TVXQ release repackage “Spellbound” & MV, THSK’s “Tree” released as well & JYJ Monocrom badass spot! ;P

안녕 다들! v^^.

Since I am only hanging around at home (due to a medical certificate) because my back tried to kill me… 乛。乛
glares .
meh…. for realz. tsk.
I am preparing different decoden projects these days (I ordered a pink case for my new phone case project ^__^) and keep writing my FanFiction and kdreams down.
Besides a still annoying back pain I am fine and so this is the best thing to do! ( ◕ヮ◕)b
(sadly I cannot finish ANY of my prepared projects since I ordered items from oversea and… they will at least take 3 more weeks to arrive :/ aish dammit…)

Also, I can now watch the movies I have on my comp and haven’t watched yet Cloud_dance1

So I like to say that everyone can have a look at the kdreams site and I finally post this blog entry like… omg, it lies around here for so long already ^^°°°

[Latest Pics]
(140301) I Want Music Power concert → 1 , 2 ,
Yishion → 3 , 4 .
[Twitter Update]
(140225) Vacation is ending
[WeiBo Updates]
130303 Gundam giveaway /LE GASP!
(140304) Starting work refesehd okay, that’s nice for you geng but… ^^° I’m with angela (le quote): “dude why do you keep advertising random beauty products you don’t even endorse”
– (140309) About the missing flight MH370
➤ eh what? wait… who is this? I never heard a word about her in GengFandom… like… what? really? are you kidding? hm. oO
Chinese actress indirectly confirms her relationship with Hangeng?
I mean I would be happy if our busy gundam lover finds someone but actually I wonder if this is true. o___O (or if media just reports shit once again).
I just mention this article because it it so strange to me that the while GengFandom NEVER talked about her or this article like… who can believe AKP?
And… how can the miracle happen that Geng actually found a free second to date? OTL

SuJu news!
➤ like… really?! o.o they do?!
Super Junior To Discuss Hallyu Wave With South Korean Government
they did?! but wait! only the 3 of them? oO hey! SM! wae? what was that? >_>
Super Junior talk about Hallyu wave at the National Assembly of Korea
LOl but they were all doing the SuJu pose! xD
➤ *still laughing silly about the album title* haha~ stil no xD
Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk celebrate the release of their 1st Japanese full-length album ‘Ride Me’
…but I should finally listen to this album. hm. next week, when I am on vacation OTL
– additional article: Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk’s ‘Ride Me’ charts at #3 on the Oricon Daily Single Chart
that is good! congrats EunHae!
haha xD they were all like “omg! it’s us! 8D”. So cute!
Donghae and Eunhyuk are excited to see themselves in Shibuya
➤ Yeah now not only shindong but one after another the boys will enter the army.
Super Junior’s Shindong to prepare for military enlistment
What I always wonder is: what will they be like after they are back?
➤ DONGBANGSUJU!!!! *haha* the two evils on tour ;P
[Trans] [Other Twitter] Kyuhyun and Changmin’s Restaurant Tour
➤ SUJU-M “Swing” teaser!!!
Super Junior-M ‘Swing’ back in with MV teaser
firstly: …. seriously SM? *eyes them critically* swing? like… you tested it with HoMin and then re-used the same stuff for SuJu, or what? o___O oookay. I hope it’s not what I think it is.
but secondly: haha ^^ funny teaser! SuJu boys as office workers ㅋㅋ

JYJ news!
➤ aiiiigoo, chunnie >< take care please..
Park Yoochun to Continue Filming “Three Days” Despite Shoulder Injury
➤ aah yes, he sure does ^^
Jaejoong shows his cool and laid-back nature in making film for ‘Nylon’
WOW! Jaejoong! Chunnie looks just awesome and… *______* no words for Junsu!
➤ Ah yes! the auction! I had almost forgotten!
JYJ donates 50,000,000 KRW to various charities
➤ aww, Chunnie! You’re adorable ^3^
[Pic] Yoochun – SBS Three Days Gallery
➤ oO wtf the hair of the woman in pic 3!!!!
HQ Scans + DL – Dr.Jin Official Photobook via PrinceJJ
Is it even possible to do hair like that? I mean for the drama it may was a wig BUT just in general: is it or was it ever possible to do the hair like this in the old days?? o.o
➤ aaah I bet they are already in discussion ;P
Kim Jaejoong considers accepting a part in new drama ‘Triangle’ with Lee Bum Soo and Im Si Wan

HoMin news!
➤ That they are not idols of a short lifespam everyone can see ^^ I hope our boys become the next Shinhwa!
TVXQ Wants to Set Example for Other Idols, Poses for @star1
➤ I am under their spell for years already ^^ once it happened you cannot escape. But: why would I? hehe~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
TVXQ to leave you under their spell with upcoming repackaged album ‘Spellbound’
➤ Interview trans aheeeeead~!
[Trans] Tohoshinki – Interview for ‘Smart’ magazine
➤ SPELLBOUND now released!!!
changmin’s song ….. OoO holy motherfather! … Yunho’s is also nice! (but read the trans of Changmin’s!)
TVXQ work their magic in ‘Spellbound’ MV + repackaged album
➤ Changmin’s song: “Heaven’s Day” / lyrics trans
➤ Fast fandom is 4ever fast! It has been a day since it was out and now we have a full lyrics trans!
THANK YOU TRANSLORTS! I love you love donut
➤ 허~! awesome! ლ(*____*ლ)
Tohoshinki are big winners at the Japan Gold Disc Award
➤ oh lookies who’s no.1! HO HO! ㅋㅋㅋ
[VIDEO] 140301 Germany’s K-Pop Charts: February 2014 – TVXQ #1 with Something
➤ aah! and I was just about to say after “Road for Hope”.
[News] 140302 TVXQ’s Yunho becomes the ambassador for ‘Korea Food for the Hungry International’
[LIVE performances] Spellbound Comeback!
– 140228 KBS Music Bank comeback with “spellbound”
– 140301 MBC Music Core “Spellbound”
– 140302 SBS Inkigayo
수리수리~! I liked this performance best so far! =D
And epic chants of the cassies, as always! ♡ ~(‘▽^人)
– 140307 KBS Music Bank Spellbound
– [Vid] 140308 TVXQ! MBC Show Champion Back Stage aaaaaAAAAJKAJSDKJSAKDFS!!!!! omg! the sweetness and cuteness and.. haha xD they are funny (and hard working!).
– 140308 MBC Music Core
– 140309 SBS Inkigayo “Spellbound”
– 130316 SBS Inkigayo “Spellbound (수리수리)”
[MV – SECOND VERSION] Spellbound_수리수리
수리수리 2nd Version MV (HD)
It is aSDoasdfsakföl! AWESOME! *___*
➤ WOW! but it really deserves it!
Tohoshinki ‘TREE’ tops Oricon Album Daily Chart with 156,491 in sales
AND I HAVEN’T EVEN ORDERED MY COPY! O: (*cries* but I need money first to do so > < )
But the album itself is overly awesome! just… WOW! the songs are perfection! It is their best album!
➤ I should definitel watch Arirang more often again… I always miss this stuff.
Showbiz Korea : MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT OF TVXQ’S NEW SONG SPELLBOUND 섹시한 마법사로 돌아온 동방신기 (‘수리수리’ M/V 촬영현장)
➤ Awesome! =D
TVXQ’s ‘TREE’ ranks #1 on the Oricon Weekly Album Chart with over 200,000 copies sold in its first week
➤ Aaaah, really? I also wanna go on a trip with HoMin!
TVXQ plan a train trip with fans for their 10th anniversary
➤ Aigoo >_< he even had to fight for a spot.
TVXQ’s Yunho Talks About When He Was Homeless on “Beatles’ Code”
➤ Was Changmin holding the food? xD
[Pic] 140314 TVXQ – Kiss The Radio Website Update
➤ woooooonderful pics! *___*
[Trans] Tohoshinki – AnAn Cover Story

SS501 news!
➤ Ah really?! omo! they look cute together! =D
[BREAKING] Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun revealed to be dating!
…but this article says all and nothing… I mean.. are they now still dating or what? oO well, I would be happy for them.

➤ What da fack… o___O YG land???
YG Entertainment to establish a ‘YG Land’ in Southern California for their North American venture
O___O DA FAQ even is this complex?! like… it looks like in shibuya inside and outside and… da hell a pool on the roof or… will they put a roof over it but left it open for the 3D walkthrough??
but stiiiii~ll! this is SICKness man! O.O
But yeah, of course… YG would branche out to this with a little company location. This looks like it could be just their style.

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Two bdays again~ + 1 xD , JYJ Valentines Day greetings & Cjes and AVEX reach an agreement about activities in Japan!

안녕 다들!

Like last year we have two b-day in february again! No, it is actually 3!
Do you know who’s b-day it was?

I will say nothing just this…

and that…

for the third one I just say: foodmonster and Hyung-babo ^^

Can you guess now? ^^
but basically… it is even 3! because SuJu’s evil Maknae also had bday 😉
It’s just that I have no deeper feelings for kyu ^^°° sorry evil, I wish you happy b-day and life, but it cannot compare with my feels for Geng and Leader씨 ^ .^

Personal news/facts are only:

– that I quit on something that became way to exhausting and IT WAS ABOUT TIME I did so!
– that the “christmas work”-feeling of exhaustion somehow never ends at work. oO (my junior also says so)
– that Karim now is together with his new mice family!
– that I still should get a dollar for each time I am right
– that it wouldn’t harm a good bunch of ppl to actually ADMIT that I am/was all the time right (but this will most likely never happen because they just can’t because… pride? I don’t know!)
– that I still cry when ppl actually value me back and have the same feelings for me as I have for them T~T (fack guys, feels that got rewarded with more feels is THE BEST! ლ(́ಥ_ಥლ) )
– that idiot me deleted some stuff I was collection over christmas to upload… oh well > .> things happen.
– that I met a nice new cassie ^^ Jess~
– that my old fandom first-friends are the only ones who still talk to me > .> like wtf is wrong with the rest?! did I do anything to you??
– that “bear wars” is still pretty much alive xD
– that I updated the kdreams here around with some more dreams of 2014!
– AND that I will work officially on the project to get myself a new mac by the end of the year from now on! =)

uuuh, I will have a pretty, PRETTY strict money management ahead this year. Really no joke. *sigh*
Please SM and my boys, don’t release so much stuff. I need the money ^^°°°

[Latest Pics]
Yishion endorsment → 1 ,
Qian Ren Gong Lue (Ex/前任攻略) → 2 , 3 , 4 .
[WeiBo updates]
(140209) Han Geng’s Weibo Update : Birthday in Korea
asdfasndkfasdf!!!! HE LOOKS SO HAPPY!
Aww, squishy, WE thank you! You are such a great role model to us and inspiration and asdklfjasdf!! I cannot even! We will always be there to help you fly higher and wherever you want! (っ˘ڡ˘ς)❤
Never stop smiling, never stop chasing your dreams, stay the way you are because we love you that way! Be healthy and happy and fly high to space! Just don’t forget to come back safely agian 😉
So let’s celebrate!
Happy Geng Ham Day! (庚火腿日快乐!)
Happy B-day HanGeng! (祝你生日快乐 韩庚! 我爱你!)
庚日快乐!!! =DD
You’re precious, very hardworking, ambitious and kind. Wo ai ni! :3
You may have Siwon’s cake now!
 photo HappyB-day_zpsb6e09958.png
(140211) Han Geng Weibo Update: HanGeng visits Yue Hua Ent. (korean branch)
(140217) Gengdam in Japan… oO omg what are you up to?! what did you do?! AND WHY IS THERE A GIANT GUNDAM AROUND!!!!!?????

