news!
➤ the ajeossis recognized you before or after you took your clothes off? xD
Henry reveals he actually learned Chinese in Korea
➤ That was nice but…
Super Junior-M perform at ‘Kugou Music Awards’ + win ‘Most Influential Group of the Year’
what happened on the red carpet before this wasn’t so nice… >_> : [SJM red carpet issue]
Organizig fails, false information, no fans there anymore. this keeps happening. no wonder they looked 100% in the event photos >__> (btw, did anyone ever notice how sungmin almost everytime looks 200% done with the situation? I guess his issue still hasn’t changed but he keeps it to hiself in front of the public)
➤ Without ELF there would be no SuJu anymore
Super Junior celebrate the 8th anniversary of official fanclub ELF
(SM wanted to get rid of them back then >___> – but couldn’t because… oops! lookies, contracts OTL and then they saw “oh, these boys are actually getting popular”)
➤ oh?! and i thought the next thing would be 7집 of all of SuJu!
Eunhyuk and Donghae to release new Japanese single ‘Skeleton’
i wonder what the MV for this one will be like! xD (remember “Motorcycle”, I say!! LOL)
➤ it’s his right, so he can~
Super Junior’s Sungmin to skip out on conscripted policeman recruitment this year to focus on his activities
➤ I dunno what’s with this instagram hype these days but: now hyukkie joined!
Eunhyuk announces the opening of his new Instagram account

JYJ news!
➤ yes! Cjes family working together ^^ (although Chunnie was alone in the studio without gummy) and they always look like having fun at work! this is LOVE!
140521 – Yoochun to be featured in Gummy’s new album.
➤ [Vid/Trans] HNGH! OUR CUTE JUNUS! I CAN’T!!! ^^ so cute!
140521 Junsu – JYJ Japan Official Fanclub 2nd Anniversary Message
➤ It was awesome! each day was awesome of Best Ballad!
JYJ’s Kim, Junsu brings out 60,000 fans in Japan for solo concerts.
➤ They DO stand out without a doubt!
140602 – Yoochun & Jaejoong, different kind of acting-dols in class & case..why
➤ cool! =D
140605 – Yoochun shares that JYJ is currently working on an album.
➤ yeah that is… already not new to us… it’s just official now
140605 – Yoochun & Jaejoong plan to enlist later in the year after release of JYJ’s album.
➤ oh wow! he looks cool! O.O
140609 – Junsu’s ‘Dracula’ concept photos released, a mythical & shocking transformation.
➤ Ah yeah… uhm… can we rally call this a “feature”? ^^°
*coughs* 6 seconds joke, anyone? xD
Yoochun to feature in Gummy’s upcoming album
➤ But what a cute seater! D’aww! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
*___* nyaah~ baby looks gorgeous!
JYJ’s Junsu turns up the charisma for ‘Singles’ magazine
➤ IT WAS A HUGE HIT, OKEH?! all funny and asesome! ლ( *__* ლ) Junsuuuu~ you go, baby!
JYJ’s Junsu takes over Japan with his solo live concert
➤ Does anyone know if the drama was doing better in the meantime? since I don’t watch it I am not so informed…
JYJ’s Jaejoong sings main theme for ‘Triangle’
➤ It’s bee a while since we lastly heard something from that project
[Vid] 140605 JYJ Facebook : JYJ starred Commercial Film to 2014 Incheon Asian Game
➤ Seemed like it was a nice event (and he looked so cute ^^)
[Pic] 140605 JYJ Facebook : Park Yuchun, at the solo fan meeting ‘House warming party’
– yup! it was the bday fanmeeting [News] 140605 JYJ’s Yoochun celebrates his birthday with 6,002 fans during his solo fan meeting
➤ aaah he was great in that drama, wasn’t he? ^^
JYJ’s Yoochun to hold a fan meeting in honor of his drama ‘I Miss You’ in Japan this July
Oppars go into business deeper and deeper~
[News] 140606 JYJ’s Jaejoong opens “Café JHolic” in Incheon
➤ Oh my dongsaegie looooved this one!
[News] 140609 Jaejoong releases self-written ‘Even If I Hate’ for ‘Triangle’ OST
➤ OTL shit our boys have to deal with! thank god this chapter has been closed by the court now.
JYJ’s Yoochun’s blackmailer sentenced to 10 months in jail
➤ It’s such a cool song =)
TVXQ’s ‘Sweat/Answer’ maintains #2 spot on the Oricon Daily Single Chart for three days in a row
➤ WOW! that’s so cool! =D
[News] 140619 JYJ’s Park Yoochun to Appear as Guest in Chinese Variety Show “Happy Camp”

HoMin news!
➤ omo! hopefully he can improve in this drama as well.
140527 – Yunho, casting in “Night Watchman” …Transformation into a cool dispassionate “Man of Pure Love.”
We know Yunho isn’t a perfect actor but he improved during Yawang!
[Bigeast MISSION CARD 32] KYAAAH! (((o(≧ヮ≦)o))) they are so cute and funny!

haha xD how changmin keeps talking but Yunho is seriously focused on the mission and changmin keeps saying “please say something” xD
but the best was seriously when he stared at Yunho’s sharpened pencil like “O.O … how da hell did he do this??!”
➤ that comment is the best “my life!!!!” ^3^
[SCANS] Yunho for 「Cut」 Magazine June 2014 Issue
➤ So glad that at least they get an outdoor shooting once in a while…
TVXQ head to a club for a night out in short PV for Japanese single ‘Sweat’
I wonder if SuJu will EVER get an out-of-the-box shooting ever again ㄱ-ㄱ tsk. SM… Is drowning in money and doesn’t even bother…
but: here is the fisnihed product 😉
Tohoshinki – SWEAT MV (full version) *click*
➤ HOMIN LOOOOOVE! this is so cute! *giggles* naww~ changmin!
[trans] Most memorable text messages between Yunho and Changmin
TREE Tour : “Yunho, what’s your number?!” xD /CRYING
Korean Lesson with THSK : Yunho & Bigeast

FFTS news!
➤ It’s an album full of nice songs!
Fly to the Sky reunite for beautiful ninth album ‘CONTINUUM’
Fly to the Sky completely sweeps real-time charts with ‘You You You’
➤ awww, isn’t that a cute thing to say?
Fly to the Sky address previous breakup rumors and assure fans they will never disband
➤ haha! and I already wondered what this is about!
Brian fulfills his promise to try Hwanhee’s ‘ramen hairstyle’ from their ‘Day by Day’ promotions

➤ where da moneys at~
2013 revenue from SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment revealed
and I still don’t get wae LSM is still like THE ONLY SM face when he’s not even CEO anymore. Has anyone ever seen Lim YoungMin (the actual curren CEO of SM)? as for me, I don’t even know what he looks like o_O
Maybe I am insane but this is suspicious to me >.>
➤ Gangnam Style is a legend in itself.
Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ MV surpasses 2 billion views on YouTube + new song ‘Hangover’ to be revealed June 8

➤ oh lookies! they are alive! *haha*
Shinhwa to make their comeback next year

➤ oops! ^^° I totally missed the release of that!
Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Hot Sun’ tops Oricon’s Daily Singles Chart and sells nearly 65,000 copies on first day

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JYJ to make comeback in the second half of the year (apparently), Kris’ lawsuit with SM & Geng in New York


ooomg…. the things happening especially the past 3 days are… CRAZY!
in one short sentence: IT IS 2009 AGAIN!

