“Catch Me” MV behind the scenes, Geng released “Hero” MV! =D & Ajeossi Gangnam Style! LOL xD

안녕 다들! v^^.

LOL something really crazy happened today! xD

The story:
On october the 1st another german tv station aired a short report about Gangnam Style!
I dunno how it happened that it was mentioned but suddenly I heard ajeossi say, at midday at work today, to my junior: “Did you see that korean guy? The one with this crazy dance?”
my junior: “No, I didn`t.”
me: “*pops in* Photobucket GANGNAM STYLE!?”
Ajeossi: “Yes! That`s it!”
me: “*haha* we (off: means k-pop community) alread know it for weeeeeeks.”
Ajeossi: “All the americans are crazy about it right now and dance to it.”

LOL! xD hellooooo ajeossi! I like you! xD for the first time in my life!
I couldn`t believe that he brought this up. Iiiiiii~ just cannot!
My junior was irritated because she didn`t know what we were talking about.
ajeossi at my junor: “I will watch the video, you need to see it too, it`s fun!”
my junior: “*still a bit irritated* err… ok. What was the name again? Gang…??”
me: “Gangnam Style! ^____^ ”
junior: “ah. Gangnam style… I hope I can remember it till I go home.”
me: “Shall I write it down for you?! =DD *is hyper and ready to write it down to spread the k-pop, no matter what*”
junior: “yes. would be helpful.”
me: “*jumps to the next paper & pen* *makes note: “PSY – Gangnam Style” for her* *gives*”
junior: “Ah, thanks. *puts it into her pocket*”
me: “If you cannot find an unblocked video, because most videos are blocked here in germany, then tell me. I will send you a link”
then ajeossi kept talking about the dance & iTunes charts & number of YouTube views while my other junior wanted to know if the dance is difficult xD (you know, the one who always asked me about k-pop stuff although he dosen`t listens to it).

but really, THAT AJEOSSI of mine! °.° I was seriously shocked! Ajeossi couldn`t stop talking about Gangnam style for a while!
okay, who kidnapped the real ajeossi? this is not him! That`s another person! NOT HIM! Who kidnapped the real one, tell me! This is obviously a faker that only looks like him! LOL Photobucket SO FUN!

Never thought I would hear ajeossi talk seriously about k-pop stuff… normally he used to make fun of it to make me mad… o.o
Thank you PSY OTL

… but besides that work wasn`t so much fun lately. exhausting working days. theeeee crayness at work! I don`t even know what this is. I just don`t know it! Wae are we so meeega busy all of a sudden?! it`s like someone decided to throw one hell of a load of work at us just for the sake of throwing one hell of a load of work on us! (oh my… Photobucket that was one hell of a weird senencen again… unnecessarily long and double-go… HEY! =D I just made up a new word! @Emmy: EMMY! SEE! It happened again! =DD)

And from what I can tell now it`s not ging to be much better on Thursday or Friday. Tomo is national holiday, so we have a day off. AND I REALLY NEED IT!
Especially since I have one dongsaeng who`s really everything else but not motivated, he cannot or dosen`t want to remember the things we told him and… *siiiiigh* MY POOR NERVES! He`s a walking sleeping pill and not able to handle anything… you constantly have to wathc this kid, monitoring what he`s doing (or rahter: doing wrong again right now)…. This is so exhausting since we all would have enough work WITHOUT looking after him constantly. This kid! (۳˚Д˚)۳ Waaaeeeee oh waeeee???? On top of all he`s super mega sleepy everyday which makes him move even slower… *facepalms* He tends to go to bed really late (according to what he told us a while ago) but he just cannot take it.
I can run on 4 to 5 hours of sleep but he obviously CAN`T.
So exhausting!
our Maknae is with us for some weeks but she already knows more than he does (and he`s with us for a YEAR) and tells him what`s to do.
The funny thing is that my junior was foretunetelling exactly that xD that Anna will tell him what he has to do after some weeks. HAHA! Great! Looking at it from Anna`s side it`s really funny! She`s a great girl! She will work better and better in future! We were really lucky to get her.