SuJu news!
➤ NO! that title! xD
Donghae and Eunhyuk provide audio preview of Japanese album ‘Ride Me’
seriously SM and Avex?! “Ride Me”???
*stupid laugh of inappropriate amusement*

LOL! xD Just no!
But let’s calm down again: apanese version of “I wanna dance” and “Oppa Oppa”. We saw that coming huh?
and no comment to “motorcycle” Mv! I don’t even know what we were expecting just to begin with xD and… SIWON! hahahaha! I cannot!
My reaction was pretty much like this (once I calmed down from laughing like an idiot): ELFs after watching Motorcycle
➤ aaaaaigoo, I keep forgetting that most of them have their army duty still ahead!
Sungmin and more pass the audition for the Seoul Police Public Relations Unit + SM Entertainment responds

JYJ news!
➤ Junsu and his Ajeossi fans~
[Trans] 140127 Kim Junsu Says, “I Was Surprised By The ‘Crowd Of Middle-Aged Men’ At My Performances”
➤ YAYY for spreading to japan!
SSH ajeossi!!! Jaejoong!! *waves flag*
‘Time Slip Dr Jin’ to air on Japanese network TV Tokyo
➤ aww! ^^ Junsu: “(…) I still feel like that sometimes. I feel embarrassed and shy for some odd reason. (laughter)”
[Trans] [Star Talk] Kim Junsu of ‘December’: “I still feel like a fool in front of women”
➤ You will do it! Chunnie Hwaiting! ❤ ლ( >◡< ლ)
[News] 140207 JYJ’s Yoochun reveals why he chose to star in ‘Three Days’
[Pic] 140212 Yoochun ‘Three Days’ Gallery
[Vid] 140212 Yoochun ‘Three Days’ Teaser
➤ I am so happy jaejoong has friends he can do normal things with!
[News] 140211 Jaejoong and Jang Geun Suk do some shopping together
➤ JYJ Valentines Greetings
OMG! what did they give him to eat or drink…. Junsu so hyper! LOL xD I cried tears of laughing!
and they are all together so cute that I just can’t! I’m sorry but I CAN’T adorable dorks! I love ma boys!
Junsu: *keeps telling stuff about his duty of group member to wish him bday*
Jaejoong: “We have to change films while Junsu is talking”
Junsu: “*yells* I need to repeat! I need to repeat!” xD
Idiots! LOL
And, as it has always been, Junsu knows no end once he started explaining something xD
➤ OOOOOH MY GOD! really?! it was about time!
[NEWS] 140216 C-JeS and Avex Settle dispute, JYJ Looks Toward Japan Activities
➤ I just SO love it to see them happy!
JYJ’s Junsu is Jaejoong’s ‘winter prince’ while playing in the snow
Jaejoong: “Are you frozen?”
Junsu: “Let it go~”

HoMin news!
➤ [Music Shows!]
– 140207 KBS Music Bank “Something” & winning ([Pic] TVXQ Staff Diary update: KBS Music Bank 7/2)
– 140208 MBC Music Core “Something” oh hey! the light brown suits are something new ^^
– 140209 SBS Inkigayo “Something” woaah~~ great chants! =D
➤ Still can’t believe it’s 10 years ^^
TVXQ! Talks ‘Tense’ Album, 10 Years in K-Pop: Exclusive Video Interview
➤ Just listened to it again today! It really is totally great, that’s why!
[INFO] #동방신기 #Something 7th Album TENSE is NO.1 on Gaon Album Monthly Chart with a total of 194,198 copies sold!
➤ *jumps up and down* that is great but I am already so excited for Tree! =D
[Info] Tohoshinki’s 「Hide & Seek / Something」 ranked 2nd on Oricon Single Daily Chart
– additional article: TVXQ’s ‘Hide & Seek / Something’ maintains #2 spot on Oricon Daily Single Chart for three consecutive days
[Pic + Trans] [FROM STAR] Yunho: “Everybody, thank you ~ ^____^ ~”
It was your bday and…. OMG! I will be 29 soon too O: Let’s age together ^^ *haha* (like Jaejoong said).
You squishy adorable man, I wish you all the happiness and luck! May still archieve a lot and…. finally find a woman to get married with because… seriously Yunho. PLEASE!
But here, take this cake ㅋㅋ
 photo HappyB-day_zpsb6e09958.png
Happy Brithday Yunho~ We love you leader씨! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
– additional article: Fans wish TVXQ’s Yunho a happy 28th birthday!
➤ look at this cutie pie! =D
[Trans] Max Changmin says his farewells to ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’ and says: “It made me more nervous than TVXQ did”
– additional article: [Trans] 140201 Max Changmin, A Very Good Example Of A Superstar Participating In Variety Shows/
➤ ARGH! the boys on Arirang and… I once again didn’t see it >__> well, nothing new. I never see it.
TVXQ is the top K-Pop act selected by experts on ‘KPOPULOUS’!
➤ OMO! it is Yunho watching Yunho from the past! =D
TVXQ U-Know Yunho Gets Sentimental as He Reminisces on Trainee Period
Uuh yes, Leader씨 you were super serious and hard working back then! … well, you still are!
LIKE… ARGH! WAE DID YOU GROW UP?! … and wae am I capslocking? xD
Our foodmonster Min! eating all day and gaining no weight, stealing food from his hyung he’s a babo for, throws snarky answered and trolls with no end!
CHANGMIIIIIIN! The secret boss of the Kyu-Line, always be healthy and happy! (and don’t make stacy unni feel so “unpresentable” when you meet them with your perfect looks ^^°)
 photo HappyB-day_zpsb6e09958.png
…this cake shows up so often today like wtf! xD
– additional article: Fans celebrate the 26th birthday of TVXQ’s Changmin
➤ It was because Changmin was very very shy and never talked to girls~
TVXQ Max Changmin Would Date a Lot If He Could Return to His School Years
our awkward turtle *pinches cheeks*
That is right Changmin! wae pretend it is more of a burden now when you don’t feel like this? ^^
Max Changmin, “Debuted during my teens, now in the middle of my 20s…It doesn’t feel realistic”
but of course, such a youth as yours cannot feel realistic. It is… like growing up in an unreal world.

➤ Yeeeah well AKP or it is just a collaboration with HwanHee?? already thought about that?
Brian continues to hint at a possible Fly to the Sky comeback
➤ WOW! I cannot belive! It’s 16th anni for them already! O.O still so unblievable they are still around!
Shinhwa announces they’re ‘HERE’ in their 16th anniversary concert teaser
I’m happy for all Shinhwa Changjo! It will be awesome for them!
and the teaser is epic! =D

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SS5 new Song: “So Cold” by EunSiHaeHenry , Toho “Tree” covers released! & EunHae’s MV released!

안녕 친구들! v^_.^

I came across “So Cold” of SuJu/EunSiHaeHenry.
Sort of late, I know… well, but I never stalked fancams or something. I just saw ONE “Rockstar” performance some months ago.

OH WELL! here we are now with “So Cold”.
☆ Here is the best audio I could find.
SS5 : “So Cold”, EunSiHaeHenry

☆ Here are the romaji/romanji lyrics ^^
“So Cold” romanji

☆ AND here are the translated Lyircs!

[Latest Pics]
前任攻略 (Qian Ren Gong Lue) movie stills → 1 , 2 , 3 she’s so pretty! (Yao Xing Tong) , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 ,
“Ex Files” (前任攻略) press conference → 10 , 11 ,
(140121) “Ex Files” (前任攻略) at the movie’s premiere showing in Beijing & Shanghai → 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 ,
Happy Lunar New Year → 18 ,
Qian Ren → 19 , 20 ,
[WEIBO updates]
(140120) Han Geng’s Weibo Update (Masks)
(140124) sleeping Geng
(140126) A couple that got engagned at “Ex File” premiere in Shenzhen!
Happy Lunar New Year from Tiger!
[Qian Ren/SUBS]
Ex Files 20 minutes pro trailer.

SuJu news!
➤ Birthday Project for Siwon’s 29th birthday, 2014:
Announcement about project (english/indinesian)
➤ Hm, was that really needed in addition to Twitter? *shrugs* oh well ^^ do what you want, Yesungie.
Super Junior’s Yesung opens a Facebook page
Can I admit that I haven’t had a look at this yet? ^^°° I was too busy.
➤ Is is just me or… I still haven’t caught up to the fact that SuJu/EunHae is in the japanese market yet. It’s still somewhat weird for me because I cannot imagine it. still ^^° nonetheless, I am curious about what they will return with!
Donghae and Eunhyuk duo prepare for their first Japanese album release
…. well…. I know this will never happen but: SME, can we have an album of Siwon singing his Shisus songs? We could invite PJ and record some new! ^__^ that would be great *dreams*
➤ daaaammit! It need more money! *writes this DVD on -to buy- list too*
Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 5’ DVD charts at #3 on the Oricon DVD Chart on day of its release
HAHA! the GIFs and caps were hilarious xD (sadly I can’t watch it here because it’s 4ever blocked)
Super Junior’s Donghae & Eunhyuk showoff long blond locks in ‘Motorcycle’ PV

JYJ news!
➤ oh hey! the trans is there already ^^ (at the day of the release… fast fandom is forever fast!)
[Lyrics] From Jaejoong’s repackaged album: Heaven + Make Up
➤ aww Jaejoong ^^ that’s really cute! *haha*
JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Gifted Kim Eung Soo with Activated Smart Phone
➤ 7 times the average amount?! O: HOLY MOTHERFATHER!
[Trans] 140122 Can The Park Yoochun Effect Even Beat Out ‘You, Who Came From The Stars’? Set To Be Exported To China At The Highest Price Yet
➤ It’s because half of all the fans who come to see him ^^
[Trans] 140121 Kim Junsu Proves The Might Of His Ticket Power In Busan As Well
➤ The Hall in Nagoya is cool ^^ and JJ looked really good
[Trans] 140122 Kim Jaejoong’s Nagoya Concerts Begin… 18,000 Tickets Are Sold Out In An Instant
– additional Article: Jaejoong brings in 100,000 fans for his Japanese tour
➤ OMG! Chunnie is finally doing something else besides acting! *haha* (joke! 😉 )
Yoochun holds a New Year’s fanmeeting with 1000 Japanese fans
➤ OTL special attetion on beautiful Jaejoong and the cake please!
[News] 140127 JYJ’s Jaejoong Wraps Up Asia Tour and Celebrates Birthday
Sice you can barely see the cake: Jaejoong’s b-day cake (details)
WOW! I love this cake!
➤ She sounds so happy! ^^
[Trans] Gummy talks about Jaejoong in exclusive interview with BNTNews Japan
➤ This is really nice! ❤
JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and his fan club donate to Korea’s Heart Foundation
➤ We know you do!
[News] 140129 JYJ Junsu, 4th Musical Debut Anniversary “I’ll Always Try Harder”
– additional article: JYJ’s Junsu thanks staff and fans for the success of his musical ‘December’
➤ Beautiful Jaejoong~
[Pic] Kim Jaejoong ‘WWW’ Repackage Album
but that boy is still too thin! nonetheless: nice photos.
I just cant stop saying that he’s too thin >_<
➤ haha! heeeey~! Heenim on the pic too! ^^
JYJ’s Jaejoong and Super Junior’s Heechul celebrate with Hong Suk Chun on his birthday
➤ oh damn really! xD are you long lost twins you two?
[Trans] Kim Jaejoong and Gummy look like twins…Photos of the singers rehearsing on stage are released
I love how you can see that they are cofortable with each other =)
➤ EH?! DA FAQ THEY DID?!? == if that is true then Cjes has my support this time.
C-JeS plans to take legal action against Twitter users writing malicious comments about Jaejoong
➤ I wish I could have them all! I bet these magazines are very interesting! *-*
[News] 140204 JYJ unveils individual covers for the February issue of ‘The JYJ’ + 2nd round of pre-orders to begin today