To get right down to the point:
I am talking about Kris’ SM lawsuit…
We’ve been down this road sometimes before, huh? Now it is happening again. some ppl be like “ah, it’s the lawsuit time of the year” (as Angela said). Sadly this is too true!
althoug it is not my pain this time and not my worry, I feel bad for EXO and especially Kris.
There are a lot of rumors going around (as usual) and we know things could (and probably will) get (more) ugly soon.

So in my intro today let’s especially talk about the current event that is Kris’ lawsuit, just because it is general interest.

So for everyone who’s confused about what’s the deal with that all I have here two informative articles I got from a EXO fan friend:
More detailed info about Kris’ lawsuit (articles).

To be very exact about his condition: Kris’ medical report that showed up was proving the high possibility of him having myocarditis.
So now: What is this?
The definition of myocarditis.
There you go.
Inflammation of the heart muscle… OTL that is not a joke to deal with! I hope he will rest!
since he’s still in China chances are good that he has a good rest now. with a diagnosis like this he should not work anything for a while, I know from a workmate of my sister (who had this) that this kinda thing is really not to take lightly.
This is What Kris’ friend posted on WeiBo some days ago.

Then there was some stuff the members said and… we dunno what’s the deal with that so take the acticles with a grain of salt (and I also just post my thoughts to it here, must not be true).
Because it is possibly true that they now (at the moment) feel left alone, hurt and betrayed. That’s only natural and Kris was one of the leaders in the end on top of all. But some stuff they said also sounded like scripted by SM… we dunno what’s the real deal with everything. Also the thing with Tao’s instagram posts was weird… the first one was like “hate you Kris, all hail SM” and the second post (from another phone than the first one btw), sounded different … this reaised (at least) my suspicions, and I am not even a fan! #justsaying
There were many rumors going around too. Like their phones were confiscated.. hm, dunno if we can blieve this. BUT Tao using two different phones to post two different sounding posts would fit into this. Although we still have to say: no one knows.
Fact is that suing the company you are under after only 2 years after debut is nothing you do just like that. It is always the last option. And the story of Geng and JYJ showed us that they only found deaf ears when they wanted to bring attention to their situations so… when SM says now they never knew about him feeling not okay I wanna slap them all!
And… for a group living at a dorm together everyday.. I doubt that they never spoke about things they are uncomfortable with. that the members really had absolutely no clue about what kris is feeling… I just don’t believe this! (that’s my opinion)
EXO’s Suho comments on Kris’ suit against SM Entertainment, calls his actions ‘irresponsible’
EXO’s Tao’s Instagram and Weibo updated with posts about feeling betrayed
– well… o__O some of the stuff in this article is pretty insane… some PEOPLE ARE PRETTY INSANE! How the internet is reacting to the situation with EXO’s Kris and SM Entertainment
let me say one thing: no matter if you pray to god or satan kiddos: you don’t have to worry about EXO. as if SM would care much when one person out of 12 leaves. pffft! The only thing they are angry about is that they have another lawsuit going on now.
– “probably expect” as in ?? they didn’t think he would really do it??
SM says EXO’s concert will go on as scheduled + insider reveals the other members probably did not expect Kris’s lawsuit
fact is that they were really taken aback and shocked when it was really happening. Their faces spoke volumes.
– maybe it is that some ppl can handle the stress and treatment better or are willing to sacrifice everything and all for their dream so that they have no problems? who knows what is true OTL but this is what the members of EXO-M said:
EXO-M speak out in response to Kris’s lawsuit

and just because ppl wonder about lawsuits that lead to nullfication of contracts: Have you ever heard about that thing called “Penalty for breach”?? probably not. because most ppl don’t care about how business works. So let’s look at The reason why artists have to file lawsuits instead of just terminating the contract with the company directly. *CLICK*
Thanks Angela! this is perfect for everyone to understand! And that’s wae it is called a “slave contract”!

That’s it for the current EXO matter.
I wish everyone (besides the higher ones at SM ^^°) the best in this matter. I am talking about EXO, Kris and the fans now.
It’s not our pain this time but we know how it is. Also other fandoms were already in similar situations.
It will probably become ugly and tiring soon. > .>

In the meantime, while EXO and Exotics are in trouble with lawsuit matters our Geng is taking over the world!
Let’s look at the exact details:

Han Geng, stockholder of Chinese cosmetic retailer Jumei, at NYSE for opening bell ceremony of the Jumei IPO debut on May 16 2014

– Shares of Jumei International Holding Ltd. rose 24% in its Friday morning debut. (Jumei IPO Prices at $22 an ADS for a Total Offering Size of About $245.1 Million.) – per Wall Street Journal.

So yesterday I said Han Geng could probably BUY Kris Wu… (about his Jumei stocks).
HE’s the ‘FIRST EVER Chinese Celebirty to hold a large stock in a corporation that’s in the U.S.’ stock market’, just as the small summary says.

He surely can fly without our wings now! He grew himself his own wings within the past 4 years! ;~~; omg baby! So proud of you!

[Latest Pics]
d’aww, genny! you’re dorable ^^ (Yishion) → 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 ,
On the set of the new movie “Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy” → 10.
Geng in New York/USA for Jumei shareholder meeting11, 12 WOW! how handsome he is in suits! (◕‿◕ʃƪ) , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 .
[WeiBo Update] Geng teasing fans ;P
(140516) Han Geng Weibo Update

SuJu news!
➤ Siwon 4ever MIA in SuJu-M activities 😦 It’s kinda sad but I also understand.
Super Junior-M are ‘super guys’ in making film for ‘Cosmopolitan’ shoot
➤ He gained one million followers with one year…
140501 Super Junior Siwon, becomes the first in Korea to break 4 million Twitter followers
But again, no one mentions the 16 million on WEIBO!! Can we talk about Siwon’s army… err… followers for a moment? ^^
➤ They looked so nice! AND WHAT A CUTE BRIDE!!!
Siwon and Chinese actress Kan Qing Zi walk down the aisle in BTS photos from ‘Billion Dollar Heir’
this drama seems to be cute and cool… I am really interested in it in the meantime.
➤ aah haha ^^°°° never new they hadn’t finished it yet?
Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk wrap up their Japan tour in Tokyo!