[MV!] HERO MV is released!
YAAAIIYYY!!!!! *runs around spazzing like an idiot* HERO MV!!! YAY! YAY! YAY!
KYAAAAH!!!!!!! Photobucket FINALLY!!!!!! aaah, so great! what a happy vid! I still love this song to death! ^______^ GengFan`s dancing! YAY! and there were also iFans in that vid T~T yes, show the world please! We are everywhere! #HappyFan #moved #proud
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[LYRICS] “Bad Boy” lyrics Trans!
“Bad Boy/Disregard” lyrics trans

JYJ news!
➤ uwaaaah! =D more caps! =D
➤ *gets half of a heart attack* CASSIES CHANTING! HNNNNNGH!!!!! I CANNOT! *dies* too awesome!
GAAAAH, I want this DVD! *write on to-buy list* *to buy list is already longer than my life… D: *

HoMin news!
➤ [VID] 120927 TVXQ – Catch Me MV Behind The Scenes @ Mnet Wide News
OMG! O: I just realized… while watching this… at 1:37 that the background and the whole room reminds me of Mirotic room (the one from the beginning of Mirotic) I DON`T EVEN KNOW WAE BUT I WAS SUDDENLY SUPER REMINDED OF IT! O:
AIGOO! And all these “KYDH, BISHES! YUP!”-feelings when I see KYHD щ(゚Д゚щ) Now that we arrived at this point, where we are today (and where they are), I re-realize what a crazy time it was for us. For HoMin and for Cassiopeia. The time of standom (which is no longer a shock for us, to be quite honest) & the time of changes in our lives. And… OH GOD BECAME SO DRAMATIC NOW WHILE WRITING! Wae, ppl, wae u no stopped me?! (屮゚Д゚)屮 *facepalm*
Iiiii~ only wanted to say: I`m so proud of HoMin that I could cry every day. #justsaying. and… uhm… (*^﹏^*) I love our Leader씨! YUNHOOOOOOO! *fangirl shouting* In my feels, you`re my father! #AlsoJustSaying (of course I love Changmin too! But the leader-love is very special~~)
Can someone please stop me from talking so much random nonsense here? all I wanted to say is that the room reminds me of Mirotic room and see what I did now! (۳˚Д˚)۳ I got lost (in talking nonsense…)!
oh and: their white outfits *_________* ooomo! I`m dying for them! *faints & dies*
+ I love changmins hair in the MV, this is better than mushroom style ^^° *being honest once again*
+ Changmin screaming is aaaalways the best! *____* and he dances so well! I`m so proud of him! AND he has such a special way to talk… somehow, I realize it even now xD It`s the “Changmin way of talking” and I like it a lot too! *gets more into her love-Chamgin-even-more-mood lately all thanks to emmy`s constant Changmin spamming/spazzing on Twitter*
+ the choreo is still way too epic for this world… Hulk-/Dragon-dance for the win ppl! OTL!!!!!
(oh, looking at the last minute of this Mnet report about “Catch Me”: Did they film this with matrix cams like SuJu`s SF&F?)
#OMGSUN!DidIReallyWriteSoMuchAboutThatJustNow? #WayTooTalkativeTodayAgain #OTL #AlsoMakingUselessTwitterTagsOnMyBlogHereToday #LikeABoss *faints*
➤ Oh, Shilla! It`s been a while!
[Pic] TVXQ – Shilla Duty Free Facebook update
OMO, Leader씨! How can you look younger than Changmin? xD (he`s aging backwards! I TELL YOU HE IS!)
anyways: Nice pics!
➤ uwaaaah! *.* Emmy wrote another epic blog entry!
The Time to Respect TVXQ is Now
MY HERO! *throws myself at Emmy* I agree with you! So brave to make such a post! (which got misunderstood by so many ppl!)
aigoo… T.T my friends 4ever more awesome than I am. My blog is only a spazz-thingy with random rants while Emmy is making a “quality product” I… CANNOT! *runs away crying*

Photobucket aw! Our Leader씨`s small face! Our Minnie`s happy-sqishy face! ADORABLE!
[Pic] TVXQ – Staff Diary Update
I love the pics! Photobucket
➤ My friend Jing Yee will love to hear that ^^
TVXQ to make a guest appearance on ‘Running Man’
➤ Pleae ppl, make “Catch Me” really popular too! (° ~°)
TVXQ’s “Catch Me” airs on ‘Live! with Kelly & Michael’
➤ YAAAAY! So proud of HoMin!
TVXQ’s ‘Catch Me’ ranks #1 on weekly music charts once again
➤ *gasps* Yunho… *reads on* WAH! YUNHO!!! *reads on* OMO! YUNHO! D:
TVXQ’s Yunho reveals he almost gave up becoming a singer
but on the other hand…. ㅠ~ㅠ that`s our Leader씨… *cries* I CANNOT! Yunho, you greatest person on earth! *clings*
TVXQ always meant so much to him. Our Leader doing everything to make his career a success, always giving his all and more. *sobs* I just cannnot!

Some PSY news~
➤ Gangnam Style`s “daebak roll” is still unstoppable!
Psy’s “Gangnam Style” MV hits 300 million views on YouTube
My Mom really likes this song and the dance xD #KPopMom #justsaying
➤ It`s not “X Factor” it`s the “PSY factor” OTL
Psy to perform on Australia’s ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Sunrise’

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