HoMin news!
➤ I also have this but… it’s called twitter! xD LOL … and not that secret ^^°
TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho reveals that he has a secret diary: “I always carry it with me”
but once again: AWWW! Yunho so cute! :3
➤ I rememberm he already mentioned this before.
TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho is All or Nothing When it Comes to Love
He draws the line clearly. He’s like Siwon with that. Straight forward, and drawing the line so there is no room for misunderstanding
➤ aah Leader씨 comes around with his dialect again ^^
[News] 140121 TVXQ Yunho’s Surprising Jeolla Province Dialect?
➤ I think I will go with the A Version!
[Trans] 140121 Contents of Tohoshinki New Album “Tree” Released!
…. in case I find any money to order it /CRYING (but I will work hard to find some! (ง •̀_•́)ง *determined*)
➤ This is a really funny and nice summary of TVXQ for their 10th Anni and anni album!
[Trans] 140121 [Star Cast – Infographic] Something Of TVXQ
➤ Some HoMin nonsense for you all! xDD
LOL this is GOLD!
➤ Oh?! new drama for him?
TVXQ’s Max Changmin Cast as Lead Actor in New Drama ‘Mimi’
➤ Leader씨 is doing it righ!
TVXQ’s Yunho talks about his dating style. If he likes the person he goes all in. “I’m confident in myself” aah~ yes~ Yunho really manly~ *__*
➤ Aww, Yunho! grateful and sorry. You beautiful human being you~
TVXQ! Talks Overcoming Biases, Feeling ‘Grateful and Sorry’ Backstage at ‘Music Core’: Exclusive Interview
➤ ARGH! OTL what I said just now!
[NEWS] 140124 Yunho donates $33,000 to the ’2013 Gwangju Design Biennele’ to help children in Gwangju
➤ [Music Shows] Winnings
– 140123 Mnet M!Countdown a little winning speech ^^
➤ [Music Shows] Something Live!
– 140123 Mnet M!Countdown “Something” … woah… @~@ the background is making me weird… I hate it when they do this on music shows: these < < < < > > > > background thingies…. makes me dizzy while watching the boys.
– 140202 SBS Inkigayo “Something” UWAH! amazing fanchat once again! and HNGH! HoMin so awesome! (≥///≤)
➤ Yunho is 4ever taking care of everyone T__T
[Trans] 140122 Sohn Ho Joon Says, “U-Know Yunho Is A Friend Who Was Like A Dad To Me” (Beatles Code)
➤ Yunho: “I did it for 0,3 seconds” xD yeah you did *haha*
Yunho has no luck with games/missions lately huh? it just won’t turn out as he wants.
and CHANGMIN! what’s with that shameless, persistent trolling here?! xD LOL #EvilMinnie
Park Cheol Min: “My hometown junior U-Know Yunho, he’s too handsome”
[Pic] Tohoshinki – Album 「TREE」 Covers
okay, what do I have to do to get the bigeast version! =D omg!!!!
[News] 140128 TVXQ’s “Something” Remains on Top of Weekly Music Chart
I helped taking care of this with ordering both versions! ^^
➤ yayyy! subs!
Dieses Video ist nicht gelistet. Nur Nutzer, die über den Link verfügen, können es ansehen. [Eng Sub] MNet “MiMi” (Changmin’s Drama) Trailer
➤ The thought behind “Tree” is nice!
[Trans] TVXQ explain what the title ‘Tree’ means
Le quote: “For Bigeast version, they created an image they have never tried before! Look out for the release!”
LOL xD yeah! no shit boys! you went “naked”! LOOL (at least it was supposed to appear like that)

Ailee News!
➤ Because the regular MV is blocked here in germany I found another.
It has Viet subs but also english subs and romanisazion ^^
HNGH! I knew it when I heard this song for the first time although I didn’t understand what she was singing: I can relate to that! Beautiful song Ailee! *___*
➤ [Music Shows]
– 140124 KBS Music Bank “노래가 늘었어”
– 140125 MBC Music Core “Singing Got Better” … WOW! great voice perfomance today!
– 140126 SBS Inkigayo “노래가 늘었어 (Singing Got Better)” I have the feeling her singing gets better with each performance too! *__* 우와! 에일리 짱!
➤ o.o oh boy I have to get used to hear her sing in japanese first!
Ailee provides preview of Japanese version of ‘U&I’ with video trailer
but the japanese version of “heaven” was surprisingly nice to me! Often it takes me some time to get used to another version of a song but “heaven” was really nice!

➤ Haha! ^^ cuties, all together!
Jackie Chan reveals he came on ‘Happy Together 3’ because of Yoo Jae Suk + spotted at the sauna set with Narsha
>>>> Watch 140123 Happy Together 3 Ep335 Siwon, Jackie Chan & Narsha!

➤ haha xD I love how it says “50 hyung”!
Rain hangs out with American rapper 50 Cent

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Jaejoong released Repackage album, TVXQ win round the music shows & omg! my babies! ;﹏;


:/ a bit mixed feelings today. I gave my mouse boys to the vet before because I can’t tomo morning (because at work) and they will have surgery on wednesday (╥_╥)
1.) I don’t like when my pets are not where they belong and that is AT HOME.
2.) I cannot stop thinking about how small Eliano is… he maybe won’t make it! … but he deserves better. I wish for him to make it (Karim has the better chances tho…)
3.) I just want the two of them back. Always have to think about what is when one of them won’t make it.

I got my copies of TENSE but cannot get really excited about it before I don’t have my boys back so I don’t even feel like unpacking.
And I want them back already.
I FEEL my sister on this matter when she had to leave her bunny there for half a week.

I’m bad at being separated with my pets. I just can’t. I do not want.
Time till wednesday will be a long time… can go check on them again at 3pm. ಥ_ಥ wth…

crying .


well, there you go with the news below.

Just want to add that I posted some new kdreams lately and… now I will wait till it’s wednesday ;﹏;

[Latest Pics]
Backstage and recording of Super Talk Show → 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 traditonal dance! =D , 7 , 8 ,
허~~~! Genny received one of the “WeiBo gods of the year” awards! → 9 ,
Happy Camp recording (what is happening here?! xD ) → 10 ,
Yishion → 11 oh god… you’re so handsome! O: stop it! , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 ,
HanGeng and his cat~ (/cat of his staff??) → 16 .
[Ex OST] “That Girl”
Complete package here: Dls, english lyrics link, audio
[WEIBO update]
Geng and the cat
[bts] 前任攻略 bts with english/spanish SUBS!!!
LOLOL xD I SO wanna see this movie! It’s too funny! I can’t!

JYJ news!
➤ not sure if I will be able to buy it >~<
[Trans] 140109 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong To Release A Repackage Album On The 20th With A Remake Of ‘Make-up’
➤ HEY! imagine Junsu as Dracula! 8D
Kim Junsu receives Best Popularity in Ticket Power at 2013 Golden Ticket Awards
➤ Aww, how nice! So Rain is another one who still has contact to JYJ. that’s great!
[Trans] 140110 ‘Rain Effect’ Rain Reveals His New Year’s Text Message Exchange With Kim Jaejoong
➤ oO and I never knew before that there was a person imitating Jaejoong on FB… wth…
Jaejoong calls out his Facebook impersonator
yeah! you are eyes by handsome jaejoong!
but c’mon! we all know that he has no FB so… who is supposed to believe that eh? …. but I am sure there were ppl who believe that >___> there always are.
➤ Cjes family came along to see Junsu in December!
[Pic] 140118 JYJ Official Facebook Update
➤ The power of our Musical actor!
[Trans] 140117 Kim Junsu’s ‘If Only The Most Painful Love Wasn’t Love At All’ Video Hits 10,000 Views
➤ Need to listen to these songs asap! =)
Jaejoong takes fans to ‘Heaven’ for his first repackaged album
➤ oh damn… the lyrics for “make up” actually remind me of someone I know… >__> and I don’t like.
(not as in ‘these are my problems’ but as in ‘I know a person who’s problem that is’)
[Lyrics] From Jaejoong’s repackaged album: Heaven + Make Up
➤ wow! that poster is cool! °.°
Hypothetical posters for ‘Three Days’ already exist: “The drama is expected to be a big hit”

HoMin news!
➤ YAYYY! so one day earlier? that’s good news!
[Trans] 140110 Tohoshinki New Album “TREE” Decided For Release On 5 March 2014
➤ Okay Chagmin, you are really the king of all of us foodmonsters like…. I bow to you, master!
[Info] 140114 How Many Servings of Meat Can TVXQ’s Changmin Eat?
(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ *flips table frustrated* how?! how is that possible?! (and also: how is that possible that a person like him can eat so much at once… not only where it goes but just to begin with the amount of food basically… Changmin is mystery!)
➤ AAAH! something 3 million! YES! =D
TVXQ releases BTS waiting room video to celebrate 3 million views for ‘Something’ MV
AAAAAAH LEEEEEEADER씨!!!!! (((o(≧ヮ≦)o))) and… MINNIE SO CUTE! (●ˆ ω ˆ●)
But the last part when they were at the MV set with the dancers was take from the arirang footage. OTL don’t try fool us SME!
➤ yeah he already said something like that before. It would be sad if he couldn’t learn anything from it ^^
TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho says acting teaches him many things
TVXQ’s Yunho performs the cutie player for fans
➤ [Music Shows] Winnings! List~
– 140116 M!Countdown
– 140117 KBS Music Bank
– 140118 MBC Music Core
– 140119 SBS Inkigayo
➤ [Music Shows] Something Lives
– 140116 M!Countdown backstage/rehearsal/interview
– 140116 M!Countdown “Something”
– 140117 KBS Music Bank “Something” live
– 140117 KBS Music Bank Waiting Room (looks more like besides the stage, if you ask me ^^°)
– 140117 KBS Music Bank winning and encore
– 140118 MBC Music Core “Something”
– 140118 MBC Music Core Winning and Encore – 140119 SBS Inkigayo “Something”
– 140119 SBS Inkigayo winning aww! Changmin ^^ and Leader씨 so happy! this is everything, like Emmy always says.
➤ Finally, I say! ^^
TVXQ swept music programs for four days in a row…’All of a sudden 4 awards’
➤ Just because you can, Yunho! 😉 You CAN!
[News] 140114 TVXQ’s Yunho reveals he nags EXO a lot
➤ And I cannot watch it…. == not only blocked, I also cannot unblock it. hrrr… have to wait for an DL somewhere. Isn’t that sad?
TVXQ give a peek at Japanese ‘Something’ PV with short version
➤ ahsdjfaskdfs!!! I SAW THAT COMING! *___*
[Info] Tohoshinki ‘東方神起 Live Tour 2013 ~TIME~ Final in Nissan Stadium’ Live DVD certified Gold by RIAJ
➤ tee-hee~ ^^ of course. You made a good choise (but a complicated one to accomplish)
[Trans] 140110 ‘Two O’Clock Date’, EXO’s Baekhyun And Kai Say, “TVXQ Are The Seniors We Wish To Emulate”
But you better not try to copy them because: that’s impossible anyway. Good luck kids xD
➤ Staff Diary : M!Countdown win!
[Pic] TVXQ! ‪#‎동방신기‬ Official STAFF DIARY #Something
[Pic] 140116 TVXQ! Mnet M COUNTDOWN Website Update
– Staff Diary : Music Core win!
[Pic] 140119 TVXQ! Staff Diary – I just wanna say “Thank you”
[Trans] 140118 [SM] Come Put It All In!
[Trans] 140120 [SM] Everyone, Hello-o~!
➤ yes~ Hyung came along to cheer for his Changdol-ah~
[News] 140117 TVXQ Yunho Cheers Fellow Member Max Changmin For Last Filming
➤ LOL you can die happily now, changmin? xD Noooo you are not allowed! not yet!
And of course, food you steal from others always is more delicious.
Changmin reveals Yunho’s greed for food ^^
➤ KINGS of SMP ppl!
[Trans] 140112 TVXQ Hit The Jackpot: The Evolution Of SMP
more like… kings of SME ;P
le quote: “There’s a reason why TVXQ were able to attract some of the most loyal fans in existence.”
THIS! and nothing else! If we aren’t then no one is! I am sorry other fandoms but the only ones who are maybe on same level is senior FC Shinhwa Changjo, Geng Fandom and ELF (although they are facing difficulties these days, they should get their acts together – and love and loyalty). but that’s it.
This is the very end of the story about loyal fandoms. like: the little kids should be quiet now. look at everything that had happened with our boys and fandom and THEN tell me if anyone of you kids would still stand by oppas in 10 years and after two standoms arising as well as the lawsuit thing. TELL ME! I would be curious.
It’s not that I think Cass/Bigeast is the most loyal because it’s my fandom. It just IS like that looking at the history and everything. sorry if I destroy worlds of some ppl, but truth be spoken now: Like GengFan Cassiopeia is a highly inspiring thing for me. It speaks of uncoditional love and dificult times, but never leaving (although some did but… they were not the majority).
wow! random fandom essay here! I’m sorry ^^° *moves on*
and Yunho’s singing indeed inproved so he’s not just “the dancer” anymore. on the other hand, Chamgin’s dancing improved so he’s not just the “singer” anymore. They both sing and dance very well. Although you can see/hear what’s their main field they worked hard on themselves to become better during the past years.
➤ uwoah~ *O*
TVXQ’s ‘TENSE’ ranks #2 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart
➤ Because it’s awesome. period.
[Trans] 140120 TVXQ’s 7th Album ‘TENSE’ Tops The Weekly Album Charts For Two Consecutive Weeks!
➤ Changmin Interview
[Trans] An interview with Changmin, Part 1: “I’m happy to be focusing more on having fun than looking good”
[Trans] An interview with Changmin, Part 2: “I let it all go for once in my life for my ‘Wild Horse’ performance”
➤ awww, Yunho your “T”!
[Pic] 140119 TVXQ! at FanSign Event
➤ Sensitive, cute leader씨~ ❤❤❤❤❤
[Trans] 140118 Sohn Ho Joon Says, “U-Know Yunho’s Actual Personality, He’s Actually A Really Sensitive Guy”
awwwwww! THE CUTE! Leader씨! Nuuuu Changminnie! bock toys are not cute (*haha* but whatever, if it helps, play with them)
[Hello] #동방신기 #Something Yunho has bought himself a bear before. (read on *click*)