JYJ news!
➤ aah, old news here… I’m sure 80% of ppl have already seen it and/or the episode to it.
Jaejoong runs in nothing but underwear for second teaser of ‘Triangle’
Daaaamn, he’s too thin… 😦
➤ They do? ^^ then it’s good for JJ. It means he plays his character well.
Viewers of “Triangle” like seeing Jaejoong get roughed up?
➤ I wonder WHAT eactly this yellow ribbon thing means o.o sorry but this went past me. o-o
JYJ’s Jaejoong joins the “Yellow Ribbon” campaign on the internet
➤ I somehow found it cute what she said ^^
[News] 140423 ‘Three Days’ show Yoochun and Park Ha Sun’s chemistry in behind-the-scenes videos
➤ 허~~!!! thank you G.O for talking good about him!
140427 MBLAQ’s G.O talks about Junsu in an interview.
➤ After a lot of back and forth in this matter: well, slowly it is really time for it to happen!
[News] 140501 Kim Jaejoong Talks About Last Project Before Enlistment, “Triangle,” and JYJ Comeback Plans
I find it so cool that they are still good friends ^3^
[Pic] 140430 Elbowyeish’s instagram update with Junsu
➤ haha! John visited Junsu’s new Iron Man!
this was a cool role for him indeed!
JYJ’s Yoochun gives his message of thanks and condolences as ‘Three Days’ comes to an end
➤ ho ho! hot scene with KJJ~ ;P
Jaejoong heats things up with a hot kiss and shower scene in ‘Triangle’
➤ the song is nice!
[News] 140505 Ailee Sings the First Theme Song for “Triangle” OST
I’m really happy Ailee sings a song to JJ’s drama ^___^
– additional acticle: Ailee lends her voice for the song ‘Day by Day’, the main OST of drama ‘Triangle’ (with audio there!)
➤ XIAcula! =D
JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) to play a vampire for musical ‘Dracula’
aaah, and Junsu looks so good these days! I cannot even! =) It makes me happy!
➤ Ok, Best Ballad concert is over in the meantime, but ^^ just because of the picture with the pink hair *haha*
[News] 140507 JYJ’s Junsu heads to Japan for his upcoming Japan spring tour
➤ Although ppl liked the “rough” jajoong, the drama itself they didn’t find so great (heard it from my tlist directly)
‘Triangle’ continues to fall, becomes the last in ratings
I feel a bit bad for the cast.. but at least JJ has much fun filming it!
➤ fanmeetings in china are always a big success ^^
Yoochun to also hold fan meetings in China this June
➤ It really WAS amazing! ;~;
140515 [NEWS] Junsu moves 30,000 Japanese fans to tears with his heavenly voice
– additional articles: JYJ’s Junsu sings an emotional medley of TVXQ songs during his ‘XIA the Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert’ in Japan
– in case you wanna see some FANCAMS I recommend you this small set of awesome fancams: 140514 [FANCAMS] XIA 2014 The Best Ballad Spring Tour Concert in Tokyo (Day 2)
➤ I guess it’s because they only did dramas lately the fans miss them a lot ^^
[News] 140514 JYJ Yoochun’s first solo fan meeting sells out in 15 minutes

HoMin news!
➤ I still haven’t listened to this song (“sweat”)OTL I mean through fancams or so!
TVXQ to release new Japanese single album ‘Sweat/Answer’ in June
I am really curious what the new songs will sound like ^___^
➤ [Interview Trans] AERA magazine
OTL Yunho! “There are many times when I don’t confide in people.” (Baek DoHoon)
[TRANS] Yunho’s interview & cover story from AERA May 2014 Issue.
hmmm…. when he’s talking about the drama… I guess I will continue watching tomo!
➤ oooh ho ho! yeah that is right!
BoA says Yunho was sexy for his cameo in her movie ‘Make Your Move’
but… *sigh* … they should get married already!!!! *shouts* YUNBOOO!!!!! I sheeeeeep you! … OTL I meant ‘ship’~
➤ this is surely right but more accurate it would be to say: SM earns the most through them OTL
[News] 140509 TVXQ earn the highest among SM artists
and now let’s imagine what would happen if SM would pay their artists properly /LE GASP! (sadly that is a very sad joke *facepalm* … hrr… == *glares at SM*)
➤ hahaha xD because you want him to be “educated”? xD
Why Does TVXQ’s Yunho Recommend Changmin for the Show “The Human Condition?”
oh boy… they were so nonchalant in this… everyone should watch the vid! it’s so nice to watch! =)
but: DUUUUDE! Changmin has one fridge for the alcohol and one for the normal stuff. like… oO you serious… wow.
➤ As usual, the Bigeast version is so nice! *.*
TVXQ release jacket photos for new Japanese single ‘Sweat/Answer’

BoA news!
➤ oh boy… I feel sorry for BoA.
BoA’s movie ‘Make Your Move’ fails to make a dent in either USA or in Korea
and just to CORRECT the inaccurate report of AKP I want to add this comment from the article because the article itself causes confusion (like so often… they’re twisting words -_-  hrr…)
It’s 9,216 people actually. 57 is the number of people who watched it on it’s 10th day after release. That’s just in one day, 10 days after April 17. It’s total box-office gross in Korea is more than 72 million won and the movie has grossed more than $1, 463, 633 worldwide.
another comment that helps to clarify:
i’m not surprise at all. You can’t really make a huge dent in the US market when you’re only showing it on a limited # of theaters. If they really want it to be a success, premier it everywhere in the US, not just a few # of theaters. How are you going to make profit or get the words out there when little to no one heard about it. Advertising it on their own youtube account doesn’t really help because a big portion of the people who sees are fans who don’t have access to seeing the movie in person so that’s a big flop. They need a better advertisement. It’s sad that the movie premier at a bad time in Korea too.
p.s for those who saw the ads on youtube, it does not mean that all the other people who uses youtube also see the same ads at you. the internet (goggle) is very smart, they show you ads that you’re interest in (kpop,kdrama and etc) so it’s not a surprise for you guys to see it. What will be a surprise is seeing the movie ads on TV (in the US).
And because of the Sewol accident…? Well, this was surely tragic but mostly ppl from a certain area were affected by this… Korea is much larger so: what’s about the rest of ppl?
The explanation with the students in USA having midterm exams is more logic than the Sewol one. When you have to study hard and not even time to breathe you also don’t go to the cinema.
Well, whatever. I still want to see this movie. If it is good ir not I can tell afterwards. but only playing it in some “selected” cinema’s doesn’t help indeed (like the comment said).
on the other hand, if the movie really is “lame”, like someone said (and the plot is not the actors’ fault, tbh…) then not even BoA or anyone can make it good. When cinema owners looked at it the same way they said “no one will watch it, it will take the place away for us to show a better movie. Wae should I show this?”.
OTL the term “fail movie” is always bigger than a maybe lame plot. there are many things around a movie. Let’s cann it “outside factors”.
➤ aaah, she’s so pretty and cute! I love BoA!
BoA bares her toned midriff in training wear for ‘Sure’
*claps* WOW! someone at SM remembered that BoA actually exists!! (although it could be worse OTL)
BoA to release new Japanese single + first tour in 4 years