Ailee news!
➤ CONGRATS! it’s well deserved! =)
Ailee wins this week’s ‘Show Champion’ with ‘Singing Got Better’
– Show Champion performance: “노래가 늘었어 (Singing Got Better)” LIVE
and: oh my god! she’s so adorable! haha! xD at the end when she gets the awards she freaks! ^__^ what a cute person!
– 140117 KBS Music Bank “Singing got better”
– 140118 MBC Music Core “노래가 늘었어
– 140119 SBS Inkigayo “Singing got better”
➤ Everytime she wins it’s deserved!
Ailee wins January 18 episode of ‘Immortal Song 2’ with a rock ballad
➤ Cute Ailee on Arirang tv!
Ailee is the top K-Pop act selected by experts on ‘KPOPULOUS’!

➤ Jackie, wae you keep appearing in Korea these days? ^^
Jackie Chan along with friends Siwon, Jessica, and Narsha to guest on ‘Happy Together 3’

Big Bang news!
➤ they did? never knew they were also doing Dome tour *shrugs* but cool~
Big Bang wrap up their 6-dome tour in Japan with over 700,000 fans

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TVXQ’s “TENSE” is out! , Junho joins Cjes under new name & new Toho album “Tree” in March!!!

안녕! ^^/

Mixed feelings with this entry. On the one had: bad news around Teukie and his family :/ It’s so sad. I feel with them.
On the other side is the excitement of Cassiopeia for “something”… aigoo. Fandoms giving me the most different feels.
Well, read on about everything in the news below. I just say that it’s crazy OTL

For now I will post the lyrics trans of “Something” now:

TVXQ ‘Something’ Lyrics

She got that something
She got that something
She’s just a beautiful (hey hey hey)
Just a beautiful (hey hey hey)

She got that something
She got that something
She’s just a beautiful (hey hey hey)
Just a beautiful (hey hey hey)

Please don’t wake me up
I didn’t sleep at all last night
Countless girls all told me that they like me
Saying I look like an idol or something

To be honest, I’m not that surprised
All eyes are locked on me, wherever I go
Even if it gets uncomfortable, what can I do, it’s always been this way
Tonight, like any night, I burn like a fire

She got that something
You’re not enough for me, so stop baby
You may look haughty, but I can see you staring at me
You’re going to have to do better than that

She got that something
If you hesitate, I’ll cry baby
If you smoothly approach me without getting caught
I might just turn a blind eye and play along

If I’m a bad guy
If I’m a guy who makes girls cry
It might be better for you to step away before you get hurt
Though I know you’d never be able to refuse me

Normal and average
If you’re sick of guys like that
Then come put it all in, a dangerous come in
The two of us will burn like a fire

She got that something
You’re not enough for me, so stop baby
You may look haughty, but I can see you staring at me
You’re going to have to do better than that

She got that something
If you hesitate, I’ll cry baby
If you smoothly approach me without getting caught
I might just turn a blind eye and play along

Get excited for what’s to come tonight, Friday night
An amazing night that could steal your breath away

Everyone’s into it and having a good time
So why are you so serious?
Are you shy, you keep hovering around me
Round and round and round
Round round round

1, 2, 3

She got that something For me, you’re just missing a little something If all you do is look for an opportunity It will already be too late no no no no

She got that something
You’re not enough for me, stop baby
You may look haughty, but I can see you staring at me
You’re going to have to do better than that

She got that something If you hesitate, I’ll cry baby If you smoothly approach me without getting caught I might just turn a blind eye and play along

Hey hey Hey hey

And for those who still haven’t catched up to the official fanchant: TVXQ – ‘Something’: Official FanChant

[Latest Pics]
Qian Ren Gong Lue (前任攻略)→ 1 , 2 , 3 ,
[Movie bts]
“Ex” (前任攻略) movie clips and behind the scenes footage
HanGeng’s new single “That Girl” for Qian Ren Gong Lue (前任攻略) movie:
Ex OST “That Girl”
aww~ it’s such a nice song! ❤
And here is a “trailer video” to the song and a english trans of the lyrics:
There you go ^^ It’s a nice song!

Super Junior news!
➤ sadly we don’t only have happy news…
[Breaking] Super Junior Leeteuk’s father and grandparents passed away due to a car accident
oh fuck >< what’s the matter with car accidents lately?? these news keeps appearing on my tl! I DON’T LIKE!
– additional article: 140111 : Super Junior’s Leeteuk to return to his military service today
➤ Well… it would have been weird to go on air as usual. I mean… imagine if this happened to one of your close friends, would you be able to do just as every day?
Shindong to be absent on ‘ShimShimTapa’ + Ryeowook relays his condolences to Leeteuk
➤ …I’m irritated with this show so I dunno what to think about it. still oO
Heechul to join ‘We Got Married – Global Edition’ reportedly with Taiwanese star Guo Xue Fu
➤ well. maybe that was WAE he turned down the casting offer for “tunnel”. Because he already had an offer for this “Rumors” thing.
Super Junior’s Donghae to play the lead role in new film ‘Rumors’?

JYJ news!
➤ like angela said: Two ppl who know what’s important in life.
Eunhyuk cheers on long-time friend Junsu at his musical ‘December’
You don’t leave your childhood friend behind just like that. I’m proud of you Huykkie and Junsu!
It’s the greatest gift they have besides the members and families: Each other.
Hwaiting you two!
➤ AAAAAH! AISH DAMMIT! I shall remember to watch Arirang around the times our boys have activities OTL daaaamn!
[Vid] Showbiz Korea: New dramas that start in 2014: “Big star Park Yuchun set to star in Three Days”
➤ Another cool concert of JJ!
[Pic] Jaejoong – ‘WWW’ Concert in Busan
➤ WOW! drama is already successful before it even gets filmed ^^
[Trans] 140102 ‘Three Days’ Already Feeling The Park Yoochun – Park Ha Sun Effect, ‘Receiving Love Calls From Overseas’
They look like a good match for a drama!
➤ Aigoo, lookies at our cutie! :3
[Trans] 140107 ‘December’ Kim Junsu, A Cute ‘V’ To Commemorate His Break From ‘December’! “See You Soon”
➤ YEAH! go Jaejoong! *cheers for him*
[Trans] 140105 Kim Jaejoong Kicks Off His Nationwide Tour, “Busan Fans Are Alive And Kickin’~”
➤ WOAH! this is big!
quote: “(…) but if ‘Three Days’ and ‘Sea Fog’ succeed, he will establish himself as the most influential Hallyu star and actor of the industry.” O: 우와~
[Trans] 140103 Stars Who Will Shine In The Year Of The Wooden Horse (1) – Park Yoochun
➤ Family picture!
[Trans] 140107 Jaejoong’s sister twitter update
*sigh* so jaejoog is still sick? aigoo.
➤ I guess I need this magazie! O:
JYJ to release magazine with photos by famous photographers
➤ YEAH! the powa is yours Junsu~
[Trans] 140108 Kim Junsu Scores An All-Kill In Ticket Reservations For His Busan And Daegu Performances
➤ Hope they have enough stuff in store because: The power of Jaejoong will sell out their shop ;P
[Trans] 140108 Kim Jaejoong To Open A ‘Moldir’ Store In Chungdam-dong, Holding A Launching Show On The 24th
➤ Of course it won’t be all thrilling & action… like all dramas OTL
[Trans] ‘Three Days’: “Not just an ordinary criminal investigation drama!”
Because like most shows, it is supposed to draw a lange variety of viewers so you have to include a lot of different things. That’s how business works and tbh: I think a lot of the most popular shows were a mix of everything. ^^
➤ Duet with our Gummy~ I’m already curious! (because… I really heard and saw nothing of her like…. never before)
JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Sings Duet with Gummy for Repackaged Album

JUNO news!
➤ KYAAAAH! (((o(⌒▽⌒)o))) OMG?! really?! SO FINALLY IT IS HAPPENING!!!!
JYJ’s Junsu’s twin brother JUNO signs with C-Jes Entertainment as Kim Moo Young
aaah~ so brother will be acting under Cjes! well, whatever. now we have doulbe JYJ at cjes xD Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu + Jihyo, Yoohwan, Junho! xD I’ve been waiting for this to happen since 3 years!
THANK YOU everyone, I’m done! bye. #EXITEMENT!!!!!
➤ ah ye ^^° I thought that one girl looks like female Hulk with being all green and stuff xD
[News] 140108 JYJ Kim Junsu Enjoys Musical “Wicked” with Beautiful Actresses
➤ He looked amzing!
Jaejoong successfully rocks out with fans during his Gwangju concert

HoMin news!
➤ [Live Performance] MUSIC SHOWS
– 140105 SBS Inkigayo “TEN” (otl: >__> nicely cut, SM. tsk. you know what I mean – but the intro in general was really cool!)
– 140105 SBS Inkigayo “Something” WOW! epic performance and… the stage! °.° like for a musical!
– 140109 Mnet M!Countdown “Somethig” (Intro/TEN/Something)
– 140110 KBS Music Bank “Something” (finally without lipsync!)
– 140111 MBC Music Core “Something”
– SBS Inkigayo “Something”
HNNNNGH! FINALLY!!!! It’s here! the album is great! listen to it!!
TVXQ are ‘TENSE’ for their 7th full album!
And don’t forget to support TVXQ with buying their album! =)
[Trans] [Starcast] “Comeback, That Anxiety / Tension~”
[Pic] 140106 [STARCAST] “Nobody will probably know?”…TVXQ!’Something’ about the waiting room
➤ ah yes, these babos xD
[Trans] Max Changmin and Kyu Hyun release a comical photo…Bringing in the new year with horse costumes
➤ SOMETHING MV making (and interview trans)
[Vid] TVXQ – ‘Something’ MV Making + Interview
➤ The song is really nice~
[Audio] Cassiopeia Amour: Fansong Tribute to TVXQ 10th Anniversary
Does someone have a trans for all this? they sing very well! but I would want to know what the lyircs are exactly ^^°
➤ OMG! the albums are huge! =D I like!
[Trans + Pic] SHINee’s Jonghyun tweets about TVXQ’s ‘TENSE’
➤ Guess ratings will drop now ^^°
Changmin to leave ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’
But changmin cannot do all. better he leaves there. But from what I’ve seen of neighbourhood this show was funny.
[Trans] 140106 A Swift All-Kill On Music Charts And Album Sales Charts, It’s Only Possible Because It’s TVXQ
[Trans] 140107 Hundreds Of Fans Gather From The Day Before To Get Their Hands on TVXQ’s Signed CDs
/ugly crying…
➤ Yup. When the kings return there is just nothing that can stop them. period.
[Trans] 140108 TVXQ’s Seventh Album Ranks In The iTunes Top 10 Charts In 9 Asian Countries.. ‘The Power Of K-Stars’
➤ well… I also already wondered WAE they release a song with the exact same name around the same time o.o coincidence?
TVXQ’s Yunho reveals he bought Girl’s Day’s ‘Something’ by mistake
➤ LOL omg! they are so funny and cute and adorbs! I CANNOT EVEN! xD
TVXQ Thought It Was Heaven to Be Surrounded by Beautiful Ladies in ‘Something’ MV
➤ I honestly don’t care my boys, as long as you FINALLY find someone good to be together with! OTL OTL
Changmin will date seriously after 30
➤ HNNNNGH! what?! new Toho album?! OTL the boys 4ever busy making music… wth! but YAYYYY! *____*
[INFO] Tohoshinki NEW ALBUM “TREE” will be released on March 5, 2014 !! (Tohoshinki Info site)
nyaaah~ *rolls around in feels* Toho albums are always awesome aaaah~ half a day before these news appeared I was clouded with Toho-feels while driving in my car with Toho music and then this! *_____* ME GUSTA!
➤ aww, I have no idea who you are, young guy, but that was sweet ^^
[Other Twitter] Jiwon tweets about TVXQ
oh yes they have quite some ^^
[Star of the Week] TVXQ and Their Pretty Lady Friends
➤ [Trans] 7th Album ‘Tense’
Changmin’s Thanks To (full)
➤ yeah, the boys also wish for a nice relationship…. GET MARRIED ALREADY YUNHO! … ^^° please~
TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Talks About Lee Seung Gi and SNSD’s Yoona
➤ Ah haha! xD oh how cute you are! hahaha! Yunho so cute!
TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho Talks About His First Kiss in High School

Ailee News!
➤ KBS Music Bank, 140110 Comeback with “Singing got Better”
the title of this song is a joke xD her singing ALWAYS got better! *haha*
But seriously, she’s such an amazing singer! I love her!
– 140111 Ailee on MBC Music Core with “노래가 늘었어 (singing got better)”
– 140112 Ailee on SBS Inkigayo with “Singing got better” (wait… the fan chants were loud and just nice but: were there mostly fanboys? xD aaah how cool!)
➤ eh?! “노래가 늘었어” was recorded before “heaven”?! o: uwah!
Ailee reveals ‘Singing Got Better’ was recorded before ‘Heaven’ + shares her New Year’s resolutions
ugh, >_< yes, please stay healthy Ailee.
and… ㄱ_ㄱ that AKP still dares to report about her… tsk. I mean… OTL what they did before.

➤ aah! we haven’t heard about this project of his in a while!
Kim Hyun Joong gets ready to fight in new stills for ‘Generation of Youth’

aaand that’s it already for this time. I have vacation now and I will try to do something useful on my projects 😉 hope it will work out as I imagine.

Oh yeah and watch CSI season 12. Let’s not forget about that. :3

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[Trans/Pics] 140106 [STARCAST] “Nobody will probably know?”…TVXQ! ‘Something’ about the waiting room

This is special so I decided to post it before my next “main entry” ^__^

The boys always work so hard! I really can’t! And always strife to work even harder.
Have their waiting room story everyone!

✧・゚: *✧☆.。.:*❁✧✧✧✧✧✧❁*・°☆.✧*:・゚✧

cute cookie

[Pic] 140106 [STARCAST] “Nobody will probably know?”…TVXQ!’Something’ about the waiting room

✧・゚: *✧☆.。.:*❁✧✧✧✧✧✧❁*・°☆.✧*:・゚✧

see ya the next time guys!
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2013 year-end thoughts, HanGeng reached 40 million followers on WeiBo & TVXQ “Something” MV got released! =D


Here are mine.

OMG… the year of 2013… where to begin?
It was basically a good one, although we had major money issues due to very random (and very high) garage bills because of the car and water in our basement == …. no fun.

I became a stronger person and I sorted out many thoughts and I have many things and ppl to be thankful for.

Also saw how fast ppl can change and how loosely they say things they never really mean o.o for me as a very loyal and truthful person still unbelievable. I get scandalized about stuff like that.
How they say “i love you” too often, too easily to too many ppl while they don’t really mean it, devaluing this important thing to the max.
How some say that they have no idea how they could live without you before the one moment, when you are something they need at that time, but in another you find out they still live more than well without you and they really don’t give a damn.
Then I was like “uhm… okay oO You only come to me when you feel bad, huh? thank you ㄱ_ㄱ bai. *leaves*”.

I cannot say I learned how to understand ppl this year -becaue I still don’t get the most of them-, but I surely learned how to read them better. And it came to my awareness that my inner feelings regarding situations/ppl became really good. As in accurate.
I monitor ppl really well in the meantime and what I think and feel is very often more than correct. Not always to my delight but yeah.
We all know how life works.
It’s not always sugar and raibow.

Thorugh all this I’m still very happy to see my true friends. Old friends still around and new ones whom I met this year.

Especially thankful I’m to “the weird club” members. Not that I wouldn’t love my other friends anymore but “the weird club” is something special.
I’m very happy with them around and no matter how busy all of us are (and we ARE indeed busy with work and school) we always have time/make time for the rest of us. It’s really so nice❤❤❤ (˘‿˘ʃƪ)
Because: when you don’t make time for your friends/have some friends-time what is life?

Family and friends is really the most important and nothing give you more strength than them. Even when you’re already beyond the point of what you can take they give you the power to go on a bit longer.
This is how I survived christmas ^__^
So I really wanna say THANK YOU to everyone who still talks to me although they are busy or sick or whatever. Just being there for one another is very important. Life it too short to always say “I’m too busy for this now” and postpone everything on later. Because what is life? Our work and school stress? Or rather the ppl and things we love? I really think it’s important to always have time for what matters the most: People we love and things we love to do.

But the “the weird club” is not the only thing.

For example, there’s my soulmatesister who really understands me like almost no one else. o.o I’m still shocked! The only one who can read me better is my best friend. but that’s it then ^^
What would I do without her? I don’t even know (*^3^)

Or what to do without Hea unni? The caring unni who always is there for me and listens no matter when or what. She drew a cute sheep for me :3 aww, rarely got such a gift!

There’s also my sworn sister I can be like “uh-huh~ we judge you ʕ¬㉨¬づ ʕ¬㉨¬づ ” together xD *hahaha* and from time to time we are the same “evil creatures” ㅋㅋ yeah, sometimes our mean side shows.
This year I absolutely loves her tweet that said

” Yunho has a lot of naysayers, “no such thing as perfect” or “he can’t always be a good person”. but i think that says more about u than YH. “

After that I came to think about it. Because this reminded me of things I heard before. Yeah, this isn’t only about Yunho. But about a lot of others too.
Ppl CAN BE always a good person – even all the time. That doesn’t mean they never get mad (for example: yunho indeed gets mad sometimes) but in the end it’s all in the character and education of a person.
Sure, character defines a lot of what you are and you cannot change that because it was given by birth, but the rest of it is formed out by the education your parents gave you and your common sense of what’s right and wrong.
For example, other says I’m a sweet and nice person – although I also get mad at rare times. But not pointlessly or for a long time. It’s just because I don’t want to fight with others so I’m friendly and behave. Most of the times it’s not worth the ruckus, u know? It’s how I was educated.
Also, what would others think about my family when I would behave like our work Ajeossi? It all comes back to your parents. Not to shame the family’s name first of all and that includes manners and appropriate behaviour, was how my sister and me were educated.
Dunno how others were raised but we at our home were raised with the awareness that our family has a reputation to lose. So being friendly, always, and having our emotions under control even thogh when we are stressed was included. It was something we have learned.
This year I had a strange discussion with a friend about this matter and almost laughed at the end. Because since she was technically calling ppl who are like that fake so she would have to call me fake too.
It has nothing to do with “being fake”, it has to do with education and character.
Because I am how I am always, every day. At home or at work. … Or on twitter. I’m always the same. No matter if ppl see it right now or not. I am always the same.
So when ppl deny you about what is your character and education because they think it’s not possible be nice it indeed tells a lot more about themselves (as Emmy said) than about the person they talk about.
When she had said this it directly went on the list of things I realized this year. It became one of the most memorable things I have heard in 2013.
but oops… ^^° guess I got a bit off topic with this. *shrugs* oh well.

Furthermore, I now enjoy one thing massively: Bringing joy into others’ lifes. Palinly put it down as “giving” if you like. Brightening up the day of someone I love by simply being myself and enjoying their presence. It’s not even hard to do for me. And when they are happy it brightens up my day as well. It’s like a circle of life thing.

I’m happy with my family and my friends. I enjoy my hobbies and the company of my mom in our house that is our home. Happiness.
Basically there are so many ppl I want to say thank you to one by one but it’s really too much to write so I just say: FRIENDS, I am thankful that I have you.
Some of you mastered understanding me, some still remember me after not talking for over a year, some take care of me every day, some think of me every day ^__^ and some just show their love better than I ever could.
I love and need all of you!

Let’s make a even better year out of 2014 as we did in 2013!
please take my emotions and heart!

HanGeng reached 40 Million followers in WeiBo!
[Latest Pics]
Christmas & New Year celebration with friends → 1 ,
(131227) With gundams for Letv interview → 2 ,
Han Geng as a special guest commentator on Chinese Golden Bell Awards’ “中国音超” music competition → 3 , 4 ,
Han Geng with friends → 5 ,
Qian Ren Gong Lue (前任攻略/Ex File) bts → 6, 7 ,
Qian Ren Gong Lue (前任攻略/Ex File) movie poster → 8 ,
HanGeng and Jolin Tsai for Yishion → 9 .
[WeiBo update]
Happy new year!
[LYNX space project] Geng Ham (on his way to)in Space! 8D
Watch this space. Pop star Han Geng becomes one of the first non-professional space travelers in China.