Fly to The Sky (FTTS) news!
➤ They look good, don’t they! =)
Fly to the Sky hint at an even more charismatic return with individual teaser images
Oppa and Hwanhee hwaiting for comeback!
➤ ㅋㅋ oh who wouldn’t hide food you want for yourself?
Brian reveals he hid food he wanted for himself from Hwanhee
➤ OMG! O: what is happening with them?!?
Fly to the Sky prepare fans for ‘CONTINUUM’ with tracklist

SS501 News
➤ He attended respectfully
Kim Hyung Jun attends memorial service for the deceased victims of Sewol
➤ oh hey! he will be back in business??
Kim Hyun Joong to make a Japanese comeback this June

➤ I wonder WHAT kind of job LSM is doing these days when he isn’t the CEO anymore…
SM Entertainment, Avex, and Universal Music Japan establish joint company ‘everysing Japan’
it is really confusing! you barely hear a word about LYM (Lim YoungMin, new CEO of SM). We didn’t even hear a word about this whole new CEO thing… oO this company keeps being strange to me and… suspicious! = = *eyes them*

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adfaklsdf!!!!! freakin’ public SiHan reuinon at Jackie chan’s bday party!!!! & THSK’s Tree Tour started!

안녕 친구들! ヾ(愛ˆヮˆ愛)ノ *comes by with apple…. mac xD *

after I was sick for the longest time I am now finally all well again. Maybe stressed and dead tired every day but that is a basic… > .>
Nothing really happened.
I collected presents for Unni ;P yeah, her christmas presents already! I have a lot to do before I present her this christmas and… whenever something falls into my hands and I can make a good deal to make her present even more complete I don’t hesitate!

Besides that I am writing my FF like a boss and… uuh, this reminds me I should update my kdreams.. had a little one recently. Well, sometime these days.
Days are too short for my taste lately. I am starting to be really annoyed by the fact that I always end up sitting here in the evening and say “still so much to do, I couldn’t do anything today. where’s my time???”.
hrr… == that really annoys da hell outa me.

side quest these days for me: cheer up all my ‘I want to die T.T’-studying kids who have finals now (or soon). They have studies for a long time now and have no nerves anymore ^^°°

ah yeah, I a still saving money to buy a new mac 8) Dad helped me with quite a bunch of money O.O guess that was my easter present but damn…. he gave me 1/3 of the final price. that really, REALLY helps me!
Ah ye, and Dad and me went to the Apple Store in the city. He wanted to finally buy a new comp and kick his windows pc out so I helped him pick something.
He bought an iMac =D and I am the one who will “play” with it first! hahaha! I need to show Dad how it works and transfer his data =) this will be a fun afternoon sometime soon!
He also randomly bought a new phone since his (really) old nokia died at last and so helped him pick there as well! It was quite a shopping afternoon we had yesteday xD Apple Store, Phone store… not the baddest stores to go! ( ◕ヮ◕)b … at least for me ;P

It’s been a while since it had happened but below you can read how it was when SiHan met_official in public and so on. It was really nice and emotional day for us ^___^
Of course the other normal news are there too.

[SiHan public reuinon!!!] Siwon and HanGeng meeting at Jackie Chan’s b-day party at the 7th of April!
so… where to begin! AAAAH! I am still so happy! =DD I was litereally just crying for half an hour because I was so happy their friendship is still as real as we believes it is.
It is the unthinable happening that had happened at JACKIE CHAN’S BIRTHDAY PARTY ON THE 7TH OF APRIL!
At first we were like “HAN GENG AND SIWON ARE AT THE SAME EVENT RIGHT NOW” ;~; . We saw the red carpet pictures and the usual, damn “whar if?!?!”‘s ran through our heads. *siiigh*
Then we were like ““damn! they are at the same event together in 5 years and taking pictures with the same ppl… T~T.
Then we had Siwon’s b-day celebrations inbetween and THEN… oh hoho! My heart almost stopped when I saw this. My reaction before crying was “the moment when nothing else matters. friendship!” (… after shouting at tlist that I hate them all because no one told me LOL xD).
Most of us were just like…
ELF fandom broke down… SiHan fandom/supporters as well… and all the ppl who else had feels for people and their deep friendship. I saw tumblr… Angela saw WeiBo… these like 4 seconds of SiHan grinning at each others like idiots and bro hugging eacht other was all over the place. Like page and pange and paaaages full it it.
In every corner I read about ppl stating that they were crying. It was really emotional and heartwarming. ❤❤ I dunno how about you but I love ppl with emotions. When you can be so happy about happiness of others that you cry… that’s LOVE in my eyes. ;~; (not to talk about that I am an emotional idiot anyway, I cry over a LOT of stuff for minor reason…).
AND I JUDGE ppl who cannot see the emotions behind this and judge us for just crying. Like… what do you know? ㄱ_ㄱ Don’t even dare to speak in our presence. Do you know how SM tried to destroy Geng’s reputation? Do you remember 2010?? “People” who should know better calling him stuff like a traitor and ungrateful? Remember how Siwon never said a beep about Geng since he left?
And then there were the ELF and SiHan fans who still believed in their genuin personalities, knowing they were still friends. We just waited for a (public) proof AND THEN THERE WE WERE with our 4 sconds material of those two idiots grinning at each ohter happily at Jackie Chan’s b-day party… seriously THANK YOU SO MUCH JACKIE CHAN!!!
This friendship was so beautiful and we just KNEW it still is, we just neede a proof. And there it was!
It was an emotional moment.
I didn’t cry over some shipping thoughts sh*t. Guys, this is BIGGER than that and never had something to do with shipping in the first place. I cried because of this beautiful friendship still existing and I know what kidn of friends they were in the past, so I absolutely still cannot facking even!!!! I just couldn’t believe it finally happened… public meeting acter almost 5 years… look at their faces! At the little awkward gesture of Geng and then Siwon just grinning his widest grin.
Cinna_감동_emotion oh my goooood! ;~;
I was just so moved and happy for them!
Our babies holding hands and being beautiful friends, that is what is important in life. Just like Junsu and Hyukjae.
These handful of seconds of footage made waves and Siwon was asked about it by interviewers, he just grinned but his manager didn’t want him to say anything. Yeah… guess SM was not amused, huh? ㅋㅋㅋ
Of course everyone had the same thought: F*CK YOU SM! ;P
And in the end we were all so done from our feels. I… I still cannot really put it into words. In the end I just felt like…
♡。゚.(*♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡*)゚♡ °・시한~ 把兄弟~ SiHan lovelies~
So there is not all hope lost. Friendship can still stand above all odds. After all we only want them to be happy!
It happened perfectly. THIS WAS CLASSIC CASE OF V-DAY!!!! (victory day)
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Genny at Chanel watch series preview party → 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 hnngh! he looked so good at this even! *___* , 12 I love his suits lately =) , 13 , 14 ,
At the airport in Shanghai → 15 ,
Dior Homme Menswear Winter 2014 Show → 16 O.O he looks awesome lately, doesn’t he?! like… Genny, is that still you? always so well dressed, no fashion terrorism anymore? (LOL I shall not mention it, huh? I bet the next time he comes around with a shocking outfit again now xD yeah… you can blame me then hahaha!) ,
Harper’s Bazaar / Chic Meets Geek Party → 17 , 18 ,
Interview with GQ Men’s → 19 ,
Men’s Uno 10th anniversary special cover issue (May 2014) → 20.