JYJ news!
➤ Short 10th Anni interview: JYJ
[NEWS] 131227 10 Year Anniversary JYJ’s Q and A
quote: ” Q: What do we want to say to our fans?
A: We’re connected by an invisible string. I think we’ve become increasingly close! We’re so grateful to our fans for cheering us on in every one of our activities, for commending us on a job well done, and for pouring out unconditional love all the time! Thank you for cheering for not only our music but as individual persons, and for supporting our youth. You always make us smile. Doesn’t it seem like every one of our meetings help us deepen our understanding of each other? We want to make up for that heart, and are committed to working hard to do our best!
/CRYING thank you. You’re welcome. The indecribable bound between the 3 and 2 boys of ours. I can’t either. BYE. ㅠ_ㅠ *tears of gratitude and feels*
➤ Oh when are they not busy? OTL but especially Jaejoong these days!
[News] 131228 JYJ Jaejoong to Have a Busy Start in 2014, ‘Tours+Fan Meetings’
➤ of course! ( σ ¬ ‿ ¬)-σ The album was very cool!
[News] 131230 JYJ Jaejoong Voted As Album Of The Year for Japan’s ‘K-POP LOVERS! AWARD 2013′ + Dates For His Asia Tour Revealed
➤ boy… half of them looks tired o-o
[News] 131230 Park Yoochun-Son Hyun Joo, Script Reading For ‘Three Days’ Begins
➤ I can’t with how mature and happy and satisfied he looks! ;~; It’s just great!
[Pic] 131230 – 2013 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.2
– additional article: JYJ’s Junsu mesmerizes in his year-end concert with orchestra
➤ Jaejoong power is still magical!
Kim Jaejoong’s national tour concert in Seoul: All seats sold out in five minutes

HoMin News!
➤ Yeah well, not the first time that is happens and… not the first time that two artists have combacks at the same time in hostory.
It just happened to be TWO BIG ARTISTS this time again.
TVXQ talk about competing and promoting at the same time as Rain
Both their fanbases are so big, this is no problem for them to comeback with the other.
➤ I will 4ever be in need of my DVD OTL (guess I cannot buy it again this month >_< HNNGH!)
TVXQ’s ‘LIVE TOUR 2013 TIME Final in Nissan Stadium’ ranks #1 on Oricon’s weekly music DVD chart
➤ SOMETHING MV got released! =D
HNNNGH! OMG! STAP EIT! with… just everyhting! *faints*
This MV is surely “Something”!
btw: Trans/subs for “something” are HERE *click*
➤ With the MV and upcoming live performances on music shows the SOMETHING FANCHANT got released too!
TVXQ – ‘Something’: Official FanChant
➤ YESSSS! Oppa and Stacy Unni were at Time Slip of SM Town Week of course!
[Pic/Trans] Brian Joo Twitter update – TVXQ
I love their already so long running friendship!
➤ I only read about it and saw some pictures but even then I was moved! ;~; It was a meaningful 10th anni!
TVXQ take fans on a ‘time slip’ through the past decade together for their ‘SMTOWN WEEK’ concert
➤ A year full of “10” and billions! =D
[News] 131230 SM puts out full page ad as TVXQ passes 10 million album sales by their 10th anniversary
TVXQ break 10 million copies of album and 100 billion sales this year let’s please take a moment to realize WHAT A FREAKING HUGE NUMBER a billion is! not to speak of an hundered!
➤ yesss! I’m curious! =D
[Trans] Max Changmin took part in the writing of the lyrics in TVXQ’s new album: “How are the lyrics?”
➤ HoMin comeback stage Music Bank!
& of course
➤ [TRANS] 10 anniversary messages
[Trans] 131226 [TVXQ] We Thank You For Your Love And Support For The Past 10 Years.^^
➤ [TRANS] I guess this was Music Core rehearsal?
130104 Music Core, “Something” performance
➤ [TRANS] during rehearsal fans requested them to talk longer. At this naughty request Yunho … (read on *click*)
➤ HNNGH! I’m so proud of you guys! AAAH! proudness is through the roof since years! My cassie feels cannot even!
[Trans] 131227 TVXQ Earns 100 Billion Won In Japan This Year… ‘K-pop’s National Representatives’
*CRYING* and they still call us a member of TVXQ T~T
“Humility, musicality, love for their fans”…The key to TVXQ becoming a long-running success
It indeed feels like family. In a dark time of mine they were there to help me out, not I am with them as a “family member” to stand by them because I’m grateful.
Thank you Yunho and Changmin for everything. Also my JYJ boys. Just thanks a lot!

Rain news!
I haven’t heard or seen anything of rais’s stuff because all I see is 10th anni these days xD
Sorry bi~
Rain is finally back with ’30SEXY’ and ‘La Song’ MVs + 6th full-length album ‘RAIN EFFECT’
maybe after the anni album was released I will take time to listen to rain’s album too. MAYBE OTL 4ever ignorant and happy~ my 5 boys is 4ever everything I need~ 으흥~❤

to celebrate the new year how about the couple series now? we haven’t had the couples for a looooong time now!

“YunJae of the day”:
 photo YunJae22_MakingFilm.jpg
asdfasdfjsd!!! HNNNGH! Making film of Banjun Drama! “Dangerous love” ppl, “dangerous love” it was! ^^

“SiHan of the day”:
 photo SiHan46.gif
Siwon: “lalala… oh there’s GeGe! =D *clings*”
haha, love it how he technically just waits to cling onto him. aww! My SiHan feels are already coming back again!

☆✭☆[SPAZZ] with TVXQ → Changmin drawing Yunho~ ☆✭☆
 photo ChangminFun_ImDancinghahaha-min_noYunho-.gif
LOL Changmin is like “lookies Hyung, it’s you! 8D ”
Yunho is like: “*staring blanly at stupid drawing* … eeeh… just no.”
LOOL Leader씨 please conrtol your face! xD hahahahahaha!

xD oh my Changmin! how cute you are! ㅋㅋ

that’s it for today.
…. ah yeah damn. I want pizza! D: again!
Angela I quote: “The craving is real!”

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Geng Ham to space! =D , TVXQ 10th Anniversary is here! & Geng’s 4th Anni!

Okay guys,

One big topic. 10th Anniversary of our boys!

yes. THIS and nothing else.
No, that’s not entirely correct: we had Geng’s Anni too but more about this after the DongBang part ^^

 photo We_Are_T_zpsc4434295.gif

On Tumblr I found something that repesents my feelings since years very well.
Because I always say I’m pretty ignorant to others groups/artists. I mean: what is Rain’s comeback? it’s 10th anni! 10th Anni album in January… 10 years of DongBang… WHAT IS LIFE??
I mean Rain is cool and stuff but I am CASSIOPEIA!
And therefore the folling is OTL:

Then some people ask me why I love just TVXQ. They ask “why don’t you give a chance to new groups?” I think you guys are misunderstanding me. Look, I have nothing against new groups, but I just don’t need anything else. TVXQ is my pride, my love. I have the honor to be Cassiopeia and it fills me completely. We have our difficult times, it is true that this fandom has suffered beyond endurance, however, is what makes us strong. When we said “always keep the faith” and raise our red flag, trust me, this is all we have and is the most true in us. Most important of all: TVXQ taught us to believe in love, no matter all the pain that cost.

TRUE! just true!
This is me. And even Emmy said it a year ago: It fills her completely.
We got taught about friendship and love. We really suffered beyond endurance. We worried about them. We cried with them. And we cried quite a lot. We were depressed. We were almost down but stood up again. We grew stronger and saw the better times coming again.

I couldn’t be more proud of them as five or two or three. It’s not HoMin and JYJ but I am proud of them all. And I’m still thankful.
When I was in a really bad emotioinal condition they made me fight again, made me trust ppl again, brought me back to at least trying to find any good in some ppl.
Because of them I saw how hard times are endured when ppl stand together.
How could I ever abandon even one of them? I love 5, will always love 5.
They brought me the will to fight and a big caring family. What more to ask for?

I feel gratitude. They don’t know what they did for so many for us but I will be 4ever thankful.
Gratitude is the memory of the heart and my heart will Forever Love. (◡‿◡*)❤


Right from the start it always felt like I found the right place. Never had this feeling in any other fandom or for any other group/artist.

My boys. 항상 곁에 있을게. 사랑해요. 마지막까지 믿어요. 믿어요…❤


시간은 흘러 다시 돌아오지 않으나, 추억은 남아 절대 떠나가지 않는다. 동방신기와함께할 수 있어 행복해요.

Time flies and never returns, memory stays and never departs. I’m happy to be with TVXQ.“


We are T!
I am T.
Toho is T. ^___^
Forever Love.
Stand By You.
Mission make it.
One more Thing.
The Story Has Just Begun.
Now Is Good.

Aaaah~ I am always so full of FEELS in December! DAMN!
I have two fandoms in my heart and they both have anni’s in december ^^ #PainOfAFan

So the next Anni I wanted to talk about is the Anni of our Genny!
Woohoo! PARTY! ξ\(⌒.⌒)/ξ

Our Geng, who inspires us so much, who taught us to never give up no matter what like no other… Our baby had his 4th Anniversary of freedom on December the 21th!
And see how happy this incredible workaholic is xD and how successful!
He will fly to space, he will be in Transformers 4, we will see him in Qian Ren Gong Lue soon!

First going to hollywood and now to space… there is NOTHING this boy can’t do!
Everything he does is a success (besides fashion maybe #trollolol xD … sorry!) and everything sky rocketed on the scale of success lately.
Mr. Worldwide Act of EMA 2012, Geng at KCA 2013, Geng flying to space 2014…
OMG! and let’s not forget the Autobots! =DD Geng Filming T4 movie and we are all very curious what role he will have!

There is never a dull day in Gengfandom and it’s all so exciting! Most of the time I enjoy our fandom so much that I cannot even! And it’s all because Geng spreads so much happiness!
look at this ball of cute happiness!
Our talented actor, handsome model, kindhearted charity-activist.
There are still so many ppl who wish him ill just for the sake of it, but against all odds he’s still here and more successful every day.

One thing is for sure: The day where I will quit Gengfandom is when I die ~(˘▽˘~) I cannot even with so much… I mean all he had to to through.

Still, my SiHan heart is sad, especially on Anni days. But when I look at him it’s just like with JYJ: It was the right thing to do and it IS really a Anniversary of Freedom (what Emi called it).
On the 4th anni I was just happy that we are all here with him and that he’s doing what he loves doing, that he keeps achieving his dreams and being our ball of sunshine.

So Happy 4th Anniversary, Mr. Worldwide act!
Be safe flyint to space and don’t forget to come back again (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: °☆..。♡
And Happy Anni GengFandom! Let’s keep up the awesomeness. (in charity and supporting Geng i mean!)

mr worldwide act

Now now…
there is not much left to say before we can proceed to the news.

Just that one thing: It’s been FOREVER (once again *sigh*) since I have posted something here. Well… at least for my standards.

I try to do better! and… we haven’t had the couple series or the spazz around lately as well! D:

I’m really sorry. *bows to readers*
But I couldn’t even keep up with my own life. basically… I haven’t had a life anymore oO
Work ate up everything: my time, my health, my… will to live ^^°
I was seriously more than dead and sick on a never fading level for the past 8 weeks. so please excuse my… not posting.

AND on top of all: Merry belated christmas everyone!

Have a little pusheen cat to brighten up the last day of the holidays~

[Latest Pics]
Han Geng in Shenzhen for China Golden Bell Awards → 1 ,
(131213) “12580 Together With You” music concert in Fuding, Fujian province → 2 aaah! our soldier is back ^^ ,
Yishion → 3 , 4 .
[Space trip] Our Geng Ham to space! 8D
People’s Daily: “Han Geng becomes first Chinese singer in space”
➤ [Space trip : Interview] December 2013: CCTV America interview with Han Geng
➤ [Bazaar] Photoshooting in England
BAZAAR Travel Special Issue -part3 (16p) -Han Geng’s Travel Diary in Britain.
[Movie trailer] Qian Ren Gong Lue (subbed)
➤ [Weibo update]
(131221) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – 4th Anniversary
In japanese they say “毛虫から蝶に変態する” -kemushi kara chō ni hentai suru- which means “to transform from a caterpillar into a buttefly” ^___^
#RandomKnowledgeOfMine (once used this phrase for my bleach FF, that’s wae I know)

SuJu news!
➤ uuuh, this date past long ago and… I was so busy that I still haven’t heard or sene anything of EunHae’s new project! D:
Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk to release ‘Still, You’ on the 18th! + 1st teaser
HNGH! yes >//< argh damn! Siwon was cute and handsome in this one!
Siwon and Sooyoung become ambassadors for ‘UNICEF’s santa campaign
…I can’t with him more and more. I am already on Emi’s level with my frustration D: …. it starts to become a serious problem… (◐_◐)

JYJ news!
➤ I knew it would be a success ^___^
JYJ’s Junsu’s musical and concert tops Interpark’s ticket sales for the first week of December
➤ oh yes! It sounds like a drama sountrack album! ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ)
Junsu captivates with his special album release for musical ‘December’
➤ yes, slowly it will be time for jaejoong.
Jaejoong wraps up his latest Japanese concert + implies he may be enlisting in the military next year
*nods* but that’s right JJ! Fear not! We will wait for you and we will always be there.
We love you! All of you! ヽ(^。^)ノ♡
➤ JYJ 10th Anni Twitter trans (愛˘‿˘愛)
[Trans] JYJ Twitter update
Junsu’s messages on Jaejoong’s screencap! ➤ JYJ released a 10th Anni video to thank fans ♡♡♡
This is the english version. There is also a japanese and korean one. but… T.T I cry! I can only say: YOU’RE WELCOME BOYS! you did so much for us, so we will stand by you no matter what.
I suppoert JYJ as I support HoMin. All of them had their reasons and their rights to do what they did. We may do not understand everything fully but eventually one day we will. We are all still under the same sky, painting the W into the nightsky with the same feelings. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, you owe us nothing in return! ㅠ~ㅠ
haha ^^ Junsu! aww!
JYJ’s Junsu finds the laughs of 50 + year old audience members at December musical to be interesting

HoMin news!
➤ Because they aaalllll wanted to see Changminnie! ╮(´▽`)╭
[NEWS] 131211 TVXQ’s Max Changmin Causes Traffic Jam in Japanese Airport
➤ Leader씨 soldier~
[Pic] Yunho filming in Thailand
➤ cool!
TVXQ attend opening ceremony for SM Entertainment and Universal Studios Japan’s hologram theater
➤ YES! And it will be named TENSE, being released on January the 6th!
TVXQ may come back with a full 7th album in January
➤ aaah yes, TIME! It was a super awesome album! <33
TVXQ ranks in the top 10 on Oricon’s Top 100 Albums of the Year + Super Junior, SHINee, G-Dragon, 2PM, and more make it on the list
➤ aww! <33 it's okay boys. We are family. yes. *hugs them*
TVXQ relays handwritten letters of thanks to their fans for the 10th anniversary
➤ Some thoughts on the 10th anni from ‘Hallyu UK’
10 years with DBSK: An editorial on Cassie’s Hopes and Dreams
➤ teeeeeeaser time!!!!
TVXQ to make a comeback with 7th album ‘TENSE’ on January 6th
[LIST] TVXQ’s SMTown Week “Time Slip” Concert

I Don’t Know
Here I Stand
Silent Night
Sleigh Ride
My Little Princess
I Believe / Mideoyo
Always Beside You / 항상 곁에 있을께 (new song)
Keep Your Head Down / Why
Rising Sun (remix ver)
Catch Me
Unforgettable + Always There + How Are You Medley
(Yunho’s solo composed)
Changmin – Wild Horse (Norazo)
We Are
Somebody To Love
Magic Castle
[ENCORE] Thanks To

Ailee news!
➤ yayyy! =D
Ailee to make a comeback in January!

➤ what?! like…. none of them?? oO
YG Entertainment artists currently not expected to attend ‘MBC Gayo Daejaejun’ this year
➤ yeah, that might be true but… well, look at their artists ㄱ_ㄱ
SM Entertainment chosen by industry experts as the most successful entertainment agency of 2013
I mean we all know what price our boys at SM pay…. *sigh* and how SM treats them…
And also the fans of the old groups….

*just stands there, glaring at SME*

Before I leave you now I will just say: I will update the kdreams in some minutes and that’s it for now ^^

I am just glad I could finally finish this blog entry and so all I want to say is:
… btw: Siwon, where are the pictures of your puppy? *curious* I wanna know what it is ^^ (my guess was a Jack Russel)

bai bai~ ☆ミ(o*^ω^)ノ

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Christmas stress ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) , Cjes again ^^° eh he… & the 10th Anni is near!

안녕 다들!

@~~@ work work… everywhere work… *work zombie is*
All I do is work and sleep lately. can only do my blogging work at the WE.
but what is even more frustrating is that I couldn’t even watch one movie this WE because I was too tired.
(╥_╥) /CRYING
well… at least I had one fun dream friday night.
but nonetheless, I was tossing and turning the whole WE’s nights. Cannot remember when I lastly had such a messed up sleep. Not to mention that I automatically set my alarm on friday so I was woken up by it saturday morning at 3am… couldn’t even remember that I set it in the first place and then almost went to the bathroom to go to work (again!! already happened before) but then realized “oh no, wait, this time it is really weekend. not like thrusday when I only wished for it to be WE.” and fainted back to sleep.
I was just feeling like:
the whole time! >< Please let me die ㅠ~ㅠ
Don’t want to complain but it really annoys da hell outa me that work REALLY doesn’t stop affecting me the whole week! Not even on the WE’s!
I am totally not relaxed and not rested OTL OTL Although I slept like 12 hours  both nights this WE I don’t feel like it was enough. always get tired again very early >_<
Just… when will it be christmas?? I want this sh*t to be over NOW!
This week I already reached the state between “omg, I kill you all! GAAAH! One word and I will eat you! *supper stressed/annoyed*” and “no, I’m just too sleepy *passes out*”. Only things stopping me from being mean to ppl was my education and self-control. like… seriously. -_-”” hrrr….
This is madness. Can we end it already?
At least I had my money from my boss this WE so I directly went on a giant tour of “frustration shopping” and totally bought 2/3 of the stuff I was looking at lately (ˇò_ó)ᕤ and bought a good bunch of stuff for mom too!
…and with this month’ money (when I get it after christmas) I will continue shopping shoes… awesome shoes… have not enough shoes… OTL no really, I don’t have much. I’m not like other women. the shoes I have are either falling into pieces already or are crappy -one day I will buy better ones- shoes >-> not really exciting. So now that I don’t have to pay for any stuff for our house at the moment I will invest my money in good shoes. waited two years to do so #justsaying

mice update:
Yelina’s babies are now one week old and still alive! =D I keep hearing baby-squeaks coming from the nest. That’s good.
Really tried hard not to disturb them more than necessary. really only opened the terra’s front door once a day to give them food – especially for Yelina herself… the mealworms are important for her now that she has babies.
Already talking about them, I can’t wait to see them! =D but I have to at least wait another week. Then I can also finally tell what color they have and how many they are.
My guess is 4, who offeres more, or anything different? *looks around* ^^ *haha* I mean, according to how fat Tifa was with 9 babies back then and how round Yelina was copared to that my guess is 4 babies. And that would totally be enough, btw.
…. still can’t believe she made us such a christmas present. *shakes head* Yelina and her christmas babies. aigoo! (。◠‿‿◠。)

[Latest Pics]
前任攻略 (Qian Ren Gong Lue) content on 庚Phone → 1 , 2 ,
more 庚Phone exclusive content → 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 ,
Han Geng’s adopted/sponsored children | Gengfans delivered new clothes, shoes and school supplies to the children at Zanhuang county → 7 , 8 , 9 ,
FHM magazine → 10 , 11 ,
(131202) Lynx Space Academy (NASA Kennedy Space Center) → 12 , 13 , 14 , 14 ,
Movie poste for 前任攻略 (Quian Ren Gong Lue) → 15 ,
Seeking McCartney filming → 16 .
[WeiBo updates]
(131126) about the sponsored children
(131201) In miami for space training
(131202) Mtv Exit: end human trafficking
(131203) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Lynx Space Academy
(131203) Barbie Hsu O.O she looks totally beautiful!
(131204) training at the Space Center
(131205) sleepless in Miami~ xD … but seriously Geng, SLEEP! >o<
(131206) response to Lynx’ WeiBo posts – space project

SuJu news!
➤ Teukie’s Anni letter to ELF

“To ‘E.L.F’ whom I miss and worry about the most because I love them,

Every difficult day, I read the letters one by one that all of you sent me; they move me and make me teary, giving me enough strength to endure the day without giving up. I sincerely thank you all!

It seems like it has been a really long time since I greeted you guys a year ago!

I marked the calendar with an ‘X’ for the remaining eight months I have of army life so I am looking forward to the fun time I get to meet you guys again with a bright smile.

The eighth year anniversary snuck up on me but how happy and good the day was. I felt very down thinking about how I was unable to spend that day with the people I love.

The members who ran forward through that time and even run diligently now—while running with those members, I want to tell the fans who gave us infinite love, ‘I always give you my thanks and love.’

Now the upcoming 2014 and July 29!

I fall asleep thinking of that date and imagining it every night. And prepare for the best party for our ninth anniversary next year!!

Thanks again for supporting me so I will not give up but continue living and enduring. I will pray that from now on we will live beautifully as one not for just a moment but forever and ever. I sincerely give my love.

P.S. Super Junior too!! E.L.F. too!! Eighth year!! Congratulations on becoming eight-years-old. If it is eight years, that is the age you go into school. Everyone got old??!!! Keke ^__^ make sure you see the back.”

— Super Junior leader!! Leeteuk, who loves E.L.F the most

aww, what a sweet letter ^^ *haha* thanks Teukie. Nicely said.

JYJ news!
➤ Jaejoong in China is always intense in a way
Jaejoong parties with 3,500 fans during his Taiwan concert
➤ Oh still that “Japanese CEO” thing
[Trans] An announcement from C-JeS
yes please! Ignoring Mr. S is the best! so pssssst~ we’re not talking about him!
➤ Junsu’s ballad and musical concerts are legendary in the meantime I think ^^
JYJ’s Junsu to hold a year-end ballad and musical concert
➤ Ppl will go CRAZY with this!
JYJ to Hold Charity Auction with Artworks from JYJ Gallery
I’m sure some fans would sell their lives for some items… > .> It’s crazy but… c’mon, we all know what this is when something like that starts: waaaar~ OTL ^^°
➤ I’m sure Chunnie will be so cool! ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ)
JYJ’s Yoochun to train as a bodyguard
➤ oh… what? again?
[News] 131127 JYJ Sues 2 Magazine Publishers Over Illegal Use Of Band Photos: C-JeS Rep Claims Court Date Is Set For Mid-November
aaah, so the company is broke… uuuh, so they try to get money with JYJ pics. but… copyright violation is still copyright violation…
At first I thought they maybe ignored cjes telling them to stop because they have enough money and the cost for a lawsuit would be little compared to the income they made with the pics but… well, it’s actually rather that they thing “we have nothing to lose anymore because we have no money they could get from us. we can only win”. oh man… ^^°°° eh, no guys! Just no!
and: I hope cjes has an own law section because… oO *blinks irritated* it all gets a bit much, doesn’t it? Too many maybe-lawsuits and stuff. I start to lose track.
➤ OH – MY – GOD !
So we can say thank you to Bruce’s daughter!? OTL God bless this girl! She convinced her dad to work with Junsu! =D
[Exclusive] Interview with Producer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer: Working with XIA Junsu on “Uncommitted” and “Incredible”
aaaah~ And Mr. Baek was also learning the Lyrics with Junsu?! omg! which CEO does this?! aaaah! ;A I can’t!
And that he was even present in america! I’m impressed! he came all the way from korea with Junsu?! I NEVER KNEW THAT!!!
As weird as Cjes sometimes is but… these moments let my heart feel joy!
and xD *haha* Bruce Automatic and Junsu seemed to be really adorbs together xD I cannot even!
Guys, this interview is really cool! READ IT! =D
➤ HAHA! In ya face, everyone! LOL xD
Jaejoong’s ‘Just Another Girl’ wins #1 for 3 weeks in a row on China’s ‘CCTV15’
➤ yeeaah ;D Junsu power!
JYJ’s Junsu sells out tickets for year-end concert in 15 minutes
➤ ugh >< you mean because you are only working?
Kim Junsu: “This year’s birthday will be the worst”
➤ Oh welcome to the club then Junsu ^^°° the “fools in love”-club
Kim Junsu: “My painful first love after debut…I’m a fool at dating”
and: we’re back to the ‘tears in heaven’ haircut? ^^ aww, I like that one!
➤ yeah, we keep hearing that ^^
[Trans] Kim Jaejoong tops the Synnara K-pop Awards voting polls: ‘Explosive popularity in and outside of Korea’
➤ ;A; Junsu you look great!
Kim Junsu on ‘December’: “It was hard to express a realistic character…I used my imagination”
aaah, but still, he has so much feels that he can feel with the character T-T (life as an emotional person is hard, I know). But that’s the hard and qualitative work of Kim Junsu ppl!