SuJu news!
aawww! our cute squishy!!!!!
HAPPY HAPPY BDAY SIWON!! Have your cake! ヽ(⌒▽⌒)/
THE cake
The whole year round I see his haters… well, ever heard about “nobody is perfect”? And they have no idea about his father so they don’t even know what matter they are talking about. At least Siwon is a person that was somewhat “probelmatic” in the past and gost less problematic nowadays. That’s more than other members can say about themselves. At least he improved.
I am still impressed about the fact that Siwon turned out as decent as he did with SUCH A FATHER! (his father is no joke… don’t want to be disrespectful or so but… seriously, you ever read what he’s tweeting???).
I am still wishing him all the best and he’s really kind and a sweetheart too. (and I love his Chung MinCho quotes… they are really inspiring!)
So happy birthday Siwonnie! (。◠‿‿◠。) Don’t forget to eat (you’re so thin :/ )
And stay a 5 year old as well!
You’re …. the mostadorablecutie! ヾ(愛ˆヮˆ愛)ノ
➤ oooh but he saw Genny! =D that was surely a nice bday gift!
Super Junior celebrates Siwon’s 28th birthday without Siwon in attendance
but nice of the members to think of him and throw a… technically siwon b-day…. party ^^
➤ ah yeah! heard this from stacy unni! (and Siwon now finally followed her… can’t believe he had not done so before! SCANDAL! *haha*)
Super Junior’s Siwon reaches 4 million followers on Twitter
and like unni said: don’t forget about WeiBo as well! Twitter is only one side of the coin 😉 (13 Million there)
I dunno when this “it’s so IN to have instagram” wave came back but… well, have fun with it, Henry~
Henry is the next artist to hop on the Instagram bandwagon

JYJ news!
➤ It is still filming but look at it! it is A HOT THING already!
[News] 140411 “Three Days” follows “My Love from the Star” to be hit drama in China
➤ Because of the Chun-face? xD
140414 “3Days” gets more praises for being different from typical Korean dramas.
➤ They look so much alike! ^___^ and look what a cutie his cousin is as well! aww! adorbs!
[Pic] Yoochun’s cousin shares photos with Yoochun
like when you mix chunnie and henry up, that’s his cousin! *haha*
➤ aaaah~ he looks so good, right?! 8D
[Pic] 140414 JYJ Official Facebook : Park Yuchun’s fashion which is as popular as the drama!
➤ There is a lot happening (or should I say: cancled?) in respect to the Sewol accident in the industry
‘Three Days’ Production Company Donates 30 Million Won to Sewol Victims
– additional article: 140421 [NEWS] JYJ & CJES artists to halt activities in light of the Sewol ferry accident.
➤ hehe, cute chunnie 😉 cute to his sunnbae’s~
[News] 140416 Yoochun is very cute on the filming set, says Jang Hyun Sung
➤ Triangle Teaser (drama) with english subs!

HoMin news!
➤ TVXQ on the radio once again~
140407 TVXQ – SBS Jung Sunhee’s ‘A Night Like Today’
➤ YEAH! Cobu/Make Your Move sountrack! “Running on Empty” (full!!)
please listen HERE: TVXQ – Runnin’ on Empty
TVXQ – Runnin’ on Empty Lyrics
➤ she really seems cute!
140408 Another Moon Ga Young interview where she talks about Changmin
and I can imagine them being awkward afterwards very well xD ah haha, must be distrubing in a way xD
➤ TREEEEEEE~! ٩(⊙ヮ⊙)۶ ftw!
TVXQ reigns at the top of Oricon’s Monthly Album Chart with ‘Tree’
[News] 140410 TVXQ Tops Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Charts with Album “Tree”
[News] 140411 TVXQ’s “TREE” gets platinum from the Recording Industry Association of Japan oooh hoho! YEAH babies! ( σ ¬ ‿ ¬)-σ
➤ it will be AWESOME! because the album is awesome! =D
Tohoshinki Tree tour featured in the Japanese magazine ‘Soda’
Toho tours/songs are the best!!!
➤ Their presence in Japan is so strong!
Movie version of Changmin’s starring drama ‘Mimi’ to be screened in theaters across Japan
➤ So it starts!
TVXQ to kick off their 7th Japanese tour at Yokohama Arena + tour schedule
TVXQ to Launch ‘TVXQ Live Tour 2014~TREE~’ in Japan Today (4/22)
➤ o.o what?! wow, our leader is a real hero ^^ He saved her!
[TRANS] “TVXQ Yunho is probably the best person who appeared in my life,” exclaimed Korean singer Sol Bi.