HoMin news!
➤ My Anni feels get mixed up with feel of proudness EVERY DAY these days ;A;
[Trans] 131124 TVXQ Become The First Foreign Artistes To Perform At The Tokyo Dome For Three Consecutive Years
they looked cool! uuuh~ Changmin your heeiiiirrr~ ME GUSTA! 8D
➤ aaah, this song is so nice and the pictures as well ^^ OTL the cutie Changmin under the christmas tree is for Emmy! ;P
[SCANS] Tohoshinki – 「Very Merry Xmas」 Single Jacket
➤ Because it just IS a very nice song! Toho songs always THE BEST!
TVXQ’s ‘Very Merry Xmas’ debuts at #2 on Oricon chart
➤ Anni feels become more and more with every day now!
TVXQ to Hold 2-Day Concert Celebrating Ten Years Since its Debut
➤ It seemed to be a fun time for everyone. always good with bigeast ^^
[Trans] 131124 Tohoshinki, continuous 2 years, event bringing in 100 thousand people, revealing their new song & announced next April live tour
➤ OTL Toho Songs 4ever the best, I can only repeat. Maybe not the greatest lyrics ever but still!
[Trans] Tohoshinki’s new song ‘White’ – Japanese/English lyrics
➤ and I still need the DVD OTL OTL!!!
TVXQ gives a peek backstage at Japan’s Nissan Stadium through ‘In Our Time’ PV
but: AAAAAAHH!!! ahsdfweafhasijf!!!!! MY FEEEEELS! *rips heart out as Emmy always does* ლ(ಠ__ಠლ) my feels!
➤ Yunho you’re just… fhgkklh1! ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) what a good friend!
[NEWS] 131207 ‘Reply 1994’ Son Ho Jun says Best Friend TVXQ’s Yunho Never Breaks a Promise

SS501 news!
➤ ahk! this means no reunion :/ meh.
Kim Hyun Joong won’t be able to perform as SS501 at ‘DSP Festival’ due to filming for his drama

Rain news!
➤ OMG no… ㄱ-ㄱ like… still?
Citizen files a formal complaint against Rain for violating regulations while on duty as a celebrity recruit
➤ Hooo~
Rain cast alongside Bruce Willis and more in his next Hollywood film ‘The Prince’
➤ eh? wait… he will return as a singer in korea at the 6th of january? craaay! Quickly flying to US for filming, hurrying back home to stand on stage and.. I guess later he will quickly fly to US for filming again O.O
Rain starts filming in America for Hollywood action film ‘The Prince’

BoA news!
➤ so she can finally do some acting again.
BoA confirmed to make her domestic film debut in ‘Big Match’
we never came to hear about Cobu (make your move) 3D again, btw…. > .> was it already in cinemas? No one ever talked about it again like… this movie vanished completely oO very strange, tbh.

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hrrr…. =___= AKP again… (poor Ailee) , Special Album for TVXQ’s 10th Anni & some personal news (busy, busy, busy~)


oh . my . god !
allkpop again. ㄱ___ㄱ I really cannot even with them. AGAIN!
Spreading these (although censored) nude photos of ailee when she was 15… so disgusting!
I mean: WTH! wae hurting her like this? wae put up these pictures???
wouldn’t writing an article about it be enough already?? she got tricked by horrible ppl, like some others as well. and then there is AKP posting this stuff all huge and as breaking news.
Where’s the moral? seriously!
When I saw this I was like “….really now??”
NOOOOOO! just nooooooo! AKP, NOOOOOOO!

Whoever thought it was a good idea to put this article up like that is a horrible person. I JUDGE YOU!!!! I TOTALLY JUDGE YOU AKP! You’re the worst!
(ノ °益° )ノ彡┻━┻ ε=ε=┏( ;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)┛ *flips table at them*
You know what? I still like her.
She did no harm to no one. The only thing she did is something stupid when she was young. The bad one here is AKP ppl and her ex!
So all together, GET LOST! *rages* \( )/ ε=ε=ε=┏( °□°)┛ ε=ε=┏( • _•)┛


and that leads us to where the photos came from: Ailee’s Company Releases Official Statement on Issue
WTF! what kind of ex-boyfriend is that?! He needed money, huh? Reveales these pics now when Ailee is famous.
HRRR!!!! He’s the worst as well!
just imagine how many years they must be separated already…. gaaaah!
┏ʕ`益 ´づ━━━●)⊙ロ⊙) *punches him*

This isn’t especially about Ailee as a singer. but just as a woman alone is already enough.
How you hurt her as a woman revealing these pics to the public – leave alone how it could affect her carer.

And it also shows us again: never send such pictures to your current boyfriend. he will most likely be your ex one day and has something very dangerous in his hands then. ㄱ-ㄱ oh god. I start to hate ppl again when I hear such stories!

And I REALLY question the moral and education of “some ppl”. ㄱ_____ㄱ like… seriously! Was that how your parents raised you?
[sarcastic mode ON] oh yeah, I bet they would be proud of you these days.[/sarcastic mode OFF]

I wouldn’t even do this to my enemies but look at them! TSK!

Then, and that’s about personal stuff now, I’m really sorry. I rarely post something these days but I’m just super busy with work. I can barely keep up with my twitter and tumblr, have 3 new baby mice in socializing process with granny Sunny – they moved into the ground level of their end-home (the terra) yesterday btw (ˆㅅˆ)

I still try to reply the outstanding emails but… I’m not very successful ^^°°° mianhae.

I also still wanna update the mice sites here with some pics but it never happened to upload them (although I already prepared them in a folder).

I’m just too busy and so all things are a bit on delay or put on ice for a while.
Try to catch up but not sure if I can.
;~; and for a person that is rather workaholic and perfectionistic that’s really not good! I hate it when friends matters suffer by work stress and I cannot keep up with all the stuff I wanna do! (HAVE to do, in my eyes)

*runs away crying*

So before we move on to the news now, please don’t forget the 10th Anniversary project!
Please participate!

[Latest Pics]
Yishion Winter Casual Series 2013 → 1 ,
Han Geng and Yao Xing Tong for 前任攻略 (Qian Ren Gong Lue) → aww! don’t they look so cute togehter! :3
[Movie Trailer] Qian Ren Gong Lue – 前任攻略 – former Exes.
OMG! it looks like great fun! WANNA WATCH THIS! =DD
[WeiBo update] McCartney filming
(131121) Han Geng’s Weibo Update – Filming for Seek McCartney in France

SuJu news!
➤ well, my frustration with Super Shows (I cannot attend) is always bigger when they are near *sigh*
Super Junior set fire to 10,000 fans in London + EXO visits them backstage
➤ hoo~ listen up!
Super Junior’s Kangin to return to the big screen for the first time in five years with movie ‘Cat Funeral’
➤ hrrr…. -_-”” do ppl really have no better hobbies as to hack accounts of idols?? like…. seriously! get a life!
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk apologizes for Twitter hacking + hacked again
➤ Oh? so they wanna push EunHae as a sub-group now or… oO not sure with SM’s plans.
Donghae and Eunhyuk in talks to hold a duo Japan tour!

JYJ news!
➤ uuh~ Junsu your heiirrrr~ ( ¬‿‿¬)♢ OTL I mean hair~
[Trans] 131102 Kim Junsu’s Ticket Power Is So Strong It’s Almost Terrifying, Another Record Broken!
➤ oh jaejoongie~ I still love your tattoos! =D
[Pic] Kim Jaejoong – Elle Japan Magazine Part 2
*sigh* but he’s so thin. That man needs to gain weight, ppl. OTL can someone he’s actually listening too please tell him? like… one of his sisters or his mother or so? soulmate maybe? *looks at Chunnie*
➤ ㅋㅋㅋ yeah. just some seconds but still: he won! *looks at a certain company* won without performance and promotion… ㅋㅋㅋ IN YA FACE! BOOYA! =D
[Vid] Kim Jaejoong’s ‘Just Another Girl’ on KBS Music Bank
➤ Sure thing! 😉 great!
[Trans] Kim Jaejoong receives a whopping 1.8 million messages during his 3-hour Global Chatroom Event
And he was so cute during the live chat! awww! It’s really a pity I wasn’t at home exactly at THAT TIME (but my sister sis had b-day OTL ottoke, eh?). but I catched up on it as soon as I was online. SO CUTE! ^___^
➤ o.o that’s quite a bunch of money
[News] 131113 JYJ Junsu’s Jeju Resort Planned for March Completion, $12 Million Invested
but when they build it like that it will look nice ^^d
➤ aaand cjes still needs a chill pill.
Of course it was wrong and I hate when ppl have nothing better to do as to spread rumors on a pro basis bust stiiiill! cjes! pleeeease. >__> it’s pointless.
Netizen responsible for malicious rumors against JYJ apologizes + C-JeS Entertainment warns of no leniency
here. *gives them chill pill* (;¬_¬) θ\(;¬_¬) just eat it.

yeah well. in the end I still don’t want to bother with company matters (anymore … or not that much anymore) because as long as my boys are okay in Cjes I am okay with Cjes.
On top of all, I rather want to see Cjes fail-over protect JYJ instead of a SM Ent. that seems to have an own apartment to destroy and hinder artists that are not even under them anymore. ㄱ-ㄱ u know what I mean?
➤ aww~ the cute ^____^ chunnie~!
[Trans] 13112 A Letter Park Yoochun Wrote In High School For His Mother Surfaces… Full Of Cute Comments
➤ JYJ powaaa~ babies!
The Incheon Asian Games’ Guangzhou Showcase sells out in three minutes and fifty seconds
➤ Jaejoong is a man of clear words.
Yeah! tell him Oppa! hrr… -_- ppl like that person… the boys are always friendly too ppl who don’t actually deserve it so I totally encourage Jaejoong in telling ppl in clear words what’s the deal.
➤ Happy to see they are doing really well ^^ all together
[NEWS] 131122 JYJ Sells Out 7,000 Tickets within 4 Minutes for Guangzhou Showcase
➤ *giggles* oh my, he’s really cute! xD
but Jaejoong, stop drinking so much liquore please. like… 2 or 3 glasses a day? On the long run that’s maybe a bit much. Yeah well, we already had situations worse than that so I’m still positive he will do what’s good for him in the end.
(and that’s the interesting part about it: you can trust them because there were already situations much worse and they managed to handle it themselves and make a turn. ^___^ this is something that calms you as their fan in the distance).
➤ the album is REALLY great. no wonder!
[Trans] Kim Jaejoong successfully holds a large-scale concert in Yokohama: “His popularity is amazing”
➤ ah how cute! :3
[Other Twitter] Learn Korean with JYJ
I want a book full with pics of our boys and sentences like that to learn!
NII! SO CUTE! ヾ(愛ˆヮˆ愛)ノ aaaah boys!

HoMin news!
➤ Talking to Leader씨 must always be great! ☆.。.:*・ლ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵ლ) *・°☆.
[Trans] Actor Sohn Ho Joon says, “When I’m on a break, I like to talk to U-Know Yunho and go bowling with him”
And what’s even better: He’s a good friend to Yunho and can make him have some good time once in a while. I like ppl who get Leader씨 off work sometimes =) he really needs it.
➤ haha! changmin! xD aww! cutie! *pinches the dark lord and runs away quickly*
[Trans] Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin
➤ YAYYY!!!!! Special Anni album!!! …. but nooooo D: need to save money agian! WAH! *gets shock and starts to collect money*
Dong Bang Shin Ki Keeps Promise to Release 10th Anniversary Special Album

okay that’s it already. Posted really late but oh well. I’m too busy.
You can have a look at my new kdreams if you want *click*.

I say goodbye for this time.

bai bai~
blinky cake

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