NS Yoon-G news~
➤ I just think she is one of these damn lucky ppl who can eat and eat and eat (Changmin btw, OTL!!!) and won’t gain a single g of weight!
NS Yoon-G says her body isn’t as nice as people think
and… WHAT FAT, YUNJI??? WHAT FAT?? … whatever her mom saw there > .>
I mean, she’s thin but… somehow I still think she has a natural figure. Like… look at her legs.
She’s pretty ^__^ oooh, if I only had legs like these *hahaha*
– additonal article: NS Yoon-G drops the original sexier version of her ‘Yasisi’ MV
aah! look at that! now I understand some parts better! 😉

Brian News/Fly To The Sky/Hwanhee
Brian confirms Fly to the Sky’s May comeback + concert in June
So cool! I will finally witness Fly to the Sky as a group! =D somehow I always wanted that!

➤ and again I want to ask: HOW in da world can it just ‘leak’…. SM, please!
SM Entertainment to take legal action for the leaking of EXO’s ‘Overdose’ music and dance video
I think like 90% of this “oh oops! now it -accidentally leaked-” is clever planned promo.
So I’m like…
each damn time because… has anyone EVER noticed HOW OFTEN this happens lately??? I mean within the last 2 years this “oops! it leaked” increased heavily… ㄱ-ㄱ
In other words: I got highly suspicous about such matters.
➤ yeeeeah, so you do. >-> well.
SM Entertainment files an official complaint charge against the leaking of EXO’s ‘Overdose’
Can I fill an official conplaint against SM? like… I have been personally violatey by them indirectly (talking about my feels and the boys and stuff) ;P
and still: this “leaked stuff” things didn’t happen so much back in the days. If it was on purpose or if it is real: nice promo tactics, SM, nice promo tactics. *(a little sarcastic) slow clap*

➤ I never saw this happening since I know the korean entertainment industry, tbh.
Entertainment industry puts a hold on various programs, dramas, events, and comebacks in light of the sunken ship tragedy
➤ I hope it will be of a lot of help.
Song Seung Hun and Ryu Hyun Jin donate 100 million KRW (96,000 USD) each to aid with the Sewol relief efforts
It is a really tragic story. One of these tragic stories who could have been avoided. *sigh*

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SuJu-M is back, Han Geng wins “Most Popular Male Singer (Mainland)” & NS Yoon-G returns as well~

Hello everyone!!! 안녕! v^^.

New header!!!! yeah! ( •ॢ◡ -ॢ) It’s tokidoki Bastardino and cat Carina! Their characters are so cute! and they have cute clothes as well!

other news: I am still sick so writing is pretty much everything I do. Thak to ajeossi I have a “nice” cold and cannot really enjoy anything because I am fighting random sleepiness attacks… > .>
But mom brought meds from the doc a while ago so it will gradually get better from here on… I hope ^^°

Besides that nothing special happens. I am still planing for my “buying a new Mac” thing.
I finished both of my secret projects… sshhh! don’t tell anyone. Two of my friends will get surprise presents! ( ˆ ω ˆ ) So I cannot say what it is about yet since… they could read it here.
Only Hea Unni knows~

[Latest Pics]
Yue Hua Ent. annual meeting in Korea (after party hosted by YG Entertainment 😉 ) → 1 ,
(140327) QQ Annual Music Awards → 2 ,
Yishion summer collection (with Geng and Jolin Tsai) → 3, 4 .
[QQ Annual Music Awards]
(140327) Congratulations Han Geng for winning the “Most Popular Male Singer (Mainland)” award at the QQ Annual Music Awards! (includes a link to his performance there too!)

SuJu news!
➤ [TRANS] SJM song lyrics trans!
Swing (嘶吼)
飞翔 (Fly High)
无所谓 (My Love For You)
Strong (强势入侵)
Addiction (入迷)
一分后 (After A Minute)
➤ Korean versionnnn~
Super Junior-M releases Korean version of ‘SWING’
The MV and song is still awesome but HELL it still sounds and… will 4ever sound… weird in korea ^^°°°
➤ hm… not sure anymoreif I already posted this before but… this was so KYAAH! ^___^
Super Junior’s Siwon and Hong Soo Ah film a romantic kiss scene for Chinese drama ‘Billion Dollar Heir’ in BTS photos
ooh but the other kiss scene they filmed on the beach was even cuter!! (((o(≧ヮ≦)o)))
➤ eh hehe ^^° heenim 4ever weird~
Heechul dishes on his longest relationship + the first thing he looks for in a woman
– additional article: Heechul reveals he is now done playing and wants to get married
➤ so that’s her?! I never saw her before ^^° I never watch any show, tbh.
Haru’s violin teacher revealed to be Kyuhyun’s older sister
➤ poor babies were (and still are so) tired :/
Over 1,070,000 fans attempt to watch Super Junior-M’s ‘SWING’ press conference
➤ we already know these stories but they are still funny ^^
Henry reveals the ‘American ways’ he greeted TVXQ and Lee Soo Man

JYJ news!
➤ oh *.* it THAT how he will turn gangster?
[News] 140318 Jaejoong Turns Gangster for Small-Screen Comeback in Upcoming MBC Drama “Triangle”
LOL this reminds me on him stealing stuff from a little kids as a random gangster dude in the mini dramas! LOL
➤ now cjes collabs are coming out ;P
Gummy lends her voice for Yoochun’s starring drama ‘Three Days’ OST
➤ haha! aww, cute ^__^ Chunnie becomes comfortable!
JYJ’s Yoochun shares what he’s learned from filming his movie and drama for ‘Singles’
– Singles magazin pics: [Pic] Park Yoochun ‘Singles’ Magazine April Issue
➤ AWW! CUTE!!! Let me hug you! (っˆヮˆ)っ
JYJ’s Kim Junsu becomes new model for health drink
and just look! Our Junsu came back to a good form again ^___^ Keep going baby!
But Sahmyook ppl please be honest: You wanted Junsu mostly for his popularity ;P it’s okay, we know *pats them*
JYJ voted as male group to still be promoting 10 years from now
O-O *stares at the drop of % after our boys to Big Bang on rank 3* … uhm… yeah, that’s… wow.
But is isnt even better from JYJ to HoMin… like… from 40 to 16?
➤ Kim twiiiiins~ ヽ(。◕‿◕。)人(。◕‿◕。)ノ
Junsu sends samgaetang to set of ‘Empress Qi’ for his twin brother, Kim Moo Young
I still don’t get wae Junho needed a new name in his home land but nice that he has junsu’s support ^___^
➤ She looks beautiful… like… almost every korean actress o.o
So this drama is really just about this triangle when it is named like that? ^^
Baek Jin Hee to be in a love triangle with Jaejoong and Siwan in ‘Triangle’
Cjes has grown so much since the start… I mean… look at all the people we have now!
JYJ, Song Ji Hyo, and other C-JeS artists send Dream Notes to the Philippines
remember the days when Cjes was only JYJ… OTL as I always said: It will be interesting to see this company grow.
And still, ppl can say what they want about cjes: Yes they do fail, no they don’t always do everything right but the boys seems to be happy there, that is all that matters. 😉 At least to me.

HoMin news!
➤ [TRANS] Yunho’s Arena Homme interview: Yunho 4ever preaching about moving forward and think positively and work hard. OTL SO LEADER!
[trans] Yunho’s Arena Homme+ Interview – Part 1
And the interviewer is right: when yunho says “let’s do this” you cannot not follow!
…sadly I dunno where part two of this interview is oO sorry.
➤ o.o he was at such a young age!
[TRANS] TVXQ’s song writer, Ryoji Sonoda had passed away on March 27th at the age of 38.
➤ Aaaah, it was such a nice weather!
[Pic] Dispatch News Facebook update – ‘TVXQ’s 10th Anniversary Train Trip’
➤ *sigh* yes… and our Leader씨 keeps promoting and doing stuff with/for fans… ;~;
TVXQ’s Yunho revealed to have suffered an ankle injury during practice
– additional article: U-Know Yunho possessing fighting spirit even with ankle injury to go through with Japanese schedule…10,000 fans go wild
➤ *just silently write it on the list of things i missed because I don’t watch enough tv and arirang especially OTL*
[Vid] 140318 Arirang Pops in Seoul : TVXQ! Spellbound
➤ eh hehe ^^°°° pretty people problems OTL
[Trans] 140310 TVXQ, “Sunmi Has The Greatest Choreography These Days, It’s Really Classy”
oh well but… what does this title has to do with the content?
➤ *crying* wae couldn’t I be there?! … ah yeah right, I don’t live in korea OTL
[News] 140325 TVXQ go on a special train ride with fans in honor of their 10th anniversary
➤ GAAAH! waited for this movie for freaking long! also for the soundtrack! =D
[Audio] TVXQ – Runnin on Empty (iTunes Preview) [Make Your Move OST]
➤ Stacy was right: TVXQ basically lives on the Oricon ^__^
TVXQ Max Changmin’s Drama ‘Mimi’ Ranks No. 1 on Oricon

SS501 news!
➤ Oh! Jungminnie! so this is what his hair cut post on twitter was about? he cut his hair for his comeback?
SS501’s Park Jung Min spotted in the studio + solo comeback

General SM news
➤ Senior artists doing serious senior business ^^d
Kangta and BoA appointed as SM Entertainment’s creative directors
➤ …. ㄱ___ㄱ you have to much money, MAN! I don’t even want to ask…
SM’s Lee Soo Man revealed to have purchased an LA mansion through a paper company
You better take care your ppl get payed correctly for their hard work… tsk! (although: who’s the new CEO now? I keep forgetting his name OTL)
I agree with most comments on this article: KARMA! in ya face! LSM! and… he IS a greedy old man… >__> just wth… spend that money a little more on your artists and they would maybe have out-of-the-box MVs again….

➤ Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron filming in Seoul news 😉
how kind of him ^^ but I guess fans will understand… other might be pissed LOL
‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ director Joss Whedon apologizes in advance to citizens of Seoull
➤ O-O wth… they haven’t even really start filming…
‘Avengers 2: Age of Ultron’ crew find a dead body while filming in Seoul
Imgine them standing there and the director says “okay now let’s film scene number- …. *dead body swims by* errr… okay. forget about it. call the police.”
➤ ooooh ho ho ㅋㅋㅋ my evil would go crazy if I play this in front of her in her current feels chaos situation… …. *starts thinking*… .. ( ¬‿‿¬)♢ maybe I should!
NS Yoon-G is baaaack~
NS Yoon-G returns sexy as ever with ‘Yasisi’ MV
The song’s content is… ㅋㅋㅋ *eyebrows wiggle* you know, guys?! song is good. I think she’s very pretty, just a bit too thin :/ still.
– additional article: NS Yoon-G opens up about cosmetic surgery and updates fans on her cousin Jiyoung
I bet she was always pretty. there was never a definite “need” to do plastic surgery BUT sadly this is very common in the business, especially in korea and japan it is crazier than ever.
➤ aaaand another k-actor goes hollywood!
Lee Byung Hun cast in his next Hollywood film ‘Terminator 5’

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TVXQ release repackage “Spellbound” & MV, THSK’s “Tree” released as well & JYJ Monocrom badass spot! ;P

안녕 다들! v^^.

Since I am only hanging around at home (due to a medical certificate) because my back tried to kill me… 乛。乛
glares .
meh…. for realz. tsk.
I am preparing different decoden projects these days (I ordered a pink case for my new phone case project ^__^) and keep writing my FanFiction and kdreams down.
Besides a still annoying back pain I am fine and so this is the best thing to do! ( ◕ヮ◕)b
(sadly I cannot finish ANY of my prepared projects since I ordered items from oversea and… they will at least take 3 more weeks to arrive :/ aish dammit…)

Also, I can now watch the movies I have on my comp and haven’t watched yet Cloud_dance1

So I like to say that everyone can have a look at the kdreams site and I finally post this blog entry like… omg, it lies around here for so long already ^^°°°

[Latest Pics]
(140301) I Want Music Power concert → 1 , 2 ,
Yishion → 3 , 4 .
[Twitter Update]
(140225) Vacation is ending
[WeiBo Updates]
130303 Gundam giveaway /LE GASP!
(140304) Starting work refesehd okay, that’s nice for you geng but… ^^° I’m with angela (le quote): “dude why do you keep advertising random beauty products you don’t even endorse”
– (140309) About the missing flight MH370
➤ eh what? wait… who is this? I never heard a word about her in GengFandom… like… what? really? are you kidding? hm. oO
Chinese actress indirectly confirms her relationship with Hangeng?
I mean I would be happy if our busy gundam lover finds someone but actually I wonder if this is true. o___O (or if media just reports shit once again).
I just mention this article because it it so strange to me that the while GengFandom NEVER talked about her or this article like… who can believe AKP?
And… how can the miracle happen that Geng actually found a free second to date? OTL

SuJu news!
➤ like… really?! o.o they do?!
Super Junior To Discuss Hallyu Wave With South Korean Government
they did?! but wait! only the 3 of them? oO hey! SM! wae? what was that? >_>
Super Junior talk about Hallyu wave at the National Assembly of Korea
LOl but they were all doing the SuJu pose! xD
➤ *still laughing silly about the album title* haha~ stil no xD
Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk celebrate the release of their 1st Japanese full-length album ‘Ride Me’
…but I should finally listen to this album. hm. next week, when I am on vacation OTL
– additional article: Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk’s ‘Ride Me’ charts at #3 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart
that is good! congrats EunHae!
haha xD they were all like “omg! it’s us! 8D”. So cute!
Donghae and Eunhyuk are excited to see themselves in Shibuya
➤ Yeah now not only shindong but one after another the boys will enter the army.
Super Junior’s Shindong to prepare for military enlistment
What I always wonder is: what will they be like after they are back?
➤ DONGBANGSUJU!!!! *haha* the two evils on tour ;P
[Trans] [Other Twitter] Kyuhyun and Changmin’s Restaurant Tour
➤ SUJU-M “Swing” teaser!!!
Super Junior-M ‘Swing’ back in with MV teaser
firstly: …. seriously SM? *eyes them critically* swing? like… you tested it with HoMin and then re-used the same stuff for SuJu, or what? o___O oookay. I hope it’s not what I think it is.
but secondly: haha ^^ funny teaser! SuJu boys as office workers ㅋㅋ

JYJ news!
➤ aiiiigoo, chunnie >< take care please..
Park Yoochun to Continue Filming “Three Days” Despite Shoulder Injury
➤ aah yes, he sure does ^^
Jaejoong shows his cool and laid-back nature in making film for ‘Nylon’
WOW! Jaejoong! Chunnie looks just awesome and… *______* no words for Junsu!
➤ Ah yes! the auction! I had almost forgotten!
JYJ donates 50,000,000 KRW to various charities
➤ aww, Chunnie! You’re adorable ^3^
[Pic] Yoochun – SBS Three Days Gallery
➤ oO wtf the hair of the woman in pic 3!!!!
HQ Scans + DL – Dr.Jin Official Photobook via PrinceJJ
Is it even possible to do hair like that? I mean for the drama it may was a wig BUT just in general: is it or was it ever possible to do the hair like this in the old days?? o.o
➤ aaah I bet they are already in discussion ;P
Kim Jaejoong considers accepting a part in new drama ‘Triangle’ with Lee Bum Soo and Im Si Wan

HoMin news!
➤ That they are not idols of a short lifespam everyone can see ^^ I hope our boys become the next Shinhwa!
TVXQ Wants to Set Example for Other Idols, Poses for @star1
➤ I am under their spell for years already ^^ once it happened you cannot escape. But: why would I? hehe~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
TVXQ to leave you under their spell with upcoming repackaged album ‘Spellbound’
➤ Interview trans aheeeeead~!
[Trans] Tohoshinki – Interview for ‘Smart’ magazine
➤ SPELLBOUND now released!!!
changmin’s song ….. OoO holy motherfather! … Yunho’s is also nice! (but read the trans of Changmin’s!)
TVXQ work their magic in ‘Spellbound’ MV + repackaged album
➤ Changmin’s song: “Heaven’s Day” / lyrics trans
➤ Fast fandom is 4ever fast! It has been a day since it was out and now we have a full lyrics trans!
THANK YOU TRANSLORTS! I love you love donut
➤ 허~! awesome! ლ(*____*ლ)
Tohoshinki are big winners at the Japan Gold Disc Award
➤ oh lookies who’s no.1! HO HO! ㅋㅋㅋ
[VIDEO] 140301 Germany’s K-Pop Charts: February 2014 – TVXQ #1 with Something
➤ aah! and I was just about to say after “Road for Hope”.
[News] 140302 TVXQ’s Yunho becomes the ambassador for ‘Korea Food for the Hungry International’
[LIVE performances] Spellbound Comeback!
– 140228 KBS Music Bank comeback with “spellbound”
– 140301 MBC Music Core “Spellbound”
– 140302 SBS Inkigayo
수리수리~! I liked this performance best so far! =D
And epic chants of the cassies, as always! ♡ ~(‘▽^人)
– 140307 KBS Music Bank Spellbound
– [Vid] 140308 TVXQ! MBC Show Champion Back Stage aaaaaAAAAJKAJSDKJSAKDFS!!!!! omg! the sweetness and cuteness and.. haha xD they are funny (and hard working!).
– 140308 MBC Music Core https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91a4Zvbfj7s
– 140309 SBS Inkigayo “Spellbound”
– 130316 SBS Inkigayo “Spellbound (수리수리)”
[MV – SECOND VERSION] Spellbound_수리수리
수리수리 2nd Version MV (HD)
It is aSDoasdfsakföl! AWESOME! *___*
➤ WOW! but it really deserves it!
Tohoshinki ‘TREE’ tops Oricon Album Daily Chart with 156,491 in sales
AND I HAVEN’T EVEN ORDERED MY COPY! O: (*cries* but I need money first to do so > < )
But the album itself is overly awesome! just… WOW! the songs are perfection! It is their best album!
➤ I should definitel watch Arirang more often again… I always miss this stuff.
Showbiz Korea : MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT OF TVXQ’S NEW SONG SPELLBOUND 섹시한 마법사로 돌아온 동방신기 (‘수리수리’ M/V 촬영현장)
➤ Awesome! =D
TVXQ’s ‘TREE’ ranks #1 on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart with over 200,000 copies sold in its first week
➤ Aaaah, really? I also wanna go on a trip with HoMin!
TVXQ plan a train trip with fans for their 10th anniversary
➤ Aigoo >_< he even had to fight for a spot.
TVXQ’s Yunho Talks About When He Was Homeless on “Beatles’ Code”
➤ Was Changmin holding the food? xD
[Pic] 140314 TVXQ – Kiss The Radio Website Update
➤ woooooonderful pics! *___*
[Trans] Tohoshinki – AnAn Cover Story

SS501 news!
➤ Ah really?! omo! they look cute together! =D
[BREAKING] Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun revealed to be dating!
…but this article says all and nothing… I mean.. are they now still dating or what? oO well, I would be happy for them.

➤ What da fack… o___O YG land???
YG Entertainment to establish a ‘YG Land’ in Southern California for their North American venture
O___O DA FAQ even is this complex?! like… it looks like in shibuya inside and outside and… da hell a pool on the roof or… will they put a roof over it but left it open for the 3D walkthrough??
but stiiiii~ll! this is SICKness man! O.O
But yeah, of course… YG would branche out to this with a little company location. This looks like it could be just their style.

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